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  1. I did watch that video. I guess I will try and take it off and look at that bushing. I thought when that wore out it dropped real fast? Thats why I'm confused why it's so hard to pen and close.
  2. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 with a the easy lift and lower tailgate. My problem is when I open it it's real hard to pull down and push up. If I open it halfway it just stays there and wont go down. Sometimes I do hear a pop or binding sound. Any thing I can lube/grease or check? It has always worked great until now. Thanks.
  3. 131,000 miles nice. I'm at 68,000 on my 15 Sierra and so far so good. How has yours been? Any issues?
  4. I know this has been talked about before. But my question is I have 67,000 on my truck and never transmission service done. It shifts smooth and great now. What I have read on hear is just to have trans fluid and filter changed NOT to do the trans flush. Has any one had problems after having fluid and filter changed? Thank.
  5. You guys are getting nuts on this gas mpg and AFM. I just put gas in mine and drive it. Lol
  6. Lol I have been on this for about 5 years now and at one point between not having a catch can or AFM turned off I was scared to drive my truck. But I have had 5 years and 66,000 trouble free miles. I enjoy this site but I quit worrying about driving my truck every day. By the way my Sierra is bone stock.
  7. I would just drive it and stop worrying about it. If it happens it happens if it don't it don't. One thing I have learned is I quit getting in every time I drive worrying about the afm. I'm sure there are lots of these truck with more miles then that of people who have never heard of or been on this site to worry about afm. Half of the people driving these trucks probably dont even know what afm is. Lol
  8. I bought my battery at Advanced and they told me it comes up on their computer that they are not allowed to replace them. Guy told me it requires "professional" to install it on these trucks. Lol
  9. I replaced mine in my 15 at a little over 4 years. My wife's acaida oem battery last almost 10 years. What a difference.
  10. I think that the trucks made from 99-06 were the most reliable. I had an 06 Silverado ext cab z71 5.3. There are some things I do miss and liked better than my 15 Sierra. 06 was last year with no AFM and no traction control. Those are the 2 biggest things I miss. I had that truck almost 10 years and only thing I did to it was oil changes and front pads. The guy I sold it to is still driving it to this day and he has only replaced a brake line. I sure hope my 15 can hold up that good. Only time will tell. I have had my 15 a little over 5 years and other then a set of tires at 64,000 miles that all I have done.
  11. Also make sure if you go with a 13 it dont burn oil. My friend had bought a brand new one and had alot of issues with it burning oil. The dealer try multiple things to fix and nothing seemed to work. He really liked the truck but just got tired of dealing with it.
  12. Mine does this sometimes, squeeze the 2 tabs on brake controller then hit dismiss. Mine stops for months then.
  13. When I bought my Sierra I also looked at the allstar edition Silverado. I have the z71 Sierra sle with the value package. I got it for the same price as the Silverado was. I assume the sle and allstar are similar but I did get more options for the same price. Things the Sierra had the chevy did not where...built in garage door opener, LED bed lights, factory spray in bed liner, white stitching on interior,built in trailer brake controller and heated seats. That's why I went with GMC got it for same price more options.
  14. I hope that's is the case. My friends 18 he said is the same way.
  15. I just changed my cabin filter and it was not horrible. After putting new filter in, is it just me or does it seem like these trucks get dusty inside fast?
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