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  1. Thanks. Sounds like there is hope yet to stopping the leaks. I’ll have to wait until mine leaks a bit more. I already wiped away what was there and there is no evidence of corrosion or water stains anywhere yet.
  2. Any reported success with either the caulking job or with a new window? I found a few trickles of water on my passenger rear. Literally a few drops after a car wash. So it is beginning for me.
  3. Wondering if going through an automatic car wash, the down force pressure of the water or even the dryers after would cause the plastic window frame to crack. *I know, automatic car washes are satan’s bath houses. But I do go to the touchless ones when I can’t get to a coin wash.
  4. Sorry if this is hi-jacking the thread. My RST 8-speed has a production date of 2/19. So most likely it is not pre-filled with new Mobil 1 ATF. I don’t have any major issues with it as long as I remote start especially in the winter. Question is, do I go to the dealer and have them drain and put the new Mobil 1 ATF?
  5. Thanks for this. Almost thinking if I should take a proactive approach and apply the caulking now myself before any cracks develop. It feels like the cracks/leaks are inevitable.
  6. Are there any pictures of the crack window frame or whatever the common failure point is that’s causing these leaks? Would be interested to see. Or is it still an unknown as to what exactly is causing the leaks?
  7. Did the Brake Recall and had it happen once so far without starting the truck with the GM App. I was in Accessory mode for about 10-15 mins, music playing and when I went to start the truck from inside, I got the Service Brake messages again. Brought it in and dealer reset and charged my battery. So now, no GM App starting and no Accessory mode for me.
  8. Can anyone post the details of the PIT5728B bulletin? Wasn’t able to find it via Google maybe too new or it is not publicly viewable? Sorry, I’m new to this so I don’t know how that works.
  9. May I ask if you’ve swapped out incandescent to led for your backup light or license plate light?
  10. I had experienced this issue last week after using my OnStar app to remote start. Dealer reset it so the CEL could come off. But today I experienced the Service Brake, etc messages again without any OnStar remote start. Sitting in the truck in Accessory mode for 10-15 minutes. CarPlay playing some music. Then started the truck inside and boom. Service Brake galore. Dealer suspected my Accessory mode usage zapped the already low battery to trigger the messages. Anyone experiencing the same?
  11. I was always under the impression that painted metal parts wouldn’t rust as easily unless there are chips or exposed metal to water. Hence, there is always talk about how GM should have painted frames instead of the wax coating to better protect it from corrosion. I get paint isn’t going to be a permanent corrosion inhibitor but that rust seems to be a bit more rust than I would expect for painted parts on a new truck.
  12. Add me to the list. After the Brake recall. Started the truck via fob and inside the truck itself, no problems. Then same day, remote start via the MyChevy app and Service Brake messages came up. My dealer asked me if I drained the battery somehow the night before that might have caused the errors. I didn’t. Good to find this thread. Following. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thank-you!! Going to read it now. Sorry for posting the same issue. Mods can delete this if you’d like. Thanks again for the link!
  14. I started my truck this morning, no problems. Drove to work, parked. Start it up again to swing by another site, parked. Started up for the 3rd time for the day and boom. I get Brake System Failure, Service Trailer Brake, and Service ESC. I shut off the truck and started it again after a few minutes and this time no messages but Check Engine is on now. Gave my dealership a call, I was 10 mins away. They agreed to take a look and said the battery was low which then triggered the computer throw up those Service Brake messages. I didn’t leave any light on, no phone left in my truck charging, nothing. I had the Seat Belt and Brake recalls done last month. I know there is a recent recall regarding an intermittent electrical connection between the B+ battery cable and the alternator. So far this recall isn’t popping up for my truck. Don’t know if it is because my VIN is not applicable or it just didn’t come up to Canada yet? Anyone in Canada get this last recall done already? .
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