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  1. I’m saying it’s stupid to say it’s ethical to buy from a local dealer.
  2. So it’s ethical to not only buy a vehicle from a dealer and let them make money off the purchase but then let hem make money on the warranty work. I’m fine with your point of view except where you pull the whole ethical card. That’s just stupid.
  3. The front end really is just a Bison front end with a different bumper. Nothing groundbreaking. Only change is the off centered bow tie.
  4. That’s a sweet truck right there. If you keep your GMC logo red is definitely go with red tow hooks. If you decide to black out the red GMC I’d keep them black.
  5. if it’s a ‘19 you are way over paying. My dealership had that exact same truck 64k sticker and they were discounting them 12-14k last April. Unless you need the truck right this second just be patient. I would have bought one in the spring but I didn’t want to pay 50-52k for my “forever truck” without the adaptive cruise. As soon as the deals hit again I’ll be out of my ‘18 and into an AT4. I’m in no hurry. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll do those same deals this springtime again or if I’ll have to wait another few years. Either way I’m fine with it. ETA: Just checked my local dealer and they have a fully loaded blue AT4 ‘19 for 11k off. It’s not the same color so it’s not a direct apples to apples but my point is you can so much better. ETA x2 Just checked their ‘20s and the fully loaded AT4s are 7.5k off. ETA x3 Checked another dealer about 4 hours away from me and they have their ‘20 AT4s 10k off right now.
  6. interesting. I haven’t seen a long horn in person but any one I’ve seen in YouTube they look extremely nice. (If cowboy theme is your thing) it’s not mine but I can respect it for what it is.
  7. have you seen the most recent trip and mileage the guys did on TFL Truck? I was surprised. 19.2 out of the rebel with a leaving kit and 35s.
  8. did you have the big horn or long horn. The long horn is the cowboy version that has real wood inserts etc.
  9. my 2018 Camry has an EPA rating of 38. I typically get 40 MPGs. Will always get 38 and have even pulled in 42 once.
  10. That’s sweet. Really wish the 3.0 was an option on the LT Trail Boss still not sure why you can’t build a 2020 on GMC’s site yet
  11. My 07 Altima had the same thing. Not a high end car at all
  12. The new gauge clusters in the Sierra and Silverado are just horrible. Not sure if it’s the font or the LCD graphics or what but I can’t believe how bad they look. The cluster found in the HC and Denali are fine but the others are very disappointing. ETA: I also have an 18 Sierra SLT Z71. I personally think it rides like garbage. It’s waaay too soft in my opinion. I drove a AT4 and preferred the way it drove much more. I wish I could get a TB with all the features of the AT4. I’m really torn right now as I don’t want to upgrade to a different truck unless I get everything I want, yet I don’t want to continue to throw money at a payment for a truck that I don’t really love.
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