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  1. I appreciate the compliment, I was set on the brown the moment I saw it in person. I wanted it in the trail boss but there was absolutely none available in my area. The dealer had it in an RST so I went for it. In the process of figuring out what lift and tire setup I want to go with. It is a very sharp color , and like you said it is a pretty rare color that you either love or hate!
  2. Got my 19 RST ceramic coated and PPF on front end , rocker panels and under bed panels.
  3. No one has had this problem and gotten a resolution?
  4. My 19 RST just did this to me this morning, 4wd symbol on the dash Aldo turned red. Anyone have a fix for this yet ?
  5. Ahhhhh copy that I thought that would have put you at 6”. Thank you for the clarification
  6. Looks good, but I was asking for a non-trail boss (RST) with a 4” thanks so much though!
  7. Hey guys I have a 2019 RST and was wondering if I’d be able to fit a 35x12.50 on a 4” lift? The offset is 0. thanks
  8. Where are you located I’d be interested in them
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