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  1. Was told by the dealer that they couldn’t perform the tsb due to them not having the correct trans fluid machine. wasted two days of not having a truck for them to finally tell me. ill try another dealer soon.
  2. I'm dropping my truck off for the fluid exchange tomorrow morning.
  3. I typically wait for my OLM to reach about 30% then I change it. That usually evens out to approximately every 5k miles.
  4. Throttle was approx 25-40% AC on. It felt like a rumble strip which made me think it was related to the transmission specifically. I would experience this very infrequently going from reverse to drive as well if I don't give the truck a short pause when shifting and just applying the throttle. Shudder for 10-15 feet then just go away. Sorry for the late reply, been inundated with work.
  5. 1/2019 Original fluid. I would liken a shudder to jerkiness just more consistent and "controlled" so to speak. While coasting down it's pretty smooth. Only in tow mode and accelerating between 25-55mph. Keep an eye on it, I'd like to know.
  6. Zipping around Northern AZ yesterday.
  7. Like everyone else... my 8 speed was acting up when I first got my truck. I'm at 11k miles now and it smoothed out from the kick and jolting at low speeds. Yesterday the wife and I towed our RZR 1000 with our 12' trailer in tow mode and immediately while accelerating under light throttle between 25-55mph a shudder was present. I couldn't find anything specific to towing and shuddering in tow mode only. Anyone else experience the same thing? Could it just be another software issue since I don't tow that often? TIA..
  8. Installed my motofab 1.5” level and ran her down Schnebly Hill Rd. The truck as usual performed admirably. Got a lot of compliments from two stock Raptor drivers I met on the trail.
  9. Not good. Nothing like that on mine and I'm approaching 10k on my Duratracs and I beat the piss out of the truck.
  10. Living in Phoenix where 100 can seem cool, I can tell you having a sunshade will do you wonders. That will aid in cooling the truck immensely. The AC in my wife's '17 RX350 seems to be more challenged in the Arizona heat.
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