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  1. Looks like it's working fine for me again now too. Thank you @txab for letting us know.
  2. But it's strange that it's not the entire forum. Just certain subforums especially the 2014-2018 Silverado Sierra subforums.
  3. As there have been absolutely no replies, I'm guessing this is just a waste of time and not monitored??? All that I hear in response is crickets....
  4. Oops, spoke to soon. It's back to boogered up again... Please fix this!
  5. Well you guys must have done something because it is much improved today. Only issue left is that some of the users profile pics end up oversized and then partially cover the beginning of the replies. I'm fine with that because the forum is back to being usable again. Thanks!
  6. Ok, for some reason the screenshots didn't work and replies don't give me the option to add them.
  7. Up until a couple days ago, I could browse just fine. But recently there is a problem with many subforums displaying correctly. Its practically unusable. And it doesn't seem to be my mobile browser. I get same results in Brave, Chrome, Firefox and Samsung browser. The only fix is to view in desktop mode but then it ends up with words too small so I have to zoom in. Could someone please look into this??? The first one is the top of main forum and is fine but if you scroll down to topics in main forum, it's starts to be a problem as seen in photo 2. Photo 3 is the top of the subforum topics and it is immediately garbled. Photo 4 is further down in the subforum. Like I mentioned, it isn't in just the main browser I use but all of them...
  8. And the rear axle is still under the 3950lb rating by 410lbs. It is 660lbs over the unhitched weight but still well under the rating for the axle.
  9. I am only shy 40lbs on front axle from unhitched truck to truck and hitched with weight distribution. Without WD, I had lost 280lbs on front axle. I gained back 240lbs on front axle from no weight distribution and with WD. The front wheel well is right at the height it was prior to being hitched. Everything I read said you don't want to put more weight on front axle that what it was unhitched. As far as trailer, the hitched trailer weight on axles is 120lbs more than without weight distribution. I also lost 320lbs from the rear axle with no weight distribution to having weight distribution. But soon I will be able to see what effect the airbags will now have. They were installed last weekend but now truck is in shop for unrelated matter and they are waiting on backorder parts. I can play around with extra washers as well as maybe lowering hitch when I have air on the bags as that may change hitch height slightly higher. But I think the biggest thing is the 2" level on the front. If the level wasn't on there, my truck would be equal in height after WD and headlights would still be aimed straight ahead as they should be. Putting 700lb tongue weight on the truck is going to cause the rear end to go down no matter what. Even with proper weight distribution. If truck had not been leveled, the 2" drop in rear would match front end instead of being 2" lower than the front end which is where I'm at.
  10. I'm guessing you didn't take the time to go through this thread. Yes, the wiring behind that panel is there. Yes, the controller is available. But there hasn't been anyone successful at getting it to work. And this is after several years of owners trying...
  11. I have only tried the Falkens but like them so far. Same size, 275/60R20. I just had them installed back in Dec. I chose them after reading up on the same ones you have as choices. They have a great look and so far not loud.
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