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  1. I know when programming the BCM, it is all in metric units. For example, changing the speed limiter to 125 MPH, means I need to set it to 201
  2. Working on something for WAMs/AutoSync... more interested in if the wiring is different. eg, in the Midnight Edition, the headlight assembly controls the DRLs so you can't do things like, leave them on "full bright" when the headlights are engaged. I 'think' this might be different on the standard LED package
  3. Hi guys, I know there is a Halogen LED and this "HID LED" which is only available on the "Midnight Edition" Anyone know what the difference is between standard LED and the HID LED? Besides the cooling block located behind the headlight assembly?
  4. Has anyone actually "blown up" their driveshaft with proof, like many claim? I have removed my speed limiter and gone well above what some said will do just that with no issues. On a closed course... in Mexico
  5. So much misinformation here. 585Trailboss is correct. Just need to go in and reset or disable the air filter alert.
  6. I agree with this. For me, I'd start fresh. ie, remove as much wax/PB as possible and put on a new coating of wax or fluid film
  7. To each their own Back before GM locked the ****** out of them, it was pretty cheap to go grab a secondhand ECM and have it tuned. That 700 bucks really hurts, just to get things started.
  8. Nice.. it appears the prices have been on a decline. So, I guess you could really do it for ~a grand.
  9. Send ECM to HPTuners HPTuners unlocks ECM Hire tuner w/dyno Should be able to handle this for a couple grand
  10. New vehicles aren't like the old ones, where you could just pull a chime/buzzer. It goes through the stereo. So, only option would be to disconnect that in the meantime.
  11. Found this here: Not quite as spendy as I thought but not cheap by any means
  12. Let me guess, you have a sunroof. Seems to be a common thing at least. You get parking assist or sunroof (if not ordered) Parking assist: Not worth the effort. Requires new bumpers, mirrors, likely wiring harnesses Surround vision: Not 100% sure on this one but know at the very least, you'll need a new high mount brake light as that is where the rear camera goes. Pretty sure there are also cameras in the mirrors judging by this view: So in the end, anything is possible. Will you end up paying a crazy amount of money and need BCM programming? Absolutely
  13. That's likely with the cost of the tailgate at OEM prices. I'd personally take Gangly's advice if it's the same color.
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