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  1. I use “Corrosion Free” made in Canada. Great stuff. It’s oil based and clear. No dripping, fairly thick. I like that it’s clear and not black so you can see underneath it and see if any rust has formed. Doesn’t trap or hide rust like a undercoat might. The Canadian military did a study and tested a few corrosion inhibitors and this product came out on top. They have a website and I think they ship to the US.
  2. The 2.7l doesn’t come with a 2 speed transfer case (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyone here miss not having 4lo?
  3. Yup. Mine looks the same. My wife’s 2018 Traverse the blacks look good on the screen. Seems like the brightness is set to max on our Silverado screens. And there is no way to adjust it. Maybe a future software update will fix.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I was starting to think there are only Z71 owners out here, either that or nobody uses Terrain Mode I know Z71 (which has a 2 speed TC) is a popular option to have.
  5. Anyone with a single speed transfer case test out the Terrain Mode on anything, boat ramp, off road, etc?
  6. I thought those hard 1-2 shift only happened in the 8 speed. Happened a few times to me. 8 speed. Usually in the cold mornings.
  7. After thinking more about what the sound sounds like, it sounds similar to when you hold the key (old school, not push button) in the ignition a bit too long after the car/truck has already started. Thanks for the bulletin newdude. And everyone who took their time to reply. I will try and get it checked soon.
  8. Anyone else get a grinding noise from underneath when you have a quick stop and go situation (1-2 seconds on the brake) and it triggers the Auto Stop/Start? Grinding noise happens when the engine starts up from the auto stop. No gas. Just lifting foot off the brakes and grind noise. Happened maybe 2-3 times. Never happens if I stop longer, past 1-2 seconds. That’s my transmission getting a shave, right? Under 5000km on it. 5.3 8 speed. Obviously, I will now be conscious and try to hold my brakes a bit longer if I see the Auto Stop kicked in.
  9. Does doing this change the tow/haul numbers?
  10. No, just the Sport Mode you get when you turn the knob at the top left of the dash. Then you get the green checkered flag icon in the DIC.
  11. Is it bad to have my RST in Sport Mode all the time aside from poor MPG? Does it contribute to significant wear on the engine, trans, etc?
  12. I recently had my truck rustproofed with Corrosion Free (similar to Fluid Film in texture and velocity). Driving with it for about 2 weeks and it has collected a very minor dirt, sand, grass, etc sticking to the rustproofing. It’s not a very noticeable amount unless you crawl underneath the truck and stare at the areas that have been sprayed and pick out the minor dirt it’s picked up. I had step assists installed yesterday at the dealership and I had mentioned to the service adviser if it was necessary to wipe the mounting areas on the inner rocker where the hardware for the step assist were to go. He said sure, he’ll tell the mechanic to wipe the area. Anyway, I left the dealership in a hurry to pickup the kids and then crawled under the truck. Didn’t seem like they wipe anything. I can see the rustproofing buildup around the edges of the hardware as if it was squeezed out from between the rocker and mounting hardware. My question is, will the light dirt (or sand or whatever crude) cause that area underneath the mounting hardware to rust? Like I said it was not caked on dirt or completely covered in sand. At first glance it looks clean. But if you run your fingers through the rustproofing, you can feel grit. Should I return to the dealership and have them take the step assists off, wipe the area and mount it back on? Is it too little dirt to care about? There is rustproofing in between there. Sorry if this question seems ridiculous. First truck. Plan to keep the truck 10-15 years. Live in Canada, lots of salty roads. Never took rust seriously until I bought a 60k truck.
  13. Anyone done a factory single exhaust upgrade to a factory dual exhaust? Does it require a different rear bumper?
  14. I took some pictures. Seems like no physical damage. I'm not sure what those "grooves" are circled in black? I see three of them along the frame near the front, so I know it is not a pad peg puncture. If you guys see anything else in terms of damage that maybe I don't see here, please let know.
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