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  1. Yeah, that’s actually why I chose 275/70R18. I didn’t want to risk any rub down the road. Probably could’ve gotten away with 295/70R18, but I’m happy with what I got. Next purchase will probably be some 20” takeoffs with slightly larger KO2s or Toto MTs when the time comes.
  2. If the engineers who built the truck advise a break-in period, then why not? What harm will it cause for anyone to not eat their engine for the first 500 miles? Especially considering what the truck costs. Seems like a no-brained. What may have worked in the past for other types of cars may not work today. These vehicles are so different from cars of the past that it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison. Edit: I’ll add, with the reports of lifter failure and oil consumption, why not do what the company recommends?
  3. I may be experiencing what you’re describing. I’m not that mechanically inclined nor have I ever driven a 6.2L, but it does feel a little rough/awkward when I stop. I may disconnect the pulsar later and see if that solves the problem.
  4. Great post! Thanks for taking the time to share your decision making process. I’m thinking of doing something similar as I research tires for my 18” wheels. I’m curious why you opted for the 275/65 over 285/65 KO2s. Was it weight, or size?
  5. Any recent updates from folks who’ve added bigger tires on STOCK AT4 w/ 18” wheels?
  6. Remove the carpeted pieces if you’re going mudding or in the snow. Re-insert them for daily driving. I’m guessing that’s the purpose.
  7. Remember there’s a difference between Wireless Apple CarPlay and just regular phone/music over Bluetooth. Got a photo of your window sticker we can see?
  8. I have the 18” with about 30 miles. Like-new condition. Would prefer 20” with the Goodyear Territory tires. I’d do a trade + cash for the AT4 20”. Near Portland, OR.
  9. Did those RB20s help reduce rock chips in rocker panels? They look great! Kinda remind me of the OEM High Clearance steps.
  10. Like already mentioned, the vented seats blow air, not necessarily cold air. If the air in the cab’s cool, they’ll blow cool air. If it’s warm…. Well
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