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  1. It still shows Chevrolet 2016-2020, I just checked. I have a replacement coming, I was told this is a newer version. She also said update coming out soon for MylInk 3. We shall see. Jerry
  2. SB-GM-SLVCC4/12TW3 Stealthbox® for 2019-Up (Gen 4) Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Trucks 94668 $1,449.99
  3. I used the JL 1000w amp. Not sure of the model, I'm not at home. It's pricey and it hits extremely hard too.
  4. I went with JL Audio Stealthbox, fits perfectly under my seat with 2 down firing 12" subs....Huge improvement on my 2019 LTZ.
  5. Does anyone have the uninstall and reinstall instructions on part #84176756? I can't seem to find any. Thanks, Jerry
  6. Hi, I was wondering about how it took, before you got your bezels? Thanks, Jerry
  7. Thank you. I’ll have too look under the bumper to see where that one screw is.
  8. I have two pics. It’s not the whole casing I’m talking talking about. It’s the plastic step that needs to come off first. As you see in the pic, it’s seating flush because of the broken clip. This piece has no screws. Thanks
  9. This was the step, this didn't have any screws. This snapped in, once I pulled my hardest, it finally came out, but one of the clips, broke. I'm looking for another one online and can't seem to find one yet. Thanks
  10. You’re right. I had too pull that really hard too get it off. One of the clips broke. I got it back on, Because of the clip being broken it’s as good as it will get. Thanks
  11. Ok thanks. I’ll try and pull it all the way off and check the tabs. Then try and reinstall it. Will try that tomorrow. Thanks again
  12. I thought I did, can't get it to lineup correctly. I should have said, only got it 3/4 off, could not remove it fully. No clue as why. Thanks
  13. Hi, I just looked at the step that you need to pop off to get to the bolts. I got it off, but can't seem to get in back in flush....What am I missing/ Thanks
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