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  1. Even though my 305's weren't rubbing I decided to push them out 1.5" with some BORA wheel spacers. It looks so much better and still no rubbing with 2.25" ReadyLift Level. No cutting of studs because my Factory Repo wheels have deep pockets on the backside between the lug holes.
  2. Looks great man! Hey, where you been? Busy Life! 4 sons, 4 daughter-in-laws, 9 grandkids, all live within 3 miles of me. Plus I've had LOTS of home improvement projects. Kitchen remodel, trim and interior painting, etc. Busy life.....
  3. Matt, it's not only that wheel spacers are a simple part, but a VERY important part when it comes to safety. Bora makes the highest quality billet aluminum, hubcentric spacers on the market, they also come with the highest quality case hardened lug bolts. Hubcentric is essential because the load of the wheel is centered on the hub rather than the studs. This also means you will have no vibration from the wheel being just slightly off center, as it could be with non-hubcentric spacers. Read some Amazon reviews of the cheap Chinese-made wheel spacers and you'll understand. Stories of lugs breaking, wheels falling off, trucks being wrecked, front suspensions being ruined. Bora is the trusted brand, indeed the "Cadillac" of spacers. You can buy spacers for half the price of Bora, but is it worth the risk? Nope. As far as trimming lugs, it depends on your wheels. Factory wheels have a 1/2 - 3/4" indent on the back side which provides a place for the lugs to reside, but the spacers have to be at least 1-1/2" thick. Aftermarket wheels without the indents require 1-3/4" spacers.
  4. GM Replica wheels 22x9 with Nitto Ridge Grapplers 305-45-22. ReadyLift 2.25" front level, replaced rear 1" block with 2.25". No rubbing.
  5. I haven't posted in a long time... Today I put on some Ridge Grapplers 305/45/22 on GM Replica Wheels (ebay), no spacers, 2-1/2" ReadyLift, No rubbing.
  6. I haven't been on the Forum for quite a while. Pretty busy with Life! ;-) I haven't seen a mug that ugly since the Rolling Stones last US Tour. What the hell could GM Designers have been thinking????
  7. I bought an '18 Yukon SLT. Absolutely love the vehicle. City driving, we are getting around 16-17 mpg. Highway, 70 mph, 21 mpg. Headlights are terrible. BUT..... I recently replaced them with 6000k LED low and high beams. GREAT improvement! The low beams are slightly brighter than OEM halogens, and much better color, but the hi-beams are light aircraft landing lights! Traded in a '15 Acadia. Best move ever. PS... LED's are not recommended for low-beam reflector housings. Hi-beam reflectors are fine, because they won't be on with on-coming traffic. They work great in low-beam projectors.
  8. I think the Tahoe/Suburban has the same DRL setup as the Yukon (separate lights), so the LED's in my Yukon should work. AUXITO LED headlight bulbs H11 / 9005
  9. The '18 Yukon has separate DRL's, so I don't know. The 14 Silverado, I used a different LED bulb and the DRL's work perfectly, but they cost twice as much and the fan housings are twice as large: OPT7 Fluxbeam H11 LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - 60w That's why I switched brands for the Yukon... needed the smaller fan housings and didn't need to be concerned about DRLs since they are a separate set of lights.
  10. I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ and a 2018 Yukon SLT. I have changed all halogens to LED. They look good and no more yellow headlights. To be honest, the low beams are about the same brightness as OEM halogens (through projectors), but the high-beams are off-the-charts for brightness! (Because of reflectors). These are the LED's that I put in my '18 Yukon. AUXITO Automobile H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs No flicker, no need for reverse-polarity adapters, plug-n-play. Bases are small, so they easily fit behind the dust covers. Even though the manufacturer said the dust covers didn't need to be ventilated, I purchased the flex-rubber dust-covers that allow fan to vent heat to the engine bay. CAR ROVER Car Headlight Seal Dustproof Cover
  11. Luster, I sent you a private message, please check your inbox.




  12. Yes Tasker is Android only. Pretty slick app. You can do a lot with it. I'll bet there's something like this for iPhone but I'm just not familiar with it.
  13. Here's another thread on SLT vs. Denali headlights.... http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/192579-headlight-difference-slt-vs-denali/?tab=comments#comment-1986959
  14. I don't have pics, but I can tell you there is no comparison. The HID's in the Denali are clean, bright, and 5500k which is pure white. I just bought a 2018 SLT Premium. It has Aweful halogen headlight bulbs. Same ones that were in my 2014 Silverado LTZ. I changed the Silverado bulbs to Fluxbeam H11 LED 6000k LED's. HUGE difference. I did the High and Low beams. They are brighter and the color is crisp and white. (also did the fogs 6000k.) So I'm considering doing the same thing to my new Yukon. HOWEVER..... Since I bought the FluxBeam's a couple years ago, the tech has improved and there seem to be several others out there. So I'm still researching. Yes, HID's would be a great alternative... I just like LED's.
  15. After messing with this for a week, my IT-expert son installed the "Tasker" app on my phone instructing it to Load Pandora every time my phone connects to Yukon Bluetooth. Works perfectly every time. (May seem trivial, but I just don't like messing with phone while driving).
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