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  1. Very very true. I was dead set on getting a refreshed GMC AT4 next year. However I most likely will be looking at Ford and Ram first. My thing is I completely understand each manufacturer has their issue. When you build close to a million of anything in a year some bad ones are going to slip through. Overall they all 3 make a great truck. The difference is Ford and Ram are listening to their customers more than GM. The new Corvette motor needs to replace the the current 6.2 or at least something in the 500/500ish range. They need to bump up the 5.3 up to to at least 400 hp 410 tq as well.
  2. I love what Ford and Ram are doing in the truck segment. All while GM continues its boring lineup. The problem is they aren’t even Toyota boring. They keep all the old boring stuff but are then still plagued with leaky rear windows, 8 speed tranny issue, brake issue etc. But hey we have jack knife alert now. Maybe it’s just me but if someone needs an alert to know their truck is jack knifing they probably shouldn’t be driving.
  3. Yeah I could see that. You could always get a clear bra product installed as well after you paint it. Would probably cost you just as much or more to do that as it would to paint. Since you have a Denali and your bumpers are painted I’d get the whole front end done.
  4. Keep your Denali grill but have a paint shop color match it to your truck. It’ll look amazing.
  5. Dang man, I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s so disappointing to spend that kind of money and deal with these problems non stop.
  6. Hopefully that’s the case. Keep us posted going forward.
  7. Well yes and no. You get some nicer features in both limiteds like massaging seats in the Ford and all around luxury interior in the Ram. To some that may not be worth the extra cost though.
  8. You mean the Denali interior. The regular Yukon (SLE, SLT, AT4) has the same interior as the Tahoe.
  9. If only you had a 5 1/2 foot box just to the right of the rear door of your truck where you could put said groceries.
  10. Does anyone know when the 2021s are going to start to hit dealers? Typically in years past it’s been in August but my guess that’ll be delayed this year.
  11. Here’sa YouTube video showing the pros and cons of them. Project Farm
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