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  1. Completely agree with this, especially the wicking up part. Sorry to hear it happening to OnTheReel. That is a huge crack! Was it “repaired” before?
  2. Are they replacing the headliner too or just cleaning it for you?
  3. Does it matter if they are the Z71 Ranchos vs the Trail Boss/AT4 Ranchos?
  4. Don’t mean to hijack. Just a quick sidebar question. What model years are known to have rear window leak in F150?
  5. Unless the sheet metal has been damage from the over torquing. Every bolt and nut can be replaced on the spoiler, without having to buy a new spoiler assembly. They all just slide/snap in place on the spoiler side. Of course, this whole thing shouldn't have happened.
  6. If it's an 8-speed, the hesitation and slamming is "normal" when cold. A remote start pre-warm will eliminate it. MC-10168176-9999.pdf
  7. Not claiming to be an expert but fairly sure that’s caused by the yellow retainer gasket on the spoiler. Bad gasket. Can be easily replaced. Unacceptable that this is happening to you. Looks terrible.
  8. With the 2019-2021 Silverado/Sierra still on Global A, they still did something different to previous years to lock it down. Is that correct?
  9. I posted it in another thread but that 1-2 hard shift on cold mornings is a known thing by GM. Nothing to worry about. And nothing you can do but warm it up beforehand, which you are doing. MC-10168176-9999.pdf
  10. What roughness are you experiencing with the 8 speed?
  11. Maybe this? https://gm-techlink.com/?p=14165 or https://gm-techlink.com/?p=13853
  12. Is the 2021 Elevation an 8 speed still? If so, I wonder how they got rid of the first morning clunk.
  13. I find this site is fairly comprehensive when I’m trying to find something not commonly listed on other sites. Good luck. https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts-list/2020-chevrolet-silverado-1500_4wd/cab_and_body_structure_mirrors_doors_trim_seat_belts_wipers/door_trim_side_front_driver.html?filter=(m=CK10543)&pnc=a647204a10d9a4a99df037283728f302
  14. My 2019 RST 8 speed, build date 3/19 shifts smooth as well. Can’t feel the shifts. 1-2 is rough on cold mornings but apparently that’s a known issue and once it comes to op temp it is fine. I don’t know if they will add the 2021 to the attached bulletin or if there’s a updated bulletin. MC-10168176-9999.pdf
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