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  1. I believe its 2 sections sewed together. It will fit over the rails and roll up section, just wont be as clean looking. In the picture above, the roll up section and rails are still in place.
  2. I have the truxedo lopro rollup cover and the napier bed tent and they fit together. The tent fitting over the cover as it rolls up takes a little adjusting but it will work. However, the cover rolled is on a section that unclips and can be taken off and tossed in the back seat to make things easier.
  3. Bringing this thread back to life. Are the front struts still not available yet? I gave a 2019 AT4 but im looking at lowering it to base height for multiple reasons and before anyone asks, AT4 was one of 2 trims that had the options i wanted and i dont like all that chrome on the denali. So with that being said im looking at replacing the rear shocks with the 5100's, removing the 2 inch block, shorter u bolts. And i guess when the front struts are available, 5100 struts and cv axles. Talked to the dealership today and the leafs springs are different but was told i shouldnt have to swap them.
  4. I been seeing that. Hard to find any kits made for the 2019+ sierra non at4. Does the bilstein shocks get rid of the bouncing feeling in the rear when you go over a bump? It literally feels like the ass end of the truck bounces up and lands side ways
  5. There isnt anything out there i want. I had a 2016 ram 1500 with air ride. Worked great in the summer, made it easier getting in and out and loading things in the bed but during the winter the air ride system would freeze up and leak. FCA wouldnt do anything about it. Thousands of people with that issue across canada and the northern states. So i traded that in for a 2019 ram 1500 which was a big mistake. 5 issues in 3 months, truck spent more time at the dealership then on the road. After the 5th issue i said **** it and jumped to a AT4. With the options i wanted there was only 2 trims i could go for, the AT4 or Denali. And the denali had way to much chrome and was $22,000 more. So AT4 it was. Love my truck, i can deal with the lift kit, but would make it alot easier and pro’s out weigh the cons on why i should lower it.
  6. Shows axles in the factory lift kit package so im assuming if you go to normal height ill need to swap them out. The way i been the last couple days i might have to go even lower. Went to physio today and i could barely get in and out of the truck. Shouldnt have even been driving but had no choice.
  7. You have a denali correct? I have a AT4 and looking at swapping the suspension out to lower it to a regular sierra/denali height to make it easier to get in and out with my back injury. Been struggling with what all i have to replace. Fro my understanding if i went with the 5100’s, ill have to remove the blocks and run shorter ubolts for the rear and replace the front axle.
  8. I believe there is one more system still on ecs? Engine control system? I displays 3 systems being turned off when you go into 4low. Tc, stabilitrac and ecs.
  9. Was looking for someone to say this. Want a set for my truck but i have learned the difficult way that electronics and other things ****** the bed in the alberta winters. Thankfully its been pretty mild this winter but its common to see -30*c with snow and ice.
  10. My wifes equinox is fwd and awd. She has a good set of winter tires and still uses awd for some reason. She only works about 5-7mins away so not alot of time to get the suv up to temp but her fuel economy is at 16L/100kms (14mpg) when it normally gets about 6.5L/100kms (36mpg). My truck is currently at 12.3L/100kms (18.8mpg) keeping it in 2wd. i know when i took her suv across canada, i planned my pit stops for gas and a break. Came up short on one of them and couldnt figre out why the fuel economy went to ******. Didnt realize i accidentally hit the awd button.
  11. Says on the first line of my manual "If the vehicle has LT265/70R17, LT275/65R18, 275/60R20, or 275/50R22 size tires, do not use tire chains. They can damage the vehicle because there is not enough clearance" Then under a Caution box says, "If the vehicle has 265/70R17 265/65R18 size tires, they may be installed on the rear axle only. If the vehicle has 255/70R17 size tires, they may be installed on the tires of the front and rear axle."
  12. Depends on the offset. I just picked up a set of 20” rims with winter tires from a guy that had them on his 2012 Silverado. He was unsure of the offset and said give him a shout if they do t fit. Tossed them on today and they barely fit. Maybe 5mm or so of clearance from the front caliper.
  13. It literally says in my owners manual not to use chains on this truck. Unless towing a heavy load up/down a slippery steep slope, you wont need them anyways. Good set of tires and 2wd is good enough for most situations if you know how to drive in snow. I only use 4wd if its deep snow with ice under the snow when im on the hwy.
  14. Would be nice if there was an option. I mean there is extra space as they made gas crew cabs have the same layout as diesels with a def tank. My 2019 ram had a 124 litre tank. Was able to get 1100kms of range. Took my truck on a long trip to the next province over to do a track day with my motorbike. The gas prices in the other province are through the roof so i had to top up at the provincial border and bring a 25L, 20L and 10L jerry can with me (10L was for the bike) to avoid filling up in that province. A larger tank would avoid that hassle.
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