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  1. Seems like a lot of people seem to be drawn to the ram because it has a huge touchscreen. Buy a truck because it has a big screen and that's it. HA! One of my friends is looking at new trucks he has always liked GM trucks. So when I asked him if he was getting another one he said "Looking at the ram because it has a big touch screen" He dont even really like Ram...But hey it's got a big touchscreen. Good reason to buy one!! NOT!
  2. Goodluck on what ever you go with. I have been fortunate that all my GM trucks have been great. Never really thought of getting a ford or dodge but I'm sure I would think differently if I had GM trucks with problems. I personally would not jump ship if I had one truck with problems it can happen. Now 2 maybe so.
  3. That's cool. The one I looked at did not. Btw nice truck congrats.
  4. I do like these packages that GM has. I was going to get an all star edition,Silverado but ended up with a Sierra. I got an SLE z71 value package for same price as the Silverado. The Sierra came with factory spray in bed liner, heated seats, trailer brake controller, universal home garage door opener and led bed lights. Which the Silverado did not have. So not always are GMC's more. And I do like the white stitching around dash.
  5. I would go with the Sierra. 5.3 runs good and I think the all terrain looks great. Plus I really like the all terrain wheels.
  6. I agree, I have a 15 Sierra and other then the interior lighting being red nothing different on 16-18 models. (Inside wise)

    I have it for 5 years free. I do like it. I also just pay 10 dollars a month for just the on star nav. And I only get that when I need it. Also i did purchase some phone minutes through on star just incase i need them or forget my cell phone.
  8. Sometimes mine does that. My driveway is on a grade and if I'm at around 1000 rpms it clunks and bangs.If I give it a little more gas it locks and quits. I think it's just in between locking and not looking. Try giving it more gas to fully lock.
  9. Heat settings

    If you set it on auto and pick a temp it should turn it on hi with remote start. Then when u turn on key it will go back down.
  10. On my wife's 2011 acaida that we bought new, have had it now over 8 years. The oil gets changed when she tells me "hey my car needs the oil changed". When it tells her. 0 problems. 85,000 miles. My 06 Silverado I had fo 9 1/2 years. Changed oil when it hit 0 percent. 0 problems. 108,000 miles. Going to just stick with oil life monitor. Seems to be fine. Just my opinion.
  11. AT4 Wheel Selection

    His are the the stock 20s like the the ones in the pic I quoted above.
  12. AT4 Wheel Selection

    Those are the same wheels my buddy has on his AT4. I think they look great!
  13. If you would have bought a F-150 and this would have happened you would be doing the same thing on the ford forums. Say "I wish I would have bought the GM". Just unfortunate that happened.
  14. No catch can. I'm not sold on them alot of my friends have 14-18 gm trucks none of them have them either. Some have over 100,000 with out one. I think a big part of it is I'm not is easy on the gas pedal as I was when it was new. Lol
  15. My 15 is same way. I could get 23 mpg on highway when new also. Now I'm lucky to hit 19 or 20. 44,000 miles on it now. I guess the motor is getting older not new anymore. I still average 17 which I'm happy with.

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