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  1. Dont think anything is meaning to be an **** or rude. I live in Alberta and from Nova Scotia so i have driven in blizzards both wet and dry snow and never had snow build up near the bottom of the arms and prevent them from working.
  2. I live in Alberta, Canada. Never have this issue. But im one of the few people that isnt a lazy ass and actually clean the snow off my truck.
  3. Makes sense to not have the frame rest right on the leaf springs
  4. Thats all fine and dandy if you plan on lifting it to level it. I want to lower the rear to level it.
  5. So was this ever figured out? I too want to do this same thing to make the truck level as well as make it a little easier to load my motorbike in the bed. Can i just remove the block or should i install a smaller block?
  6. I did just under 1000kms yesterday to pick up a bike for someone. Had to leave the window defrost on otherwise the windshield and front side windows would frost/ice up instantly.
  7. -43*C today, -52*C with the windchill. I can vouch the OP’s post. I too noticed the rear vents blow very little and its colder air then the fronts. Guessing it cools off by the time it goes through the console and gets to the back. Only solution is to close some of the front vents.
  8. I know how engines work and what higher octane does. Putting 87 in my truck wont cause any damage and putting 94 wont help it any either. You want to explain how im adding more stress to it when i dont go above 2000rpms or past 1/4 throttle? And no signs of knock or pinging?
  9. Havent had any issues with my rear window with the AT4. Only issues i have had is “service 4wd” any time i switched to any of the 4wd’s. Had it happen 3 times, each time the dealership does a system relearn and sends me on my way. Hasnt done it in quite awhile though so i think the 3rd time it fixed it.
  10. Yea, 94.9/L for 87 and 125.9 for 94. If it was something like $5-10 difference per tank, the. Yea i would put premium in all the time. But $27 per tank which i cant really use as the roads are covered in ice and snow is just pointless.
  11. Currently -41*C (with the windchill) with snow and ice on the road. No need to go over 2000rpms or the extra hp. So why spend $27 per tank extra? I got no problem using 91/94 in the summer, but absolutely no reason to use it in the winter.
  12. I never understood the logic of paying more for gas when it makes 0 difference. Might as well throw money out the window while you drive.
  13. Its winter in Alberta so gotta drive easy. Went out today, fresh snow on ice in -25*c. Had a ass pucker moment on the highway. In the summer i may use 91.
  14. Been running 87 the last couple months, no issues, no pinging. Only your wallet knows the difference.
  15. Thanks, ill check into those tires. As i mentioned, its not just the trip im focused on. Its just we are going on it shortly after the snow melts, so thats when ill want them. Will most likely have 2 sets of rims, one for the summer and the other for the winter. So hopefully they last me a few years.
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