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  1. Looks good clean! did some searching because im interested and these are actually Cadillac replicas FR 72 +30 (at least that's what they say on audiocityusa lol.) what size tires? any rubbing issues?
  2. Due to the near invisibility of dirt and the sheer sickness (if that word is still being used today) of the Satin Steel Metallic color on the 2019+ Silverados.. let’s see em!
  3. Hey Forum, I am interested in purchasing a 2019 Silverado LTZ 4x4 Statin Steel Metallic All the bells and whistles -lane keeper assist -Bose -Leather -Sunroof -etc. I am looking into an LTZ and do see some equipped with what i want. Including the above, there is also a digital gauge display instead of the analog (oil press, fuel, battery, temp). Question 1: Is the digital display known as the Technology Package? Question 2: Any issues with a similar Package purchase that I should know about prior to purchasing? Thanks in advance.
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