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  1. This has been happening to me for the last 5 days on a 2019 trail boss with 65000 kms. I leave my truck with fob in hand and about 10mins later it gives me 3-5 quick honks, like super quick. No idea why it’s doing it. Leave key fob in house, go out to investigate, trucks locked, no lights on dash like something is on. Yesterday morning I started the truck, went to back up Out of the driveway for work and my steering wheel was locked. Cycled off, on. Still locked. Another cycle, same thing.... locked. No lights on dash, nothing, Everything else was normal. Came home after work, started it and it was normal again. Had steering. No idea. Hate this truck
  2. I have 63000kms on my 2019 trail boss and on my 3rd set of brakes, the pins in the callipers are seizing and when I apply the brakes they stick on and don’t release so slight pressure is always on. Got told to use wd40 on pins so they wouldn’t seize.
  3. Looks like safety chain hookup points if your pulling from your bumper with a ball
  4. I have 64000kms on my 19 trailboss. Never had an issue with this System at all. Went to dealer for something different and they did the brake recall. Now truck has all the lights on, engine power reduced, service ecs, check engine, abs lights.
  5. I have 80000kms on my 19 trail boss now. This used to happen but I learned once I go from reverse to drive you have to “pause” before shifting into drive and be in complete stop for a couple seconds. If you rush it , it will delay and clunk in a forward motion. Hasn’t happened since I started pausing between shifts
  6. So y in the f would u reply on oil pressure on the diesel if that’s what u have . Totally different
  7. hi, I’m the original person who started this thread, was just at my dealer for an oil change and they told me there’s a recall on my truck for these oil cooler lines for a different design. Even though they put a new one on after my original one failed they said this one could fail too cause it’s the same hose.
  8. Sounds like the same thing that was happening with mine. Been 4000kms since the ecm was replaced. Hasn’t missed a beat yet. They replace the foot pedal the first time, made 100kms and all the lights came back on.
  9. Just wondering if GM fixed this problem or is anyone still having this problem with the cooler lines.
  10. I know this is a little different but I was having trouble with “service esc” “engine power reduced”. I also lost brakes with 150kms on the truck back in oct 2018. Never happened again. Now have 53990kms on it. Anyway, dealer put a new throttle position sensor in my truck, clear codes, all was good for a whopping 100kms. Back it went into shop, they replaced ecm and all has been good since the change out. Wonder if the ecm is causing these other problems too?
  11. Hey, got my oil sample back from a 3rd party after this oil cooling line blew all the oil out of the engine and it came back good no traces of any metal. Good peice of mind to have after this incident. If this happened to you I’d recommend getting your oil tested too. Cheap to do for reasurance
  12. Not an oil leak, engine burning oil now because of the oil line failure and blew all the oil out. Read the thread.
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