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  1. I would maybe say it's something with your radio. We have a 2020 traverse with the premium radio and it get channels up in the 700's.
  2. What's crazy is the dealership wanted 47.00 dollars to change bulb. I stopped at napa and got bulb for 1.49. I had it in for transmission drain and filer change and they found it was out. Mine does not leak now so I may just leave it.
  3. Has any one had problems with the 3rd brake light leaking after replacing the brake light bulb? Mine needs replaced and I'm a little nervous to change it that it my start leaking.
  4. I'm at 73,500 and I'm getting transmission drain and filter change. I'm not having flush done to many people have problems after that. Hope I don't have problems after having it done. It shifts fine now with no problems.
  5. Is it hard to replace them? Mine in my 15 don't work. Also where is the canecter located to see if it's plugged in good.
  6. I think I figured it out. It's on an app called smart things. And it's called Bixby. It seems to work with the Bluetooth to send voice text messages. I can now hold down steering wheel voice button and it brings up my microphone in the dic and I just say a command.
  7. I can receive texts messages and it will read them. I want to be able then to reply by holding down steering wheel button to send a reply.
  8. I have 2015 gmc Sierra and just got a new Samsung S21. The phone works great with it but does anyone know how I can get the microphone to come up? With my old phone,I could hold my steering wheel button down and it would prompt a mic on the dic. Is there something I need to do in my settings on this phone to make it work? I thought I could hold button down and be able to send a text by speaking. But don't seem to work. Any help would be great.
  9. I did watch that video. I guess I will try and take it off and look at that bushing. I thought when that wore out it dropped real fast? Thats why I'm confused why it's so hard to pen and close.
  10. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 with a the easy lift and lower tailgate. My problem is when I open it it's real hard to pull down and push up. If I open it halfway it just stays there and wont go down. Sometimes I do hear a pop or binding sound. Any thing I can lube/grease or check? It has always worked great until now. Thanks.
  11. 131,000 miles nice. I'm at 68,000 on my 15 Sierra and so far so good. How has yours been? Any issues?
  12. I know this has been talked about before. But my question is I have 67,000 on my truck and never transmission service done. It shifts smooth and great now. What I have read on hear is just to have trans fluid and filter changed NOT to do the trans flush. Has any one had problems after having fluid and filter changed? Thank.
  13. You guys are getting nuts on this gas mpg and AFM. I just put gas in mine and drive it. Lol
  14. Lol I have been on this for about 5 years now and at one point between not having a catch can or AFM turned off I was scared to drive my truck. But I have had 5 years and 66,000 trouble free miles. I enjoy this site but I quit worrying about driving my truck every day. By the way my Sierra is bone stock.
  15. I would just drive it and stop worrying about it. If it happens it happens if it don't it don't. One thing I have learned is I quit getting in every time I drive worrying about the afm. I'm sure there are lots of these truck with more miles then that of people who have never heard of or been on this site to worry about afm. Half of the people driving these trucks probably dont even know what afm is. Lol
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