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  1. Open box =loud as **** close box intake =loud drop in filter = quiet since a drop in filter will still have the big chamber in front of the throttle body, it will kill all the noise. I just installed a afe magnum stage 2 intake and the engine is loud as ****.
  2. im assuming the trail boss uses the same as the AT4? I ordered base/elevation 5100’s for my AT4 since im removing the lift kit and lowering my truck. Took over a month to the the rear shocks. Been waiting 2 months for the front and was originally told end of July, beginning of August. Now eta is end of August. Placed it through Essex Bilstein Canada. They get them from Bilstein USA.
  3. I too traded my 19 Ram 1500 sport in for my AT4 and dont regret my decision one bit. What i do regret is wastinf money on thst Ram. I had a 2016 Ram with air ride suspension that kept shitting the bed every winter. So i traded it in for the 2019,ram which does look amazing but was the biggest piece of ****** ever. Spent more time at the dealership then on the road. Finally said **** it and made the jump. Love my AT4, doesnt look as nice imo but performs better and has better features. You will love the Denali.
  4. I didnt know what problems, if any, I would run into if i didnt change out the axles. It's in the part list for the factory lift kit, so thats why I changed it. And eventually i might go lower, doubt it, but at least the option is there. At least now its easier to get into the truck with my sciatic nerve going crazy and my motorbike doesnt bottom out on the ramps when i load it into the bed. i usually keep oem parts so whenever i decided to get rid of it, i can put it back to stock and sell whatever aftermarket parts I have. Dealerships wont give you a penny when you trade in for the aftermark
  5. I dont have a dog lol. Probably deer or other wild life.
  6. Got them thanks. It took alot of digging around but i found a company that can get them tomorrow, are about an hour and a half away and $150 cheaper then the dealership. Really wish gm would have kept the old style axles.
  7. My VIN starts with a 1. I found the correct ones on that site, Again, its a US company and im in canada, so shipping costs more then the axles lol. Total price is $100 more then what the dealership wants to charge me. Doubt im gonna find any in canada so im just going to the dealership today and order them.
  8. i guess that gets me more info but those ship out of the states and cost the same or more then the dealership. Probably a no but are the gm part numbers for the axles the same for aftermarket axles a store/shop may get in? Im guessing not. also just noticed the info on those, it says with the 2” lift package. So those would be what is already in my AT4. I need the shorter ones that come with the sle, base or elevation. Not sure if the denali uses the same ones.
  9. Alright, i have a 2019 sierra 1500 AT4 wth the 6.2. I am in the process of lowering it for multiple reasons. Dont ask why and dont ask why didnt i buy another trim. Rear is already done by removing the blocks and installing bilstein 5100’s for a base/elevation sierra. Fronts are still back ordered until next month, thankfully. I cant for the life of me find the shorter axles from the base, sle or elevation other then the dealership. Went to Canadian Tire today and bought a set for almost half the price then the dealership. Got home and they are for the previous gen with the 5 bolt bolt-on sty
  10. that it was. I was surprised how well the truck did with the winter tires. The fronts only had 2mm of tread and the rears only had 4mm left.
  11. I used it to go down a -22* slope In the snow. Worked pretty good and even held me in place on studded winter tires that were pretty much tosst
  12. They are one time use but thats not an issue. There is a local shop that makes u bolts in 15mins for $30 (bolts and washers included). Thats what is installed right now so if I have to get another set made up, not an issue.
  13. Yea that picture is without blocks but still with the rancho shocks. 2” drop front and i guess 4” drop in the rear as long as it doesnt cause any issues
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