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  1. Ok, found this: https://www.chevroletpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-washer-nozzle-23181646?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9d2lwZXItYW5kLXdhc2hlci1jb21wb25lbnRzJmw9MSZuPVNlYXJjaCBSZXN1bHRzJmE9Y2hldnJvbGV0Jm89c2lsdmVyYWRvLTE1MDAmeT0yMDE0JnQ9bHQmZT01LTNsLXY4LWZsZXg%3D Washer Nozzle - GM (23181646) 2014-2020 GM
  2. Thanx guys! I just wanted to help out my fellow Silverado owners. As far as the part number, let me see what I can find. I didn't keep the packaging. I appreciate your positive feedback!!
  3. Guys, I thought I would share a video I made regarding the washer spray nozzles. One of mine would not spray washer fluid onto my windshield. They are super easy to replace and only cost around $5 a piece. Here you go: Peace! ; )
  4. My 2014 Silverado Z71 crew cab was built in May of 2013 and was assembled in Mexico. The first six months it was at the dealer a lot. Driver seat issues, dash rattling, GM recalls etc. I love the truck but when and if I ever sell or trade it in, my next crew cab Silverado will be born in my hometown of Ft Wayne Indiana.
  5. Guys, just an update on this issue. To recap my issue was ,with heavy rain, water was dripping down and would puddle under the dash just above the parking break area. After two unsuccessful visits to the dealer, I decided to work on this myself. On the satellite radio antenna a.k.a. shark fin antenna, if you look at the base on this antenna, in the back there is a small rectangular open slot. The water was coming in there. So I started to think to myself why it never leaked when it was new. About 18 months ago, I had a leveling lift kit installed. My theory is that this somehow changed the dynamics of the truck and water would enter in this slot easier. The fix was very low tech. Placed painters tape around the base of the antenna and then put a bead of high quality clear silicone around the entire antenna and made sure that the slot in the back was also covered. It has been a couple months now with heavy rains and absolutely zero leaks. I hope this helps.
  6. I am currently seeing the exact thing on my 2014 Z71 crew cab truck. I love my truck, but the dealer has had it for four business days and says they cannot see a leak. I am going to have them check the antenna on the roof. God, I hope that is all it is and that there is no other damage inside the roof. I am sick and angry at the same time. This should have been found before the truck even showed up on the dealer lot.
  7. Here is my 2014 Z71 Crew Cab with a Rough Country 2 1/2" leveling lift kit and 275/70/18 tires.
  8. I did not pay that much for it. I grabbed it for $39.00. Here is the link...http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oe-gm/23135699
  9. Well guys, I grabbed some foam tape and some duct tape and applied the fix I posted about earlier. I wrapped all of the connectors under the dash cover with foam tape and placed duct tape on all of the connecting tabs on the dash cover. I will post here later to let you know if the dash rattle has been resolved. BTW, I went ahead and replaced my drivers side pillar cover with a drivers side assist handle and I love it....here are a couple pics. https://goo.gl/photos/NJdAdUBj2FE7CgDR9
  10. Dash Rattle is real in the '14 and '15 year Silverados. I have a '14 and every now and then while driving down a semi smooth road, I hear it and it drives me crazy. Spoke to the dealer while it was having an oil change, and they came back and said they didn't hear anything. I have not yet tried this, but maybe it will resolve some issues for anyone reading this post. I may be trying this fix real soon myself.
  11. Thanx for the add. I drive a 2014 Z71 Silverado Crew Cab. Victory Red and black interior.
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