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  1. So after reading all this what's the best thing to do with the transmission? Just leave it alone and drive it well past 100,000 miles? I have 55,000 on my 15 Sierra and it shifts fine. I had an 06 Silverado that I sold with a 108,000 on it never touched the tranny. Shifted perfectly fine when I sold it. They I guy i sold it to is still driving it to this day.
  2. My 15 makes a clunky sound going over speed bumps or turning into drive ways with a bump. My 06 sounded the same. I have hd my 15 since it was new. I would not worry about it. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Seems like alot of people that have had the recall done are the ones now having issues. I have not had mine done dont know if I will after reading all the problems after recall was done. My breaks work great now.
  4. How did u trade a 16 for an 18 and nothing changed payment or term?
  5. Do you have a level on front of your truck or is it stock and stock tire size?
  6. Well I can say mine is a 15 and my friends 18 z71 is night and day from mine. Have you ever rode in a newer one? And the guy I carpool with has an 19 AT4 and you can hit parking lot speed bumps with ease. I agree with you that the 14 and 15 are super stiff and bounce the crap out of you.
  7. Just curious what year is your z71 with the Ranchos?
  8. I do believe that they were redesigned. My 15 z71 rides super stiff compared to my friends 18 z71. When I rode in it I could not believe it had the same Ranchos as mine. Night and day difference in ride quality.
  9. I have thought about the 5100s also but have heard they ride stiff like the stock Ranchos.
  10. I would like to see some pictures also. I'm going to need new tires in the spring and want to keep stock tire and stock wheels. (265 65 18) also. Thanks.
  11. Not horrible, hoping to get through till spring. I have always have good luck with them.
  12. I have not had recall done. Not sure if I will. I have a letter from GM saying that they will extend the vacuum pump warranty to 6 years 72,000 miles. Recall will probably hold it off from failing until extra coverage runs out. Atlseat if it fails between now and 6 years 72,000 they have to replace pump. I'm sure they are hoping reprogram will hold it off until then.
  13. I will say the 19 and 20 Silverado RST z71 is probably the best looking one.
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