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  1. Got the dash cam hardwired today, the video quality is pretty good (when downloaded to phone), might upgrade to the Garmin 56 or 66w later since they all use the same hardwire and mount...


  2. I’d like to see how the back camera is setup, Damn I just seen the windshield alil to late for that persons truck
  3. not sure I was taking the picture i think they had the green arrow to turn, my light was red just literally just changed when he turned.
  4. So I ended up buying the Garmin hardwire kit so if they bumper my truck or something I’ll hopefully catch the person. Didn’t mess with the cam to much but over all does what I need and connects via a app so I can save/delete/update it. like that it still works without being plugged in will install hardwire kit tomorrow excuse the hanging wire
  5. I think somebody is doing some type of voodoo on me or something! Not my week fr fr
  6. Damn kinda sounds like u seen what happened lol that’s pretty much what happened
  7. Actually that’s a good idea I’m pretty good at stopping most of the time (always part in reverse though)
  8. Just watch Phil’s cam installation video shows you exactly what wires to tap in to
  9. Yup smh, it’s one co workers though so I’ll just have him take it to my buddy’s shop. This was my fault didn’t see his compact car next to my truck a 350$ Mistake! There my wheel lights
  10. Ran over another car, not my week fr! my tire caught his bumper not bad but 350$ to fix! Ughhhh bad week for sure!
  11. Just got mine yesterday haven’t installed waiting on my sd card order off Amazon should get it tomorrow with the hardwire kit, got the garmin 46 (haven’t got to mess with it yet will let y’all know what I think once I get the sd card
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