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  1. Search GMupfitter.com on google. They have all the wiring diagrams for our trucks.
  2. That is only if the tires are NOT directional. Some tires only should be used in the correct direction as marked on the sidewall.
  3. on my 2010 i used the 7pin trailer connector. their is a constant 12V there that has more power than you might need. You may have to connect it at the fuse box though as they are not factory connected.
  4. I have the Chinese VCX Nano as well and use it regularly. The only caution is the software they ship with and you download from their site Always has a Virus on it. Use the appropriate caution when installing and make sure your virus protection is up to date. There are plenty of users that will lead you through the install
  5. Unfortunately, executive pay at large corporations also drives the pay of government employees and civic leaders who use these figures to justify handing out more cash to their officers and directors, even charitable organizations use it to justify their director and officer numbers. Public service executives also use it.
  6. Please read that chart carefully all Silverados and Sierras are 140 not 100
  7. Are there unused taps in that box? If so, test them for power and note their state (RAP or constant and use them for your dash cam. That box on the 2010 I have, which is a base model, had all the wiring in there for my dashcam and any aux wiring I might need. GMupfitters showed me which to use for my needs. They may have cut those feeds in later years but I doubt it as it would be too expensive to make multiple harnesses. I know is was still on the pickups of your model year.
  8. There should be a separate box under the dash that has the upfitter pins for all aux wiring requirements. I know on the GMT900 series it is by the brake pedal. I do not know where it is in the other models but the GMUPFITTER.com website has all the wiring information for all GM trucks including the Yulon. The manuals are several hundred pages long and have all the info you need, you just have to spend the time to digest the information and find the box with the connectors. The description of the pinouts is in the manuals in the link i provided.
  9. Check GM upfitter website for the SEO pin locations in the inside og the cab. There should be spare pins for RAP and constant power.
  10. My original battery lasted 11+ years on my 2010, I just changed it year as it wasn't spinning the starter as fast as normal. I do mostly short trips and it only has 67000 miles on it. Owned since new and never needed boosting. sometimes it would sit for days at the airport or in my driveway without being used.
  11. That is very repairable if the frame is not tweaked. Need it to be inspected to get a definitive answer.
  12. Go to GM upfitters website and download the wiring section. It has all the wiring for all GM trucks
  13. Go to GMupfitters website and use the SEO location for RAP power locations, there are unused connectors for RAP and constant power in ALL the GM pickups. Just look up your year and then follow their details.
  14. Ianf


    I believe the sensors since 2008 are on the side of the block just above and in front of the oil filter. easy to change out and check the wiring. Just did my driver side one while under doing my oil change in about a minute and a half. One connector and one 13mm bolt.
  15. As I am retired and only drive mostly short trips around town, I have reduced my OCI due to all the heat cycling my engine now does and don't run under 40-50%. Marty, I have been reading all your threads for a few years and find them very educational. My truck is now 11.5 years old and I feel that rust will eat it away long before I hit 200K let alone 1M. Keep up the educational work and maybe we will get a few converts to treating their equipment with respect.
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