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  1. I had my 2021 LT Trail Boss with the 5.3L engine towed to the dealership yesterday. While driving home from work, the truck started a really rough idle, engine knocking, random misfiring, had Service Emergency Brake, Service ESC messages on the display, check engine light and several other dash warning lights. I pulled a P0300 code for random misfire. The dealer diagnosed the truck with a lifter failure. I haven't been told which cylinder(s) had the failure, but has anyone else had this issue on a 2021 Silverado? I have 6,200 miles on the truck, and this seems a bit soon to have such major issues with an engine. At what point does GM decide this is a recall and replace all the lifters? I suspect, based upon what I've read on the forums, most who are plagued with the failing lifter issue, return to the dealership with additional failed lifters.
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