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  1. This is the lift I want 12” FTS lift kit with the chrome crossmember but it’s like 9k for it so I’m thinking I might sell the my other one to get the lift no point in having two lifted trucks is there?? (might keep the 26x16 and go 40s on this new one)
  2. So here’s my new to me 2023 Sierra SLT in the works right now getting fixed (frame swapped basically everything swapped ) but it’s a clean title only has 2063 mile on it, gotta 7” fts lift already on the donor frame ready to go!!! Will swap the lift later so if can fit my 38s on it still have my 2014 Silverado debating on selling it right now. This was just purchased from the auction so it will be ready to roll here in a few months or so. With the Denali frontend not SLT frontend
  3. The new 2023 I’m getting 😉 will be fixed in a few months


  4. Here pics of the truck with newly polished and powdering done, also wheel lights, rocklights and star headliner done
  5. Damn she looks clean!!B16F9B75-F71E-43FE-811B-EA4BB1F112A3.thumb.jpeg.5866cc80c8d10f8e73d159daf4f58566.jpeg









  6. Added 12 36watt white rocklights total of 28 rocklights now still haven’t install my 10 row wheel lights due to these small wheels, but my AF wheels will be ready to install tomorrow. current state 26x16 American Force “QUANTUM“ Letter has been removed
  7. Hate getting it towed 


  8. I feel you on that, I like all type styles more than others but like each their own.
  9. Here pic of the scrap and the dent, both repairable but told the insurance I wanted a new wheel. Would have gotten 3400$ but due them sayin it was 30% my fault they only paid me 70% even though I had the right of way and their client crossed over the double line (****** statefarm)
  10. Getting wheels sanded polished, dent removed, curb rash removed, straightened if needed, lettering on edge of lip removed, back barrel and windows powder coated “illusion Blueblood” (got one of my wheels scrapped by a another driver but I had their insurance pay me out 2339$ for the one wheel should of been more money but they said it was 30% my fault and 70% their clients fault smfh but all good, bought some cheap factory’s for 300$ since wheels will take about two weeks to get done.
  11. He wrote me a citation for defective muffler now I have to go to downtown to court house tell them wtf
  12. Crazy part is I get rolled the day I get my license, ain’t had them since 2011.
  13. He said he seen black smoke coming out my exhaust I told his this isn’t a diesel!!!
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