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  1. 1/2019 Original fluid. I would liken a shudder to jerkiness just more consistent and "controlled" so to speak. While coasting down it's pretty smooth. Only in tow mode and accelerating between 25-55mph. Keep an eye on it, I'd like to know.
  2. Like everyone else... my 8 speed was acting up when I first got my truck. I'm at 11k miles now and it smoothed out from the kick and jolting at low speeds. Yesterday the wife and I towed our RZR 1000 with our 12' trailer in tow mode and immediately while accelerating under light throttle between 25-55mph a shudder was present. I couldn't find anything specific to towing and shuddering in tow mode only. Anyone else experience the same thing? Could it just be another software issue since I don't tow that often? TIA..
  3. Installed my motofab 1.5” level and ran her down Schnebly Hill Rd. The truck as usual performed admirably. Got a lot of compliments from two stock Raptor drivers I met on the trail.
  4. Not good. Nothing like that on mine and I'm approaching 10k on my Duratracs and I beat the piss out of the truck.
  5. Living in Phoenix where 100 can seem cool, I can tell you having a sunshade will do you wonders. That will aid in cooling the truck immensely. The AC in my wife's '17 RX350 seems to be more challenged in the Arizona heat.
  6. I'll give you some anecdotal information as I've never owned one. However, I ran two CJDR service departments. I'm sure someone running a GM service department may have a similar opinion given what goes wrong with our rigs. But with Ram, parts allocations, electrical problems, water leaks (I use to live in the PNW), air suspension issues, I could go on.. That steered me away from the pretty interiors and soft ride. Personally, I feel you can't go wrong with a GM or Toyota truck. Both have treated me right and I've beat the piss out of my old 4Runner and 2002 Tahoe. I've seen Rams break with a lot less thrown at them.
  7. Meh... I got my truck. GM will have more trims and options available later this year including the new HD T1s. Whether this is the new normal or just a temporary shift, my thoughts are GM will creep back up top #2 or be a real close third.
  8. If you can wait and order the RST you want, it'll be a decent savings over an HC and having to change up any chrome pieces. Given your situation, I'd wait and order an RST.
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