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  1. 2016 Sierra 5.3L AT... bought new....200 miles.... 77k now... replaced the ****** tires at 45k.....had the brake booster replaced under warranty.... but knock on wood... not one issue, just regular maintenance~... love my truck !
  2. this will come back... had the fluids replaced and tpm re flashed at 30k.. i'm at 60 and it does it like it first did... sucks.. but i just deal with it... seems to happen more on going down small hills, shifting from 1st to 2nd.
  3. i have 60k on mine now.. and i've had this happen 2 times.. lucky not in traffic.... i guess i'll need to call the dealer..grrr
  4. i enjoy the red better.. just looks cleaner on that black with red stitching ....
  5. man that sucks.... SB is one of the things on the list..
  6. thanks to all you guys do... !!!!
  7. man i never got around to it.. still sitting in a box! lol.. .. .ended up getting into RC cars..lol
  8. so how do we get a piece of that.. or what are they going to be doing?.we'll get a letter in the mail or something?. i have a 16 gmc bought in texas... and I've been to the dealer 2 times for this issue.... it still does it....
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