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  1. Definitely the brake switch at the top of the pedal. Very quick and easy repair. Does your Traction control and stabilitrac lights also come on from time to time? There are multiplr circuits in the seitch for vontrolling lights, brakes cruise. Any one of the circuits could be out and then the whole switch needs repalcing.
  2. I reset mine using a VXDIAG for GM and my PC. If you have a flex fuel vehicle the ethanol % may be way off as well. It can also be reset. I found the test port of the manifold cover was removed which was giving me high long term fuel trims. What codes are you getting?
  3. No way to disable the light that I know of.
  4. Yes Bolt pattern is different on 2011+ is 8X180mm on 2010 and earlier it is 8X6.5in
  5. On the 2008 you van air out the tires for a few seconds instead of learning with the tool. The 18s will definitely work in the 08s (same frequency). Follow the instructions in the owners manual.
  6. Sorry you are correct on the orange wire it is for the CHMSL (brake light) It was too early for me that morning. I took my backup feed for the camera off of the seven pin trailer connector for the camera itself and hardwired the monitor so it is constantly on so there is no delay when I go in reverse. You will not need a step down for the monitor, you could use a 1amp inline fuse but it is not necessary as your monitor will only draw what it needs.
  7. go to gmfitter website and lookup the SEO upfitter connections sections. There is already RAP fused in that junction. I used it to power my backup mirror monitor. There is also a backup wire under the dash that is blunt cut and fused for the trailer brake controller if you do not have the factory trailer brake. I believe it is the orange wire in that bundle and should be marked.
  8. It will take up to 30 restart cycles to clear the code if it was just for the misfire
  9. Yes most likely the brake switch. The cruise control may also not work and your rear lights may ocassionaly go out. My 2010 did the same thing and it was the switch. Cheap ten minute fix with the new part.
  10. If your engine is an E85 capable, then that port being open may also upset the computers ethanol percentage calculation to compensate for more air and dump more fuel in the system at low RPMs. Your fuel mileage will drop a little like 10% and you will need to reset the ethanol percentage and fuel trims after capping the port with a Good bi-directional scanner or Tech II. It probably got knocked off when someone had trouble putting the upper cover back on. I jnow that what happened to mine .
  11. The big question is "where is all that Lithium to come from". China controls most of the supply and we would probably have to rape the amazon rain forests to increase the supply needed to produce all these batteries.
  12. The CMHSL wire is the orange wire under the dash tied in with the blunt cut trailer brake wires if you do not have a OEM trailer brake controller.
  13. You do not need data or even cell service to use Waze or Here WeGo on your cell phone if it has a built on GPS chip. Most Samsung phones have GPS built in.
  14. To program you will still need a subscription to the software files mentioned above $40 for 2 years no matter which clone you get.
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