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  1. And yet, you can’t configure NHT with a 2 speed transfer case/4L on the 2019+. Maybe GM doesn’t think 4L is necessary for those who want max towing capabilities. I don’t tow, so I don’t know. Unless that’s changed? A topic for another day. Edited: Oops! I was wrong. You get it with the 6.2. Thanks OnTheReel for correcting me.
  2. ^^^^^^ Yup! To add to an already perfect summary above. There is a high likelihood the gasket will get mangled when the tech first tries to remove the spoiler to fix the cracked plastic frame. So now the situation is compounded by a bad gasket and maybe the sealant wasn’t done right by the tech as well. Now you have 2 different leak points.
  3. Is GM being honest to put a “4x4” sticker on 4wd single transfer case trucks? Should they put a “AWD” sticker instead? Not a serious issue. Just having some fun on “Blue Monday.”
  4. It's possible this leak is coming from the yellow retainer. The area of the stain is exactly below where the retainer sits. It has a very thin and flimsy/delicate gasket that can easily be damaged when you pull the spoiler. I had the same leak the 2nd time around. I had to make my own gasket because when I order the part GM didn't include the gasket. Edited: Yup, Dali555 beat me to the punch. My gasket got stuck on the cab side where the retainer goes in. I thought it was missing the first time I took off the spoiler, but it's there and mutilated.
  5. Sorry for my ignorance. Did you weld that piece on yourself or is it something you drill onto the frame?
  6. I notice the new 2021 Tahoe Z71 has an aluminium front skid plate. Looks like it will fit our '19+ Silverados/Sierras. But I can't find a part number anywhere. Too early I guess.
  7. New CV axles are designed "to run at higher running angles." Straight from a GM reps mouth.
  8. Sorry, my mistake. The plastic splash guard has plenty drain holes. They are smaller and less obvious but they are there. Thanks for taking the time in replying Rob Mugs.
  9. Silly question, but any reason why the aluminum skid plate that comes with the Z71 package have drain holes? Yet the plastic splash guard does not have any? I’m not speaking of the front plastic splash guard.
  10. The hard shift when cold is a known thing for the 8 speed. Just found out now myself. Seems like it is nothing to worry about. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10168176-9999.pdf
  11. I always wondered if 4lo was necessary for a trail like this. I have no experience to say.
  12. Good to hear. Cold hard 1-2 shifts is my only gripe with my truck.
  13. Did the ‘21 8-speed eliminate the cold morning 1-2 hard shift?
  14. Cool thanks. I saw in another post long ago that someone used river nuts to secure the plate. But I guess the U-nuts is the proper GM nut to use here. Please let me know how it goes when you get it done. Would like to see the finish product.
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