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  1. Doesn’t 51 days put you in the running for lemon law?
  2. 2021 Silverado 5.2 with 10k miles.Couple weeks ago heard the popping/ticking sound on start up and dealer confirmed the collapsed lifter(s). Since GM won’t issue a recall but is having all dealers swap out the parts before selling new ones, parts aren’t available and my trucks already been in the shop for 2 weeks. I’m pissed and given the inflated cost of trucks right now thinking about just selling the truck back. I’ve always thought my truck shifted a bit badly at low gears, but unsure if related. Dunno if the lifters suddenly failed or if I’ve had some unknown issues all 10k miles. Could i be facing long term engine issues due to this? would i be better off getting out from under a potential lemon now? Or am i over-reacting?
  3. you are 100% sure this is an electric beeping/buzzing noise? I have a 2021, but if i'm driving 70+ and there is a slight cross wind, the front bumper starts to ring out super super loud. Sure there isn't some vibration or something somewhere?
  4. Seems like a lot of these issues were happening to people under the 5k mile mark. Anyone having the classic crank but no start into higher miles?
  5. Has this been resolved yet? Going in for my first (free) "dealer service" soon and want to bring this up, but it hasn't happened to me again in about 6k miles.
  6. Looking for something that will help the gf get into the truck, not hit me in the back of the legs as I jump out, AND serve as somewhat of an emergency rock slider. I'm clearly not heavily offroading my standard bed crew cab, but occasionally take it places it probably shouldn't go. Do any of you have these below, and would they offer any body protection in an oh ****** moment? 1. Go Rhino Dominator D1,D6,DSS (Is the DSS too narrow? Are shoes constantly hitting the body paint a problem?) https://www.gorhino.com/dominator-extreme-side-steps 2. Westin Outlaw Nerf Bar Step https://realtruck.com/p/westin-outlaw-nerf-step-bars/?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=desktop 3. Tyger Auto https://www.amazon.com/Tyger-Auto-TG-AM2C20248-Compatible-Silverado/dp/B07QFSP9H3/ref=sr_1_3?c=ts&keywords=Running+Boards&pd_rd_r=b6d747d1-8a0f-4a47-a5df-e1cfe5480341&pd_rd_w=bnSqD&pd_rd_wg=3rCbF&pf_rd_p=9360b471-40a4-4849-a379-57e91fca0d04&pf_rd_r=7YMT65XZ2FESDZHAS582&qid=1642191574&refinements=p_89%3ATyger+Auto&s=automotive&sr=1-3-catcorr&ts_id=15736621&vehicle=2021-47-491------------&vehicleName=2021+Chevrolet+Silverado+1500 4. Rough Country HD2 (Probably the least of a slider on the list) https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-cab-length-hd2-steps-srb01900.html?find=2021-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-750287
  7. Someone tried breaking into my old truck by punching out the door cylinder lock. I can put the lock back in place so that the key will open the door, but if i push on the lock it will just fall back into the door again. Watching videos it looks like there's supposed to be some sort of spring clip that holds it in place, but I can't find the part. Anyone have a part number or a diagram I can look to? Or potentially some sort of makeshift retention system that works?
  8. got it, that makes sense i'm less worried about it working and more about it voiding the warranty. But for 1800 total before labor, probably worth just waiting for the warranty to be up, or nearly up, before going ahead and getting a better lift for the money
  9. Been looking into the GM 2 in lift kit (to stay within warranty) but have the 5.3L LT version that isn't compatible due to having composite springs. Noticed that GM is selling steel springs in order to bypass this issue, but it's half the price of the lift kit itself. If composite springs are supposed to provide a more comfortable ride (is that true?) then would it be possible to swap composite springs with another member who was interested in the composite ride, but had no interest in lifting the truck? In the parts description of the steel springs, it has the description below listed.. What does "Not intended for standalone installations" mean? Are the composite/steel springs not a 1:1 swap? Enables the installation of a Chevrolet Performance 2-Inch Lift Kit (sold separately) on MY2019+ Silverado 1500 trucks factory equipped with composite overload leaf springs Full Steel Leaf Spring Kit offers a direct replacement for the production composite leaf spring packs Not intended for standalone installations
  10. This sounds wildly different (worse) than what I think most of the other posters here were experiencing..
  11. I was able to use GM supplier discount on mine last month which took it to right around or just above dealer invoice, not sure if they are required to take that or not. Honestly there are enough quirky issues with these trucks that you might as well wait for the new model and see what happens. Used ones should start popping up left and right then (albeit at not much cheaper than the cost of a new '22 most likely).
  12. Did you happen to ask them if the torque on the fuse box was up to spec?
  13. Was that 11 inches the amount of Bed taken up when opened all the way? Looking at one of these vs possibly a softtopper. And probably dumb question, but any idea what the crush capacity is with it closed? Not that I would intend to climb on it for any reason but..
  14. I've never vinyl wrapped anything, but the new bumper looks like it would be a lot easier to wrap than the K2. Anyone who's done this, did you completely remove the bumper first? Any hidden issues?
  15. Plastidipping the badges is cheap and reversible.
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