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  1. You should have got a firm dealer discount price before you ordered. That’s the one price that can be constant. The rebates are what the variable is.
  2. Tech package and 6.2 are both reasons why I’m going to get the AT4.
  3. **Disclaimer** I don’t have a 2.7 nor have I driven one. When the engine was first announced and I watched some YouTube videos on it I was very excited to about it. Loved seeing where the HP and TQ curves were. Then I started comparing numbers to the 2.7 EB and I was a little disappointed. I can’t even remember what they were but I remember the EBs were better. Then when I saw TFL Truck do a 2.7 GM vs 2.7 EB comparison I was really bummed. The EB pretty much beat it in every test they did. I’m not saying it isn’t a good motor because I bet it’s pretty good and I haven’t really heard of any issue pop up with the engine itself yet. I just remember when GM was the top dog. However I was super impressed with the 2.7 doing the “super Ike” being fully maxed out and the time it made.
  4. I will. Let’s say a DC served all the purposes I need it too. (Which it doesn’t) But lets just say it does. I would still buy the CC because I think the DC doesn’t look as good or symmetrical with the doors not being the same size. But unlike you I can realize that’s my opinion and accept that other people will have different opinions and not tell people how dumb they are for not having my same tastes and opinions.
  5. I’m not defensive of my purchase of a CC over a DC. I could have bought a DC if I wanted to and saved more money. And yes I do think CCs look better than DCs. That’s what drives me crazy about you. Is you think your opinion is the only one that matters. I like the looks of CCs better than DCs and sounds like the majority of people here do as well. You like the look of the DC more than the CC. You’re not wrong and we’re not wrong. People have different tastes and that’s ok. If you run into a crazy person in the morning and not another one for the rest of the day. They’re the crazy person. If you run into crazy people all day long you’re the crazy person. This can be applied in this thread quite well. Time for you to get a grip on reality.
  6. Awesome! I love the color matched wheel wells. Wish GMC would make those standard. It’s crazy they cost 700 bucks or something like that. When I get my truck I’m definitely getting them.
  7. Who cares why he did what. If he loves his truck then I love his truck. Unless you’re going to spending YOUR money on upgrades for HIS truck why do you care so much. There’s times when you make some good points but just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s gospel. You have a DC. ( At least your said in another post) In my opinion I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would buy one. But that’s just my opinion. If you like it and it makes you happy then I like It and I’m happy. Just be happy for other people when they spend THEIR money to fulfill THEIR “tastes.”
  8. The DC is not more desirable than a CC SB. Let’s go look at sales numbers and see what sells the most. GM builds based on what dealerships order. Dealerships order what sells. Let’s look at resale of two identical (except for cab size) 2017 trucks And see which one sells for more. As far as the DC being a better looking truck.... I don’t think it is, but that’s subjective so that one I’ll give you. Looks is all subjective. Everything else you stated you are objectively wrong.
  9. Can anyone tell me the advantages to having the WiFi in the truck as opposed to just using your phone for a hotspot for your kids to connect to? I do think those of you who have gotten unlimited for $15 a month is a good deal but if it accomplishes the same as what your phone can do isn’t it still a waste?
  10. You should be fine. The rear seat is still vinyl as far as I know. But the front seats are leather.
  11. You can get the digital gauges and HUD in the AT4. I’m with you in the suspension isn’t that great on the AT4. You can spend $2500 on a fox or King setup and come out on top. But many people are buying the AT4 because it is essentially a Denali with less chrome. I drove the 5.3/8 speed AT4 and 6.2/10 speed AT4 back to back (2019 models) and in a daily driving setting you can’t really tell the difference. As soon as you go to step on it and give it some gas the 6.2 makes more power quicker and you can definitely tell. Where I’m at in Utah the highest octane you can get is 91 and it’s only around .20 more than the 87. So for me and my driving habits it will only cost less than $10 a month more in gas to go 6.2. When I finally make my purchase I will go 6.2. I don’t need it but I kinda just want it.
  12. My guess is MSRP was right around $57,080 on the truck he bought. So he probably got around 13-15k off sticker.
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