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  1. I favor the factory extended warranties. The dealer I bought my truck from is also a Toyota dealer. They only offer the Toyota extended warranty on all vehicles they sell. GM dealers can price the factory warranty at different levels. Check around and you may save a few bucks. I have bought my last three from Dennis Fichtner at Laurel Chevy, [email protected] Another that sells at a discount is Todd Southerland at MacMulkin Chevy. They specialize in Corvettes but sell for all GM products.
  2. Was just wondering if I would loose them if I was to dump OnStar and the onboard Wi-Fi.
  3. So that little SD card contains all the speed limits in the US? What about the feed for the clock? It is on-line as it updates itself when I cross time zones.
  4. It is a 22 Limited. Have never activated the navigation as I use Apple Car Play with Apple Maps.
  5. Where does the feed for things like the speed limit display or the clock come from? Is it through the onboard Wi-Fi , OnStar, or some other source?
  6. At last, windshield is replaced and calibrated. Took three tries. Selected Safelite, they are about 100 miles from here but service this area. They come here twice a week. First trip there was a defect in the new OEM glass. Had to order another. Week later came back and installed the glass. But could not calibrate the glass, apparently uses a new system that the installer did not have. Next week came back and got all calibration done, at least I hope so. Will have to check out. Living a distance from population centers has its advantages and disadvantages but I wouldn’t trade it for any other place . Now back to the original question, is modern glass more prone to chipping/breakage then earlier glass?
  7. On mine if I want the front camera, say for pulling into a parking spot or into the garage, I just touch the camera icon on the display and the front camera comes on. Also if backing up the back up camera will be on and then if switch to drive the front camera comes on. It will stay on until I hit a certain speed and then it turns off. Guess they don’t want you watching the display instead of the road. I have never tried to activate the side camera while driving.
  8. Can you order a ‘23 now? The ‘22 just came out and are still few and far between at the dealers.
  9. Have a high deductible so not worth going through insurance company.
  10. It has everything hud, cameras, etc Live in the middle of nowhere. No auto glass places around close. Safelite does mobile service here but it is a two hour trip for them.
  11. Additional info: I was searching past threads on windshields and saw where prices were $150 to $250. Safelite just quoted me a little over $600 for aftermarket glass or an additional $400 for OEM glass. Does that sound right in todays market or am I getting jacked around?
  12. Do the 19 through 22 Limited Sierras have weak windshields? I have seen several things on line about broken windshields so concerned about the durability of the windshields. Just cracked mine on a 22 Sierra Limited.
  13. What is a 2022 refresh? Have been seeing that used a lot and not sure of the terminology. Is it referring to the new 2022 or to the 2022 Limited.
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