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  1. Last good z71

    Its great reading everyone's opinion and their thoughts on what year or years they like and did not like.
  2. Last good z71

    The 3 things I miss on my 06...Thick paint,no traction control,and no AFM. Oh yeah,and I liked the push button 4wd better then the knob.
  3. Last good z71

    Yeah I see what you guys are saying, I miss my 06. I had it 9 and a half years. When i sold it it had 108,000. Prob should have just keep it. I'm sure it would have made it another 100,000. My 15 5.3 has a lot more power and gets lot better gas mileage. I just hope the 15 holds up as good as my 06 did. A set of front pads and a left front wheel bearing in 9 and a half years I'd say is pretty good.
  4. So was just sitting here thinking about my 06 z71 silverado. Is it me or does it seem like after 2006 the z71 don't seem to be as good? I mean my 06 had no traction control, real skid plates better shocks. Not that I don't like my 15 z71 just seems that my 06 was a little better. What do you guys think about the older ones to the newer ones?
  5. I have a 15 with OnStar nav,which I don't pay for. The other day I pushed my phone button on rearview mirror and it had stored some old routes I had from when I had OnStar. I pushed them and it still downloaded the direction to my truck. It had my home address also. It will also update them if I leave the planed route. There is one I can touch that reads virtual adviser. Does anyone know how that works? Or is that something you have to pay for?
  6. If you are smelling antifreeze have it checked out. That's where mine was leaking. They replaced radiator and thermostat.
  7. I would like to level mine also. Is the best way to to do it with bilstien 5100's? I watched a video from them on YouTube and they claim using spacers are hard on front end parts. Not trying to hijack original post,just wondering kinda the something.
  8. Looks good. Hang on to that 05,it will probably still be running when the 14-18 won't be. Lol
  9. My 2015 gmc sle came with factory one. It has a package called the sle value package.
  10. New to the Forum!

    Nice truck! Welcome.
  11. My 15 Sierra double cab built in Fortwyane plant has been great!
  12. I tell them move the backs straight forward and x the fronts to the back. That way it smooths out the outer edge on the fronts. I get a lot of life out of mine doing this. I guess this is also what the Manuel says to do also. That's the first thing I tell them, do not move them straight forward and straight back!
  13. Longevity

    I would be willing to bet that my 06 Silverado I got rid of would have out last my 15 Sierra.
  14. Has anyone ever just started their truck and this message comes up? Mine did about 2 weeks ago for about 15 minutes. Drove me crazy driving home just kept dining with that coming up in dic.Has never done it since. Maybe just a glitch?
  15. Most useful truck mods?

    If you go on the top tier website it shows the same thing. A valve that looks like that then one using top tier fuel that's pretty clean.

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