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  1. Go down this page a bit and I think this is what you are looking for. It looks like it may be a bit expensive to replace: https://www.gmpartsstore.com/v-2016-chevrolet-silverado-1500--lt--5-3l-v8-gas/body--bumper-and-components-front
  2. I have had good success from FedEx, UPS, and USPS. But I have also had a couple incidents with all 3 as well where a package didnt get delivered it was visibly damaged. Its kind of a crap shoot no matter which one is used. My latest, even though it did finally get delivered was with USPS. I bought a couple items from a guy on another forum. He only lives about 20 miles away just west of Chicago and had planned on trying a face to face but it was around the holidays and just wasnt going to happen. Solution was to just send via USPS. He sent me the tracking so I could keep an eye out for it. What should have only taken a day or so took a week and made it all the way to Charlotte, NC and back before it ended up at my house on far SW Chicago...
  3. I just pulled out the fuse from the underhood fuse block. I know on mine that when the rear defrost is activated manually, it also activates defrost for the sideview mirrors. I am guessing but dont know for sure that with remote start, with the rear defrost auto option, it will also turn on defrost for the sideview mirrors. I really could care less about the rear window defrost because I have a topper on the bed so rear defrost doesnt do much for me anyway. It came with thr sliding rear window and that option I definitely wanted...
  4. It was free when I had mine done. It was a new truck and I took it in within the first few months. For some reason. it will take a couple hours because it has to be downloaded first. I have seen where some dealers charge if truck is out of warranty but some have been able to have it done for no charge...
  5. It says projection but it's a bit misleading. Its designed only for Android Auto or Apple Car Play. Here is a brief video that shows how it should work. https://youtu.be/7wL8asQOf0Q Like I mentioned, not all 2016's were set up for the Android Auto to work right away. Mine also had the "Projection" icon but nothing I would do got Android Auto to come up on the screen. It wasnt until I took it to the dealer and they updated the software on the radio, did it work...
  6. I know this is a stupid question but did you download Android Auto to your phone? Just to add, projection option will not work for the Silverado radios. Sorry, one more thing to add. Not all of the 2016 Silverados came with the ability to get Android Auto to work. Mine was one of them. I had to take mine into the dealer to have a software update done. Once that was done, I have been able to use Android Auto ever since.
  7. Before assuming the worst, try the simple stuff first. I do realize that there can be all kinds of reasons for the shake. On mine, the dealer insisted on doing a road force balance first to see what he could find out. 3 of the tires checked out fine but one was off quite a bit. This was on the front left. They were able to improve the balance buy could not get it completely back into spec. They swapped out the right rear and put that on front left and the problem tire on the right rear. This was a dramatic improvement. They had offered to sell me new tires and also road force balance them but I still have a lot if useful tread left so I declined. I will probably need new tires anyway in the next year or so and just wanted to hold off for now...
  8. Even if shark fin appears to be solid, it still probably has a leak around the gasket. You will probably have to remove the headliner to access the mount for the shark fin.
  9. Many, many posts on this exact issue. In Canada, there is a recall because of it but the U.S. has been very slow in responding to a fix. Some have been able to get service before having the window shatter but those that had the shattered window happen have had mixed success with getting GM to cover the costs of replacement. Mine luckily hasnt shattered and since I have a topper covering the bed, and the defrost us basically useless to me, I went ahead and pulled the rear window defrost fuse so that it also wont activate when remote starting. If a U.S. recall ever materializes, I may put the fuse back in and take it in for the recall...
  10. This has been mentioned many times before and I had this happen to my 2016 Crew Cab. You most likely have a leak coming from your shark fin antenna. When mine happened, they replaced the antenna under warranty with a new one that was supposedly redesigned. This was done about a year ago and so far, no more leaks. But even the replacement has come with mixed reviews with some having the leaks return.
  11. Cautionary tale about Carfax... Several years ago, I purchased a 2 year old Pacifica off ebay... It came with a clean Carfax that showed no problems or previous accidents. The price was right so I bought it. I had it for 5 years but during that time, there were a few things that raised flags. One was a weird rubbing over some bumps after I put a new set of tires on it. After the 5 years, I finally decided it was time to change vehicles and I found a truck I really wanted at a dealership. When working the deal, the salesman asked me about the accident my Pacifica was involved in. I knew that there were no known accidents while I owned it and the Carfax I had initially gotten didnt mention any. We went back and forth about it until the salesman produced an Autocheck report which identified this Pacifica had been involved in an accident at rail yard just after being built and prior to being titled which identified that it had reported frame damage! The current Carfax pulled still didnt show any accidents. I was able to verify the Autocheck report as it supplied a accident report number and through contacting the agency that had taken the report. I was beyond pissed as this cost me several thousand on the trade in. It was too late to try and file any kind of claim so I sucked it up and just took the loss. So my point is to not rely on just one report, especially Carfax. Like others mentioned, do a complete visual of the vehicle on your own as well. The Autocheck ended up being more accurate in the details.
  12. I have always been told to not mix the tires on the SAME axle. So front tires can easily be one brand and rear tires another. Mixing used to be especially true with radials and bias ply tires, do not mix bias ply and radials on same axle as they have different handling characteristics. The main thing is to make sure that front axle and rear axle tires are the exact same size if you have 4x4 or risk drivetrain damage. The reasoning I'm guessing that you were told not to mix brands is because different brands can be slightly different in their actual specs. If they are way different, again, it could cause drivetrain damage to a 4x4 but a 2 wheel drive would not have the same limitation.
  13. I think he was referencing the AFM system in the engine and not the Range AFM disabler but I could be wrong...
  14. For me, my rear window is intact and I plan on keeping it that way. My biggest concern is that my 5 year old son rides back there a lot and I want to keep him out of danger. I pulled the #10 fuse tonight and will probably keep it that way. Hardest thing was figuring out how to get that underhood fuse cover opened. Next hardest was trying to figure out where the #10 fuse was. The fuse numbers were scattered all over the place. I'd sure like to have a conversation with whoever came up with the fuse numbering system...
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