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  1. It was an oem rms installed, from dealer, now it sounds like it could be the pan gasket as well.
  2. I have a 6.0L, 03 awd While having trans rebuilt i thought id have the rear main done while trans was down, 166k. It was leaking slowly/lightly but after it was replaced its leakng more, now dripping on driveway. Tech said the rear main is perfect now but theres another possible suspect leak area to the left of the rms. What would that be ??or is he just making excuses and rms is still leaking? Thanks for any insight.
  3. Checked the reg, pressure changed and no fuel at either end
  4. I wondered about this as I don't have a service manual, or if I needed to do a "reset" after fp install.it seems these components like to be de-energized, whether it be by battery, fuse, etc. Had to do something similar to reset the blend door, prior I would just replace.
  5. FP is right at 50, key on-eng off , eng running and engine revved. Seemed to clear up a bit last night but today will retest. Is it supposed to be 55-65 ??
  6. Thanks, I wasn't aware of the second one, that'll be next. Then off for a code scan.
  7. The filter is included on the fuel pump ? Yes I guess I'll need to take it somewhere as I don't have a tech2, do have an odb2 but don't think that'll work
  8. Truck died on me yesterday, then battery died after trying a dozen or 2 times trying to start.Replaced Batt, still no start.Checked rail pressure , was at 30 lbs.Dropped tank, fun, installed new fuel pump, 50 lbs steady, should it be 55-65 ?started fine but now has a stumbling idle.Everything seemed to go back together right except the larger line on pump, the fitting inner stayed on old pump...slid it off and put it on new nipple. IF this was the issue wouldn't it be leaking there ?Any suggestions on What to check/do now ??Thanks oh this IS in an 03 escalade ext, wasn't getting any answers on the caddie forum so I thought I'd try here.
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