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  1. I like it for long road trips. I am glad that it can be turned off for times that standard cruise is preferred
  2. Not the experience I expected... The advisor said that all they had to do was reset it and that there were no codes. I don’t believe that, all the warnings were up and the CEL was on when I dropped it off. They said, bring it back if/when it happens again...
  3. This morning it happened again so I drove straight to the dealer. My advisor said he had not seen this before.
  4. This just happend this evening to my 2020 HC 6.2. All the same warnings with speed limited to 43 mph. It happened after driving on the interstate, we pulled into a gas station and when we started it to go, all the warnings popped up. I drove for awhile then stopped and left it for a few minutes and it started with a few less warnings and eventually settled with just the CEL. My truck only has 750 miles... I filed a complaint with the NHTSA.
  5. I added the 2" OE lift and an additional 1' level up front to reduce the rake. I have 35X11.50R20 Ridge Grapplers on the OE 20" wheels. I have NO rubbing at all and it rides great, and looks great!
  6. On both of our new vehicles, 2019 Tahoe and a 2020 HC Silverado, we did Xpel PPF and their ceramic coating. Honestly, do both, you will not be disappointed!
  7. I am looking to swap mine out for some red hooks also, for just a little color up front
  8. It is a Traxda kit, in my case, they just used the bottom spacer.
  9. I did an additional 1" lift in the front to eliminate most of the rake. It works well. However, I did 35X11.50R20's on mine.
  10. It looks good, I have the same tires, I really like them so far!
  11. Yep, I made an appt for it yesterday. Hopefully it is a one-and-done issue...
  12. The hooks are still available, if you want them. The first guy hasn't replied back lately. $40 + shipping sound good?

    1. AEmedic


      How much shipped to 83709?

  13. I asked them prior to going to pick mine up that I wanted all the take-off parts. They left them in the bed along with the original tires.
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