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  1. Mine has been out for a while. I got the bulb at napa was like 3 dollars. I'm to nervous to change it because mine does not leak. Worried if I do change it,it will start leaking.
  2. Has anyone had the 6 speed transmission make it past 120-150 thousand? Seems like most go out around that mileage. I'm at 95,000 starting to get nervous cause I will still be driving it around 120,000 or so.
  3. Ok thanks. Probably more then I want to get into. I thought it might be something a little simpler.
  4. Does anyone know how and if it's difficult to change the up down and check mark steering wheel control pad? Mine is getting really dirty and white is coming off the buttons.
  5. Maybe it is just fuel pump. I have never had recall done either and breaks work fine. I'm at 90,000 miles now.
  6. Yes 5.3. Just sounds like an airpump. Almost like an air compressor running real slow. Not a bearing sound.
  7. I have a 2015 gmc sierra 1500. My question is I have never had a problem with my original vacuum pump but it's loud. Sounds like a model T when it's idling.It Drives me nuts. I do have a letter from gmc saying if I have any issues with it they would replace it with new pump. It's good for 10 years or 150,000 miles. Would they change it for being so loud? And as any one had it changed? And is it quiet? My friend has a 2018 with 5.3 and is very quiet when idling.
  8. I have 2015 sierra 1500 heated cloth and both my bottoms quilt working. Same with mine backs still working. Was going to have them replaced but I'm sure it's not cheap.
  9. Yep it was the GMC dealer I bought it from. The one that came in it from the factory only made it about a year then cracked the radiator.
  10. I had the radiator and thermostat replaced about 5 years ago because it cracked and had wrong thermostat in it. I assume it has the updated one now?
  11. Would this going and down a little cause me to get worse mpg? Seems like I went from 18 or so mpg to a little of 16 now.
  12. Hopefully some can help me. I have a 2015 gmc sierra 1500 5.3. The last few days I have noticed that the temp gage go's up to 210 then starts to fall a little. It has always ran dead on 210. It drops 1 or 2 marks then goes back up to 210. I assume this is the thermostat going bad? Just looking for some advice before I change it and hope that's it. Thanks.
  13. I believe under. Seems like it does it after it's been driven awhile. Or it's hot.
  14. Hopefully some one can help me. I have a 2015 gmc sierra 1500. And for some reason after it's warm and I start it or after I have drove it, it makes a weird wine sound on and off in park idling. As soon as I put it in drive it stops or just barely push on the gas pedal barely bring up rpms it quits. Transmission is not slipping and shifts fine.
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