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  1. Yup. Since the rear rancho shocks were slighly compressed, gave it less travel. Put the blocks and oem ubolts back in
  2. need the relearn tool. Its like $15 and super easy to use. Turn aux power on with engine off, bring up the tire pressure screen, press and hold the check mark button for approx 5 seconds. “Tpms relearn” will display and your left front marker light will be on. Place the tool below the valve stem and press the button. You will hear a honk, then go to the passenger front and do the same. Once you finish all 4 you will hear 2 honks and you are all done. You have 5mins to complete it before it times out. Shouldnt take anymore then 1min.
  3. I have it on my AT4 with no issues. It does come with a long weather strip which is optional, probably for non multipro tail gates and I have 0 leaks.
  4. I went through the same thing with my truck. Picked it up and a few days later i noticed 3 dents im the cabs frame right behind the truck back. Looks like the factory hit the cab with the bed when installing it. Fought gmc for a couple months but they wouldnt give me a new truck. I was beyond pissed that i just paid $66k for a truck with dents and now bondo.
  5. Just lowering the rear? I did that last week, ended up not liking it. Removed the 2” block out of my at4. Didnt put anything in there. To much squat and rougher ride. 1. Jack the rear up 2. Unbolt the bottom of the rear shocks 3. Support the rear axle with a jack 4. Unbolt the u bolts in a cross pattern on one side. 5. Lower axle, swap blocks. 6. Raise axle back into position 7. Tighten u bolts in cross pattern to 120ft lbs. 8. Repeat steps 4-7 9. Bolt the shock back up 10. Lower truck back onto the ground.
  6. Mine did it a few more times since that post. But hasn't done it lately. There was an update the truck did not to long ago, curious if that had something to do with it because it hasn't done it since the update.
  7. Loves the mud. This is the first time having at tires and it had no issues getting through. Its mostly sand after the trail leading in. These tires hate the sand.
  8. I havent noticed any flex. But i did have a bad crest clearance issue which is weird as I been up this slop many times. Ended up bottoming out and ripped the right side running board off.
  9. as others mentioned, switch to L and use the + or - to select max gear. These come in handy when going down steep slopes. I used mine on my Ram when i was coming down from the Coq in British Columbia. Prevents over heating of your brakes.
  10. Curious of this myself. And im the same as your father, hate chrome, love the look of the at4. Due to a back injury from the military, there are days that getting in and out are a challange.
  11. Dont think anything is meaning to be an **** or rude. I live in Alberta and from Nova Scotia so i have driven in blizzards both wet and dry snow and never had snow build up near the bottom of the arms and prevent them from working.
  12. I live in Alberta, Canada. Never have this issue. But im one of the few people that isnt a lazy ass and actually clean the snow off my truck.
  13. Makes sense to not have the frame rest right on the leaf springs
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