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  1. Hmmmm damn wonder what the cause of this since it’s the front and back passenger side doing it, sounds like the daytime running lights (DRL LED) not working maybe a fuse? Maybe Phil might know @pgamboa
  2. I think it’s cheaper just to replace the OEM LED factory harness just to make sure it’s not the harness, dealership sells both for 70$, so one side should Be around 35$ I would buy that before spend on another taillight. But I also have a passenger side Ltz taillight for sell if u needa replacement HMU with a PM if you need it we can talk price.
  3. I have OnStar but gonna put a tracker on it before I do any major major upgrades to mine, OnStar suckkkkks
  4. Lol yeah goo gone but I sprayed it with soap and water after I did that just to make sure it doesn’t ruin my paint. You can’t even tell it was their, I’ll try to take some better photos after I wash it and a picture of the 3$ bottle I used make sure it’s the same.
  5. No I didn’t just used goo gone and that plastic trim tool


  7. WAMS is short for https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/ they do programming for these vehicle and more check out the website he’s talking about getting his bcm programmed to use led turn signal so your don’t have to use the resistors. They make it like factory @GTPprix can help you if your interested
  8. Damn who ever sold u that Denali Cluster must be a bad motha****a looks so clean
  9. So bad it’s raining over here In the DFW otherwise I’d take some new photos
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