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  1. I used a can of stop leak on my 2010. It plugged the orifice tune within weeks and I had to replace the orifice and accumulator. It is still leaking about 5-6 oz, per year But thats OK because its all 12A. I ditched 134a when I did the repair.
  2. On the GMT900 series a faulty brake pedal switch couls also cause this effect. Might be the same on a 2014.
  3. 2012 Sierra 6.0 AC issues

    more than likely low on refrigerant. It may have a slow leak, but, DO NOT use any sealer as it will definitely plug the orifice tube and lead to more costly repairs. Have someone check the level, at six years old that is more than likely the problem.
  4. Could also be the brake switch at the top of the brake pedal going bad. Do your brake lights all work properly or flicker? My 2010 did this for a while and then the brake lights started acting up. Replaced the brake switch and it fixed both problems.
  5. Dome light on a '12 is not canbus.
  6. The Aging Process Is Showing Up

    Feel all your pain! I am 65 and a retired accountant, lots of travel during my career sleeping in various hotels worldwide. Never found a mattress I liked in any of them. My right hip started giving me issues a couple years ago and we just went with a memory foam multi-layer mattress about two months ago. No more hip pain. Even though I worked at a desk all my life I kept active and still do. Now if Chevy could just make a more comfortable drivers seat!
  7. HID Help

    Did you install it with a relay kit? You might have a bad balast on one side, but, I think a relay kit is required for all Silverados. Canceller is not required though.
  8. Take it from an avid curler, Sweeping is very cardio intensive. The sweepers are out there on the ice in just short sleeved shirts for a reason. They come off sweating like crazy. Any advantage you can get in the physical demands of the sport is a plus. Gone are the days when most curlers were overweight drinkers and smokers! As I now mostly play at the Skip position I miss the heart pounding sweeping required from the front end of the team.
  9. Valve stems / TPMS parts ?

    The TPMS sensor mounts on the Valve stem via a screw. On both types on valve stems (metal and rubber) you can replace the stems and keep the TPMS sensor. If these are your original sensors on an '09 I would consider replacing them as well at this point as the batteries should be close to the end of their life. The tire shop can test the battery strength but it is not a very accurate process. The batteries are NOT serviceable. Lookup up sensors on amazon and you will see what them stems and TPMS sensors look like and how they mount.
  10. If you ever used leak seal in the system it probably gummed up the orifice tube. In any event, if you replace the orifice also replace the evap./drier. One can of leak seal for a slow leak over many years and it totally clogged my orifice tube turned into a cement like consistency and was a bugger to remove the tube and clean the system.
  11. Water in Rear Doors!

    I have had the same issue on my 2010 silvy. I removed the plugs under the weatherstripping on the rear doors and left them out. If you had the truck rustproofed when new or recently, just leave them out at it will not happen any more. Been at least three years since i had the issue and I removed then little plugs on Both rear doors. Yearly, I also check the fronts when they respray my truck.
  12. Welcome form another GTA truck owner. Did you check whether the rubber stops inside the leaf springs are still there. That will caused all kinds of bed noise issues. Other than that, you just need someone to look at it on a hoist and see what is going on under there. Any uneven wear on the tires, front or rear?
  13. The number after the E is the percentage of ethanol in the gas. You can use anything up to 85%. Your MPG will go down if you use E85. E15 is the new standard in most states and Canada.
  14. Could also be an internally collapsed brake hose to one of the front calipers, thus not releasing correctly.
  15. You should use the SEO upfitter's connectors up the dash just to the left of the steering column. It has retained accessory power (RAP)triggers and others in it. The camera should be either wired to the backup lights or the 7 pin trailer connector. That is the easiest way to go. www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/109163-rap-how-to-on-nbs-keyed-accessory-power/page-1 give a lot of detail on this method.

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