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  1. It is the Trail Boss lift that I had installed along with a Traxda Kit #406052 leveling kit. They used the lower spacer and one of the plates on the top for each side. There is absolutely no rubbing with the OE wheels and no spacers. It is a perfect fit. There is around 1/4" to 3/8" space between the tires and the UCA.
  2. You’ve answered your own question, the 6.2 is the way to go! If you don’t, you’ll always wonder how the other half live! I love my 6.2 and wouldn’t buy anything less!
  3. It has the GM TB lift and one additional inch in the front to decrease the rake. I also have 35X11.50R20 Ridge grapplers.
  4. Got the truck back from Xpel, with their PPF and ceramic coating! It looks great, it would look better with some sun...
  5. The level kit came with a lover spacer and plates for up top.
  6. My dealer installed my lift and 1" of the leveling kit for me. No issues at all. I only wanted it mildly lifted and starting with the GM lift that was engineered for these trucks is a great option, IMHO.
  7. There might be a little bit of effect caused by the additional weight, but the 6.2L doesn’t feel limited to me. These tires are still effectively a 65 series tire and they feel solid, not loose at all. Overall, I’d say they feel similar to stock.
  8. I dropped mine off to begin the process of getting Xpel and ceramic coating applied. Today they cut and buffed and tomorrow it should get the PPF and coating. I should have it back on Wednesday.
  9. I am not positive on the brand... I do know that it has plates for the top and a spacer on the bottom. The plates on top can be staked to get the height desired. We did one plate and the bottom spacer to get about one inch over the TB lift. The tires are on the stock wheels, the offset allows the larger tires to fit without rubbing.
  10. Yep, of course I had them add an additional 1" on the front to reduce the rake and added 35X11.50R20 Ridge Grapplers to fill out the wheel wells. All together I was under $3k out the door.
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