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  1. The Chassis Unlimited isn’t stealth, but it’s not bad. I’d really like something similar to what Ford does, just the fairleads/hook visible.
  2. I’d think they would put a “roof” above the wires and switch. I just can’t imagine a design that would cost them money in warranty repairs.
  3. Has anyone actually opened up the tailgate to see if those holes allow water to hit the electricals? Seems like such a poor design that I question whether it’s true.
  4. Haven’t been able to find one for sale. Wish they offered one like Ford does.
  5. 3 of my last 4 2021-2022 GMC 1500/2500 have leaked. Most recent is my 2500 which is leaking three weeks after taking ownership. Build date was 7/22. It may not effect every truck, but it effects a bunch. The dealerships here are very well aware of the problem.
  6. My 2022 2500 AT4, built 7 July 2022, is leaking slightly (rear window, driver side).
  7. I actually found out about Elkas through a Tacoma forum. A self-proclaimed Kings fan-boy and dealer gave them rave reviews. After reading their website, I saw a lot of words that described my own needs and was kind of shocked (haha) I’ve never seen them mentioned before, even in conversations where people mention having these exact needs (that is, a mix of on-road driving as well forest/fire roads, washboards, etc). They seem almost too good to be true. btw, I think they have a set that’s for non-lifted trucks, too.
  8. I’d love for the mirrors to either auto-unfold upon approach, or upon unlocking, like my wife’s VW Atlas. They fold when you lock, unfold when you unlock. They double as a lock indicator for those times your home and want to check your car doors.
  9. After much suspension research, I’ve landed on Elka 2.5 Reservoir coilovers and rears for my AT4 6.2. I chose Elkas because they’re progressive valved and I’m told that’s best for my needs (on-road as well as forest roads w/ washboards, potholes, etc.) Before I pull the trigger, does anyone have any direct experience with these on a Sierra or Silverado 1500? https://www.elkasuspension.com/product/2-5-reservoir-front-rear-shocks-kit-for-chevrolet-silverado-1500-2019-to-2020-2-in-to-3-in-lift/?c=72e1ba2726d6 After all the positive reviews/info I’ve read about them online, I’m kind of surprised they’re not more popular. They seem to fill a niche in that they’re an improvement over stock without being too firm for daily driving. Any info is much appreciated.
  10. If someone’s getting flashed enough that feel compelled to make a forum post about it, they probably need to adjust their lights. It’s worth investigating at the very least. None of us can say for sure, but since he asked for advice, people gave him advice.
  11. I’ve never been flashed in my AT4. When I flash others on the road it’s not to be a dick, but to let them know their high beams are on and blinding me. I’ll never understand why people get so offended when someone flashes them. If multiple people flash you, maybe get your headlights adjusted.
  12. Who’s running this kit on their AT4? What are your thoughts? Tried searching, but not many results. https://cognitomotorsports.com/cognito-1-inch-performance-leveling-kit-with-fox-ps-coilover-2.0-ifp-shocks-for-19-21-silverado-trail-boss-sierra-at4-1500-4wd.html
  13. Thanks, Dunn. I’ve asked them if it works, but haven’t received a response.
  14. I didn’t think sport/tow mode disabled Start/Stop on the 19-21? You can turn that feature off with the press of a button.
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