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  1. The higher the lift they better it looks sorry she’s dirty AF right now 9” McGaughy lift but gonna add the 2” leveling kit to front and 1.5” rear shackle to lift the back to get it alil higher wish I would of just did the 12”
  2. Same here bro, maybe on my next truck I’ll do that but wife wants a yukon so idk yet.
  3. How much u charging?! Look good but more work then I want to do
  4. 7”-9” McGaughy lift set at 9” 24x14 with 37s -76 offset
  5. Selling a set of T1 LED TAILLIGHTS (OEM LED TAILLIGHTS OFF A HIGH COUNTRY SILVERADO) HMU if interested thanks 600$ plus shipping
  6. Dammit bro, not sure what that could be then. That’s a lot of codes wish I could help more but might have to find somebody with a good scanner to check it. I have a friend that gots a nice snap on scanner that I take mine too, I’ll ask him if he’s ever seen that before.
  7. Get the volt meter and check each of the studs each stud is like a different fuse, cant tell if it’s burnt unless you check with a volt meter.
  8. Wife as bitching about giving me a jump so you can say I was distracted when I was jumping the truck never again will I let that happen!!! Just a FYI.
  9. Try changing the top piece above the battery that has the top terminals, I accidentally connected the jumper cables in wrong spot on my alternator and it fried that piece lucky I had a spare. Had all type of codes and no power steering, no Ac, Cluster was flashing turning off and on, window didn’t roll down either I thought I really messed it up but it was a easy fix swapped the battery and that top piece. I’ll see if I have the pictures of it. Each one of them top terminals are like fuses they can burn out and the truck won’t work depending which terminal is burnt. Mine happened to be the o
  10. Amp steps should sell fast!! If you were local I’d have a few people that would definitely buy them for that price
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