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  1. There's only a couple things I don't like about my truck, no memory seats, no 6.2 and no electronic locker. Other than that I love it. When my truck was in the dealership getting worked on they gave me an 18 LTZ Z71 as a loaner, I think my TB rides better and more quite than that LTZ did.
  2. I don't know what the build date is on my truck but I've had it since OCT so I'm pretty sure it was built before that date.
  3. The dealer told me that they had to put a new rear window assembly in because the old one had tiny cracks. Others have said that was the case with them as well. I know that the dealership first tried to reseal my window and that didn't work.
  4. Mine was built in the US. I don't think the build location matters, I believe the windows themselves were bad. From what I've heard GM has changed the supplier.
  5. My TB has steps that were dealer installed. My wife wouldn't be able to get into it without them. Honestly I don't think there will be much difference in resale so I wouldn't let that be a determining factor.
  6. I can't answer that first question but I have heard that GM got a new supplier due to these problems so it should not effect current production trucks.
  7. You need to take your truck back to the dealership and make them fix it! Document all of those things and go straight to the service manager and show him. They need to replace that window, period. The windows that are leaking a defective, they can't be repaired. Once it's back in the service department I would be sure to call Chevy and let them know.
  8. My opinion, but you don't need a 10k plus trailering rating in order to pull a 6800lbs trailer. Let's say your trailer is 8k lbs loaded, I have a Trail Boss and it has a 9500lbs tow rating, I would feel more than comfortable towing 8k lbs. I have a travel trailer that weights 5800 lbs dry, I estimate that it is around 6500 lbs when we travel. I haven't towed it with my truck yet but I have towed it plenty of times with my wife's Tahoe, which has the max trailering package and a towing capacity of 8600 lbs, the Tahoe handles it just fine. We took it into the mountains last summer and I had no problem maintaining the speed limit going up the mountains on the interstate and none of the temps ever left the normal range. I have no doubt that my Trail Boss will handle it without issue.
  9. It sucks that this is happening to so many people. On the bright side, it does look like GM is taking care of it and has taken steps to fix the issue. Since my back window was replaced I haven't had any issues. I contacted GM about all the trouble and they gave me a certificate for accessories, paid for my nudge bar.
  10. Hmm, I'm guessing that the window in the Sierra is different then.
  11. Update, I got my truck back on Friday and the leak appears to be fixed.
  12. I didn't mind the auto start/stop at first but now it's annoying. There is too much hesitation IMHO.
  13. Hell, they've got me in a pretty basic Colorado.
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