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  1. Sat radio and GPS need line of sight with the satellite. Clouds, trees and any other cover are the problem here, not your stubby antennae.
  2. Yup, guilty of the same. I don't do that anymore with my 2019. In a few years it'll all be 10-speeds anyway. Don't think this happens in the 10 speed.
  3. These are all 8 speeds having this issue, right? Any 2020 doing this?
  4. Thanks for this explanation. Good to understand it's a software thing.
  5. I was reading somewhere here there did a change in the way the Stop/Start pressurized up, mechanical vs some other way. I really don't remember clearly. That the way the fluid pressurized was the cause of the clunk on cold days. Again sorry to butchering this. I tried to do a search and couldn't find the post again. Good to know it's all electronic.
  6. Yup, that works for me too. Heard the 2020 8-speed this issue is fixed with a slight redesign? Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, jealous the 10-speed is smooth right from the get go. No warm up needed to avoid initial clunks.
  7. What is the part number for these nuts? And is it just new nuts or new bolts too?
  8. Mind getting a part number for these redesigned nuts? I hate walking into my dealership without something like a TSB or part number in hand and everyone claims to know nothing about it.
  9. Hotrodz37, how did clean the area before applying the Permatex? I saw you taped off the area. Did you just run some water on top the existing sealant and dry it with a blower?
  10. Did you get the regular leather content, Premium or All Leather? And is that black? Looks great!
  11. Hello, I’m interested in putting Katzkin into my 2019 RST. I was wondering if anyone here has done it? Also wondering if anyone can post pics if they have. I wanted to see if the black Katzkin leather matches close enough to the center console black pleather.
  12. So after getting my window goop with Kent sealant, it’s leaking again. But this time it only leaks after a long rain. Survives a touch-less car wash however. Wondering if anyone has a copy of the official instructions to lower the headliner? I’d like to see maybe if I can spot the breach point add some more sealant. I’d rather delay having to go back to the dealer until GM comes up with a more permanent fix.
  13. Yeah, I get that. Like I said, I warm it for 10 mins and it's fine. Not an issue for me.
  14. Is this the same 8 speed that has a lawsuit against it? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/09/lawsuit-alleges-gm-transmission-problems-known-since-2014/amp/ I don’t have any issues with my 2019 RST except on a cold mornings, I have hard 1-2 and slip to 3 but 10 min warm up and it’s smooth all day. My build date is 02/19 so I don’t have the new Mobil ATF. I wonder if the 10 speed has a similar issues when left under 32f overnight? (Maybe a question for another post).
  15. I’d like to know the answer this as well. Plan to keep the truck 10 years if I could.
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