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  1. Did you get the regular leather content, Premium or All Leather? And is that black? Looks great!
  2. Hello, I’m interested in putting Katzkin into my 2019 RST. I was wondering if anyone here has done it? Also wondering if anyone can post pics if they have. I wanted to see if the black Katzkin leather matches close enough to the center console black pleather.
  3. So after getting my window goop with Kent sealant, it’s leaking again. But this time it only leaks after a long rain. Survives a touch-less car wash however. Wondering if anyone has a copy of the official instructions to lower the headliner? I’d like to see maybe if I can spot the breach point add some more sealant. I’d rather delay having to go back to the dealer until GM comes up with a more permanent fix.
  4. Yeah, I get that. Like I said, I warm it for 10 mins and it's fine. Not an issue for me.
  5. Is this the same 8 speed that has a lawsuit against it? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/09/lawsuit-alleges-gm-transmission-problems-known-since-2014/amp/ I don’t have any issues with my 2019 RST except on a cold mornings, I have hard 1-2 and slip to 3 but 10 min warm up and it’s smooth all day. My build date is 02/19 so I don’t have the new Mobil ATF. I wonder if the 10 speed has a similar issues when left under 32f overnight? (Maybe a question for another post).
  6. I’d like to know the answer this as well. Plan to keep the truck 10 years if I could.
  7. There is a slight dip in mine after they sealed the read window but it is not as bad as this. Mine doesn't dip below the metal frame/bar.
  8. I am by no means an expert but from reading this thread seems like the TSB called from Kent High Tech Clear Sealant or equivalent but there was another fella here that had the yellow stuff and it also failed. Not to say if you got the clear stuff it would have work. Also don’t know if you live in the salt belt but the sealant needs >16 hours to cure properly in above 50f temps. And someone here had theorized that maybe the lack of individual seals on all the mounting holes between the spoiler and cab could cause more water to leak in. There is one long seal that runs along the underneath top edge of the spoiler. If the tech didn’t tighten the spoiler to the cab, I can see the leak being worse. Of course this doesn’t explain why the non-sliding windows don’t leak. Lots of info. Glad this thread exists.
  9. Did they let the sealant properly cure for 24 hours indoors before they gave it back to you when you did the TSB?
  10. I'm sorry to hear you guys are waiting this long to get a headliner or rear window replaced. Not acceptable at all. Just wanted to follow up on my bolt left behind after my window sealant work. Seems like it wasn't an 1 1/2", but the length of a Canadian quarter. Similar size to a US quarter. I'm hoping it is a bolt that belongs to anywhere but the ones holding up the spoiler from inside/underneath the headliner. If any of you guys have any idea, please let me know.
  11. I saw those pictures. I see there were a few plastic retainers on the inside of the spoiler that snaps into the cab. The TSB for the rear window leak sealant process looks like there’s only 2 screw around the third brake light once you drop the headliner. I know the picture may not tell the whole story. Reason I ask is I had the sealant done recently and I found one single 1 1/2” or so black bolt/screw (sorry not good with the terminology) on the backseat. I’m guessing the tech didn’t put it back where it belongs. I’d rather not go back to the dealership if it is not an immediate issue I need to address. But if my spoiler is only being held by 1 bolt and a few plastic retainers then I guess I need it addressed.
  12. Anyone know how many screws hold the rear spoiler to the top of the cab? Is it 2 only?
  13. Is it fair to say it is the less than stellar plastic used by the rear window manufacturer that's cracking and thus causing the leaks? I saw the picture posted here earlier of the cab design where it slops down behind the spoiler and onto the top fo the rear window frame. I know some say it is a bad cab design. And I get GM has say in the quality of the plastic being used on the frame, so GM is accountable. Just asking the question to better understand the physical fault point.
  14. Literally dropped it 30mins a go. Still waiting for a call to get an official assessment. Gave them the TSB I got from here. So I’ll update when I find out.
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