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  1. What kind of off-roading are you doing ? I’ve got a RC kit on 35’s and have had zero issues with it. It gets me the clearance I need to get to my hunting camp, fishing spots, and to have the occasional spur of the moment exploration down old logging roads. Some people don’t need to drop $2k+ on a suspension that will never get get any real use. So go ahead and praise your pretty boy suspension, but don’t go bashing the people that buy the “POS” rough country kits, which have absolutely nothing wrong with them. To top it off I had a Titan XD that was nothing but issues. Ended up tearing a cv axle boot of which the dealership denied warranty due to the rough country lift. I contacted rough country and they OVERNIGHTED me a check covering the full $900 for parts and labor. They are a good group of people, that supply products to people who don’t want to throw thousands more into an already expensive truck.
  2. Hmmm I think mine might be broken, it does not come on with the rest of the cargo lights , looks like there is condensation buildup inside.
  3. Can’t you see that via the regular backup camera? I have no selection between the two
  4. I put my truck in reverse and looked , it wasn’t on wonder if it only comes on in the dark.
  5. Was just wondering if anyone has actually seen this light functioning? Not sure if mine is busted but I’ve never seen it turn on.
  6. -Remove the mud flap and the first few pins of the wheel well liner. -look behind and you’ll see the metal support bracket, remove the 4 I believe they are 13mm bolts - punch some holes for zip ties in your wheel well liner and zip tie back to one of the existing holes I actually cut my mud flaps a decent bit as once I pulled the liner back it was sticking out and still getting hit.
  7. Yes, I have the 5.3. And I do mostly city driving getting me to the 15.5. Highway I see anywhere from 18-20 with these tires, depending on my speed of course. But I knew with the 35’s and lift it wasn’t going to be anything great!
  8. Yea they are 10ply E load, my fuel economy is sitting at 15.5mpg after about 1000 miles with them so far.
  9. 20x9 +1 offset Fuel Rebel 35x11.50 Yokohama geolandar X-AT tires.
  10. Glad you’re happy with it, I’m just as happy with my $500 dollar system and bought many more goodies with the savings!
  11. New trim for the 2020’s: The Silverado Rally Edition is offered on the Custom and RST trims and features a sporty look, available in Black, Red Hot, Silver Ice Metallic or Summit White exterior paint. The street-focused edition includes a body-colored grille, black Rally stripes on the hood and tailgate, black Chevrolet tailgate lettering, black badging, black Bowties, black exhaust tip(s) and black assist steps.
  12. My backup camera is a night and day difference after the update. The resolution is so much more crisp then what It was before .
  13. I swear my backup camera seemed much more clear this morning, and this was before I was even aware of this update
  14. Nope light has not come back on, but the lights only come on during snow storms so no real way to tell if it’s a solid fix.
  15. Wheels: Fuel Rebel 20x9 +1 offset Tires: Yokohama Geolandar X-AT 295/65/20
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