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  1. All Terrain Wheels Chrome?

    I'm looking to trade my 20 inch chrome wheels off my 2014 Sierra for All Terrain wheels. What are the AT wheels made of that make them look different? They basically have the same pattern.
  2. Help identify wheels

    Yep that’s them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I bought a 2014 Sierra Z71 truck this past year and one thing I don’t like is the wheels. They look like the all terrain wheels but all chrome. I’m looking at selling mine and swapping for the all terrain. I haven’t seen that many trucks that have the 20 inch chrome wheels like mine. What do you think these wheels would bring in comparison to the same all terrain wheels? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have the opportunity to buy some almost brand new Michelin LTX/MS from neighbor that is on his F-250. I currently have a stock 2014 Sierra Z71 with 275/55/20 and the tires I am looking at are 275/65/20. Will these tires fit without rubbing on my truck?
  5. I have a 2014 new to me Sierra 5.3 Z71 that I purchased last May. I recently towed a small aluminum trailer with two atv's and noticed some weird shifting while going down hills and letting off the gas. The truck would shift down and rev up to almost 5k RPM's and just act really strange. I took it off tow/haul and it seemed to do better but I got out of the hills about that time. Has anyone seen or heard of this?
  6. I bought a 2014 Sierra SLT certified used and am having a strange issue. Whenever I get close enough to an object parking and the warning goes off, I get a service driver assist message that I have to reset. Is there a problem or are you forced to manually reset this warning every time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I just bought a used 2014 GMC Sierra 4x4 SLT with 66k on it and was certified used. So far I love the truck and made sure there was no shake or other issues commonly associated with this model. One thing I noticed was when I back up, sometimes there is a slight bump after its in reverse and already backing up coming from drive shaft or rear end. It's really difficult to say but something certainly feels like it catches and makes a bump sound just very briefly. I have a complete warranty for a year and will be taking it to dealer just curious if anyone else has experienced this?
  8. I just pulled the plug and purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT and couldn't be happier after my Ford F150 experience. On my Ford with Sync, you could update software but it doesn't look like you can do that on the GMC. How do I know I have the latest software? My software version shows 23203140.
  9. Ride Quality 2wd vs Z71 4x4

    I've looked all over within 500 miles and the prices seem very reasonable on both vehicles. I'm leaning toward lower mileage but haven't made my mind up yet.
  10. I'm looking at two CPO 2014 Sierras at the dealer. One is a SLT Z71 with 66k miles and the other is a 2wd SLT with 26k. I might never use the 4wd but it's nice to have since they are equal price. Is there a ride quality difference on the two? I will be driving the freeway 80 miles a day and the roads are pretty rough here.
  11. Used GMC Sierra Advice

    I have looked up to 500 miles on my search for something 14 or newer SLT Z71 and it seems most are above 35-37k. If you guys know what I'm doing wrong, please advise.
  12. Used GMC Sierra Advice

    I'm going to look into the shake issue so that I know what to look for when driving them.
  13. Used GMC Sierra Advice

    My Ford has been a nightmare on reliability. I have always had GM products before this and had good luck. I drive it on interstate only going to work with about an 80 mile round trip. Occasionally I will pull some atv's a few hundred miles but that's about the extent of my towing. The dealers do not want to budge on the used prices very much it's really about finding a good deal patiently.
  14. Price paid?

    10.99% tax in the parish I live in Louisiana.
  15. I'm looking at trading my 2012 F150 Lariat Ecoboost in on a used GMC Sierra. I'm looking to stay below 35k on a used GMC SLT and finally found a few in the area. I have found one I really like with about 65k miles and is certified pre-owned but am looking for some advice on what to look for when spotting troubles. My Ford has been riddled with all kinds of little issues and I want to avoid as many as I can with this purchase. Anyone care to share some stories or advice when looking for a 14-15 Sierra?

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