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  1. That color is great looking love how the sun makes it look different. Kinda reminds me of my iridium metallic on my truck live when the sun hits it.
  2. Grade Braking Activated?

    I have never turned mine off. Only time I ever see it com on in the dic is when I'm going down a slight grade barley on brakes.
  3. I have a 15 Sierra I got the recall.
  4. Because they want them to leak down the road so you go buy another one.
  5. That's not bad at all,I just cant see taking off the Ranchos and spending 350 dollars when I only have 37,000 miles on my truck. I do agree they are ruff riding. The bilstiens will definitely be a good investment down the road though.
  6. That's my plan. When my stock Ranchos are shot then I will get the bilstiens. But for now don't really see a reason to drop 400 dollars. Yeah the Ranchos are stiff but not to where I can stand driving my truck by any means.
  7. How much do bilstiens cost for all four corners?
  8. I do like the looks of the new Silverado. I think the new Sierra is ugly. 18 soooo much better looking.
  9. Old Habits Die Hard!

    Me either, I bought my 15 new in 15 and I will have to drive it for at least another 5 or 6 years. I enjoy this site. My wife calls this my facebook because I refuse to join Facebook. Lol
  10. My Replacement LTZ Z71

    My friend just picked up a white 2018 crew cab z71. I will say it looks great.
  11. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    Mine started working again today.
  12. I was at my GMC dealer today getting my wife's oil changed and they had a black 2018 Denali ultimate next to a 2019 Denali. And in my opinion hands down the 18 looks so much better. Especially the wheels, the wheels that where on the 19 🤮
  13. My question is why do you stay on this forum if GM has failed you? You should delete your account and move on.

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