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  1. 1. Engine OFF 2. Electronic parking brake also OFF 3. hold the push-to-start button to get accessories mode on. Or if you have the key ignition turn it half way before starting the engine. 4. hold brake pedal and electric parking for 12 seconds then let go at the same time. 5. quickly press the electric parking brake button once more then let go. you should be in the brake service mode after a couple tries. You’ll hear the noise and the yellow light on your dash blinking etc. Only after you do this then change your brakes in the rear. I was easily able to push in the piston and install my news pads. if you remove your brakes and caliper first then do this procedure your piston will fall out and it’ll take you hours to get it back in without damaging the the seal. Ask me how i know. POINT BEING IS get the truck into brake service mode first THEN doing the rear brakes is to easy.
  2. Overpriced HP tuners. Used to be the first tuner that was able to Tune DFM and auto start stop OFF etc on the 19 and up Silverado/sierra. until superchips and Diablo sport figured it out to. then HP tuners lowered their over priced price. I have superchips and tuned off all that stuff. Worth it very much. No credits required, just a ECM send in so they can unlock it.
  3. 2019 z71 5.3L 8l90 new transmission valve body at 59k miles. Serpentine belt and pulley both failed at around 30k current mileage is 73k miles Superchips Tuned DFM OFF. doesn't burn oil anymore after DFM shut off. 8l90 thermostat deleted. Amsoil Fluids bumper to bumper expect engine oil. Because I change it every 5k. Drives and shifts better new at 73k miles. Weird. Expect for the occasional clunk I get when going into REVERSE from any gear since 0 miles. Maybe the driveshaft needs lube idk.
  4. I found this method of installing a winch. Looks very interesting for those thinking of installing a hidden winch with all the engineering thought out. Vs a custom build. https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-hidden-winch-bumper-10805.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpcs&utm_campaign=17867423678|&utm_content=&utm_term=||m||fit_first_10805-a&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImpnboOe-_AIVyhWtBh10xwR6EAQYASABEgJn6fD_BwE
  5. Thanks for the reply. My research shows this as well. I’ll be sure to look into Costco now.
  6. Hello forum goers. My battery at 72k miles has started to drain quickly when I listen to the radio with engine off faster then ever. when I start sometimes it’ll struggle. Also one time I left the truck sitting for 2 weeks and it didn’t start unless I jumped it. So I assume a new battery Is needed. Any suggestions on a better longer lasting battery like a (one step up) to the OEM original one?. More durable I have A 2019 CC LT Z71 5.3 8 speed. Reasonably priced suggestions preferred. Thanks to anyone.
  7. I used the superchips tuner, part number 2847-S. Once you receive it in the mail you fill out a form online with instructions it was VERY easy to do. Then I had to ship my ECM to them to get it unlocked, it’s included in the price of the tuner to get it unlocked. I just had to pay to ship it to them…. they then ship it back really fast on their dime overnight. Then you can use that tuner. We’ll worth the investment If keeping the truck long term like I plan to. To disable that DFM with a permanent tune. If the motor still fails later from a lifter I’m rebuilding it with a DFM delete kit and will already have the tuned off portion done. https://www.holley.com/products/tuners_and_programmers/handheld_tuners/parts/2847-S?utm_term=&utm_campaign=Google+Shopping+-+SuperChips+-+Brand&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&hsa_acc=7848552874&hsa_cam=13757689632&hsa_grp=125866783153&hsa_ad=531361842411&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=pla-1457925725188&hsa_kw=&hsa_mt=&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwZHvtaaG-wIVYQx9Ch2YeQEsEAQYAiABEgLmyPD_BwE
  8. Yes superchips unlocked my ECM. Then after I got it back from them I was able to tune the truck adjust other settings and disable DFM.
  9. I ended finding a way to get my ECM unlocked from superchips. And got their tuner I disabled DFM with the tuner. And for sure it’s now OFF permanently. With the range module I was able to notice it would only work half the time I would coast then gas the pedal and I would feel the engine go into v8 very often and then not . Now with this tune off it’s just off period. instantly v8 feel. IMO. Those modules are always fighting the signals from the ECM to constantly block “AFM/DFM. It’s not just shut off. And I’ve tried 2 of them updated ones…. Theirs a reason why the LEDS blink back and forth. Maybe it’s just my truck idk. Or DFM is just more complex then AFM. Tuning it off actually reprograms so DFM doesnt even exist electronically. At the ECM level. So No signal to block from the beginning. As a side benefit the transmission now shifts even better and firmer a whole lot less lag
  10. Not loosing power from the port.that I know of. I’m not sure what the lights mean. I just know that their always changing pattern. So I assume it’s constantly sending the signal to keep DFM off. it’s not a one and done vs a actual tune… I’m hoping the pulsar LT stops DFM more robustly. Like a tune but without the tune as advertised obviously. im not a fan of that. I can still sometimes feel the truck changing from v8 to everything in between every now and then. Not 100% reliable in my experience.. and I tried to 2 new range modules that were updated. At least with this 5.3 l84 DFM engine. im going to try and try a pulsar LT for now and later try and get it tuned off permanently with a superchip tuner to anticipate a DFM hard delete.
  11. 5.3l because IMO. It’s the original. Doesn’t need high octane gas for the long run. It’s well rounded. And has more then enough power. I’m not racing in a pickup truck. just needs a DFM or AFM hard delete and rebuild. And It’s gold.
  12. Has anybody done a hard delete+tune off on a DFM 5.3 or 6.2 I see these guys made a kit recently… hopefully people start finding ways to do it, to get data on longevity. https://www.michiganmotorsports.com/camshafts-michigan-motorsports/dod-afm-delete-kits/2019-l84-5-3-dfm-lifter-delete-kit-dod-afm-5-3l-gen-v-kit/
  13. Range OBD module VS pulsar LT does anybody know how these 2 products disable DFM? I have the range module for my OBD port but it sometimes doesn’t keep DFM off I’ve already tired 2 different ones. It’s just not reliable to keep DFM off for good while installed in my l84 5.3. I can the see the LEDS flicker all the time so it’s always fighting the signal to keep DFM OFF by design. And clearly sometimes fails does the pulsar LT actually disable it to the core? When installed. or is it the same idea, always fighting the computer. Any ideas
  14. I do, I haven’t thought of that. If I’m unable to get it done locally. That is a solution. Thanks.
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