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  1. CarPlay won’t work

    i have an iphone x... ios12.. no issues.... man cant wait to use Waze today!! just got updated for Carplay!!!
  2. Light bars

    32' strait.. with wireless harness.. .sync'd to my homelink buttons in the cab!.... less than 50$ mod!
  3. http://www.newser.com/story/264606/1m-gm-vehicles-need-steering-software-fix.html be safe, get your rides in!....
  4. i like the white.. that doesn't look bad in the tow hooks!
  5. man i haven't .. .. just not sure they are going to look right in that space... just so close together... .i also thought about putting 2 in where the tow hooks are.. but just havent made up my mind!
  6. those look right to me... but i think there's a certain way they need to face... .. like the little grey stripe on the black part of the diode needs to go a certain way.. i believe i saw that in another thread... ..
  7. Bad Ass build thread blue!...
  8. Old Habits Die Hard!

    i'll be in my 16 AT till the wheels fall off... last truck i kept for 10 yrs!.. so sorry ya'll... but you'll be seeing me around for awhile!.... just like the other kats.. i sit in front of a pc all day~.. .i check this forum multiple times a day.. M-F!..
  9. Blue!!!.. .looks sick dude..
  10. link to the lights brotha?... also do you ground each light individually? and run power all to the same point?\ looks dope by the way!
  11. First Lifted 2019??

    man looks dope!
  12. figure you can spend the extra money with all the options you want.. or keep what you have.. and spend all the money for the extra's you want.. plus the time..... .. they are giving those trucks away right now.. i'm sure you can find a stellar deal man!... get you a new one!
  13. New ride

    beautiful truck!

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