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  1. +1 for Adams Tire Armor. Not to shiney (depending on how many coats you use) and lasts a really long time. Tire stays clean too in between washes. Not a lot of dirt on the surface.
  2. check out YouTube there are a few videos on trim removal
  3. Yes. And I even keep my truck in the garage. Just used Adams VRT and it seemed to help resort the natural color.
  4. Depending on what they offer you for trade/buyback it might be better to see what another dealer might offer you as trade-in value for a Ford/Ram or another GM.
  5. It could be that you need to tighten the 4 bolts in the engine compartment fuse box to 6Nm. This has been causing dead batteries and start up issues. There is a dead battery thread in this forum about that. At 2K miles I tightened mine this weekend. They were very loose. Luckily I had no issues prior.
  6. I'm the OP on this topic. After extensive research I've deduced that this is normal. These are very noisy engines when cold. Manifold ticks when its heating up, the high pressure fuel pump is loud etc. If it doesn't do it when the engine has warmed up it should be fine.
  7. Sounds like your dealership did right by you. I used to live in Northern VA and there were a couple of good ones down there.
  8. It scares me how many engine and parking brake issues these 2019 and 2020 trucks have. Makes me wonder what the actual percentage of problems compared to total number of trucks produced....Or is it just the fact that we see them more frequently because we come to these forums.
  9. Going to check mine in the morning! Did you have to disconnect the neg battery terminal or can you just tighten it with a ratchet?
  10. Was it able to crank and start at all? I think I remember some on here with some crazy error codes like that due to extremely low or discharged battery. I've got a 2020 6.2 Sierra as well. These trucks got some crazy issues.
  11. Highly recommend the the Truxedo Lo Pro. I had it on my last two trucks. Very good quality material and good seals. Low profile too.
  12. Just curious...Was yours assembled in the USA or Mexico? There also seems to be a lot of instances with things not being connected properly or torqued down enough. My February 2020 build had and oil cooler connector issue that I discovered in two days of ownership. Then I read about engine bay fuse boxes and u-bolts not being torqued down enough leading to issues.
  13. WOW. Those are some major issues. I have not experienced anything like that...yet. Every now and then, after reversing then shifting into Drive, the backup camera will remain on instead of switching to the forward camera. I think most issues on here are software related. Apparently the QA and testing of software at GM sucks big time.
  14. Surely there has to be a fix for this...I had a 2018 F-150 Platinum with the electric parking brake and never had an issue. Hardly ever used it too. I find myself making sure now I engage the parking brake then turning the engine off on my Sierra.
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