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  1. As you can see by the pricing of the AT4X (which is a ZR2 with massaging seats added) pricing is going to be expensive. AT4X starts at $75k. It has the same 32” tires and crappy ground clearance as before but does come with the DSSV Shocks. I could even see the ZR2 priced very closely to the AT4X because it has other bumpers etc that add cost over the massaging seats. Ultimately GM wants 801A Raptor money for trucks that aren’t anywhere close to Raptor capability.
  2. I’ve heard a few people mention that and I’m not saying you are wrong, but can you please source that rumor? It’ll be interesting to see what they do. I just wish pricing would hurry up and come out. I think I’d be a player at 65k on ZR2. However once you get up into 70k for a truck that only comes on 33s with leaf springs is just too much.
  3. Go spec out a fully loaded AT4. You’re right at 65k. (Non carbon Pro)Then add selectable front and rear lockers. Then add bigger tires. Then add a different front bumper and actual skid plates. Then add DSSV shocks. The new ZR2 seems to be a fully loaded AT4 with all those additional added options I just mentioned. I’m not saying it’s going to be 70k, but it’s going to be dang close. There is no way GM is giving us an ZR2 speced like a current fully loaded AT4 with all that additional stuff for the same price as a current AT4.
  4. I’m surprised you had to slam on your brakes. In my wife’s Camry even in the closest setting you’re pretty far away when it starts to slow down. That being said yours didn’t but I’m surprised you didn’t pick up in that sooner so you weren’t slamming on the brakes. Sounds like your truck needs some work though.
  5. So you think the new ZR2 is going to have a lower MSRP than a loaded LT Trail Boss? I sure hope you’re right because at 60k the ZR2 would be a steal. At 65k it’s pushing it’s limits and anything over that is just meh. Giving pricing on current AT4 and Trail Bosses I just don’t see how that can happen if the only option for a ZR2 is multiflex tailgate.
  6. I’m sure GM will charge a couple thousand for Super Cruise. Fully loaded High Countries will be over 70k. Just like you can get a fully loaded Raptor for 83k witch is mode than a Limited. You’re not being realistic if you think a fully loaded ZR2 is going to come in at a less price point than a current fully loaded AT4. It has all the same features, but better gauge cluster and center stack. Then add front and rear eLockers and multimatic shocks, bigger and better tires and high clearance bumper and different hood. GM will will be charging a pretty penny for this thing.
  7. Well loaded 6.2 AT4s were pretty much 65k MSRP. During the good old days you could get 10-15k off of those pretty regularly. That being said I fully expect a fully loaded ZR2 to come in closer to 70k since it has all the same stuff as a AT4 but you also get front and rear elockers, multimatic shocks and just the yearly annual increase in price. These things will sell for MSRP for probably the better part of the next year.
  8. If I had to guess it’s nothing to do with the chassis but has to do with most likely cooling.
  9. My next truck is either going to be a 3rd Gen Ford Raptor or a F150 Tremor or Lariat. Ford has problems, GM has problems Ram has problems but at the end of the day I get tired of the games that GM plays. I love how you can get just about whatever you want on any trim of the F150. Even a base XL you can get an STX package and get colored bumpers and grill, 3.5/10speed buckets and large infotainment. Chevy’s custom trim didn’t even give you storage in the fold down bench seat or steering wheel controls.
  10. It does is no good to know how fast over the speed limit you’re going. What’s the speed you are traveling? Here in Utah the speed limit is 80 mph so your mileage is going to be much different at 90-95 mph as opposed to somewhere that has a 60 mph speed limit and that person is running 70-75 mph.
  11. I just barely sold my ‘18 Sierra SLT CC to Carvana today for $400 more than I paid for it in July of 2018. Like you, not including taxes.
  12. Good catch. Which in my opinion may be even worse than the 8. My truck had 26k miles on it when I sold it. I never did get the shudder but man than thing was the chunkiest shifting transmission I’ve ever had.
  13. I just sold my 18 Sierra SLT CC back to Carvana for more than I paid for it over 2.5 years ago. Bought a ‘05 Dodge Ram 1500 regular cab standard box to get me by till I decide if I want a refreshed AT4, F150 Lariat power boost or Gen 3 Raptor. Ive only had the truck for a week but I absolutely love it. It’s still a truck but so easy to park etc. I have 2 kids (8 and 6) and if I didn’t need the crew cab I would totally get a regular cab standard box 4x4. It’s a shame Ford is the only company that makes a current Gen truck in that configuration. However I realize not a ton of people buy them.
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