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  1. Mines fit in this garage but felt like I was gonna hit the roof didn’t even get to go all the way in because it had signs hanging down talk about scary!!!!
  2. ****** I haven’t got it priced yet but hear from 1500$ to 2500$ price range over here in DFW area
  3. 24x14 negative 76 tires are rbp 37s 13.5 24 the are pretty flush, not that stretched look like they do when you put 35s on
  4. I got 5.3 6speed 2WD 3.52gears Haven’t regeared (YET) I’ve gotta tune, I did the afm delete with non afm cam, Ls7 lifters and S&B intake haven’t put my exhaust on yet. It drives good man i just wanna regearing it so I can take off faster
  5. Screen with red lighting has been sold, Only Have the screen with the blue lighting available now thanks!
  6. I’m looking for the ypipe side that connects to this if u have it, lol my bad I thought u cut the 3rd cat off I was looking for the connector that’s comes after that
  7. I have two available one has red lighting the other has blue lighting, both are in perfect condition and come complete with the digital AC controls HMU thanks also have the matching bezels set available with red lighting 140$ perfect condition and have a blue Denali Cluster available 275$ shipped
  8. Clean af for the next couple days 😎 🔥 



  9. Actually I have a Corsa Performance Catback for a 6.2 but I have a 5.3 in my truck so my plan was to cut the 3rd cat off and try to buy that end of the y-pipe to keep it kinda like factory instead of having it straight welded. If that makes sense kinda of wanted to add a piece of straight pipe were the 3rd cat was and add that to the end so it’s still kinda like factory.
  10. Ha lol it’s not a show truck so its all good, plus my wheels stick out so it only stays clean for a few days then back to being dirty af but while it’s clean it looks badass
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