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  1. I brought my truck (2019 6.2/10speed at4) in for a rough downshift from 4-3. I got called 2 hours later about a failed lifter, never caused a check engine light and sounded like that. Dealership discovered a failed lifter and bent push rod. They got permission from gm to replace both banks of lifters. Got the truck back yesterday and runs like new.
  2. thats most likely what it does as i never see water on the actual bed.
  3. mine sits behind the gate unless i release the cover latch, close the gate and then push down the cover to latch it down.
  4. Sounds like it was installed wrong. I installed mine and the tailgate works flawlessly.
  5. 2019 AT4 with the 6.2/10speed, coming up on 61,000kms and not a single issue with the engine. First winter i owned the truck i kept getting "service 4wd system" and my wireless charger wouldnt work. Those are the only issues I have had with my truck. Only mods i have is AFE magnum intake and a JLT oil catch can. I change my oil every 10,000kms.
  6. I just removed a set of hakkapeliitta 7suv studded off my rims in 275/60R20.
  7. I swapped to my winter wheels/tires between the 1st and 2nd attempt and it made no difference.
  8. Got it sorted out. Took the dealership 3 tries to get the alignment right. Last one they just adjusted the toe
  9. So i booked my 19 AT4 in for an alignment since i removed the lift kit and went with bilstein 5100’s for a regular sierra (multiple reasons why i dont want the lift kit and why i went with a at4). So brought it in and first thing that pissed me off was they didnt give me a spec sheet. After asking for it i got it but they didnt record the before spec. So i leave, noticed the steering wheel is slightly turned to the left when going straight and if i straighten it, it pulls right. I called the dealership to rebook to get it fixed. Dropped it off and picked it up today. Got a call its fixed and the tech took it for a test drive. I pick it up and its still not fixed. I am taking the roads crown into effect but its still messed up and wasnt before i brought it in for the first alignment. So here I am, waiting for them to get the foremen to go for a test drive with me and see where we go from here. I was gonna do it myself but quickly realized there is no drag link on these electronic steering systems. what is the issue here? Is adjusting the toe the only way to align the steering wheel with the wheel now?
  10. The thing is you see posts about all the failures but you dont see all the posts with no failures. I am at 52,200kms and haven't had any issues
  11. Funny, i have a AT4 and just installed bilstein shocks front and rear and removed the life kit. I installed base sierra cv axles in the front. The length is the same but the housing part that goes into the diff is slightly smaller.
  12. Did anyone say they cant afford the fuel? Does worrying or curious about the fuel economy mean you cant afford the truck? I guess my bank account didnt realize that. Dumbest thing i have ever read. Would you rather a truck that gets decent fuel economy or a truck that you have to fill up every 100miles on a long trip?
  13. Look in your fender area, there is no air flow in there and its not sealed off from the engine bay, so its sucking in cold air from the factory snorkel and hot air from the fender. If there was cold air coming in through the fender and it was blocked off from the engine bay, it would be great.
  14. As i mentioned above, s&b isnt a true enclosed as its sucking hot air from the fender.
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