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  1. Agreed. Surprised the dealership didn't put in for goodwill. Get GM to stand behind their trucks.
  2. Yes I have these and the upfitter switch kit. Works wonderfully.
  3. +2 I've had this on my truck since my last .50Cal was stolen over six months ago. Very happy with the product.
  4. I did 6112 front and 5100 rear. I have no regrets, firms up the ride, and the truck feels more planted. It wasn't a night and day difference, but definitely money well spent (I can only imagine coming from a 70k mile truck how the improvement will be). I drive my truck everywhere, on road, off road, no road lol.
  5. It's much more competitive on paper than the last truck. It's a good effort, styling in photos and video seems a little rough lol. I'll hold on to my Silverado.
  6. I think all of the upgrades pretty much addressed what GM was getting hit over the head for in the first place. For me and just for me personally, I'd want the F/R lockers with ventilated seats (living in Arizona and all). 8" screen is fine, column shifter I prefer, and the interior is tough enough for my Siberian Husky and my 15 month old. Those two do a number on cars. The HC and Denali needed a nicer interior to be more "competitive" with the other luxury trucks and initial impressions are showing it will be class leading. This refresh will be a winner and compliment an already very good/excellent truck.
  7. Icon Compression Satin Black 17x8.5 0MM Toyo Open Country R/Ts 315/70/R17 Bilstein 6112s front at highest perch 5100s rear
  8. I have 6112 in the front and 5100 in the rear. The ride is more composed off and on road compared to the Ranchos. It was definitely a worthwhile investment.
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