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  1. So after the dealer FINALLY fixed my oil leak (bad lower oil cooler connector) noticed driving down the highway and occasionally i was spewing a blueish/grayish white smoke from both of my exhaust. Only for 1 or 2 seconds at a time...in short bursts. I only have 1500 hundred miles on the damn truck. It's only happened about three to 4 times so far as it's not consistent. I can't seem to replicate it. Tooki it to the dealer and they didn't do anything. No DTCs showed up either. Fearing a head gasket leave I've completed the coolant block test, looked for creamy looking oil myself...Everything seems normal. I did check the oil level and it seemed way overfilled. Changed it a couple of days ago. I could swear it was like over 2 quarts overfilled. So I put 8 fresh quarts in and a new filter. Don't think I've driven it enough to see the smoke again...but it seems completely random. Could 1500 miles overfilled cause any permanent damage? I notice the smoke only after the oil connector repair. Maybe the dealer topped the oil off and overfilled it during the repair?
  2. Going to do the chemical block test this weekend and document with pics. If it tests positive then I'm starting the process of dumping this truck. I've spent a the last month visiting the dealer each week. This is the icing on the cake right here. Not a minor flaw
  3. Went to the dealer today to address my oil cooler connector leak...On the 17 mile trip there I glanced at my rear view and notice white smoke coming out the back of my truck. I though WTH, it stopped almost immediately as I saw it. Thinking I went over a something on the road. While at the dealer I didn't think anything of it. I just wanted my oil leak addressed. On the way back it did the exact same thing!!! I may have been doing more but I didn't notice. Definitely not consistant. Good it be my head gasket? Look at the oil filler cap, looked fine...Same with dipstick and coolant overflow. Looked fine too. Just ordered the chemical test from Amazon to check it for myself. What the heck is up with these trucks. Less than 1000 miles and less than a month old. Went out this evening and started it up and idled for a while...no smoke just water vapor. No bubbling in the coolant bottle either. Anyone else aware of this issue? Am I paranoid?
  4. My 2020 6.2L Sierra Denali is less than a month old and has already been to the dealer 3 times for an engine oil leak. Any of you have similar issues? Does anyone have a GM Representative's contact info to get them involved? I detected oil leaking covering the front frame ahead of the engine. 1st Trip: Dealer acknowledged oil and added a dye. Kept it overnight and drove it. They couldn't find anything. 2nd Trip: Two weeks later I took it in to the dealer again. This time they found the leak and said it was lower connector from the hose to the oil cooler. Sent me home after ordering the part. 3rd Trip: Two days later the part is installed. It does still have the oil leak...To top it off I think they made it worse!! I'm going to call them again and schedule an appt for yet another trip to get this fixed. IF that doesn't work. I'm raising holy hell.
  5. UPDATE: Well, just got back from the dealer. They found the leak. It was originating from the oil cooler. I spoke to the Tech and he said that the oil cooler line connection where its connected to the cooler was loose. They ordered a new part which will be here tomorrow and will install on Thursday morning.
  6. Yeah. When I first saw the leak I googled like crazy and saw all the posts. Brought those "crimps" to their attention. The Tech said it wasn't the crimps. After the first trip I dropped the shield myself and had a look. The metal to rubber crimps at the front and below the radiator area seemed OK. They were dry. I saw seepage coming from just behind the radiator area (The last pic in my post). I have an appt in the morning....Will report back and let you know what they tell me. I always expect the worst from these dealers. I'm sure they will say "No leak", "can't find it" or "wait til it gets worse".
  7. I picked up my new 1500 Sierra Denali 6.2 Friday before Memorial Day with 7 miles on it. Two days later in the driveway I notice a few drops of engine oil under the truck. Upon closer inspection I saw that the plastic skid plate area also had some oil. Looked as though the source is just behind the radiator area. I crawled under and also noticed that the front of the frame and lower engine area ahead of the engine also had a thin coat of engine oil. Upon opening the hood I noted that the insulation on the liner had a thin line due to slinging from the belt. I took it in to the dealer with 125 miles on it. They added a florescent UV dye to the oil drove it about 50 miles. They couldn't find any leak so they gave it back to me. This weekend I crawled under again to have a look. This time with my blacklight to see see if there was any oil. Sure enough oil in the exact same places. droplets on the lower bolts of the plastic skid plate, and some oil residue seeping from what looks like the oil cooler fins. and oil on the frame ahead of the engine itself. Definitely glowed with the blacklight. Have an appointment with the dealer again tomorrow. Hope they are able to find it this time. (See attached pics). What are by options if they tell me to go pound sand or they say it's nothing to worry about? Sorry but a 70K brand new truck shouldn't be leaking oil. My 2018 F150 3.5 ECO was bone dry under the hood and frame.
  8. I haven't seen any issues with my tranny yet. I had a 2018 F-150 before traded for my Denali last week. Never had an issue with the 10 speed. The reason why I traded was the cam phaser issue with the 3.5 ecoboost. Dealer refused to even acknowledge it. Could be just really bad QC. Too many vendors providing diff components. Got my Denali in the garage with cardboard under the engine. My blacklight will be here tomorrow so I can look for engine oil leak.
  9. I couldn't be certain but that much oil residue and droplets on a new truck with 6 miles on it is alarming! The dip tick measured full though. Got the truck back today. They wash off the oil, applied the dye and drove it. Even kept it over night and took it home for another 20 miles for it to work through. They couldn't find a leak and no new oil was present. I hope it was just the person on the line filling the fluids spilling oil in the engine bay.
  10. Curious... What is the build date of your truck? My Denali 6.2 is 2/20. From Mexico. Got got mine back they did the dye in the engine oil washed off the engine bay and drive for 6 miles. Couldn't find any oil leak. The mgr took it home last night to test and let the oil work through. No oil leak detected. The oil at the dip stick has been full from day one. I'm hoping it was just some Yahoo in Mexico who couldn't aim the oil hose right and spilled it in the engine bay. I guess I will just keep an eyes on it and check with my own black light at home.
  11. I've read all the horror stories on here about the oil cooler lines after I discovered the oil residue and droplets this past Tuesday. It was not low on oil though right on the full mark. It had 7 miles when I picked it up and 125 miles when I discovered the leak. I took the truck into my dealer today and also showed them photos what I saw. I didn’t want to delay scheduling an appointment in case it caused further damage to the engine. The Tech did note the oil upon his inspection. The service Consultant said that he cleaned up the oil and added a dye to the engine. He drove it for 6 miles then inspected it with a black light. They could not detect anything. He also noted that there was no drop in oil level when he checked via the dipstick. He does not think it is the oil cooler lines like many others on the truck forums have reported. I just approved their request for a manager to take the truck home tonight and they will inspect it again in the morning after the oil has been given some time to work it’s way through. If they don't find anything in the morning it may be a possibility that some yahoo spilled oil in there during the fill at the factory???
  12. That sucks man. I just got my 2020 1500 Denali 6.2 less than a week ago. Noticed engine oil dripping from the front. Crawled underneath and noted a lot more oil on the plastic skid plate and the frame and even more on front of engine. Also saw some oil pooling on the strut tower in engine on passenger side. Less than 200 miles on it!!! WTH? How could they miss this during the PDI? Taking it to dealer in the morning for them to have a look. I will ask them to check the tranny for leaks too.
  13. My 6.2 Denali was built 2/20 in Mexico. Took delivery on 5/22. Happened to me on 5/26. Less that 200 miles
  14. Definitely not fixed! Took delivery of a 2020 Sierra Denali on Friday 5/22. It happened to me today on 5/26. Build date was 2/20. Engine is a 6.2 Less than 200 f-ing miles!!
  15. Vin 1st digit: 3 First 3 of last 6 digits of Vin: 291xxx Motor: DFM, 6.2 Make: GMC Trim: Denali Build date: 2/20 Approx. 127 miles Approx. Date: 5/26/20
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