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  1. Does any one have the install instructions for gmc part #84134635 bed rails
  2. Who is it you email too get a build sheer can’t find the post thanks for any help on this
  3. They drill holes and put rivets in it to mount it I think it has four in it
  4. Seating solutions is the company I got my from not cheap I think around $170.00
  5. Thanks, May need to move 4 wheeler back on trailer a little to put more weight over trailer axle
  6. Ok thanks will look into airbags
  7. What is a good rear shock for a 2019 RST Z71 4 wheel drive to keep the truck from squatting in the rear when I hook my 4 wheeler trailer up to the truck not a very heavy hitch weight
  8. Never had any problems with them ordered lots of things from them it was all ways shipped in a timely manner
  9. Just go to his page and ask him he will pm it to you
  10. I think it only on the max towing package looks down at the hitch ball my is across the bottom of my information screen when it is in reverse
  11. I think it is a camera for seeing the hitch ball when hooking up a trailer
  12. There is not one that sticks out like that on the passenger side
  13. Cover your screen’s up will make a ton of different in the sound
  14. There is only one flapper on the 5.3 I had it cut out and covered the screen’s just right sound. Don’t know the part # on the muffler just know it was the 22”long one
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