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  1. 7”-9” McGaughy lift set at 9” with rear add a leaf 24x14 -76 offset with 37s, definitely glad I went 37s
  2. Washed the truck up hopefully get some better shots tomorrow
  3. Whats NHT’s? wonder if u could find a full rearend with 3.73
  4. I think your right bro, looks VERY SIMILAR! Fuxkin a$$hole smh well at least I know the exhaust is the real deal
  5. That’s a nice ass setup! Paid 300$ for them so didn’t hurt the pockets at all. Gotta look those up never heard of those.
  6. Guy said he bought them in 2017 had them on this 2015 Silverado but he traded it in and had the factory stuff put back on, I’m taking his word for it got them for a good deal, have pictures of your setup hope he didnt screw me over!
  7. Just bought some TSP long tube headers with catless ypipe (so they said but look more like speed engineering) to go with my Corsa Performance Exhaust hope it sounds good, exhaust is for a 6.2 kinda like this setup because the ypipe has a swapable end for 5.3 or 6.2 bought this used so let’s hope this was worth it!!!
  8. yeah usually sell on eBay now so I don’t really post them on here anymore but yeah I’m fully stocked on Ltz taillights and have one set of Denali taillights available at the moment, all in excellent condition
  9. I’m gonna do it after I get my headlights back and fogs, done spent to much this week. I 37x13.5 with 24x14 with a -76 offset i did a lot of cutting rubs barely at full lock
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