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  1. Looks much cleaner and they are hard to see from 10' away
  2. I don't like the look of the caps, and definitely don't like the mud flaps/splash guards. I found a wrap that is close to the color of my truck, also should protect against chips. Whole thing took 30 mins, behind front tire and in front of rear tire.
  3. Quick shot with the Can Am headed to shoot some clays.
  4. I cut the white wire off at the relay and tapped an ign hot fuse in the cab, now the switch only lights up when the ignition is on.
  5. I would think its drive-line, since I have no vibration with the shims in and have run factory and 35" tires.
  6. My 19 rides so smooth and is great for day to day driving, but when I hook up to a trailer I sure do miss the duramax. For me It came down to sticker price and justifying the need vs want.
  7. Got mine back last week. The steering column due to the TSB, took 1 month to get.
  8. I got my tires installed yesterday. Ridge Grapplers 35 x 11.5 R20
  9. I took my truck in to the dealer on 8/12 because the shifter would not go completely into park without hitting it with your palm. They instantly gave me a loaner, and called a couple days later to say the whole steering column had to be replaced and the vehicle could not be driven. 18 days later still no parts and no true ship or delivery dates. The dealership has been very polite and communicated frequently, but i'd like to get my truck before hunting season. Has anyone else had an issue with getting parts?
  10. Mine is currently at the dealer getting a new column. The shifter would not go completely into park, not allowing the doors to unlock or the vehicle to start back up. They say a loose bolt has wallered out the threads and the column has to be replaced. Only 11k miles.
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