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  1. I enjoy the duratracs and think they are great tire. A little pricey and need to be larger that's all.
  2. Glad I have my 6.2 I'm not expecting it to be racing Challengers and Camaros, but it does what I need and is reasonably quick. I felt my old 5.3 was adequate, but not much else. The 8 speed didn't help either.
  3. Sure can. Here she is at a cold start and a little revving. (Looks like you need to download it to play sound). IMG_1586.3gp
  4. I did the same. I may want a little louder in the future, but the truck has a deep tone to it and no drone on the highway off throttle. It's quiet enough to not wake up anyone.
  5. ^ This. While it's a PITA, the dealership should make it right given what we pay for these rigs.
  6. 2020 TB 6.2 with a 1.5" level I'm getting about 16 mpg mixed driving and I just passed 2k miles. This is my lead foot more than anything.
  7. That shudder happened infrequently after the flush, but often enough that it made me question the longevity of the transmission. I moved on and got a 20 TB with the 6.2 and 10 speed. Cross my fingers it's been great so far.
  8. Dealer offered me 42k for my '19 TB with 31k on it. I paid 43.6 before tax. Needless to say, I'm happy. Ended up with a 20 TB with the 6.2l and have no ragrets. Not even one.
  9. Yes absolutely. My '19 TB was recall prone and the 8 speed is tough to get used to lol, chalk part of it up to first model year I guess. When I bought it I wanted the 6.2 with the 10 speed, but it wasn't available. So I settled. I'm friends with the GM of my Chevy dealer and asked him how much of a bath I'd take on my '19 because I saw a '20 with the 6.2 was dealer ordered. He offered me $1500 less than what I paid for my new '19 after 18 months of hard use and 31k miles. Then I got over 10k off my new '20. So when Chevy debuts it's ZRX and an LT4 sits in that thing, I'll end up getting that truck too.
  10. Traded my '19 TB for a '20 TB. I can confirm that there are no rear buttons on my '20.
  11. I got my oil change and had the service advisor jot down the concern for the seat. They confirmed it was the vertical adjuster actuator. The tech had to reposition it and test to confirm the pop is gone. While it still pops occasionally that's mostly upon entry/exiting and I literally have to sit my fat ass down on the seat and slide in/out with all of my weight. So i'm happy, since it would pop while I am driving at low speeds and turning and that no longer happens.
  12. Has anyone noticed a popping sound from the driver seat when taking sharp turns at low speed, or exiting the vehicle? It's fairly easy for me to reproduce. I remember the previous gen had a TSB about it, I wonder if it's similar with our trucks. Seat frame looks solid.
  13. My shudder still happens after the dealer did the trans flush with M1 fluid per the TSB. Not as prevalent, but it's still there.
  14. I've owned my '19 TB LT for almost a year and a half and put over 26k hard miles on it. Plethora of recalls (mostly software updates) Transmission shudder (1/19 build) replaced with the mobil 1 fluid, shudder still occurs occasionally. Otherwise, that's all I got.
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