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  1. Lol Na I usually don’t buy grills because they usually want a lot for them if their still in good condition
  2. Same looking truck? yeah it is a nice front end but i got this one for cheap I wonder how much that grill cost.
  3. Yeah but I actually like the grill cuz it matches the inside of the headlights, wonder if anybody has paintEd the headlight bezels and the upper middle and lower of the LTZ grill.
  4. I went to small ghetto shop 80$ vacuumed and recharged and installed. Got the part for free from a hook up at a autoparts warehouse. I got a 2014 Silverado LT CrewCab I think it took a crap about 75000-78000 miles so i ended up Having them change the condenser and the valve stem (high/low pressure valve) don’t remember which one it exactly was.
  5. Idk if I like that to much, may not be my style but may be someone else style never know.
  6. I got the LTZ front end kinda alot of chrome, think ima just have bumper color matched Like the one in this picture, probably look alil better not sure if my truck is gonna be able to pull that look off My truck has small lift with 33s with 20s
  7. What size lift do u have and wheel/tire? I really wanna go 22s with 37s buttttt I gotta wait til next year for all that, I needa finish my front end swap first.
  8. Might be because his truck is lifted with bigger wheels and tires. Not sure but would like to see a Silverado lifted with that see how it looks almost like a Baja style bumper
  9. Nice thanks, not sure if it’s his truck or GMC that actually looks better then the Silverado one in the video. Might check it out after I do my front end conversion to the 2016-18 front
  10. Damn that’s nice, I like that look and u didn’t have to change your bumper even better looks almost factory. Do they make one for the Silverado like that?
  11. Nice glad they are top of the line mats, had a friend that had whether tech and they kept folding like a taco lol
  12. Lol he actually has a crew cab Just wondering how the back ones look like
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