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  1. Just curious, did you install that rear block? If so, any pictures?
  2. Thanks. In your pictures it looks like it has that perfect little bit of rake. I know pictures can be deceiving. Sounds like you have the 4 ply grapplers. The price is a bonus but I’m looking at them for a tire that won’t ruin my ride like I’ve done before. Yours is well done.
  3. This is the look I want. How does it ride? Are the grapplers 4 ply or 10 ply?
  4. Looks really good. What’s your set up, lift, tires, wheels?
  5. I love that stance. Chevy guy here but that’s easily the best looking GMC I’ve seen by my tastes. How’s your ride with the KO2s and lift?
  6. Yeah, it looks great. What’s your set up. Tires, lift or level, etc. Sorry if you’ve already posted this information.
  7. Looks good. I’m thinking about something similar. Do you have any pictures in the daytime?
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