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  1. I am thinking the same. I bet the issue is the “computer” has a delay since all systems are starting. I also have issues with the mute button not working sometimes in the first 15 seconds. I believe the need to offload some of the processing by adding more processing threads. im really worried about being at the mall and running someone over when leaving a space.
  2. I’m pressing as hard as stopping at a light. The full pressure. The idle does not matter. I’ve had the issue when I do it right away or after warm up. Mostly right away.
  3. GMC Sierra SLT 2019 around 7000 miles ovee the past few months if I place my foot on the brake and start the truck and then place it in reverse. The truck starts moving with no brakes for a second or two. Then they activate. This has happened at least 10 times. The dealership has not been able to recreate the issue. have any of you had this issue? im worried I’ll be in a parking lot and hit someone when getting ready to pull out of a parking spot.
  4. Mine updated to the latest. It started doing the update at the of my neighbor’s driveway. I didn’t know it would take 10-15 mins. Of course their son had to leave for work but the truck is dead during the update. The upgrade does not fix everything. Sometimes the mute button doesn’t work.
  5. I can see it now. “Hey honey. My truck needs a new exhaust so I can verify the number of cylinders being used.” I think she would hit me with a frying pan. LOL
  6. Did I need to know on the 2017? No. I found it interesting. Do I need the transmission temperature? No I find it interesting. Do I need to know what percent climb or decent or left or right angles are? Not really... all of these are interesting and could be useful. But I don’t need them. I do enjoy seeing the details.
  7. I liked knowing how many cylinders were in use. My 2017 displayed it. Just out of interest. It would of been nice for them to keep that status on the display to see what was happening behind the scenes.
  8. On my 2017 Sierra SLE 5.3L it would change from V8 to V4 depending on how many cylinders were active. In my 2019 Sierra SLT 5.3L there is not a display saying how many cylinders are active (2-8). Maybe I do not have an option turned on. What are your thoughts?
  9. GMC ‘19 SLT 5.3L 4x4 @2000 miles city 14MPG highway (65-70MPH) 24MPG
  10. 2019 GMC Sierra SLT 4x4 with 2000 miles. 25% worn on front brakes.
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