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  1. Afm/dod delete

    Ls7 lifters and headbolts two boxes
  2. Afm/dod delete

    Shit I would but I stay n apartments, if I had a house I’d try it but I have no garage. I found a guy that use to work at Young Chevrolet he’s charging me 500$ plus oil spark plugs and coolant. He gonna do the cam, lifters ,trays ,oil blockers, head bolts and gaskets
  3. Afm/dod delete

    I was reading some of the comment on his page about that video, he said that a couple vehicles came back with a collapsed lifter soon after that fix.
  4. Afm/dod delete

    Yeah I saw this video, just don’t wanna have to deal with it again so I’m gonna just do the full delete since my truck isn’t under warranty and Im buying it as is. That’s a koo cheap fix tho if I wasn’t planning on keep the truck for awhile I would of tried that
  5. Afm/dod delete

    The didn’t send me the oil blockers so that’s shipping right now
  6. Afm/dod delete

    Yeah I’ve gotten plenty of quotes but a lot are still n the 2000$ range labor only, I my mechanic told me 1100$ Labor I already have all the parts from Brian Tooley Racing
  7. Afm/dod delete

    Looking for a good shop I’ve bought all the part for the delete anybody recommend a shop in the dfw area? HMU or a person just don’t want to spend another 2000$ on just labor, my truck was making a ticking noise when I got it but didn’t think much of it... I kinda accelerated hard next thing u know I think that lift collapsed because I don’t hear it ticking anymore and the check engine light started to flash and the traction control came on and code p0307 its misfIring in cylinder #7 which is a afm lifter... i bought a Brian Tooley Racing DOD delete kit and a non afm Brian Tooley Racing cam that’s close to factory specs so I don’t have to change more things anybody know a good reliable person that does these?

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