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  1. South ATX here brotha.... .GO HORNS!!!.... truck is sweet man!
  2. just for looks if you ask me, doesnt seem to throw off that much light.. but i like the idea~
  3. drivers door... howler brother's koozie... a bunch of crap in the center console, and the rest is in the tool box, from tow chains, straps, jack, tie downs, tools..etc...
  4. got to have a rod and reel!.. never know when you'll need to wet a line!
  5. how's everyone's paint on their front bumper.. man, mine is chipping bad... all black spots from where the paint has chipped from rocks and such.. ... cant even use a sprayer from the car wash, as it just rips them spots bigger.. anyone else have this issue on their white trucks.
  6. yes!! please let us know when you get the lights on...they look pretty secure.. this would be my route vs the brackets~.. what lights are you going with? also.. i have the led bar wired up already.. i was thinking this route, and tap into the existing wire's of the bar.. that way i can put all 3 on using my homlink, how i have it setup now. gonna look cool Crazy!
  7. my new SLT

    congrats man!... air raid intake, and FM super 10 dumped!... .sucker sounds like an old hot rod!
  8. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    probably because you dont have a diod in the mix there. just strait wire.
  9. homelink buttons the way to go.. all stock looking, no drilling!!!.. how i have mine running now!
  10. love it man!.. great looking ride,
  11. had no idea the 2016's do this... hhmm.... i drive with my fog's on all the time... so your saying with intellibeam, the fogs must be off......driving with hi beams, the lights dim on oncoming traffic?.. did i understand that right
  12. Oh the humanity!

    there's a thought... that would look kinda dope with lights there!

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