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  1. If you can wait and order the RST you want, it'll be a decent savings over an HC and having to change up any chrome pieces. Given your situation, I'd wait and order an RST.
  2. ^ I like those HC's quite a bit.
  3. Trail Boss Demand = HIGH

    Gimme a ZR2 TB Silverado 6.2L with front and rear lockers, more armor (diff and fuel tank skid to start), off-road bumpers, fox (or any reputable brand) dampers, power folding mirrors (important since this truck is so wide), cameras (another helpful feature). GM can take my money again.
  4. 8k miles on my 8 speed. It was a tad rough the first few thousand miles, but it has smoothed out quite a bit. TBH I would've opted for the 6.2 and the 10AT, but that wasn't an option. I'm not unhappy with the transmission. I prefer it over my wife's 8 speed in her 2017 RX.
  5. Another pinoy? Dope. My volume increases, it's throttle dependent.
  6. Doing work on the trails last Sunday outside of Black Canyon City, AZ.
  7. Trail boss running boards

    My steps have saved my truck many times.. entry and exit is definitely easier with assist steps. GM factory "off-road" style step.
  8. Nothing huge. 4WD warning light came on, truck was stuck in 4WD and didn't disengage when I was on a trail. Turned it off, restarted and went away, but the parking brake lamp illuminated and would set itself anytime I put the truck in park. Dealer did a relearn and it has been fine ever since. 8speed at first kicked at low speeds, but that's mostly gone away as I have almost 8k on mine. I use the truck as it was intended, lots of off-roading and some hauling. I couldn't be more happy with it.
  9. Chocolate Falls this past February IMG_3922.MOV
  10. Pass. Just doesn't go with the lines of these trucks.
  11. Sunday funday. Time for armor (diff skid plate, fuel tank skid, true rock sliders) and a new front bumper. I hit a different trail practically every weekend. I love this truck.
  12. Aftermarket Shocks for AT4

    Chevy Shake 2.0? Mine feels okay.
  13. Welp.... Looks like I'm due for a new rig. Damn marketing compelling us to buy new trucks.
  14. I'm 5'11 as well, but I'm also 265lbs and pretty broad shouldered. My previous rig was a 5th Gen 4Runner and I felt too big for it at times.

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