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  1. I installed the True-Dual Type S, it is a really nice unit and sounds really good! I will say that it is loud, very comparable to the ATAK, in my opinion. Mine did not require any tuning, it is just a CAT-back so it was good to go. I ended up adding a resonator to each run to tone it down a bit, I would say it is perfect now.
  2. I have a 2020 High Country 6.2 that has a leveled Trail Boss lift and the Whipple supercharger. I love the increase in power and the relative exclusivity!
  3. I didn't pursue a CAI due to the tune not supporting one.
  4. Most likely, any warranty coverage would have to be fought for... However, the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act would require that they prove that the supercharger caused whatever failure occurred...in theory.
  5. I noticed the trans issue even before the install. If you are hard on and off the throttle, it seems to think about the shifts more than make them, sometimes.
  6. No huge news, but the truck is great and much faster, at least by my calibrated seat-of-the-pants evaluation. The only negative I have is that, I’d say it is a bit prone to surging early in the power band.
  7. I will be doing away with the DoD in the near future and that will be the time to do a few upgrades...
  8. You are the first one I have seen post that "the 6.2L lifters, springs and rods have been prone to failure" on the T1 6.2L...
  9. That seems a bit excessive but it might be good in the long run, depending on what your ultimate goals are.
  10. I picked it up about an hour ago. It is very stealthy, you don't hear the SC at all! The weather is really ugly right now so I don't have much else to share, picture or video wise. There are no drivability issues whatsoever, under normal driving you wouldn't even know its there. The tech went back and was able to install the Whipple belt on it. His guess is that Whipple made the belt so tight that it has more room for adjustment after it stretches. He basically had to loosen the adjustable pulley so that it was able to wobble at an angle and allow the belt to start. I will share more when I can.
  11. It was an o-ring that had rolled and was damaged. It is fixed an running. They have a little more bleeding to do on the cooling system and an extended test drive and it should be done. They just ran out of time today.
  12. Nope, don’t have it yet. The tech ran into two problems. The belt that came with it was too short and there is a T fitting on the rear of the SC that is leaking. They are working out the T fitting issue and they are saying that it won’t be today…
  13. Not that there is a huge pool of our trucks driving around with a Whipple but I have only heard of yours having an issue like that. I HOPE that mine goes like most of them that are on the road...
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