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  1. Also make sure if you go with a 13 it dont burn oil. My friend had bought a brand new one and had alot of issues with it burning oil. The dealer try multiple things to fix and nothing seemed to work. He really liked the truck but just got tired of dealing with it.
  2. Mine does this sometimes, squeeze the 2 tabs on brake controller then hit dismiss. Mine stops for months then.
  3. When I bought my Sierra I also looked at the allstar edition Silverado. I have the z71 Sierra sle with the value package. I got it for the same price as the Silverado was. I assume the sle and allstar are similar but I did get more options for the same price. Things the Sierra had the chevy did not where...built in garage door opener, LED bed lights, factory spray in bed liner, white stitching on interior,built in trailer brake controller and heated seats. That's why I went with GMC got it for same price more options.
  4. I hope that's is the case. My friends 18 he said is the same way.
  5. I just changed my cabin filter and it was not horrible. After putting new filter in, is it just me or does it seem like these trucks get dusty inside fast?
  6. What about the red dash lightning on gmc before they even changed that to the same color. Some people liked the red.
  7. I had mine does this a few times here and there. I have figured out that if you just pinch the the slides it quits for a few months or longer.
  8. Does anyone know the GM part number for the Z71 air filter? I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3. Not sure if the part number in my owner's manual is for the Z71. I know there are 2 different ones.
  9. Ok thanks. I'm at 60,000 now and I have never had anything done to mine. It shifts great and is real smooth. Would you recommend filter and fluid change? I dont tow anything real heavy. Mostly haul my son's and my dirt bikes.
  10. Did you have a transmission service done? If so at what mileage?
  11. Hope you find a Toyota. BTW....glad my truck was made in America. It's been a great truck.
  12. About a week I believe. I feel for him he got rid of his 2013 Silverado because it was having problems and burning oil. And now this truck he has only had a little over a year having major issues. Sure hope this fixed it.
  13. Well my good friend just got his truck back from dealer. Has any one had misfire issues? Thats why it went in first time said it was a fuel injector. Replaced 1. Did not fix. Got it back yesterday they replaced all 16 lifters and all 8 selonids that control AFM per GM. Truck has 22,000 miles on it. Hope it's not a sign of things to come.
  14. I will say I had the wifi for a little while and it worked great. I played pandora from my phone my wife on Facebook watching videos my sons on tablets playing online games and watching YouTube.
  15. 225k wonder if it had a catch can on it.....or the cylinder deactivation turned off or it was all stock?
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