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    2019 GMC Sierra AT4
  1. The speed governor is based on your factory tire speed rating. Some trucks have a higher limited speed based on the options they have.
  2. T1 Exhaust

    Anyone try out a Super 10?
  3. I'm just curious if anyone here uses their new 2019 Silverado or Sierra driving for Uber or Lyft? I don't necessarily want to drive for Uber or Lyft myself but I wanted to see what my truck would fit into for their different services only to find that their sites say trucks are in the lower cost service. You would think that something like a Silverado High Country, Sierra AT4 or Denali would fit into a higher tier level than basic, considering the truck costs and luxury. Not going to lie, I would consider driving for them if my AT4 would be in a higher tier. But for it to be in something like Uber X around a college town, its not worth the risk to me. What are your thoughts or experiences?
  4. Blind Spot Monitoring

    It is not normal. You may want to speak to your dealer about maybe getting a sensor checked. Mine works great on the highway. Sometimes it is a little overly sensitive as there will be no vehicle present but will detect other objects thinking a vehicle is there.
  5. Pretty sure most everyone here will say the AT4. But what I would say is get out there and test drive all of them. The other thing as well to consider is the TRD Pro does not have a true locking rear diff which can wear out over time more than a traditional locker. AT4 comes with an auto rear locker and the Raptor has an electronic locking rear diff. Being on this forum and also by my user name you already know which route I went, I also considered the those options along with the Ram Rebel, Power Wagon, Trailboss and even a ZR2.
  6. I have seen a handful of new RST 's on the road and only one other AT4 ( black onyx ) in the past few weeks. Haven't seen a Trailboss on the road yet. Driving consistently around Chester County PA, Newark DE and Ceciltucky MD. Most around here go used diesel pre-emissions.
  7. Washing and Detailing

    VERY NICE! Looks really good. Never used Adam's products but will look into them now as well.
  8. I'm a fan of Chemical Guys products and have had success with them in the past. I have recently run out of supplies which is what made me curious as to what everyone else is using for washing and detailing? Why do you like what you are using? Is anyone using hoseless car washing stuff like AMMO NYC? Favorite sealant/wax? Have you ceramic coated your truck?
  9. Brake Pad Life

    Factory. Got the truck with the 18" rims and the duratracs.
  10. Brake Pad Life

    It was at 100% with 10 miles on it when purchases. You think it should be reset and could just be an error?
  11. So I currently have about 1300 miles on my AT4 3 weeks into ownership and somehow, based on the brake pad sensors in the truck, I have gone through 20% of the pads life (I have not checked this by other methods yet) . I don't brake hard, haven't towed yet and haven't been in stop and go traffic at all. Is anyone else running into this? Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or if they are hitting a point where the pads are not losing mass so quickly due grooving with the rotors.
  12. Homelink when truck off

    If your garage is connected to your house you should lock the door between the two regardless. Garage doors are not very secure, someone with the know how and a coat hanger can get in even when you are not home. If it is not connected to your house I would recommend getting an alarm system for the garage if your tools being stolen if what is worrying you. Just my $.02.
  13. I bought the truck up in Tunkhannock? PA. Think that's how its spelled, was a three hour drive for the truck I wanted. I'm down in Chester County by Kennett Square. Next closest truck I liked was out your way.
  14. I bought the AT4 since I felt like I was getting more for the money. I did not opt for the 6.2 and the 10spd auto. I have a 5.3/8spd, duratracs, tech package, preferred package and several other options. For me the tech package and the ability to have ventilated seats is what made me buy the AT4 over the Trailboss. Personally I also like the look a lot more. I was out the door for $53,500 including my tax, title and tags (PA) with a crew cab. I looked at Trailbosses that were going out the door for a similar cost and I just couldn't justify a similar amount for what I personally saw as less. Both good trucks, just matters on what you like for styling and what you require in options.
  15. AT4, $60,359 MSRP, Purchased for $53,500. Including tax, title and tags for PA

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