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  1. Installed the tailgate Kicker, in the big butt, that the dealer didn't have time to install.
  2. Well, I found a very simple and cheap solution that works for me. No mounts, screws, or bolts. Made by Hornaday here in town.
  3. Would you be willing to email me the .stl file, or post your hard work on thingiverse?
  4. No, it's on the back burner for now. The weather has gotten hot and I don't have much desire to work on something not needed at the moment.
  5. Hasn't done it all week. I did have the TCM update done to it right around 2000 miles also. I can't remember if that is when the movement stopped. Kinda forgot about it, cause it quit doing it, till I read this topic. I know it was scary every time I would start it in the morning and having it lurch/rock forward a .50". 'Cause I reach in and push the brake pedal down with my left hand and hit the start button with my right to let it warm up. First time it did it, I about had a heart attack, thinking the damn thing is going to run me over and drive through the shop wall.
  6. Yes, but on a drw. First 2000 miles or so. Now with over 4700 miles, it's not doing it, or I have become used to it. I will pay attention tomorrow morning and report back if it's still doing it.
  7. You could use liquid tight conduit or even aluminum armor flex conduit. They would be the best of both worlds.
  8. Need to carry a varmint rifle, most days. This isn't the best setup. Need ideas. Rear window is too short, big a$$ headrest in the way, to use old shool gun rack in rear window like in the 60, 70, 80 and 90's. Center console in the way, passenger seat works, kinda. What is the leo using for long guns? But, gm did a good job designing cartridge storage...
  9. Yep, I knew those said "later retrofit". The deleted rear heated seat fiasco has different language...
  10. I am guessing gm used the non painted so they won't chip.
  11. I am under the impression you are correct. GM gave a small credit for the things you listed. I'm understanding though, on the rear heated seats, gm gave a much larger credit for the rear heated seats not being there and won't be retrofitted. Hope I'm wrong, but I'm not going to put money on that bet.
  12. Well this is it. I paid $18.57 in January of '21. I guess inflation? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005IUDC16?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  13. Still rolling here. Just replaced the fender and grill, that a deer rearranged.
  14. Are you talking about the black plastic strip that runs the length of the roof?
  15. Got some much needed rain that put me out of the field for a few days. Taking this time to do some odds and ends. One on my list was to install Boost Auto's lower heated mirrors and replacement tow mirror lights that have been in a box for 5 months. Video shows a before and after. Passenger side is the replacement and driver side OEM. These are the smoked, sequential turns with clear running light option. First few seconds shows running lights, next 5 seconds shows driver side OEM turn signal, next 5 seconds shows passenger replacement sequential turn signal and then finally it shows how smoke lense disappears into the mirror, unlike OEM. No outside pictures yet, cloudy and wet.
  16. Thanks for the explanation. I was about to pack my bags, and be your neighbor.
  17. Thaks for that. It worked for my '21 GMC sierra 1500. But did not work for my '22 GMC sierra 3500.
  18. Any way of finding the day a truck was built by a vin?
  19. GMC 3500 drw out of Flint plant. Build date of 10/21, drove it home 12/15/21.
  20. Just trying to feed people's mouths with food. Great gpa, gpa, dad, myself and 2 of my boys are following our footsteps. Started with horses and the way it's going, will be back to horses. It takes work trucks to farm. With these emissions systems failing and not allowed to operate without them, it's going to get bad. If more people returned to farming or what some call work, we could do without the large equipment, which DEF emissions is part of now. But no, people wanted the easy life, move to the city and retire before 50. I will bet my life's earnings, you will eat food until you die.
  21. Have a 22 3500. I have 4 trailers with brakes, a '90 Titan that has had led bulbs installed, a '09 ADS seed tender w/ incandescent, '21 and a '22 H&H with leds. No problem with any light issues, but issuse recalling the brake gain after shutting down the truck and restarting. Something like Error, can not recall brake gain. Check brake gain. It's always correct as to the adjustment, that I have set for that particular trailer. DIC came up once with Check Trailer Right Turn Signal Lamp. Had a bad bulb. I like the system so far. I also dislike not being able to choose the correct trailer while in gear or moving. It defaults to guest trailer.
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