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  1. This looks interesting. Did your truck have the smaller under seat storage before this? Interested in how this replaces what came in my truck since there’s so much more storage space with this.
  2. That’s really disappointing. Looking back thru this thread you mentioned earlier that they said there might be additional lifters to replace in addition to the one bank but then they only replaced that one bank. I wonder if they knew you’d have additional problems and GM wouldn’t let them do it on warranty so they backed off on that talk. It looks like that if you have lifter failure with low miles and they only replace one side that it’s just a matter of time before the other goes. Totally get the trust issue. They replaced both banks in mine but I’m still skittish.
  3. Your dealer experience was much worse than mine. I did get the feeling I was annoying them a couple of times. Did the service department say you needed additional lifters replaced before the repair was finished? You mentioned one bank previously. Voided3 is correct that you’d be better off having all 16 replaced now assuming they’re being replaced with a non defective part. Lots of other good advice from voided3.
  4. Good to see that you might not have to wait long. Are they replacing one bank or both? I was told they need 2 days to test the truck after the repair.
  5. That sounds almost exactly like my experience when the failure occurred. The dash lit up with multiple errors including traction control. I’m surprised you were able to drive 5 miles to get home. Mine sounded so bad I just pulled over at the first lighted area and paid for a tow to the nearest dealership, not where I purchased the truck. This was at 8 at night and they called me before 8 the next morning with the verdict. How many miles are on your truck? When did you buy it? There is at least one GM bulletin on what they’ll do in this situation but it depends on how many miles you’ve put on the truck. Mine is running fine since this happened but I’m really low mileage. For me, they replaced all 16 and determined no other damage.
  6. i guess the research never ends. Thought I was done besides looking at modifications when I bought this truck.
  7. I’m not making any long term decisions yet but my experience hasn’t been nearly as bad as yours. Interesting that you mentioned L7 disabling auto stop. I hadn’t even noticed that. I guess the only time I notice auto stop is when it actually happens. With the 3/4 ton, are you talking about the 6.6 engine to avoid this problem?
  8. Sorry for the slow response. Covid issues. I guess I’m going to check out the Pulsar and Range and definitely not baby this truck. Either get some confidence or let it be someone else’s problem. Based on this conversation I have no idea what else is worth owning. I’ve been driving in L7 and will continue to research. Someone mentioned a DFM delete that also deletes auto stop. That’s worth looking in to. Your other option sounds like it might work but is extreme to the point where I would buy something different first. Thanks.
  9. Can you point me to something that talks about the DFM delete reducing the occurrence of this issue? I’ve seen conflicting opinions although almost everyone agrees this issue started 15 years ago when the grandfather to DFM was introduced. I’ve been driving in L7 as you advised. Does this turn off DFM or just keep that 8th speed from coming on?
  10. Yeah I’d pursue that as well. I hope they get you straightened out. I wonder if the problem isn’t different for the trucks with really low miles vs 30-40k or more. I read somewhere on here that the issue was especially prevalent for build dates from June 2020 until around March 2021 on the low mileage trucks. My diagnostic was engine misfire with code P0300 and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. Biggest performance issue was a drastic decrease in power and a LOT of noise. I’ll be gathering information and wondering about keeping this truck past it’s warranty. Up until this I love this truck and was thinking I’d keep it for a long time because I’m really low mileage.
  11. Thanks for the information. Truck's driving well but I'm a little traumatized.
  12. Wow, thanks for sharing. I hope everything works out. Prayers for your dad.
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