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  1. Added a 2” level kit to my current 9” lift and rear lift shackles I like the stance a lot now!!!! Steak and shrimp tacos btw
  2. Makes doing oil changes quick AF! wish I actually went with a bigger lift now.
  3. Same here, gotten tons of info on this site
  4. I should have did my vehicle build on this site instead of gmfullsize just to lazy to make a new thread of my truck. Thinking of adding another 8 pods of Q1 rgbw rocklights these have that flow series leds too! Still haven’t added the 2” leveling kit to it yet nor have I done the 1.5” rear shackle lift yet
  5. Happened to my truck at 71000 miles when I bought it, I bought new non afm/dod cam, lifter, lifter tray, head gasket, head bolts, oil blockers and did a tune. Haven’t had a problem since then beside the condenser which I also fixed
  6. The higher the lift they better it looks sorry she’s dirty AF right now 9” McGaughy lift but gonna add the 2” leveling kit to front and 1.5” rear shackle to lift the back to get it alil higher wish I would of just did the 12”
  7. Same here bro, maybe on my next truck I’ll do that but wife wants a yukon so idk yet.
  8. How much u charging?! Look good but more work then I want to do
  9. 7”-9” McGaughy lift set at 9” 24x14 with 37s -76 offset
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