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  1. Tomcat again you do realize there are other trim levels other than the RST? I mean heaven forbid someone want a truck that isn’t a quad cab with a super cool “sport bar”, edgy pinstripe and all the off road lights one could hope to have with 22” wheels. In the SLT trim the Duramax is a 2495 option same as the Elevation, AT4 and Denali. Yes I understand that this is a new engine and it’s not proven yet. It could be a complete turd. We won’t know for a few years. But you also can’t say it’s unreliable 3.0 isn’t for you and that’s OK. But stop with your negativity about it and diesel in general. Not everyone lives where it’s -30F. Do the new emissions suck? Yeah they sure do but it is what it is. Currently where I live diesel is .08 more than premium and .30 more than 87 octane. So if someone was cross shipping the 6.2 and the 3.0 the 3.0 would be much cheaper as a DD. If they were cross shopping the 5.3, not so much. But they would get more tq and the 10 speed which some people might want or need.
  2. This is pretty much exactly what I hope to get sometime this year. Either this color or Dark Sky. I go back and forth each day between them.
  3. The press release says $2495 because that’s what it costs over the 5.3. A reliable GM diesel you ask about? The Duramax has been a staple in the GM brand now for what 17, 18 years. Did you forget to take your meds before you posted this? Plus in many places diesel is within a couple cents of gas (like mine) and there’s times it’s the same price or cheaper. Just because you don’t want the 3.0 doesn’t mean it sucks and it couldn’t be a god option for other people.
  4. It’s because he bought a custom
  5. Tomcat I don’t think it’s a slider. If you see the post I quoted people were thinking it could be a slider. So that’s why I referenced it as one. I’m also saying if it was a slider that means it would be in neutral and not park. As from my post I say definitely push button.
  6. Oh ok. I see now. I just thought you were asking why they didn’t fit.
  7. That’s crazy. Well at least you tried.
  8. Blast them on social media like Twitter our Facebook if you have them. That seems to get responses from speciality groups within the companies. Both companies I worked for that were huge national companies did.
  9. The regular Yukon has the same interior as the new Tahoe. The Denali seems to have the same interior of some of the leaked Escalade interior. I know everyone is going to say it’s a truck but is love the interior of the new Denali in a new AT4 truck.
  10. Uh, because they are two different trucks with different sized beds.
  11. “I am loyal to the UAW” is all I needed to know about your response.
  12. I get my gas at Costco usually and there is is usually about .20 difference between 87 and 91. I typically put in 20-23 gallons so it’s about $4.50-5.00 difference per fill up. I will usually fill up twice per month but occasionally 3 times. It’s only going to cost me an $10-15 a month to have the 6.2. I currently have a ‘18 SLT 5.3. Hoping to get a AT4 in 6.2 sometime this year. Kinda waiting for the rear window thing to fix itself and see if they end up doing the new interiors for the model year 2021.
  13. You mean like not even have a rear locker on their most off-road version they make?
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