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  1. I would like to see a picture of your garage floor. Carpeted with a door mat so you don't get it dirty getting out of your truck? That's awesome man! Well that is until it's time to crawl under for an oil change on a creeper or moving a floor jack around.
  2. Not at all. 99% of the time I use auto bright. Unless I'm driving off road under 13 mph, then I manually turn the brights on. ETA... The best thing, is having the brights and dims on at the same time.
  3. From factory, you can't. I was asking if you had these, as there is a harness available to have the mirror lights to come on with the brights. And a jumper to allow all 6 lights to come on with brights. Dim, brights and fogs. https://boostautoparts.com/products/high-spot https://boostautoparts.com/products/6hi?variant=null
  4. Do you have fogs? Do you have the mirror work lights? It's unreal what turning them on and off with the headlight brights do. The mirror lights seem like a joke for what they are designed for, but they make great road ditch lights for wildlife spotting.
  5. I did re-torque the fuse box bolts the first month of ownership. Less than 300 miles.
  6. Never have had this problem and have 14,200 miles on it. 2021 GMC Denali.
  7. I contacted them earlier to see if they had shorter moulding for the front door. I don't want to remove the Denali badging. And their trim runs on that body line. Thanks for the heads-up though.
  8. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/gen5diy-new-products/products/external-bed-light-switch-kit
  9. Anyone that has done this mod, have the gm part number for the 7way/dual camera port receptacle? I'm not having any luck online. Would rather not pull the bumper receptacle out and not be able to find the number on it. I'm wanting to order another. Keep the bumper receptacle in place, run just 1 extension cable to a new 7way/camera port receptacle in the bed. My intention is to have 1 camera on a bumper pull trailer and another camera on a 5th wheel trailer. I hate having to decide which one gets the camera. Thanks in advance.
  10. Can't help you out. Are you saying CA won't allow the factory installed roof markers?
  11. I just emailed them 4 months ago about availability and the response was that they are working on it. I just keep checking their website. I would have to think they would have access to a T1. But you could drop them an email and ask. Maybe if they get more interest in the design, they would step it up!
  12. Yes. BullRing stake pocket anchors are top notch. They're working on a anchor for the rear of the T1's. https://www.bullringusa.com/chevy-gmc-tie-down-anchors/
  13. That cubby can be removed. Then you could drill a hole and install a accessory 12v outlet or a accessory usb port or both. There is a recent post of a member doing just that for a front camera. Looked nicely done. He tapped off the oem 12v outlet. All wiring was hidden.
  14. Evidently the market is flooded with 21 GMC Denali Carbon Pro diesels...
  15. I know on the s&b cai for the 3.0 diesel, the first instruction was to disable the air filter monitor(afm) in the dic. I had a s&b employee email me after the install, how I liked it and to ask if there was any issues. I responded with a question as to why the afm needed to be disabled and the response was that the cai flowed more and would confused the afm system. Disable the dic afm and install an old school afm if you want to know your filter life.
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