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  1. Hey, got my oil sample back from a 3rd party after this oil cooling line blew all the oil out of the engine and it came back good no traces of any metal. Good peice of mind to have after this incident. If this happened to you I’d recommend getting your oil tested too. Cheap to do for reasurance
  2. Not an oil leak, engine burning oil now because of the oil line failure and blew all the oil out. Read the thread.
  3. Just got my oil changed since the incident with the oil cooler line. My oil % on dash was at 18% at time of oil change. I was keeping an eye on oil level as well. It was down maybe a litre. No signs of burning oil. They took the oil filter and oil from the oil change and getting a 3rd party oil analysis done as per my request. Should hear something something next week.
  4. Why don’t u just list it on this thread the one everyone is reading
  5. They are not rubbing. Both hose are wide open into a cooler. A crimp doesn’t let go due to rubbing. It’s pressure that’s causes they hose to blow out of the crimp. Have seen it lots in heavy machinery that run huge psi in hose but not 40 like these engines do
  6. Look at very first few pics of the thread It’s even circled. Bottom of radiator is where a cooler is located.
  7. No recall that I’m aware of. Pretty sure they will when gm see’s all the engines loosing oil and people having to stop abruptly on roads
  8. I’d like to note I have put on 4500kms since the hose failure as well.
  9. Hi, truck is running fine. Had a different engine noise on a cold start one morning when it was below zero other then that it’s been doing fine. Still going to do an oil analysis. Going to drop some oil out personally and then take it to dealer to see what they say when they do there on the next oil change. I don’t trust them.
  10. Got the truck back this am, truck was gone for a week. New hose was put on and filled it with oil and they gave it back. We are going to take an oil sample here before next oil change to see if any filings are present and go from there. There is currently no strange noises coming from engine. Engine temp is normal. I will monitor engine oil ussage as well to see if it’s burning oil. Good luck with your truck. Terrible feeling
  11. Truck went to dealer today. The failed part (. Oil cooler line ) is 7-10 days away and is coming from the states. Once the hose is on they will diagnose the engine
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