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  1. That is very repairable if the frame is not tweaked. Need it to be inspected to get a definitive answer.
  2. Go to GM upfitters website and download the wiring section. It has all the wiring for all GM trucks
  3. Go to GMupfitters website and use the SEO location for RAP power locations, there are unused connectors for RAP and constant power in ALL the GM pickups. Just look up your year and then follow their details.
  4. Ianf


    I believe the sensors since 2008 are on the side of the block just above and in front of the oil filter. easy to change out and check the wiring. Just did my driver side one while under doing my oil change in about a minute and a half. One connector and one 13mm bolt.
  5. As I am retired and only drive mostly short trips around town, I have reduced my OCI due to all the heat cycling my engine now does and don't run under 40-50%. Marty, I have been reading all your threads for a few years and find them very educational. My truck is now 11.5 years old and I feel that rust will eat it away long before I hit 200K let alone 1M. Keep up the educational work and maybe we will get a few converts to treating their equipment with respect.
  6. My 2010 4.8 did the same thing and had 2 issues, alcohol percentage was 35%, fixed that and still an issue. Turned out to be the vacuum port on the passenger side valve cover had been knocked off when changing the plugs. Put a rubber cap on it and it clear my negative LTFTs on both banks.
  7. Sounds like a temp sensor is faulty somewhere. i.e. ambient temp sensor.
  8. Wow They did not see the issue with the tires? I would never go back there.
  9. Had the same problem with Ublock last week and it is now fixed for me as well.
  10. I get no graphics just typed menu lists etc. I have an ad blocker installed that worked fine until last week. See pics of the display I get trying to get in.
  11. Last week this site stopped working with firefox browser. Is a fix in the works?
  12. Any parts place should have rubber caps that fit that port.
  13. You also need to scan and get an ethanol percentage reading first. If the % is way off i.e. 45% when your only running a known 15%, then you have a vacuum leak and have not been following proper refueling procedures. Make sure the vacuum test port on the right side valve cover is not leaking (it is a tab that breaks off and needs to be capped after the test). The hard start is usually the throttle position sensor or fuel pressure.
  14. Go to the GM upfitter site and use the SEO/Upfitter location in the black box under the parking brake pedal. There are two RAP circuits there and several hot circuits. Add an inline fuse to your wiring. That is where my dashcam and backup camera are wired to in my 2010.
  15. I think that you will see a trend towards hydrogen fuel development and infrastructure over the next 5 years. Some of the major oil companies are already doing the R&D for this. Unfortunately, this also requires increases in the electric grid to manufacture the hydrogen, but, is more efficient than solar or wind and the proper infrastructure will get rid of the range limitations. Off hour wind farms can be used to create the hydrogen, i.e. at night and storage technologies are slowly being developed.
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