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  1. man i never got around to it.. still sitting in a box! lol.. .. .ended up getting into RC cars..lol
  2. so how do we get a piece of that.. or what are they going to be doing?.we'll get a letter in the mail or something?. i have a 16 gmc bought in texas... and I've been to the dealer 2 times for this issue.... it still does it....
  3. Thank you for your service!!!
  4. love my NFabs!!! look dope man!
  5. close to 51k.. and yes 8 speed.... some clunk for sure.. but i'm use to it now i guess.... and thanks!.. i really enjoy the truck!
  6. no oil cans... i bet you're looking at the insulators... we collect those~....from glass to ceramic~.. even found a handful on my ranch!
  7. cool thread guys!!!... keep the pictures coming!..
  8. lucky me, a storm came though and blew my fence down... so i re-purposed it!
  9. got a camo hat signed by Greg Hackney!.... but really my whole garage i like...everything in it has a story!!!.. every piece...
  10. Cayenne Metallic

    cool color.. havent seen one that color in austin~ welcome!
  11. welcome!.. i have a 16AT as well... love it!
  12. where did you order from?.. i've looked, everyone is out!
  13. i mean that 3% a year and pushing me any closer to a denali~.. lol... .. at least i can afford beer~

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