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  1. Mine was in gest... I usually just give em a quick "hey.. these are my normal beams.. here are my brights" notice. Not worth the road rage from either side
  2. I've been contemplating pulling mine apart and physically moving the LED over so it's on top of the hole instead of offset. The LED itself is almost an inch off to the side and then has a big plastic lens that directs the light at ~45* angle I'll probably debate doing this for a year or two and then next thing you know, end up in a new truck that hopefully has this fixed already
  3. Only time I mind if someone flashes me is when it's a man
  4. Here is a perfect example. Lawsuit filed in 2015. Facebook lost It is now 2021 and they'd all get 350 or so bucks mid-summer IF they don't appeal. If they do, it could be years https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Illinois-Facebook-users-in-class-action-suit-15882912.php
  5. How is it formatted? I have a 256 gig formatted in FAT32 and works perfectly.
  6. How hard is it to remove the advertisement from the flaps? That's my biggest pet peeve. Spending 10s of thousands so I can be their advertiser. I generally pull decals, plate frames etc in the lot
  7. I've got the 8" IOS and to be honest.. what are you going to get for the trouble? 10 bucks? I've been involved in 2 of these and they usually mean spending 20 minutes filling out paperwork for 10-50 bucks after waiting 1-2 years. I'll spend my time away from these ambulance chasing attorneys
  8. Do you get any noise when gently tipping into the throttle? This is the reason I am going to put my piece IN. It almost sounds like cylinder deactivation. On/off/on/off loud/quiet. On WOT it sounds great
  9. That's where mine was weird. I bought mine September 10th and immediately had an update. Want to say the day I bought or the day after? Hasn't updated since but I seem to be on the newest ver
  10. So it seems, I do, in fact, have it. Weird that it doesn't show in my Update History
  11. Glad to hear you were welcomed with open-arms there. Nothing better than a dealership that actually gives 2 ******. Don't imagine you took a pic before/after?
  12. PRO TIP CAREFUL WITH THE RUBBER FEET. They will fall off at least once
  13. Pedal to the floor until you see God
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