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  1. I’m interested if all 5 offer fall through aswell
  2. So it’ll look something like this? Does passenger side blow the same as the driver side or will it just blow at 73degrees? Trying to educate myself with this as I’m getting people with the k2xx WT wanting this, just wanna let them know what they are gonna end up with
  3. I stay in Pleasant Grove but work In Coppell, Irving, and Lewisville area so its a good amount of highway for me
  4. I think it might be some of these streets in the dfw area because sometimes it’s smooth sometimes it’s shaky
  5. My truck came with these no sure where they were bought them from, wanna lift it higher and put 35s on it when these get low on thread
  6. Ohhhhh ok koo I got it I think, so it’ll work just passager side knob will always say “73” no way to sync together
  7. So anybody find out if it possible to swap ? Just curious as im selling some 8in screen with digital AC buttons a lot of people are asking if it’s plug in play coming from a manual AC setup. If anybody can tell me what is need to add this to properly function that would b awesome
  8. Not sure if that’s how y’all steering wheel look as I have a 2014 Silverado didn’t look like mine. The person selling it has more parts for a Tahoe
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