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  1. Nah, I didn’t say the refreshed WT/Custom looked the best. (Check my old post) I said the refreshed HC and ZR2 looked the best. And I also said I “prefer” the previous style WT/Custom frontend but I like the matte black letters on the refreshed. Just don’t like that it’s not centered. For what it is (a work truck), it’s fine. I was comparing the previous style WT/Custom to the refreshed WT/Custom. Maybe that wasn’t made clear enough on my part. But not saying WT/Custom (previous or refreshed) was the best looking.
  2. Yup really. Next time I’ll try to hide my “I’m cheap and dated” membership card. They’re work truck trims so I give them a pass.
  3. I agree with the above. Refresh exterior looks best on High Country and I’ll add the ZR2 as well. And I prefer the previous WT/Custom frontend. The matte black letters looks good on the refresh but like the letters better more centered top to bottom.
  4. Is there any reprogramming necessary afterwards? Should I disconnect the negative the battery while swapping out the part? Must be a bad batch of modules or something.
  5. I've always wanted to know if one could feel that hard mechanism through the seat. Wonder if it is the same with massaging seats as well? I've read here and there that GM had the thinest seats, need to sit in a F150, RAM, etc. to compare myself.
  6. If you select front bench seating you get the column shifter. If you go with front bucket seats which comes with a center console, you get the console shifter. LT trim and up of course.
  7. That would be great to see. Because I’ve only ever seen CarPlay and the cameras displayed like below (via photos online). It’s either with a clock, album cover, or black space. Hopefully someone can throw up a photo that shows the camera views utilizing the black area. And CarPlay Apple Maps filling the whole screen like the built-in Google Maps, that would be nice to see.
  8. Congrats on the new truck. Interior looks sharp. I'm a little disappointed in that CarPlay (or Android Auto) along with the cameras don't fully utilize the full 13.4 inch screen. WIth the clock there - I know it can also display music album covers in that area as well - CarPlay doesn't seem to be a whole lot bigger than what it was on an 8 inch screen. I could be wrong, but I've only seen the built-in Google Maps take advantage of that real estate.
  9. Wouldn’t out of spec caster eventually cause increased wear and tear on the suspension and power steering components?
  10. Sorry to hi-jack but this got me thinking. I had the GM Trail Boss Accessory Suspension installed back in Feb '21. So the dealer (further away from me) did the lift and alignment. They also did the power steering controller calibration as stated in the instructions. Fast forward months later, I felt my steering wheel was off-center. Constantly had to hold the wheel slightly left to track straight. I went to my local dealership and had them do an alignment again, they said the toe was off a bit. The wheel is centered now but I get a bit of wandering, not terrible. I did mention to my local dealership I had the Gm 2" lift done at another dealer when I went in for the alignment. Is this something they would have know by looking up the VIN? Because an authorization code, VIN and a call to Techline was needed to do the power steering controller (per Lift Kit Instructions), is my VIN in the GM system now reflect that I have the 2" lift? Or am I completely wrong, VIN will show I have an RST and I'll have to always remind the dealer to use +Z7X when getting an alignment done?
  11. Just to be clear, I only have a ‘19 RST. So I can’t speak on the AT4 or Elevation. I think the things the TB/AT4 has over me is the 10 speed, hill descent control and the 2 speed transfer case. Since you have the X31 package, you’d only be missing maybe the 10 speed (not familiar with the Sierra trans combo for ‘20). 8 speed is fine with me with the new fluid. And I don’t envision myself needing hill descent or 4lo. And at least for my ‘19, I don’t have the “Off-road” selectable mode, so I don’t know how much I’m missing out there. Stuff like skid plates, wireless charging, high capacity air filter can be added after the fact. Excluding all creature comforts and extra niceties, adding the GM 2” lift kit would give you the same setup as the AT4, ride wise (I think).
  12. Yup. The GM 2” lift comes with monotube Rancho shocks. https://www.chevrolet.com/performance-parts/vehicle-upgrades/new-silverado/suspension
  13. FWIW. I installed the factory 2” lift in my RST and the ride quality was better than my non-Z71 ride. Less wavy and the back didn’t go sideways when going over bumps.
  14. Nice man! Any reason you didn't wait for the refresh? Was it you got a good deal or in need of a vehicle right away? Not judging, just asking.
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