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  1. Did you take advantage of their 50% off sale? I ordered the front and rear stealth bumpers and I’m just waiting for them to ship. I plan to have them Cerakoted.
  2. It is the Trail Boss lift with 1” extra up front. Just about perfect!
  3. Thank you. I did determine what the 6.2L has. It is 3.5” that necks down to 3” at the flappers at the inlet and outlet of the muffler then back to 3.5” till it reaches the Y at the axle.
  4. I did 1” of a 2” level kit and really like it. It leaves just a little rake so that a load or trailer doesn’t make the truck nose high!
  5. If you have the Max Tow with the composite rear leaf spring, that will be the cause for it not being a direct fit on your truck.
  6. On the Borla website, they describe the Touring crate muffler as an S Type muffler and a Borla resonator.
  7. I just decided to get under it and check. It is 100* out there... My truck has resonators and no screens. It also has approx 3.5" pipes before and after the muffler but it necks down to 3" right at the muffler inlet and outlet. After the "Y" it is 2.5". Having the resonators makes me wonder if I should get the S type muffler, I don't want it to be loud but I want it to sound more aggressive than stock.
  8. I just sent them a message. We'll have to see how long it will actually take to build one while I'm there.
  9. Road Armor just had a 50% off sale for the second time this year. I bought a front and rear and the shipping was $150.
  10. I have a 2020 HC 6.2 and I am going to have the valves and screens removed and swap the muffler. What is the equivalent Borla muffler to the one on the Borla Touring cat-back? I don't want it loud but I want to hear it... What size muffler and inlet/outlet size is appropriate for my 2020 6.2? Is it center inlet and outlet?
  11. I am leaning towards a similar change to my 6.2 HC. Is there any down side of removing the valves? Codes? I'm not sure what muffler I will choose...I am a fan of Magnaflow. Are there any inherent flaws to the rest of the OE cat-back system other than the screen, the valves and the quiet muffler?
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