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  1. This guy had the same issue. He made some mods and retained the Stillen scoop, if you’re interested.
  2. My understanding is: In 2019, there were two 1500’s being sold. The 1500 based on the K2 platform 2014-2018 model year which received the “LD” designation and the 2019 New Body which was based on the new T1 platform. Similar to 2022. The “Limited” is based on the 2019-2021 design. While the 2022 (no Limited) is the re-fresh design. Newdude probably can correct any mistakes I made here.
  3. Sorry for the tangent. Might be a silly question but is achieving that bowtie-less grill just removing the bowtie? I would think it would leave clips or a backing bracket behind?
  4. It was mentioned awhile back in this thread the issues seems to have been mostly in the 2019/2020 models.
  5. Maybe something like this? Not sure if that would do for you. https://www.weathertech.com/chevrolet/2021/silverado-2500hd-3500hd/scratch-protection/silverado-cab-4/crew-cab/
  6. Yup, I second Corrosion Free. Put a light coat on the frame and the wax is fine. It’s clear so I can see underneath, no dip, no smell.
  7. I would keep crawling underneath and checking every once in a while to see if more wax is falling off. Respray the wax on the parts that wax has fallen off. I would also avoid pressure washing the undercarriage. You'll blast the wax right off.
  8. Sorry, my mistake. Didn't realize we are talking about diesel and not gasser. I will delete my question post if I can.
  9. Is there a real material difference between the two? Honest question, I have no idea. Just to clarify, not wanting a debate on the different oils. Just wanted to know ACDelco vs the Mobil1 used at the dealer. I'm good with a yes or no. UPDATE: Please ignore this post/question. I was mistaken.
  10. Is it fair to say people are generally having less issues with the 8 speed transmission now after the new Mobil 1 ATF blue label was used? Forum thread posts are usually (but not exclusively) posted when they are experiencing an issue. Would like to hear if people with the new ATF from factory have been happy with it thus far?
  11. A fun post. How many are going to pull the trigger when the 2022's come out or hang on to your current rig at bit longer? Is the larger infotainment and digital cluster screen enough for you to trade-in? Are you wanting to upgrade because you want that 10 speed? I always have the itch (but not necessarily the finances) to want to upgrade to the newest model. I like the larger infotainment screen. But I sort of wished GM had implemented some sort of Powerboost equivalent. Maybe that will never happen if they are releasing a full EV Silverado in 2025. So let's hear it.
  12. Is it too early to say seems like the leaks have ceased for the 1500 2021 model year?
  13. Sorry, I wasn’t clear about the boxed frame, knew it’s been there for awhile. GM mentioned they made changes to the chassis to allow them to fit the Max Trailering package. Apparently they weren’t able to do that before until the recent change. Their press release mentions this and I think some YT video as well. I’ll have to find it again. Does chassis mean frame here? If so, what were the changes to the frame? Edit: So here is another mention from Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk, that GM had an issue with the chassis before that didn't allow for Max towing.
  14. Anyone know or have any insight on what chassis changes were made to allow for an increase of nearly 4000lbs for the ‘22 Duramax? Is it a change to the boxed frame?
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