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  1. Great looking truck!
  2. Throttle Body cleaning

    I'm at 46,000 on my 15. Does this really make that big of a difference? I have not done anything but oil changes and truck still runs great.
  3. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    I work with a guy who has a 14 ltz Silverado prob only ever had maybe 3 oil changes in little over 4 years. O maintenance. Only thing he has done to it has put tires and breaks on it cause he had to. It now has 110,000 miles on it and runs great. And hears the kicker are you ready......all with out. Catch can. Lol
  4. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    That's funny. I have a 15 Sierra and people I work with that have silverados always give me a hard time. Say "oh you got a professional grade truck". I would have bought a silvy but got a great deal on my Sierra.
  5. Catch Can Skeptic

    I would think there are way more 14-18 's without cans then with them, with well over 100,000 miles. Like others have said if you wanna put one on put one on. If you dont then dont. I dont think it matters either way.
  6. Catch Can Skeptic

    Nope, I guess I'll take my chances. Just get oil changed at dealer and drive it. I guess only time will tell. Like I said,all my friends that have these trucks do the same. They all have had no issues with them.
  7. Catch Can Skeptic

    Nope, 45,000 miles. No problems.Nobody I know with these trucks are. Couple of them are over 100,000. Heck one guy hardly ever changes his oil. Lol
  8. Catch Can Skeptic

    I believe if you go to the top tier fuel page they actually show 2 valve's. One valve that had only top tier fuel and one without. You can see the difference in carbon build up. Would that be considered proof that you should be using top tier gas? Alot of people say what fuel you use does not matter because the fuel never touches the valves on a DI engine. So once again who knows....lol
  9. Catch Can Skeptic

    Ahhhh, I love the catch can debates. Lol
  10. Catch Can Skeptic

    I say just drive it. Lots of people with these 14 and newer trucks with no problems and no cans. I work with a couple of people that have over a 100,000 and 0 issues. Dont think it matters either way.
  11. I tried mine by pushing in and then opening it. Wow was it super easy. But I have no clue what you mean on how to adjust it?
  12. My 15 is hard to open. You have to pull the left side of handle,if you pull the right side it feels like you will snap the handle off.
  13. Good point. Only problem is it's a hundred dollars for them to look at it. If they find something then I dont pay it. But if they say it's fine i have to pay it.
  14. Of course the ram looks better now, looks more rounded in the front like 16-18 Silverado.
  15. Just sounds like a clicking or ticking sound. Kinda like everyone talks about the direct injection sound. It sounds like its coming from drivers side from behind wheel. Truck has 44,000 miles on it. It runs good, but it has sounded like this from day 1 when I bought it with 7 miles on it.

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