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  1. new cabin air filter this weekend.. took all of 2 minutes... 25$ filter off amazon... f the stealer.. wanting 60$ to do it!
  2. Silverado Sunroof Install?

    thats out the door?.. ..to me that isn't bad
  3. Cab marker lights install, part 1

    i peed a little just reading this.... but awesome write-up Sour!!!!.... looks awesome!
  4. Silverado Sunroof Install?

    i'm in Austin, but went up to visit my cuz in Grapevine FTW... hit Lewisville, sam rayburn and grapevine~.... cuaght fish, no picture fish, but thought i had the lake record on grapevine.. . tossing a 5xd crank.... . pull it up... 8lb drum~... lame!!
  5. Silverado Sunroof Install?

    nice~..hooksets are free!..... . just like they will be this weekend for me on lake grapevine and sam rayburn.!!!!... . tight lines dude!
  6. dude i hope so!!! man been waiting for this day!!!!!
  7. Summer heating Issues!!

    man i have no idea.. but damn.. 125-127... holy cow!!!... ..would never leave the house! lol
  8. 2017 HD Hood Conversion

    those trucks are sick!!!!
  9. when i got mine home i claybar the whole truck.. man it was filthy... had the train spots on hood.. look like little rust spots.... they gone now!
  10. lol... looks dope dude!!!!... where did you get em.. i'd love to have 3 that color match the DRL... that prurty white look!
  11. Airaid Modular Intake Tube

    i have this on my truck and dig it... i got it before the exhaust, and you could hear that v8 under the hood.... also did the drop in k/n air filter..... didnt know there was a mod... ..
  12. Dented Front Bumper

    came outside and found that?... hit and run?.... sucks homie... .. maybe take the bumper off and hammer it out~... or pay the 50 to have a dentless repair shop try?..
  13. man great deal for both!!!..
  14. man i have the one you want on my 16... my reception isn't the best... .. it goes out more than i like.... just saying... mine is black.. its not painted to match the truck... but still is shotty~

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