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  1. I would say the camera under the drivers door.
  2. From my consumption of def fluid, I don't think def is making the smell go away. I would bet the seam joint is heating up, expanding and sealing the leak. Looks like that clamp gets tighten up before the cab get sets on. Will be a pain to loosen. Working on over the road semis for a living, there is a band clamp that seals pipes and uses tinfoil rolled up like a joint. As you tighten up the clamp, it squishes the tinfoil in the gap. If I have this issue and the clamp is unavailable, you can bet your ass I will be using tinfoil around the seam and reuse the clamp. I just might loosen up the clamp now while it is new and turn it 180°, before is corrodes up and bolt won't turn.
  3. I would assume so. I download so much information, 90% dealing with farming, I have no remembrance where I actually found this. Mine is a '21 and when I re-torqued them I got 3 turns out of the bolts. I had no issues, just checked them. It was below 0°F, when I checked.
  4. I would really give this a try... Underhood fuse panel2.pdf
  5. Yep, doesn't shrink closed. Yep, shiny handles are black. I tried one of those black rubber caps on the end and shrunk around it, but the handles aren't round and it looked goofier that a half closed end that you don't really see.
  6. 3/0 heat shrink tubing works wonders on the handles.
  7. Huh, I wonder if this adapter base will fit the Cat 1r-0750? I have these on the shelf at all times. Does this have the electrical connector for the heater? Thanks for the heads up. Don't know if you are into oil filtration, insane diesel has a oil bypass kit for our engines. On order, but not received. https://insanediesel.com/collections/bypass-oil-filter-kits/products/chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-3-0l-bypass-oil-filter
  8. Can you untap your 12v source and see if the issue goes away?
  9. That would be awesome. 9 times out of 10, I use the step as a step. The 10th time I use it as a pug stop for my dog. Not real great, but she gets the idea to stay in and not jump out. There might be a 11th time for cargo, and need it to lock up. I must carry the wrong cargo, cause everything fits in with tailgate closed or sticks out a foot or more with tailgate down.
  10. I would be also. Not the tinfoil chrome GMC's use.
  11. Call me embarrassed. Thought the AT4 model was both Chevy and GMC. Off topic, but what is the Chevy equivalent?
  12. You also have to extend the wiring on the Gen5diy bedlight harness mod.
  13. I'm surprised that on the Chevy side, you are limited to the color choices.
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