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  1. I've owned my '19 TB LT for almost a year and a half and put over 26k hard miles on it. Plethora of recalls (mostly software updates) Transmission shudder (1/19 build) replaced with the mobil 1 fluid, shudder still occurs occasionally. Otherwise, that's all I got.
  2. And around view monitors. Really helpful when you're on the trails trying to see over that big ass hood!
  3. Damn I had no idea you guys were over 100. I'm governed to 98.
  4. Looks good! I have an Inyati in mine and it has held up well given the Arizona sun, multiple hauling trips, and literally just me spraying it out.
  5. If you accidentally pulled the damper apart like I did (doh), it easily reattaches, you just have to align the black circular clip and push. After 20k miles and 12 months of use, my cabin was filthy.
  6. I'm at 20k miles now in the year I've owned my truck. It's been using a little under a quart between my oil changes (every 5k). I don't think too much of it.
  7. Was told by the dealer that they couldn’t perform the tsb due to them not having the correct trans fluid machine. wasted two days of not having a truck for them to finally tell me. ill try another dealer soon.
  8. I typically wait for my OLM to reach about 30% then I change it. That usually evens out to approximately every 5k miles.
  9. Throttle was approx 25-40% AC on. It felt like a rumble strip which made me think it was related to the transmission specifically. I would experience this very infrequently going from reverse to drive as well if I don't give the truck a short pause when shifting and just applying the throttle. Shudder for 10-15 feet then just go away. Sorry for the late reply, been inundated with work.
  10. 1/2019 Original fluid. I would liken a shudder to jerkiness just more consistent and "controlled" so to speak. While coasting down it's pretty smooth. Only in tow mode and accelerating between 25-55mph. Keep an eye on it, I'd like to know.
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