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  1. Send ECM to HPTuners HPTuners unlocks ECM Hire tuner w/dyno Should be able to handle this for a couple grand
  2. New vehicles aren't like the old ones, where you could just pull a chime/buzzer. It goes through the stereo. So, only option would be to disconnect that in the meantime.
  3. Found this here: Not quite as spendy as I thought but not cheap by any means
  4. Let me guess, you have a sunroof. Seems to be a common thing at least. You get parking assist or sunroof (if not ordered) Parking assist: Not worth the effort. Requires new bumpers, mirrors, likely wiring harnesses Surround vision: Not 100% sure on this one but know at the very least, you'll need a new high mount brake light as that is where the rear camera goes. Pretty sure there are also cameras in the mirrors judging by this view: So in the end, anything is possible. Will you end up paying a crazy amount of money and need BCM programmin
  5. That's likely with the cost of the tailgate at OEM prices. I'd personally take Gangly's advice if it's the same color.
  6. Blocked fuel filter? <Confused> I have had my S&B on for one year and can tell you it does ONE thing. It makes 1/3 to full throttle louder. Zero MPG increase and possibly a loss of a 10th in the 1/4. (I need to do more side-by-side testing). Last year I was running 13.9 @97mph with the stocker. This year I ran a [email protected] Only things changed were the CAI and I removed the 97mph speed limiter. Figured that might knock off a 10th.. but I never got up to that speed. Will be doing a side by side set of passes in a few weeks. I cannot recall ambient temps
  7. For what it's worth, the light is only visible if you're looking for it... in the dark. That said, from Chevy's page for the LT: Chrome center bar, bumpers and mirror caps 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen display 17-inch Bright Silver painted-aluminum wheels LED headlamps with LED signature daytime running lamps Dual-zone automatic climate control 10-way power driver seat including power lumbar Heated driver and front passenger seats Leather-wrapped steering wheel Heated steering wheel Manual tilt/telescoping steering colu
  8. If you came close to hitting a semi truck, you were relying on the system too much. /theend
  9. Sounds like WT trim? I thought that came on everything. To the OP, I have a blinking light on my 2020's dash
  10. Detonation doesn't usually happen at idle. Things like hot ambient air or climbing a hill (putting load in the engine) will cause it. I would look elsewhere
  11. Just get it done.. it'll be forced on you eventually
  12. Same here! Only took a new engine at ~3,000 miles
  13. Going to be 3rd party. I see a few online but this guy has a vijayo of it
  14. Don't bother IMHO I'm running an S&B which is even less restrictive with zero issues.
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