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  1. looks slick..got a link for that shark fin?.. how hard was it to take off and install.... you worried about leaking>?
  2. man that interior is nice man!!!.. i'd keep it.... i have the AT black leather with the maroon stitching... i like it for my truck... but love that boot brown look!
  3. man i'm so ready for new tires.. if i can hold out till January for my bonus!... i'm at 46300 on my sr-a's.. and they look like crap... .. i'm ready for TKO-2's!
  4. thats just way to long for me~.. i did the 5 yr on my truck.. hope to pay it off sooner.... i do about 50-100$ extra a payment..
  5. wow.. 1k.. and it tore like that?.. figured it should of repelled that rock.. and i'm sure thats exactly why you purchased it.... man sorry!.. .hopefully someone will chime in..
  6. they look dope.. this is down the road.. . .just dont have the cash yet!!!... how hard is it to install he brackets?.. you have to take the whole hood off.. or can you do one at a time?... and are ya'll using a switch inside the cab.. my led behind the grill, i'm using the homelink, so i'd have to do an aftermarket switch somewhere... be dope to wire them to the high beams!.. anyone done that yet?
  7. trade it for another... f that..
  8. wouldn't think twice about giving up my 16 AT.... i'm in it till the wheels fall off!
  9. hhm they did.. weird. i'll have to double check.. .. nah man~.. the kid and wife take pretty much all my doe! lol.. whats left... its beer money!!! lol but keep up the good work man!
  10. its an AT thing too.. my 16 gmc came with those already... but great job Carl!... looks good bud, like the red, white and blue!
  11. Any Idea what this is?

    black tape!!... i have a black plastic piece on the passenger side behind the grill...
  12. Phone mount?

    saved link~.. i really like that location... .i plug mine in and put it sideways in the "envelope" holder... now i just need to do something with that dumb chord.
  13. Phone mount?

    looks like it blocks that vent pretty good... you still feeling air?.. what about when it gets cold. you worried about the heat , heating up that phone to much?

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