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  1. My '93 shows no sign of corrosion. Have to swing it down every 3k for maintenance, which means I see/put my hands on, it often.
  2. Nah, they suck too. Aimed at your lap.
  3. 12v +/- is on the 10 pin connector that powers the camera. Pin 6 is negative. Pin 9 is positive. Pin 6 is the black w/white tracer wire. Pin 9 is the purple w/white tracer wire. This is on a 2021 GMC 1500 Denali. Your wiring might vary.
  4. I have ever had! I found 12v in the rear view camera.
  5. It fits like a glove with the o-ring, so don't let the title lead you astray... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B082CZDRD8?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  6. If torque specs are not listed, it's usually German...goodntight. If your questioning yourself...
  7. Alot of silver, not magnetic in the bottom of shell, also what I would call permatex #1 x paper thin x 3/16x1/2" long, and some white plastic remains, kinda like a bolt retainer that is used to hold a bolt before being screwed into a threaded hole. I'm not saying engine failure, I'm saying trash. But no chunks in the pan. Does anyone here know if all gm engines are dyno'ed after assembly and lubricant drained after? I understand engines are not assembled in clean rooms, and employees will play.. But I can tell you cat injectors are manufactured in clean cabinets, damn near as clean as cpu's. On a side note, that Lil 3.0 screams for it's size, in a half ton. It was enjoyable on the way home after its first service. Finally broke in and finally found the bottom of the floorboard with the throttle pedal. Don't know what it means when the traction control dash light blinks, but it was doing it while smoking 3 tires.
  8. For those of you that don't want to scratch your paint and can't find anything magnetic besides your painted box when fueling... 10-24x1/4" Phillips flathead machine screw and nut along with a 1/4" flat washer...
  9. Little background, went to a community College for automotive technology repair in '83. Cummins and Cat fuel injection technology school in '87. After cutting open the oil filter on my L3, at 3025 miles, I would recommend for all, to atleast change the filter before 56% oil life, if your going to run it out to when the computer says to change oil, and planning on running it past warranty. Wished I would have followed my training. Take it as you wish.
  10. GM could atleast offer factory colored door moulding, like they did for the wife's 2015 Yukon. I'm with the OP, I too would like the molding, but want it wider, like 1 1/4- 1 1/2". So it lines up with the Denali word moulding. Still debating. Kinda thinking the bottom rockers that is 5" wide. Like I have on the big blue truck.
  11. Never mind, I see you have the x31 badges. I was paying attention to MG386 pictures when I posted.
  12. I replaced the stock Denali guards with what I call the X31 style guards. Don't know what models come with them, but it seems all X31's do.
  13. If you unclip the sun visor, as if you were going to swing it to the side window, you can then pull it off the hinge side covering that little spot between the visor and rear view mirror. It will block the use of the mirror, but I would rather see in what is in front of me than what's behind.
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