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  1. my front bumper is bad... its the paint not sticking correctly to the metal black bumper under~..cant use a power washer at all to get the bugs off.. all elbow grease
  2. funny i came across this.. .2016 gmc...85k... ac was leaking.. hot air.. fixed 2 leaks, and was told to keep an eye on the condenser.. ..well 1 week later hat just went out.. back to blowing warm~.. FML... 1200 fix~..
  3. 2016 Sierra 5.3L AT... bought new....200 miles.... 77k now... replaced the ****** tires at 45k.....had the brake booster replaced under warranty.... but knock on wood... not one issue, just regular maintenance~... love my truck !
  4. this will come back... had the fluids replaced and tpm re flashed at 30k.. i'm at 60 and it does it like it first did... sucks.. but i just deal with it... seems to happen more on going down small hills, shifting from 1st to 2nd.
  5. i have 60k on mine now.. and i've had this happen 2 times.. lucky not in traffic.... i guess i'll need to call the dealer..grrr
  6. i enjoy the red better.. just looks cleaner on that black with red stitching ....
  7. man i never got around to it.. still sitting in a box! lol.. .. .ended up getting into RC cars..lol
  8. so how do we get a piece of that.. or what are they going to be doing?.we'll get a letter in the mail or something?. i have a 16 gmc bought in texas... and I've been to the dealer 2 times for this issue.... it still does it....
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