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  1. I know on my Silverado built 12/15, it was advertised as Android Auto/Car Play capable but I needed to have my Chevy dealer update the radio software before it would work. I did mine shortly after buying in Apr 2016 and it didnt cost anything. Not sure if it would still be a free service for a 2016 GMC now.
  2. Since it only happens when pulling a trailer, maybe look at that too. What about the trailer tires? Have they been balanced? Any chance the trailer has been in an accident and the alignment is off? Maybe try borrowing a similar trailer from a buddy and see if there is any change.
  3. Wow, not good at all. I have ordered from them several times and had good luck. I will definitely keep your experiences in mind for the future though.
  4. This is the best price I found, $206.79: https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/acdelco,84483768,steering+wheel,1320
  5. I have IO5 and Android Auto and Car Play both work fine on mine. I checked and mine was built 12/15. I just had to let the dealer install a software update and then I was able to get Android Auto working. Have the dealer do the update for you and then use Android Auto which will be able to use Google Maps or Waze for Navigation. It is much better than factory Nav because it is always up to date on streets plus it can also access live traffic and other features. And just to add, Google has bought Waze and has started integrating some of the Waze features into Google Maps. I still like Waze better...
  6. You could be right. My truck was originally delivered to the dealer very beginning of Jan 2016 but not sure of the build date. I know that in order to use Android Auto which is the android version of Car Play, my radio needed a software update. Once that was done, I was able to use Android Auto.
  7. Your truck may need the firmware update. On my 2016, I had the 8" mylink but Android Auto did not work. I did the firmware update that Chevy offered free at that time (not sure if it still is) and now I can use Android Auto on it. I usually use Waze for navigation but sometimes use Google Maps as well. I also either stream music from Pandora inside Androif Auto or JetAudio to play my own MP3's. The firmware update took just over an hour to have done by the dealer.
  8. https://www.google.com/url?q=https://cdn.dealereprocess.net/cdn/brochures/chevrolet/ca/2016-silverado1500.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwiy5c_i-dDlAhUFba0KHfZhDpQQFjACegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw3sIlzjpCs_r8_mDaVi0za8
  9. It was just one of the descriptions I found online when searching for info. I haven't had any experience with the other suspension choices on the 14-18 Silverados so I cant really comment on them but... For a truck, before the level, I think it had a nice ride and soaked up most of the bumps. I have had several Chevy trucks, 2 Dodge trucks, and have used Ford Pickups at work. It has been the smoothest out of all of them. Since leveling, I have noticed that I feel the bumps a bit more but still nowhere near teeth jarring.
  10. So I was looking over my build sheet and noticed the RPO code Z60 and it is labeled "Suspension Package". I did a little googling but never found out exactly what components make up the package but found that supposedly it comes on Silverados with 20" wheels. I learned that it is supposed to be a "plusher" ride and that it is also know as a street performance suspension. The one thing that I saw that I want more info on is that this package supposedly lowers the front by 1" and the rear by 2". It supposedly will sit a little lower than a standard suspension on the Silverados. What impact does that have by adding a 2" level kit? Does that mean that instead of just removing the Chevy rake, I am actually a little nose high now? I haven't measured the front and rear wheel well heights but by sight, it seems to sit nice and level. And what components are different on a Z60 package as it compares to others? Would this have any impact on whether front tires rub on full turns? So far, it seems like there is no contact but next year I may jump up from the stock 275/55R20 to a slightly taller 275/60R16.
  11. This is a neat tool and it also shows the difference on speedometer when comparing different sized wheels and tires. https://www.discounttire.com/learn/tire-size-calculator
  12. Just an FYI, Leer and Century are virtually the same topper an I believe even made at the same factory.
  13. I have previously bought trucks that were 4-5 years old and have always been able to find a used topper at a reasonable price. My 16 Silverado was the first new truck or even vehicle I have purchased new since mid 90's. I wanted a topper for it but the used market was extremely slim pickings. I ended up going with a tonneau cover for first year and then broke down and purchased a new Century topper. They had a sale going on as well as a free fold out front sliding window and roof carpet. It was definitely a lot more than I wanted to spend but it matched perfectly. I too have a tungsten metallic...
  14. Here is what I think is the downloadable pdf for this from oemdtc site https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10149053-9999.pdf
  15. I went out for a short ride today after posting and it seems to be working fine, no V4. I have a longer trip planned tomorrow and will get a chance to check it at highway speeds. Im looking forward to this instead of running around everywhere in M5. It will be nice to run it in 6th gear at highway speed and stay in V8. I'm betting that it might just help a bit on mpg as well. I should have done this a long time ago. Thank you all for the responses.
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