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  1. Have used plastidip in the past and just replaced it every year to keep up the fresh appearance. Works well, you just need to make sure you have the correct amount of layers so when you go to remove its clean. WD40 also makes it easy to remove when taking it off but not recommended. Currently I have an overlay on the front and the back since I feel a bit patriotic.
  2. Had some issues pop up all within the last week with my 2019 Sierra AT4 w/Tech Package. Only have 14,600 miles. 1. Battery draining overnight with nothing on. 100% dead 2. Blue screen pops up for the reverse camera every other day. 3. Sounds like maybe a bad hub on the drivers side taking low speed right turns. 4. ABS Stabilitrak is disabled. 5. Check engine light is currently on but the motor seems to be fine. 6. Squeaky brakes with plenty of life on all 4 corners. ( doubt they have a glaze on the pad) Currently in the process of getting an appointment at the dealer but I need a loaner vehicle. Going to get them to perform the recall for the seat belt pre-tensioners while its there as well. Anyone else just running into all of this stuff happening at one time?
  3. No experience with Rough Country. However, there are a few other companies with lifts currently for the AT4 including BDS. Car ID has several companies with lifts on their website specifically for the AT4
  4. Works fine on the beach. Had to get going from a stop a few times in deep sand from other people stopping to take more air out of their tires blocking the way. In those situations I could tell when it locked.
  5. In town I'm getting about 16-17.5 mpg with my AT4 with the duratracs. Hwy I get about 19.5 - 22 mpg.
  6. Had to drive 3.5 hours away to get my truck in red with the tech package. Next closest past that was a 9 hour drive.
  7. You wont regret red. I constantly get compliments on my truck, its a sweet color in any light.
  8. As I was getting into my truck while it turned on and the door was open, the parking brake on the truck automatically set itself. I have had this happen before but never thought why it would do it. I was wondering if anyone knew the types of things the truck is looking for to decide to set the parking brake on its own? There were a few variables of course like the truck being turned on, on a slight incline, door open and shaking the truck. But this is not the first time I have entered the truck with the exact same scenario, just the first time it set the parking brake while doing so.
  9. Noticed this on my AT4 as well. Doesn't bother me much since I usually drive around in silence (one of the only places I can get it). I set the radio volume to zero on start up and don't think about it much.
  10. Touring, Sport and Tow Haul are really just differences in shift points. Touring is mostly for fuel economy and cruising. Sport is mostly about staying in the meat of the powerband. Tow haul optimizes your shift for towing and with be more aggressive with engine braking. Haven't used offroad mode yet but probably will this weekend. No noticeable difference in steering weight with my AT4 at least when changing between driving modes. No suspension changes with changing modes since the AT4 does not get the adaptive suspension that I believe is available on Denali's. Not sure which trim level you have since you have 2019 Denali AT4 in your "Drives" field since Denali and the AT4 are separate trim levels. I hope however what I provided helps with your question and I'm sure others will chime in if I missed something.
  11. Just under 5k miles and a little over two months into ownership with my 5.3 / 8spd. No real complaints, the trans is pretty smooth. Not the smoothest transmission I have ever had in a vehicle but I cant really knock it for anything. Definitely got smoother after about 2100 miles.
  12. The speed governor is based on your factory tire speed rating. Some trucks have a higher limited speed based on the options they have.
  13. I'm just curious if anyone here uses their new 2019 Silverado or Sierra driving for Uber or Lyft? I don't necessarily want to drive for Uber or Lyft myself but I wanted to see what my truck would fit into for their different services only to find that their sites say trucks are in the lower cost service. You would think that something like a Silverado High Country, Sierra AT4 or Denali would fit into a higher tier level than basic, considering the truck costs and luxury. Not going to lie, I would consider driving for them if my AT4 would be in a higher tier. But for it to be in something like Uber X around a college town, its not worth the risk to me. What are your thoughts or experiences?
  14. It is not normal. You may want to speak to your dealer about maybe getting a sensor checked. Mine works great on the highway. Sometimes it is a little overly sensitive as there will be no vehicle present but will detect other objects thinking a vehicle is there.
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