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  1. I dig it. I'm torn between Ridge Grapplers, Geolanders or Open Countries when I'm due for tires.
  2. The UCA bolts have a zerk fitting facing the exterior. Pardon my ignorance, is it recommended to loosen the UCA bolts prior to greasing them?
  3. Your truck looks really good. Are you planning wheels and tires in the future?
  4. You should have no issues with the CVs at 3.2" total lift.
  5. Front at the highest setting nets you 1.2” over a stock TB or AT4.
  6. Yes there are two zerk fittings on the ends of the arms and the ball joint is replaceable afaik. the 6112s offer a slight lift the highest setting is 1.2 in from a stock TB or AT4. That’s where mine is set and it still has a slight rake which I like. CV angles are good too, not perfect, but better than the MF lower strut spacers I had on the stock ranchos. the ride is far more composed and confidence inspiring. I haven’t taken it off road yet but I can tell you on the streets the truck feels much more planted, rough roads reduce the Chevy shake, and body lean is minimized as well. Low speeds in parking lots it absorbs bumps a lot better. I paid around $700 for the front 6112s and around $180 for the rear 5100s. In my opinion it was worth the price of admission. Not day and night like I’ve read, but definitely a noticeable improvement. hope this helps.
  7. Cognito UCAs 6112 Fronts set to top setting 1.2" 5100 Rears
  8. Replaced the ranchos with some billy's. 6112 up front with Cognito UCAs and 5100 rears. Love how it rides. Wearing out these tires then going 35s.
  9. So I completely forgot to do ride height measurements with my 1.5 spacer compared to the 1.2 the 6112s provide. I can tell there is a slight rake which I prefer anyways since I load up my bed with crap a couple of times a month. I can say it's a very noticeable difference from factory as far as ride quality. The truck is far more composed and planted on rough pavement. Body lean is vastly reduced and the truck has a firm confidence inspiring feeling. I'll probably hit the trails tomorrow or next weekend and share the differences there vs the stock suspension. I know a lot of people mentioned this being night and day compared to the stock ranchos, while not to that extent IMO this was definitely worth the price paid.
  10. I went with Bilsteins. I've had 5100 on my 4Runner and loved them. 6112 in the front and 5100 in the rear. The truck is much more composed and predictable. You can't go wrong with either so I understand you being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  11. LOL unfortunately I won't be getting a penny of that just contributing to national consumerism on my own. I pound my truck off road, it's more peace of mind even if it's a placebo.
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