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  1. Is disabling the airbag system on a 2019 Silverado as simple as disconnecting the negative cable from the battery? And waiting 15 minutes for the system to discharge? Positive cable still connected is fine? Is there anything I need to look out for when connecting the negative cable back on? Will there be any error codes? Thanks in advance.
  2. I"m interested in something like this. A clear caulking that is safe on paint and can be removed easily if need be, in case you need to remove the spoiler to access something (harness, etc.).
  3. The leaks for both the Silverado and Sierra seem to show no column shift. Keep in mind, it was camo inside but still, didn't seem like there was one. My guess is that the new interior with the large screen (12" ?) and pull button shifter will be on the higher trims at first, similar to RAM and their 12". Lower trims will stick with the 8", similar to how the WT today only have the 7" now. But who knows. Eventually the 12" and pull button shifter will trickle down along with the 10-speed which is already making it's way down the line up. Maybe they'll keep the column shifter for the WT only. Or they do the 12" and with pull button shifter across the board sans the WT. Pure guesses here.
  4. Sorry to hi-jack the tread but always curious about the 4" SST by ReadLift. Their product page says they don't recommend you use Auto 4 HI. Have you had any experience on what happens if you do?
  5. Funny enough, I emailed TFL last Nov asking about the Terrain Mode and having them test it. They said they tested it and it's pretty basic. Advised me to just get 4lo if I can afford it. I found the video in which they gave it a whirl. Not much of a test. Just a quick demo of what it was. I'll try to find the video again. I wish they did a full review of it going over some of their usual off-road challenges.
  6. That’s a common thing I read here and there that the torque converter was replaced. Wonder if the bad fluid causes that damage? If so, maybe I should get the new fluid before I experience the shudder. Glad to hear the 1-2 improves.
  7. Any physical damage done on the Colorado tranny shuddering before you finally got the fluid changed? Do you find the 1-2 is better as well afterwards?
  8. Just curious how you would use the flex seal? Would you spray it along the top seam between the spoiler and the cab?
  9. Mine too, Feb 2019 but at Fort Wayne. So far I only experience some hard 1-2 if I don't warm it up for a few minutes before I go. Otherwise it is smooth 3-8. I'm always conflicted if I should bring it in anyway to get the new Mobile ATF or wait until I get the shudder. Heard some stories here and there about not flushing your trans or that the flush machine is contaminated with multiple ATFs. Not an immediate issue for me, Actually, not an issue at all for me right now.
  10. What was your build date? Do you know if you have the new Mobil ATF?
  11. I know it is not Silverado T1 specific, but it looks like the 8 speed is sticking around. Does this mean GM is not going to stick the 10 speed across their entire line up like Ford? https://www.gm-trucks.com/gm-throws-its-support-behind-the-silverado-sierra-corvette-camaro-transmission-and-engine-factories/
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