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  1. Definitely push button. You can see the “P” is red yet the “slider” is in neutral. GM does some stupid stuff but they wouldn’t do a slider for the gear shifter. Push button will be nice. Different but nice. I also have no issue with the column shifter either.
  2. You explained my feelings on their interior better than I ever could have.
  3. I’m sure there’s definitely concerns just like with every auto maker GM included. However that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say they didn’t think their Raptor was worth the money. I personally don’t like Ford’s center cluster and think their interior is worse than GMs but there’s also a ton of people that think they are better.
  4. Because then GM would be actually listening to customers and giving them what they want. The Raptor has been on the market and has been extremely successful for how long yet GM still has nothing out there to compete with it. Even when they release the full size ZR2 version it still won’t be a Raptor competitor I have a feeling.
  5. i think you can Spec an SLT very close to an AT4. I don’t know if you can get the 360 camera or rear view mirror camera along with other things but those two cameras are the main two I would want. Other wise a new grill and painted bumpers and I’d pretty much be there for quite a bit cheaper.
  6. i actually prefer the grill of the elevation and I like how there’s not the black chrome around the fog lights. I love the elevation rims. I’d maybe even end up with one if I could get the 6.2 in it.
  7. I actually think the RST is the best looking Chevy out there and gives the AT4 a run for its money. I just wish it came with more of the features that the AT4 has.
  8. yeah I don’t really care about the lift truthfully. I like the tech package and all the different camera views etc along with the appearance of the AT4. I really like the Elevation edition but it has less stuff than my ‘18 SLT so don’t really want to “downgrade” some of it.
  9. i just missed one about two weeks ago. It was 16k off with the GM Lease loyalty included which I didn’t qualify for so it was 14k off for me and realistically I would have bought that one but it sold earlier in the day.
  10. As soon as I can find 23% off an AT4 I’ll probably pull the trigger.
  11. Lucky you. I’ve had my sending unit replaced and have had the rear end clunking and squeaking they’ve been famous for. It’s been good for the past 6 months and 5k miles but before that I wasn’t loving the truck.
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