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  1. I also got the top of the line alarm with gps tracking since onstar sucks. Gotta lockerdown safe for bs I don’t want stolen and to keep my iPad in also can track that way just incase
  2. http://www.lok-ittsteeringcolumnlock.com/home.html Model: P250 Price: 185$ shipped Really needa invest in one of these fr fr (not my video this what lok-it sent me for the K2XX)
  3. Looks clean af, did u have to cut any? I bought the chrome mustache but waiting to lift mine before I install it so I don’t have to trim as much (I hope), I might even keep my wheels just swap the tires looks good with 20x10 Definitely going 37s
  4. So how high does your truck sit with the lift and tires? Definitely doing this when everything gets back to normal Waiting since they extended the stay at home bs til next month (lucky I’m still working)
  5. Hmi2.5 with navi -2018 Bose radio module -2018 8” screen -2018 Denali Cluster -2016
  6. Na selling as a set, but let me see if I any of my parts guys have a passenger side taillight, I’ll shoot you a PM if I can get one solo for you
  7. I think that would look more like the original Silverado/c10 with ‘14/‘15 Frontend
  8. I kinda like it but would have to see in person (probably wouldn’t buy it I’m not a two tone fan)
  9. Bump (please read before u ask about harness) already dropped price 50$ so let me know if your interested thanks
  10. Just washed her up looking clean, sucks it’s gonna rain all week 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼





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