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  1. aww... yep.. huge difference... like i said. i'll be trying to do this, this next Tuesday with the 6k led, hopefully its more of a match!.... ... man lose little led's are bright man!.. looks good!.... i mean you already have it wired.. order you the 6k..
  2. i had a few rock chips on my front bumper...and that damn power washer made them bigger.. peeled the paint right up... .. no more power washers for me~.. .grr hard lesson learned... still need to get some touchup paint....
  3. aww.. ok.. ... there cheap man... i think the 6k will look closer...... just by you more! Thanks Jlozan!
  4. i have not~.. i was planning to next tuesday..... really too white?.. darn.. i was really hoping to match the interior leds..... . can you take a pic?... maybe a dimmer switch inline to turn them down a little? and you ordered the cool white 6k? or natural 4k?... .. i believe mine are the 6k... i selected it at the top.
  5. i mean i leave work at 630.. start the truck with the keyfob... i have underground parking.. so no need to remote start... dont even use the fob either after work..stays cool enough.. plus cools down so fast...
  6. Thanks Aseibel!... i dont use the app to much.. but i do use it.. but not for 15 bucks. .i'll just carry my keys! lol
  7. i can still unlock the truck via the cell app.. on my GMC.... i dont pay for onstar... i think i can start it too. but normally use the key to remote start. for iphone - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mygmc/id399408958?mt=8 thats the one i use.. some features are disabled per onstar...
  8. bigger tread on the new tires?
  9. Last good z71

    always use Auto 4x4 in wet weather... never have this issue... but in 2w ... for sure!
  10. Mule equipped load bar

    looks solid... never had an experience or needed one.... whatcha gonna carry?..
  11. Sierra air dam removal

    one of the first mod's i did... air dam removal!!!.. looks good guys... gives allot more clearance
  12. Ambient lighting?

    Looks awesome Chris... i like the 2.. never thought of that... one for the doors ..one for driving!... good work man~..still trying to find time to do my footwell lighting.. i'm doing the one .. on the dome light circuit.. but i like the idea of the other.. on during cruising... very cool.
  13. i do like you guys using the orange... but nothing on my front is orange... the drl are the switchback blinkers.... so only see when turning... . going white! to match everything... . when i find time to get this done, i'll take pics

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