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  1. Just an FYI, the DL8 mirrors were not power folding and not sure if you can just add the motor and gears to make it happen. You would probably have to replace the wiring harness as well as a DL8 equipped vehicle wiring is different. But information on opening up the mirrors is available right on the Gruven web site: https://www.gruvenparts.com/gm-power-folding-mirror-gear-replacement-repair-instructions/ I think you would be better off finding a set of the DL3 mirrors that someone took off to upgrade to tow mirrors and then replace the mirror switch along with a custom harness from @pgamboa Just mho...
  2. Mine just did this the first time last night while parallel parking and backing into a parking spot. The brake pedal suddenly got hard to press and I was very cautious while continuing to park. After coming back a couple hours later, brake pedal did seem to be working better again and it might be my imagination but didnt seem quite back to normal. Looks like I will be making another appointment with the dealer to see about getting vacuum pump replaced. I have a 2016 1500 CCSB LT. I do remember the dealer doing a software upgrade for the brakes but now I think it needs further attention...
  3. I already got the notification that the shipping label was created, thanks! Looks like you were able to even improve it over the 3 weeks you mentioned for me.  Dont know what to tell you bud. I know on the website, it specifically mentions that there is a 4 week backup and that each harness has to be custom made. I dont think he will complete the order without payment which has already been made. I know stuff happens and some times things dont go as smooth as expected. I know I sent an email to Phil and after not hearing anything, added a post to this thread. He responded to it pretty quickly. A few posts back he did mention that he was having problems with his email. If it were me in your position, I would try and send him a message on this forum. Yours is the first real complaint I have heard about him and my experience right now is nothing short of exceptional...
  4. Pgamboa, It would be very difficult to go through all 154 pages here to find an answer to my question. I did send an email yesterday but see you are having problems so I will ask here. I am also upgrading the my DL8 mirrors to OEM non folding mirrors part # 23372181. It looks like they come with power, heated, turn signals, running lights on front, and lights connected to the cargo lamps??? I have a 2016 1500 CCSB LT. I found part numbers for the factory harnesses I believe but want to do it correctly the first time and not opposed at all to getting your harnesses as your reputation is solid. So what would be the difference between installing your harnesses as opposed to replacing with the factory harnesses? Like I said, just trying to figure out my best options to get it done right the first time...
  5. IIRC, the 2014 and 2015 were like your bumper. The step bumpers, I'm pretty sure, started on the 2016 models. So you will probably be looking for a 2016-18 rear bumper. Just to add. The actual bumpers for the 2500 and 3500 are the exact same as 1500 except the mounting brackets are different as well as the top pad. Those would need to be changed over to the 1500 top pad and mounting brackets. Maybe that information may help in your search.
  6. That I can do. I still have the old one. So basically swap top cover and mounting brackets and I'm golden?
  7. So I am looking at replacing my rear bumper on my CCSB 1500. It also has the 4 park assist sensors. I have seen a couple takeoffs from 2500 and 3500 trucks. In these ads, they specifically say that these bumpers will not fit a 1500. I did a little digging and the bumper alone for my 2016 1500 is part #23108141. When I search that part, it also comes up on 2500 and 3500 for 2017-2020. I am guessing that the difference is probably only the mounting brackets. My bumper still has all the covers, sensors and brackets. So am I correct in assuming that the only difference would be the mounting brackets? Would I be able to just swap brackets and make it work?
  8. Well I guess I will just have to live with it then. The brakes function just fine but the noise is a bit irritating. It's also a bit embarrassing because a truck this age shouldn't be making these kind of noises. I have had it on other vehicles a time or two but they were also considerably older.
  9. This seems to have just started. I have a 2016 CCSB LT with just over 47000 miles. When stopping and pressing on brake pedal, I can hear a creaking that sounds like it is coming from the rear. I definitely hear it on drivers side bit not sure about passenger side. While stopped, if I push further on the brake pedal, I can also hear the creaking sound as well as when I ease up on brake. I have tried the old standby of driving in reverse and quickly stepping on brakes. I know that was the method used for rear drum brakes to make sure they were adjusted so figured it was worth a try. This made no difference and creak continues. Also I tried fully activating the parking brake several times as well and no luck. So can anyone point me in the right direction to quiet this creaking? I have seen threads where the rear leaf springs can cause creaking but I'm not sure how this could be happening if I am stopped and not moving. I am going to be bringing it to my dealer soon anyway because it is due for oil change and I'm having another issue with passenger front door and pretty sure it needs a new lock actuator which will be taken care of under the extended warranty. I know I could change the oil myself but for the price and time savings, I just let the dealer do it. And then its documented for the extended warranty as well...
  10. Yeah, kinda what I thought too. At least it's just cosmetic. Could have been a lot worse. I will pass this advice along to my "friend"...
  11. So, theoretically of course, let's say someone was to accidentally back into a tree and crease the bumper like this photo, is it possible to pound it out or will it just need to be replaced? Not admitting to anything, asking for a friend...
  12. Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the forum fully loading? When I open up the 14-18 forum, it only loads the first sticky topic in each forum then is blank until I get to newly posted or updated topics. This also occurs in the subforum. I only seem to be having this problem on this site. Other sites I go to load fine...
  13. Surprisingly it only took 5 days to get delivered for me. Like I mentioned, because of the circumstances, I ended up getting an OEM one installed by the dealership just under the wire on my BtoB but will have this one ready to go if/when it happens again.
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