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  1. Anything special I need to know about replacing my battery? Which cable to undo first and which one to put on new battery first? Just dont want to mess anything up with the electrical system. Thanks.
  2. I had got a letter saying they would extend the warranty for 6 years or 72,000 miles for this issue. My question is if I take it for this re program and have the pump go out down the road will they still repair it if I'm under the special coverage? Or should I just wait until my special coverage is getting closer to running out? Or they going to try and say the re program is the fix the letter means nothing now?
  3. I have a 15 Sierra and just tried the 15 dollar unlimited data. I have to say very impressive, I streamed pandora, wife on Facebook and my boys playing games downloading games and watching videos. Worked flawlessly.
  4. It's some what true. I had my 06 Silverado ext cab z71 5.3 for almost 10 years, a set of brake pads and 1 left hub bearing. That all other then oil changes. Do I think my 15 Sierra is a lot nicer interior wise? Absolutely. But in my opinion I do think my 06 was built better then my 15. Hey if i can drive this truck 10 years and only have one repair I will be super happy. Only time will tell.
  5. My friend just totaled his 14 with 5.3. 111,11 on it and nothing else but oil changes.
  6. So sorry to hear like others have said keep fighting! Think positive! I have enjoyed alot of your posts. God bless you and your family.
  7. Mine has done it a few times. Squeeze the 2 tabs it quits. Takes about 2 seconds.
  8. Just take it in and tell them I feel unsafe and want it changed or wait?
  9. Yes I'm at 48,000 miles. I just got letter a month or so ago.
  10. I would like to get mine changed on my 15 Sierra but breaks have been working fine. Problem is,my wife is scared to drive it now. And I know they wont change it unless there is a problem with it. Anybody got any idea what I should do?
  11. My friend has a 19 AT4 with 20's and the Ranchos shocks and it rides so nice. There is no doubt in my mind that the softened the Ranchos on the 18's &19's. My 15 Sierra rides like a rock with the Ranchos that came on it. Anybody else notice this?
  12. I'm at 46,000 on my 15. Does this really make that big of a difference? I have not done anything but oil changes and truck still runs great.
  13. I work with a guy who has a 14 ltz Silverado prob only ever had maybe 3 oil changes in little over 4 years. O maintenance. Only thing he has done to it has put tires and breaks on it cause he had to. It now has 110,000 miles on it and runs great. And hears the kicker are you ready......all with out. Catch can. Lol
  14. That's funny. I have a 15 Sierra and people I work with that have silverados always give me a hard time. Say "oh you got a professional grade truck". I would have bought a silvy but got a great deal on my Sierra.
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