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  1. Mine works good at 73 now that winter is coming....but sometimes I actually have to move my finger to push the defrost button. It's not easy but I manage to.
  2. Also what you need to remember is if its say 40 out and truck is sitting in the sun for awhile inside temp may be really warm. This has happened to me I start it and its blowing cold air. Auto thinks it's hot out. Green house effect..
  3. Mine works just you described. My fan slowly picks up as truck engine warms up. I keep mine on 72 and works great. Hope you can get it fixed.
  4. winter driving

    I think the Bridgestone A/T's hook up pretty good in the snow.
  5. winter driving

    I agree I'd tell my wife same thing ,she never seems to know when to use 4 hi. That why here AWD acaida is perfect for her.
  6. winter driving

    I just use auto if a little snow on the roads and if they are covered then 4 high. I have never put weight in mine been driving in snow for 24 years no problems. If you had a 2wd I would say definitely add some weight.
  7. Ok. Thanks I was wondering why the sheets the sales men had said Denali AT4 on it. And owners manual said it also.
  8. I'm not really sure how it was. The sheet that had all the options listed said Denali/AT4. His has every single opinion you can get in an AT4. Even the owners manual says Denali AT4.
  9. So now that my friend has had his new AT4 for about a week all I can say is WOW. It is the nicest truck I have ever been in. I guess I did not realize it is a Denali/AT4. Rides great super quiet Bose soundsystem is awesome. All in all I would have no complaints if it where mine. Congrats to all you new 19 owner's.
  10. 2 questions

    Interesting. Thanks.
  11. Wow that's a good deal for an SLT premium plus with a 6.2. You would never come close to that price around my area.
  12. 2 questions

    Mine work good in my 15,just thought they would be a little warmer using remote start.
  13. I know people on here can probably answer my couple questions. First,I have a 15 Sierra with a 5.3 why does it idle so fast on cold starts at 1200 rpms for a min or so? Second why do the heated seats only seem to get hot when you are sitting in them. Example,I get out to get gas and get back in seats are not very warm until I sit back down. And yes truck is running. Lol
  14. Issues

    I had to have my cd player replaced on my 15 Sierra. I was surprised when it quit working. It was replaced under the bumper to bumper warranty.
  15. Well my friend got a 2019 AT4 fully loaded out. Wow is it nice. I have been on this site for almost 3 years and have read alot of complaints. And will say it seems like every thing people on here complained about it has. Rear vents,heated rear seats,push button start...etc. super nice truck. Congrats to all you guys who got them.

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