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  1. Did not break any of the clips on the one that he took off very easy to take off
  2. Found out today you can change out the mirror caps with out taking the mirrors apart, I watched the gut just pop the old ones off and put the new ones on in less than 5 minutes and yes this is on a 2019 RST
  3. How did you get them to come apart did you have to stick something in the edge to get them to pop off
  4. Stick your screws on the end of your t20 tool with hot melt Gun Gun then you can stick it up in the hole with out it falling off make it super easy to do
  5. I worked at a spray in bed liner store they have to unplug the tailgate wires may it did not get plugged back up wires are behind tag behind bumper
  6. My has three I think they put double cab steps on my crew cab
  7. How many brackets are there on each side of factory 6”rectangle door to door running board’s on a 2019 crew cab
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