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  1. The big question is "where is all that Lithium to come from". China controls most of the supply and we would probably have to rape the amazon rain forests to increase the supply needed to produce all these batteries.
  2. The CMHSL wire is the orange wire under the dash tied in with the blunt cut trailer brake wires if you do not have a OEM trailer brake controller.
  3. You do not need data or even cell service to use Waze or Here WeGo on your cell phone if it has a built on GPS chip. Most Samsung phones have GPS built in.
  4. To program you will still need a subscription to the software files mentioned above $40 for 2 years no matter which clone you get.
  5. That is correct! I used one to reset my ethanol percentage and do some diagnostics. It is a bugger to install in the PC, but, it is definitely a Tech2 clone. I have not signed up for GMs programming software yet.
  6. Get aftermarket ones and replace both sides, the other side will not be far behind. Twenty minute job you can do yourself in the driveway.
  7. I do not see anything missing but it looks like the headlight wiring has been redone to run HID lights and some other things. They are all sitting in the second battery tray so I assume that the truck does not have the second battery option.
  8. If it is running rich then you have an air starvation issue. Did you check the air filter for restrictions and also clean the MAF sensor with the proper cleaner. If the alcohol content was wrong then it would be running lean and add more fuel to compensate throwing codes P0171 and P0174. Low fuel pressure can also cause this to a certain extent but is not very likely. An exhaust leak could alos show these symptoms. Check the long term fuel trims and that might point you in the correct direction.
  9. It is not the sensor you need just the bigger valve stems to move the sensors onto.
  10. No flex fuel sensor. It is calculated based on MAF and O2 readings. I would be looking at the wiring for the MAF and Throtle Body before going any further. What codes are showing? What happens to the LTFTs is more critical than the STFTs and as well the ethanol %.
  11. The switch is at the top of the brake pedal. It has several circuits and one may be bad. I replaced mine because the cruise would not work and then several months later the traction control and stabilitrack would not work. Brakes and lights worked OK though. Five minute install time.
  12. Yes they will. They are the same sensors up until 2018. 2019s use a different sensor.
  13. Attached are the instructions trailer brake wiring.pdf
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