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  1. I have started having an issue where the fob isn't detected and asks me to put it in the cupholder. While swapping out the battery seems like a no-brainer, I am curious as to why I can start my truck from a block away if the battery is taking a dump. Anyone else have this issue? Was it just the battery? Truck is now about 2 years old
  2. Denali cluster will need to be programmed by WAMS but unsure what switches etc are swappable.
  3. Get WAMS and then you can do windows down AND up from the keyfob. Great for those rains you didn't see coming
  4. Wasn't bad before Sleepy Joe. Now, I need to ride the motorcycle a lot more
  5. My TB will run a 13.9 on a good day, 14.0 on most.
  6. Just my 2 cents DO NOT DO THIS You can power it off the passenger side fuse panel. Not sure about Thinkware but my BlackVue has a shut off if the power on the battery goes below "x". Why risk damaging a very expensive component?
  7. I hate them but noise levels are low on my reasoning. They SUCK in wet weather and frankly, aren't the best snow tire I have ever had either.
  8. I don't have a 2022 refresh.. yet Can you still use Android Auto and step around the built-in?
  9. For what it's worth, you can convert this button to lock in the stank. Maybe it could be renamed the "hotbox button"? It makes that button function as all windows UP with WAMS/BT Diesel Works. Cool side note, this also allows the 2 fronts to be rolled up AND down with the keyfob
  10. I'd need to hear it to believe it. I have yet to chop my exhaust but if there is a muffler-only mod that won't drone, I'm 100% willing to give it a go
  11. No lifter issue with my 2020 6.2 BUT.. did need a new engine for another issue, broken spring. Spring exploded and went through the rest of the motor, grenading it all
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