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  1. My buddy's 14 Silverado 5.3 101,000 just last week. Bone stock no catch can no tune. He does nothing but change the oil 1 time a year. Hell he never had an A/C issue. Oh yeah new breaks about 99,000. Hope my 15 hold up as good as his has.
  2. I had this same problem. Also check where your hood latch cable fits in plastic, that was loose also. I put a zip tie on mine and pulled it to the side to snug it up. These 2 things fixed all my rattles.
  3. AT4 and Trail boss

    I have to say his rides and handles a 100 times better then my 15 Sierra Z71 does. They had to have changed the Ranchos from 15 to 2019. Night and day differences.
  4. So a good friend of mine has a 2019 AT4 and other then some playing around in snow it will probably never go off roading. So that has me wondering,are there any of you that bought an AT4 or Trail boss that have been off roading? If so how did it do? I know these trucks are expensive and most people wont ever take them off road.
  5. Has any one had a problem with when you use your app to start your vehicle it come up on your phone "my gmc is running"? It dont come up on my phone but every time I start my truck or my wife starts her acaida it comes up only on her phone. And she said it was on there all day today. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Powertrain Warranty

    My friend had this happen to his 14 Silverado. It was a coil pack. It cast him around 400.00 dollars to get fixed at chevy dealer.
  7. Mine has gone off before. I just grab and squeeze the sliders and it quits. Has not done it for months.
  8. 2015 Silverado Dash Rattle

    Mine was the 4 7mm screws under steering wheel and the plastic bracket that holds the hood release cable. I just put a zip tie around the cable and pulled it snug around another bracket close to it. Those 2 things fixed my rattles. Truck is nice and quiet now and it's been months since I did those things.
  9. Buying my lease

    Correct me where I'm wrong, but if you lease truck for 3 years at 300 dollars a month, then buy it for 28,000 and finance it for another 5 years, you pay payments for 8 years? Dont make sense to me.

    I think my 06 Silverado was the best vehicle I ever owned. I really like my 15 Sierra z71. The 5.3 in my 15 flat runs way better then my o6 5.3. I do think the 06 was built a lot beefier. Time will tell on my 15 so far it's been good no major issues at 41,000 miles. Now I will say my friend bought a 2019 loaded at4 with the 6.2 and DANM it's nice!!
  11. I'm sure they would have down the road. Just get a letter from them saying they took care of it and corrected it.
  12. Are the tpms that reliable? How close are they to an actual air gauge?
  13. I have 2 of my friends,1 who just bought a loaded out At4 and one looking to get a new truck who drives a ram now. The guy with the ram loves the at4 but said he will prob go with another ram because of price. He said he will lease it because he is afraid it wont last in the long run. Lol

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