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  1. I recently had my truck rustproofed with Corrosion Free (similar to Fluid Film in texture and velocity). Driving with it for about 2 weeks and it has collected a very minor dirt, sand, grass, etc sticking to the rustproofing. It’s not a very noticeable amount unless you crawl underneath the truck and stare at the areas that have been sprayed and pick out the minor dirt it’s picked up. I had step assists installed yesterday at the dealership and I had mentioned to the service adviser if it was necessary to wipe the mounting areas on the inner rocker where the hardware for the step assist were to go. He said sure, he’ll tell the mechanic to wipe the area. Anyway, I left the dealership in a hurry to pickup the kids and then crawled under the truck. Didn’t seem like they wipe anything. I can see the rustproofing buildup around the edges of the hardware as if it was squeezed out from between the rocker and mounting hardware. My question is, will the light dirt (or sand or whatever crude) cause that area underneath the mounting hardware to rust? Like I said it was not caked on dirt or completely covered in sand. At first glance it looks clean. But if you run your fingers through the rustproofing, you can feel grit. Should I return to the dealership and have them take the step assists off, wipe the area and mount it back on? Is it too little dirt to care about? There is rustproofing in between there. Sorry if this question seems ridiculous. First truck. Plan to keep the truck 10-15 years. Live in Canada, lots of salty roads. Never took rust seriously until I bought a 60k truck.
  2. Anyone done a factory single exhaust upgrade to a factory dual exhaust? Does it require a different rear bumper?
  3. I took some pictures. Seems like no physical damage. I'm not sure what those "grooves" are circled in black? I see three of them along the frame near the front, so I know it is not a pad peg puncture. If you guys see anything else in terms of damage that maybe I don't see here, please let know.
  4. Just to clarify, I'm not concerned about the wax or minor scrapes. I understand the wax comes off eventually. There was another thread discussing the narrow front pad. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/214690-frame-issues-anyone-else-hearing-this-rumor/?do=findComment&comment=2147592 Basically from my understanding, when you use a narrower pad on the front, because the 2019 Silverado frame is wider at the front, the narrow pad will only be supported by the flaps of the narrow pad or even worse with the flip up pads, by the point corner of the pad. With the weight of the front end it could puncture or dimple the frame. The shop I went to used flip up pads. A rough idea in the picture, Top is a narrow pad represented by two black lines. The bottom is the wider GM adapter pads. I looked again this morning and I don't think there is any damage (dimple, dents or punctures). I'll try and post some pictures of it here later. I will go back to the shop and give them a heads up as one post suggested here.
  5. So I though I get a jump start on rustproofing my new RST undercarriage (Canadian salt roads) and didn’t know there is an adapter pad that is needed for the front of the truck to be lifted without the possibility of causing damage. Of course the place I got the rustproofing done didn’t have this adapter. I was none the wiser until stumbling on a couple of threads here about the issue. I inspected the frame and there is definitely scratches and the wax has definitely been scraped off showing where the narrow pad had be placed, pad flipped on an angle. I did a late night inspect so I’ll have to do another in the morning to see if there really isn’t any damage. Anyone else experienced damage to the frame because the shop they went to didn’t have the proper adapter pad? Dimple, dent or rip?
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