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  1. I went on probably everyday. It’s been three weeks since I logged on because of how much I dislike the website. Please fix this!
  2. They really put it on the back burner
  3. Is there any difference in changing these as in the previous model? I’ve changed a few sets of brakes and rotors before and was wondering if there’s anything different I need to know with the t1’s. Thanks
  4. I don’t tow at all and mostly drive highway. Have I been heavy on the breaks, yes. However, majority of the time I put cruise control on and drive with the flow of traffic. Like I mentioned before, I’ve had issues with the brakes for quite sometime. I took a look at my rotors today when I got home from work and it appears my fronts are warped. I’m also getting the symptoms of wheel shake with the pulsating braking. So no to power stop and yes to ebc and ultra rotors?
  5. Please fix this. This website is terrible when on my phone. It feeezes, goes blank, doesn’t load, etc. This is ridiculous
  6. I was looking at those but wasn’t sure if they were good or not. My brakes have had issues since the beginning. Dealer already cut them and slapped new pads on. It’s only gotten worse.
  7. So I have 33k on the truck and the front rotors are warped. Pedal pulsating and vibration in wheel. Highly doubt dealership will do anything about this. What rotors and pads would you recommend not breaking the bank? This damn truck keeps being a pita. Thanks
  8. Any updates? This is really getting annoying
  9. Looks good. Did you remove the trim before wrapping the interior? What brand of wrap did you go with?
  10. I’m also having this issue. I hate using the website. Hopefully they figure it out and fix it
  11. I’ll give it a try again tomorrow. I did disconnect the negative terminal for about the same amount of time so I guess that’s not the issue
  12. I had several codes: p0100 p0101 u25a2 u1346 i took off the pulsar and drove around and it seems they may be clearing. I wonder what the issue is? I may install it again and then drive it and see if it clears. update: just went to pick up daughter from track and codes are all gone. I wonder if somethings may be wrong with the product. Two questions. First, did anyone connect theirs to the computer to update and secondly did you disconnect the negative terminal and for how long?
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