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  1. No, and i see what you’re saying but machining techniques, engines, oils and additives have all changed a ton over the past 40 years. I guess I should go back to my Nokia brick cell phone as well. I mean it gets the job done.
  2. I never understand why people think they know more than the engineers who designed the engine.
  3. This is one of the main reasons why I’m looking to get a new truck. I was wondering if the small tailgate would able to open. I was planning on sitting on it to put my shoes on. Also looking forward to the rear view mirror camera when all the bikes are loaded up. Here’s my YT Jeffsy Pro Race
  4. Is there a way you can just pay for the winter months? In your case where you use it daily in the winter I’d say it’s worth the extra $15 a month but I do agree it’s a garbage way to nickel and dime their customers.
  5. I agree it does suck but my brother in law pays like 8 or 9 bucks a month for “Ram Connect” or something like that in order to start his truck from his phone.
  6. Your painted arches look great. They’ll be fine. Think of millions of trucks and SUVs that are sold every year that actually have paint right there without the crappy plastic fenders. If they made a painted arch for my 18 I may actually keep it. First upgrade I do to my truck once I get it is the painted wheel arches.
  7. With my CU offering 2.29 for 72 months the 0% financing isn’t anything special considering you have to leave a 6500 rebate on the table. Interest is only around 3500 paid over the 72 months on 50k financed. So by taking the special financing and looking at the whole picture in my situation it would cost me 3k more.
  8. Totally worth it for that much money. Just the trade in/resale value would be worth that in a few years. (Not sure how long you keep your vehicles.)
  9. If you’re not going to put bigger tires on it I wouldn’t lift it at all. Also when the time comes I would go with the best quality kit out there. I favor ride quality and and over all quality more than looks. Buy once cry once is always been my motto. It’s been very rare I’ve ever regretted buying the more expensive option but have almost always regretted going cheaper.
  10. I think it’s ugly but understand my opinion is subjective. Overall it’s probably no better or worse than most other vehicles. I think the V8 is a pretty solid drivetrain. I think they have a new 9 speed if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully their infotainment has gotten better. My sister bought a new Armada a few years ago and I don’t like the infotainment, but again that’s also subjective.
  11. Not 100% sure but I believe you can add it later. The dealer has to program some stuff etc. But I’m my opinion there’s no need for it as long as you have a smart phone. Just use AA or CarPlay. Will work better
  12. It’s definitely smaller girth wise. That’s the first thing I noticed when I test drove one.
  13. Read an article saying the 2021 Yukon and I think Equinox will have Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto. I’m guessing the Tahoe, Escalade etc will have it as well. Anybody have any insight if the 2021 trucks will have it or do you think they’re saving it for the refresh?
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