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  1. The new fluid is the Mobil 1™ Synthetic LV ATF HP blue label. Your truck would have come with this fluid already from factory yours being a 2021. They made the switch to the new fluid around March of 2019 for Silverado/Sierra.
  2. Might be a silly question but the curiosity in me needs to know. Did Exxon/Mobil create this blue label product at GM’s request or was it always around? And LV = low ? HP = High Performance?
  3. I would be interested to know how Blaster Surface Shield behaves on the factory wax. The video review I saw was on a Colorado which have painted (e-coat?) on the frame. I don't know if you are sticking with only FF, WW and BSS, but I use Corrosion Free 3000 on the wax and so far so good. Did it since new, annual re-application. I did find it slowly moves down to the bottom face of the frame. Makes it look bumpy. Had some wax fall off after being on a lift for service (at the lift points), but I touch those up with Nox-Rust X-121B the same day. I also never pressure wash the frame. I give it a garden hose rise if need be, done it twice to get the dandelion fluff off. I don't drive much since COVID. But I did drive, when I needed to, through our well seasoned salted and brine roads for 2 winters. My spare has some salt on it. Photos are from today, sorry for the bad angles. Don't feel like getting on the cold ground.
  4. Sorry for my newbie question. How does pre-filling the filter cause the possibility of potential contamination?
  5. I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad I didn’t get wireless CarPlay on my 2019. I like the idea of the convenience of wireless. However, I also like the idea of having a fully topped-up battery (using the USB) at the end of my travels and step out of the truck.
  6. Is it mainly fuel economy the 10 speed does better? I know some say the 10 speed shifts smoother but seems like the 8 speed with the new fluid can shift fairly smooth as well.
  7. You can always install the 2” GM factory lift kit if clearance is your main concern. It doesn’t void your warranty as it is a GM product. It’s the same lift that the Trail Boss/AT4 has.
  8. Will GM ever pair the 2.7 with the 10 speed? Is there any benefit to that? Need to test drive a 2.7 next time come trade-in.
  9. This guy had the same issue. He made some mods and retained the Stillen scoop, if you’re interested.
  10. My understanding is: In 2019, there were two 1500’s being sold. The 1500 based on the K2 platform 2014-2018 model year which received the “LD” designation and the 2019 New Body which was based on the new T1 platform. Similar to 2022. The “Limited” is based on the 2019-2021 design. While the 2022 (no Limited) is the re-fresh design. Newdude probably can correct any mistakes I made here.
  11. Sorry for the tangent. Might be a silly question but is achieving that bowtie-less grill just removing the bowtie? I would think it would leave clips or a backing bracket behind?
  12. It was mentioned awhile back in this thread the issues seems to have been mostly in the 2019/2020 models.
  13. Maybe something like this? Not sure if that would do for you. https://www.weathertech.com/chevrolet/2021/silverado-2500hd-3500hd/scratch-protection/silverado-cab-4/crew-cab/
  14. Yup, I second Corrosion Free. Put a light coat on the frame and the wax is fine. It’s clear so I can see underneath, no dip, no smell.
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