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  1. Since the interior lighting is so dim in these trucks, has anyone replaced them or the bulbs? If so, with what and how did you do it? I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching first as well.
  2. Has anyone installed panels like thesr with Quick Fist clamps in the beds of your trucks? If so, where did you order them from?
  3. Here's my '19 Custom Trail Boss and my Father-in-law's Silverado Work Truck. The work truck was actually a nice find. It came with leather seats and 120V adapter in the interior and in the bed. I'm actually just kind of jealous of those features, plus the fact that it came with no carpet but with vinyl flooring. That makes cleaning up a mess a lot easier. We found a set of OEM chrome steps for a steal on Facebook Marketplace and a nice Aries grill guard on Amazon for a pretty good deal. We put those on his truck today. Next will be wheels eventually and some chrome trim if we can find a set used. I think his truck is coming along nicely. The chrome look isn't my cup of tea, but for a work truck it looks pretty good.
  4. Got my new Tyger Star Armor steps put on. I'm loving them and they really complete the look with the Tyger push bar up front.
  5. I got a few little things today. I got my front doors tinted to match the back doors, added a little patriotism to the rear window, and de-badged the tail gate. Those that de-badge, did you all de-badge the whole truck? I'm in debate whether to remove the Trail Boss stickers and Z71 badges. I actually kind of like the Z71 badges, so I was thinking of just plasti-dipping them instead. I'll eventually get the exhaust tips painted black either on my own or after-market.
  6. The hooks are still available, if you want them. The first guy hasn't replied back lately. $40 + shipping sound good?

    1. AEmedic


      How much shipped to 83709?

  7. I thought I would bump this, since I don't have enough posts to post in For Sale forum. I just installed a bull bar and have my red tow hooks for sale if anyone is interested.
  8. If you're still looking for these, I am about to sell mine. I just took them off to put on a bull bar.
  9. Just added Tyger Auto soft fold tonneau cover and their bull guard as well. The bull guard serves no purpose, just for aesthetics.
  10. Hi guys. I just joined, but I got a Custom TB Crew Cab for $34,393 in Whitesboro, TX on Saturday. MSRP was just over $47K. I had been keeping up with prices on CarGurus. If any are looking for a TB in the DFW area, I saw a Double Cab Custom TB for $36,404 as of yesterday. It already had the off-road side steps and spray-in bedliner already added on at that price.
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