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  1. I have DENALI and LTZ all in excellent condition will be buff and polished before shipping. 2016-18 I want 500$ shipped plus 3% PayPal fee 2019-2022 I want 600$ shipped plus % PayPal fee
  2. pm me for pricing thanks all sets are in excellent condition, here’s my OfferUp page if u wanna check it out Check out these items I found on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/profile/frankielozano
  3. Mine had this same issue, swapped the temp sensor, thermostat and replace my coolant tank since I cracked it when I replaced the battery. (Check coolant level it’ll come on if it’s alil low)
  4. After if adding 3” body lift and 26x16 American Force Wheels with 38x15.5r26 Fury TiresB3AADDAC-EFE2-452A-90F3-9D9749CEA563.thumb.jpeg.843118174301ee7afd4702afc01c747b.jpeg



  5. Selling my 24x14 HDProForged CHNOOK wheels in Excellent condition with brand new Amp tires 37 13.5R24 maybe 3 months ago. Asking 4000$ firm local pick up only (DFW AREA) went with some 26x16 with 38s only reason I’m selling them. My Setup is 7”-9” mcgaughys (set at 9”) with 2” level kit in front and 1.5” rear shackle lift in rear with the add a leaf.
  6. Newest upgrade coming soon will post once they are installed American Force Quantum 26x16 with 38.15.5R26 Fury tires 



  7. Bought some new wheels 26x16 “American Force Quantum” with 38x15.5r26 Fury tires, had to buy one tire already replaced it waiting on bodylift to fit these bad boys on my truck!!! Should be done sometime next Mond Was told they were 14” wides but they are 16” wides almost 17” wide with tire on. 37x13.5 24 on the truck 38x15.5 26 on right
  8. Feels like it stops better specially with these heavy wheels (also changed the rear brakes rotors and pads) and ordered new wheel lights quad flow series wheel lights forgot about that. IMG_3413.MOV
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