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  1. It would never damage the engine. At most it will burn out the starter.
  2. Still dont get why people hate it. I like it. Sure there are a few times i come to a stop and go right away and the engine auto stopped but not like it doesnt start right away. If you are to lazy to push one button when you get in and start up, then you must have a pathetic life.
  3. One of the few things i miss about my 2019 ram. You were able to set individual things to different units.
  4. Nope. Been through the entire owners manual and the closest it comes to answer it is “avoid extreme angles as this could make the vehicle unstable and tip over”. Few review videos mentioned the approach and departure angles and one mentions how much of an incline you can go up but nothing for side to side angles.
  5. I have the 6.2/10 speed at4 with the 18” wheels. Wife and I did a trip yesterday and got it down to 9.1L/100kms which is like 25mpg going 105kmh. Gotta say when you keep the speeds reasonable, the truck does pretty good. When i cruise at 119kmh, it sucks fuel pretty quick.
  6. Anyone know what the tip over angle is for the 2019 AT4? Parked on a sharp shoulder yesterday, hud was saying 14* angle, felt like alot more. Curious how far until it tips over.
  7. He said a hair above. I’m guessing he ment actual pain but around the mid/lower back. Not the actual hair on his back
  8. No i never called around. Dealership said their pdr guy they use looked at it and said it couldnt be done. Gotta take their word for it i guess.
  9. Was told due to the location of the dents, pdr wasnt possible.
  10. Got a call from the dealership. GM gave them the go ahead pull the box off, bang, file and fill the dents. Not really happy with that decision. Made a call to the gmc customer service line to see if something else can be done and if not, can i get some sort of compensation. $66k new truck with dents and needing body filler and paint work is bullshit.
  11. Just dropping it off now, found another dent on the left side rear pillar.
  12. Rear of the cab, at the bottom right handle corner of the rear window, directly inline with the truck bed.
  13. Alright thats good to hear. Just worried how the dent on the left is bowed out. Would think if there is any substantial weight applied, it would collapse.
  14. Thats just it, what is the right thing? This gonna effect structural integrity? Or am i over thinking it. I mean if im over thinking it, ill settle with body filler and paint. But if its gonna effect the integrity, i would want a new truck or new cab.
  15. The cab has a structural frame as well. Got into an accident with my first car and it had a small dent like that on the pillar and it was an automatic write off. How the left dent is bowed out is what concerns me more,
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