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  1. You can do a bolt on cat-back from any of 25 (or more) companies. I chose Borla. Took a couple of hours last weekend, but I bought the dual exhaust set up so I had to cut the OE setup off right near the cats. This type of mod is easy to do in your own driveway.
  2. I appreciate the candor! Was there something wrong with the kit? They stipulate on their website that their tune will only work with the mildest of upgrades and anything further than a cat-back exhaust will need to be tuned locally. All I have is a Borla cat-back and I'm not looking to do more than the supercharger. I hope I have no issues...
  3. Thank you, that is what I thought but just wanted to ask anyway.
  4. I installed some Rigid flush mounted diffuse reverse lights in my Road Armor rear bumper. However, the way I chose to wire them does not actually work... I wired the positive wires to the reverse wire on the trailer plug and I wired the grounds to one of the ground points along ope of the bed cross-members. I think it is possible that the computer is looking for a trailer to be connected to the truck before those functions work. Has anyone been successful installing auxiliary reverse lights and how did you do it.
  5. You sent HP Tuners a new ECM and kept your original, right? What did you do to the ECM prior to shipping it to them? Their instructions refer to performing the Replace ECM Function in VCM Scanner for the stock ECM. Was this something you needed to do to the new ECM you sent them?
  6. I just got word that my Whipple Supercharger is on the way!
  7. I finished installing the Road Armor bumpers, Rigid lights and the Borla True Dual S-Type cat-back exhaust. I really like the sound but DAMN, it is louder in person than I expected from listening to all the videos I could find.
  8. This is an old post but your review is why I ordered this CB today. If you have that video, I’d like to hear it!
  9. I decided to go with the Borla S-Type with the “True Dual” set-up. I was going to go with the Touring but wanted a little more of that good noise! I am going to look for an ECU but it will be a few months before the SC gets here, so no rush.
  10. I was really set on going Callaway but I changed my mind for a couple of reasons... Didn't want to wait Didn't want to take the truck to CA or CT $10k for the Whipple, installed I ordered the Whipple yesterday. I am trying to decide what is the most complimentary exhaust to go with it. Also, where is a good place to find an extra ECU?
  11. It looks like it will be a number of weeks to get the kit, but I'm excited and will share how it turns out. Now I am thinking about what "livable" exhaust I want...
  12. I connected two pairs or Rigid D2s on my factory wiring.
  13. Installed my Road Armor front bumper and the Westin front skid plate.
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