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  1. just added it, thank you so much.
  2. Is there really a need for 24 ads on every page on this forum?
  3. We did edmonton to calgary that day but i had a motorbike in the bed. Was delivering it for a friend. When i run 91 or higher its ethanol free. Recently did a trip from Edmonton to Oliver, BC. Topped up in Golden BC, made it to Oliver with just under half a tank. Had 45L in jerry cans so i dumped those in the tank. Was able to get to that big Petro-Can just outside of calgary on the way to Canmore, just as the fuel light came on. Was averaging low 9’s sticking to the speed limit with my bike in the back all on 91 from shell to get the most range. Chances are if i used petro’s gas with ethanol i wouldnt have made it.
  4. I got down to 8.0L/100kms going from Calgary to Edmonton. Cruise control set to 110 and one passenger using 87 octane. While 91 and 94 ethanol free does get better mileage, still doesnt justify the jump in price. Costs $20-25 more per tank for 91 octane. $25 gets like 200-300km of range, which you wont see from the difference between 87 and 91.
  5. Pretty much the story with all newer trucks. My 2016 Ram 1500 did really good. Switched to a 2019 Ram and it was way worse. Switched to a 2019 AT4 3 months later as the ram was a piece of ****** and kept breaking. In the city the AT4 is worse on gas due to the beefy tires, lift kit and all that bs. But on the highway it seems to be better.
  6. Normally i do my own work. But im paying for these 4 free oil changes, might as well use them. I inspect their work afterwards, no issues thus far. Used 2 of the 4 out changes so far and about to use the 3rd.
  7. Seems like it, yup. When they did the test a couple weeks ago, it was showing faults, new one in, no faults. Still dont get why it wasnt working right with iphones but worked ok with samsung.
  8. Dropped the truck off today to get the bcm changed out. They tested it, no faults found and my iphone charges 10/10 times. Now i just gotta wait for a new projection display unit for the camera system.
  9. I would agree to that. My 11 works 7/11 times and the service advisor tried his samsung, worked 5/5. But the tech said when they tested my bcm, their were faults. Not sure what else in the truck it controls, maybe my camera’s?
  10. So i was suppose to bring my truck in yesterday morning to replace the bcm. Didnt make it because i slept in. However yesterday evening all my camera’s died and i got the blue screen. So i stopped by as i had this issue before and they couldnt do anything since it didnt do it for them. So i brought it in and asked about the bcm if its needed. Was told there were multiple faults found when they tested it. So its not just a software issue, at least with mine.
  11. Last week it would fail to charge 9/10 times. Between replacing the pad and an iphone update (13.6), fails to charge 3/11 times. Just stopped by the dealership to ask them about software and the guy tried his samsung. It worked 5/5 times. He is going to confirm with the tech tomorrow to see what they think as they use a box almost like a voltage meter that detects if its working or not.
  12. So im wondering if i should take my truck in tomorrow or cancel the appointment. The new new BCM is in but is there a point to replacing it if its an apple software issue.
  13. I was curious how they test it. Wasnt sure if they just toss their own phone on it or not. But yea, ill report back tomorrow when i pick the truck up.
  14. Same issue with my 19 AT4. Truck is being fixed as i type this...well kinda. Truck went in this past thursday. They said its the wireless pad. So they got a new one next day. Called me saying they replaced the pad, still not working so they have to order a new body control module, which came in yesterday. Truck is booked to go in tomorrow to have that swapped out.
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