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  1. Less then a week later, it went out again.
  2. Mine did it once in a while, dealer told me it's a radio software issue and updated radio program about a week ago. So far so good, but mine had a mind of it's own as to when it would get stuck in searching for signal on xm.
  3. From GM Upfitters. Hope this helps. Description and Operation Power Outlets Description and Operation 12 Volt Power Outlet Receptacle Description and Operation The vehicle is fitted with a 12 Vaccessory power receptacle. The accessory power receptacles are controlled by an ignition operated relay. The accessory power receptacles are operational when the ignition is turned to either the On or the Accessories positions. The X80J and X80K accessory power receptacles may be configured to be operational when the ignition is Off by changing the position of the 50A fuse from the F10DL position to the F11DL position in the passenger side panel fuse block. I just changed my cigarette lighter plug from always hot, to accessory hot in my 20 sierra by moving the fuse.
  4. Link to a ready made plug and play harness. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/19-20-silverado-products/products/2019-chevrolet-silverado-radar-detector-harness
  5. I got a Motorola phone with moto voice and it reads the text out loud and you can reply via voice command also when connected by blue tooth
  6. I personally won't buy one from Mexico, I will keep my fellow Americans working and bought mine that was made in the USA. Love my 20 SLT Sierra Crew cab.
  7. The 2020 SLT with 5.3l with 10 speed shifts great, and rides better than any of the previous Silverado's that I have owned (99,00,08,13 models) Go with the 2020 with the 10 speed.
  8. Thanks for all the info, I wanted in dash navigation when I bought my 2020 sierra SLT but couldn't find one with it, I will order the card now.
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