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  1. There is a switch in the center stack that allows you to extend, extend to tire, and disable the boards. It would be pretty involved if you are going that far.
  2. https://timbren.com/i-30498017-timbren-ses-suspension-enhancement-system-sku-gmr15mr-rear-kit.html
  3. Turn 55 and then you can stop every 20 miles to piss.
  4. I'm an old fart. I think they should center it in the middle of the hood in the front, like us old farts with cars that had hood ornaments. Remember them 5lbs of plated mass? Get in a head on collision and it would turn into flying projectile?
  5. Huh, that is a compressor relay, used back from the mid 90's! There are gobs of them around.
  6. Your asking if'n I have pics? Haha, pics galore. 285/50r22. I don't really remember the ride quality of the Alanza's. Swapped them out at 600 miles. They weren't a counrty road farm tire. The truck rides better than anything else I have owned.
  7. Running G2"s on a 21 Denali without a level. Love the ride, over 15k on them now.
  8. Get your blow dryer out and some dental floss and remove the badge now, before you take it in.
  9. The diesel is designed as a detenation ignition compared to a spark ignition(gasoline), so your diagnosis is correct, a diesel will knock and clatter. But the 3.0 is pretty darn good at hiding the fact. I can't get over the fact that they can hide the light blue/gray smoke a diesel produces at cold start-up. Be thankful you don't have a Detroit under the hood.
  10. Thought you'd be interested in photos of the right angle bracket BowtieBill referenced. Maillady delivered yesterday and it works better than without. First is the seat all the forward. Second is where I set, at 5'11. And then just others.
  11. If you tap on the More>, then select anything that isn't showing of the three things in that column, it will then be the top item in that column. Do that 3 times and the top will be bumped off the display column. Then go back again for the things you do want to be displayed. I have no clue if angel will be in the More> window or not. I think you will have to plug in a usb device into that port to clear angel.
  12. That's one strange pinion seal leak. Thanks for the pictures. I have done all the oil changes on the 21, but never bothered to look at the driveshaft. It's good to know that gm did away with that damn melted plastic to retain the caps of the u-joint.
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