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  1. The thing is you see posts about all the failures but you dont see all the posts with no failures. I am at 52,200kms and haven't had any issues
  2. Funny, i have a AT4 and just installed bilstein shocks front and rear and removed the life kit. I installed base sierra cv axles in the front. The length is the same but the housing part that goes into the diff is slightly smaller.
  3. Did anyone say they cant afford the fuel? Does worrying or curious about the fuel economy mean you cant afford the truck? I guess my bank account didnt realize that. Dumbest thing i have ever read. Would you rather a truck that gets decent fuel economy or a truck that you have to fill up every 100miles on a long trip?
  4. Look in your fender area, there is no air flow in there and its not sealed off from the engine bay, so its sucking in cold air from the factory snorkel and hot air from the fender. If there was cold air coming in through the fender and it was blocked off from the engine bay, it would be great.
  5. As i mentioned above, s&b isnt a true enclosed as its sucking hot air from the fender.
  6. my 2019 ram with a afe intake had a outline on the padding under the hood from the intake box. So you can defiantly tell it was sealed.
  7. yea i live in alberta so temps are on the cooler side. If anything, sucking in abit of hot air from the engine bay will help when its -40*c. The afe intake i have sure does let the engine growl.
  8. I’m no expert but the s&b intake design is less efficient at being a “cai” then stock. The extra intake ports on the side to grab air from the fender, but there is no air flow there, nor is the engine bay sealed off from that section. Looks like it draws in more hot air from the engine bay then a open box housing.
  9. Yes, i rarely go off road so no need for AT tires. That being said, i picked these continental tires up for cheap and they suck. 10 ply, LT tires, heavy, solid and loud as hell. Will be replacing them after the winter.
  10. 8000+Km trip from Edmonton, Alberta to St Thomas, Ontario with some day trips in between. Truck did pretty good overall. Except for the cel that popped up just over 1000kms from home. Stopped at a dealership to get the code read and it was camshaft position sensor. I am hoping it has nothing to do with a lifter failure. I was stretching my oil change, normally do them every 10,000km and just did it this morning which was 12,495kms since the last one, oil life meter was at 0% for like 500km. I have the 6.2L but ran 87 octane and more then a few times did wot pulls to pass traffic, tha
  11. Its mainly semi trucks that are flashing me. Had a bunch last night, even though they clearly seen me turn my high beams off when they came within range/sight of my lights.
  12. Get my headlights adjusted…gee, why didnt i think of that.
  13. Not the dot, didnt notice there was one honestly. But from the middle of the housing, which was 44”. Placed a line of painters tape on the wall, 44”” from the ground, backed up 25ft, put the middle of the hot spot for each light on the tape. I didnt aim left to right though. as for ripping the lift out. Only 2 trims had the options i wanted, the denali or at4. The denali was 24k more and had a ****** load of chrome that i hate. I dont care for lifted trucks, prefer lowered honestly. I have a back injury from the military and my sciatic nerve hates me most days. So getting in and out
  14. The truck doesnt have a caroline squat. Rear still has just over 1 inch gap more then the front. I know how to align headlights, its not my first time doing headlights. And yes, ill be a douche if you blind me for no ****ing reason, ill blind you back.
  15. Anyone else keep getting flashed at night? Currently on a long trip, going through Ontario and we (wife is driving at the moment) keep getting flashed by on coming traffic. Low beams on only, dont even have fog lights on. I’m in the process of removing the factory lift kit out of my AT4 for various reasons. The rear is lowered on bilstein shocks, fronts are back ordered. I did aim my headlights before we left eince the ass end is sitting lower. Center of the low beams is 44” from the ground and backed 25’ from the wall and got them aimed perfectly. The on coming traffic quickly release they *
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