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  1. I bought a set of Road Armor Stealth bumpers for my HC. I had them color match coated with Line-X and just need to install them. I’ll post pictures when I do.
  2. It is possible that your tongue weight won't actually go up when you load the Toyhauler with the weight to the rear of the axle/axles.
  3. My brakes squeak occasionally, but I only notice it when it is wet...
  4. I received the Westin skid plate. It is a very solid skid plate replacement for the front plastic splash shield. It does not require an aftermarket front bumper like the picture in the instructions makes it appear! I haven’t installed it yet, I intend to do that when I install the bumpers. I’m hoping for good weather... this is what it really looks like:
  5. The NDAA was passed with a veto proof majority and the CR passed with no issues... Fake News!
  6. I ordered the Westin 58-71215. It looks like it will work. The pictures are a bit contradictory as it shows the finished picture of it being attached to their bumper. However, that picture looks nothing like the other product pictures. Westin, Pro-Mod Skid Plate, 58-71215 - Desert Rat 75-5871215-RevA.pdf (westinautomotive.com)
  7. I actually ordered that skid plate when I ordered the bumpers. They told me that it wasn't compatible, so I had to cancel it. They just don't offer anything to work with the Stealth bumpers...
  8. Here is an aftermarket steel front skid: Zone Offroad® ZONC5653 - Front Engine Skid Plate (carid.com) Disregard it requires their lift...
  9. Its plastic: ACDelco® 22847943 - Genuine GM Parts™ Engine Skid Plate (carid.com)
  10. It is hard to tell, the one we know is metal is $44.49. I think I am going to order that front one and see if it is metal...
  11. 22847943 - Not sure if this one is plastic or metal but it is a different part number than the plastic one pictured a few posts up... 23385004 - This is the metal one pictured above 20922755 - This is the TC skid and I am pretty sure it is metal also
  12. The part numbers are in two earlier posts.
  13. There is this one also: 2014-2020 GM Skid Plate 20922755 | GMPartsDirect.com I think all of these are stamped metal but I'm not 100% positive.
  14. I was hoping to find something heavier to go with the HD bumpers I am installing.
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