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  1. Got the wheels polish and 5% tint installed 






  2. Another 10 sets shipped, also got 5% tint all the way around!
  3. Just got these AMP tires installed 1700$ 37/13.5/24 they look badass!!!
  4. The comment above yours says he sold it, lol I wanted this too
  5. Going 37s because that’s what I had before and it felt/looked perfect for the size of lift it has. Definitely feels alil rough with the 33s but not crazy bad these tires are a lot more noisy then any of the other tires I’ve had.
  6. Not for sure depends on the offset of the wheel you buy, but I am selling these versatyre 33/13.5/24 for 950$ still brand new smooth riding going 37s so no need for these
  7. Sold the black wheels and got some polished HD PRO FORGED CHNOOK Wheels 24x14 (VERSATYRE are also new but 33s so I will be selling to get 37s again)
  8. I bought 4 one for each room, bought one yesterday for about 40$ they have cheaper ones for 19$ depend what you what. YouTube shows you how to get all the good apps my buddy did it in like 20mins
  9. Getta Firestick have it jailbroken my buddy did mine, have all new movies free also if u have disn3y+,Hulu or Netflix you can login and watch them. Easiest way to make your tv a smart tv basically.
  10. Congrats bro!! Those are pretty nice post a pic of it at least.
  11. That’s just my experience with them, you might had better luck
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