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  1. Brought the truck in today. They said multiple codes were showing, reset and relearn flash for the ecu. Good to go, hopefully it stays that way.
  2. So i have used 4hi 3 times now and each time, right after i switch it from 2wd to 4wd, i get a “service 4wd system”. Today i got that and “service parking brake” as well. Anyone else have this issues? Truck drove fine, but just showed the 4wd icon in red after the msg. It eventually goes away and shows white which pisses me off because its gonna be one of those “can not duplicate” if i bring it into the dealership.
  3. I mean will it help with a stock truck, probably not, no more then 91 would But something modified, yea it will.
  4. I suggest if you are running 94 from Petro, switch to husky. When i was tuning and datalogging my evo i was running 94 from husky. Petro came out with 94 shortly after so i emptied the tank and switch to that. Saw up to 7 counts of knock consistantly on wot. Thinking it was just a bad batch of gas i drove till empty. Tried a different petro station, same thing. Got rid of that gas and went back to Husky....no knock. I have tuned my Kawasaki H2 on Husky 94 as well. Their gas is alot more consistent.
  5. Mine is fully loaded and i love it. I had a 2016 Ram 1500 with a sunroof then i guess you can say, down graded to a 2019 ram 1500 which didnt have a sun roof. Really missed it and ended up hating the 2019 ram since it had 5 seperate issues in 3 months so i got my AT4 with the sun roof and love it. The hud is awesome and probably my favourite feature on the truck. Lane assist is only good for long drives and helping you stay on the road if you start falling asleep. It's dangerous as ****ing hell in the winter, as i learned with it in my wife's equinox when she first bought it.
  6. Mine feels alot more responsive with 91, but has no issues like pinging with 87. Same thing with the wifes equinox with the 2.0 turbo. Recommends 91 but 87 is fine and 91 is alot more responsive and fast as **** for a suv
  7. Mine runs fine on 87. I have 91 in it right now just because your get 10x air miles right now with 91. Once that promo is over, ill go back to 87.
  8. Oh and no a/c from day one. Part was back ordered and never got it. Was still 2+ month wait when i traded it in for my at4
  9. I had a 2016 Ram 1500 sport that I traded in for a 2019 Ram 1500 sport. Big mistake. 3 months of ownership i had 5 different issues. Loud metallic clunk on start up, rough idle which would stall the truck, multiple recalls, truck wouldnt detect the fob so i couldnt get in the truck and when i could, wouldnt start. Traded it in for a 2019 Sierra AT4, no regrets. Dont go with the new ram
  10. It would never damage the engine. At most it will burn out the starter.
  11. Still dont get why people hate it. I like it. Sure there are a few times i come to a stop and go right away and the engine auto stopped but not like it doesnt start right away. If you are to lazy to push one button when you get in and start up, then you must have a pathetic life.
  12. One of the few things i miss about my 2019 ram. You were able to set individual things to different units.
  13. Nope. Been through the entire owners manual and the closest it comes to answer it is “avoid extreme angles as this could make the vehicle unstable and tip over”. Few review videos mentioned the approach and departure angles and one mentions how much of an incline you can go up but nothing for side to side angles.
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