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  1. My only advice would be drive the only 3 I'd even consider. The 5.3-->6.2-->3.0 dizzel. I ended up with the 6.2 as I wanted that rip your head back feeling and MPGs weren't as important to me.
  2. Great to hear! I'm sure this post will be searched and help someone else in the future.
  3. Guy in the post above this lol EDIT: It was actually @awesome barney just before his post
  4. Was NOT the question .... you took this whole thread down a different path
  5. Nice! My first "tuning" experience was on an 870 ECM (1985 Trans Am) ... moved up to HP Tuners on my 2000 Trans Am and then had kids etc... so it was a plain jane DD for a few years. Let us all know when you go to pop the question!?
  6. Sounds like you two have been dating a long time. Jokes aside, he seems honest but I'm entirely new to this. Just went ahead and dropped the coin on it. Will be giving an honest review
  7. You now purchase the programmer for 100 bucks and it's yours for life which is pretty sweet. I also asked him if I wanted to make an adjustment 2 weeks or so because I didn't like how it behaved and that would be included. I'm not sure if there would be an EOL on support for it but it sounds like he's being pretty open to make adjustments when needed
  8. The programmer does work on T1s but for the AFM/Autostop, you're correct. It can still remove the speed limiter however. That, along with some other things like remote window UP, fog lights with brights, fog lights with normal headlights on automagically...... The route I'm going to take.
  9. Look into White Auto Media. He's on back order right now but IMHO, it's a much better option since the BCM is programmed instead of a piggyback device. @GTPprix is the owner. Seems like a great guy EDIT: Seems like he has the programmer back in stock. Now... to convince the wife this is something I NEED
  10. I'm on my second engine here and neither of them hit 20 over a long haul. I have a TB so it might factor in a bit. To @awesome barney, I think it has a bit to do with how he was driving and/or where. This is NOT a programmer/tuner. It only modifies the info coming to and from the control modules. If this were true, GM would be hopping all over it to keep their overall MPG down.
  11. This is what I had to do to narrow down the issue for myself (albeit it was my 8 pin). It turned out to be an adaptor I had in place which I incorrectly assumed shouldn't make a difference since it was doing nothing more than adding another 4 pin connection for my light bar. These trucks can be a bit finicky
  12. Most German cars "nowadays"....They did have sensible engineering at one point but now? They no longer follow the "KISS" (keep it simple, stupid). It has to be overenginerded with no respect for the shade tree mechanic. Just a few years ago, Volkswagen took the entire Euro market reliability down a notch singlehandedly. Best wishes to the OP but that new ride is a ticking time bomb
  13. The one car I will never buy after having worked on a few Audis. Best of luck.. if it breaks after warranty, grab the lube
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