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  1. Last snow storm I tried and it didn’t do it it was only a mild storm. The one we had last night was decent and had about 4-5” on the road which caused it to pop on. Started the truck today and the light was off by the time I got to the bottom of the driveway. I’m wondering if it is caused from a fault when the traction control system kick on...
  2. Nope every time it’s happened is when I’m making a turn in a heavy snow storm(not dry pavement 3-4” on road) and the tires start to spin the traction control and abs go off and then the light comes on. It usually clears itself the next day when I’m back in 2wd. The 4wd still functions even though the dash shows a red symbol... Mostly just irritating I can’t get a resolution for this and get shoulder shrugs when I refer to the dealership.
  3. Light came on yet again last night during a snow storm, getting really frustrating as my dealership keeps giving me the same BS response as they can not diagnose if the light is not on , as it does not store a code...
  4. Had a 3.5” lift installed on my RST and test fitted the 305/55/20 and they were touching the upper control arms by about .5”.
  5. Anyone have any luck getting a fix for this? The dealership did nothing for me, as they said that they had no codes to go off of and couldn’t replicate the issue.
  6. Honestly I’m not sure man, I told my guy to just match up with the back and it came out super nice
  7. Just got a quote back on this cap, $2499 installed you hit the nail on the head !
  8. I have the matte EGR brand in channel and like the look of them.
  9. Hey guys I’m pretty sure they will seeing as our lug pattern is the same as the previous years. But rough country doesn’t have the 19/20’s listed as fit for these. Let me know what you think.
  10. yea I’m thinking I’m gunna get some 1.5” spacers
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