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  1. Another winter and my light has started coming on again. Anyone still having issues?
  2. Slight rub at full lock, it’s getting better as I wear The tires down.
  3. Love my 3.5” RC lift! Rides no different then factory and gets the job done for what I need it for. Also rough country stands behind their warranty that if your repair gets denied by dealership for aftermarket parts, they will cover the costs of the repair!
  4. Do you happen to put your wallet in your back pocket? I’ve been noticing I lean to the right and also have my arm on the console. I’ve been trying to take my wallet out as I’ve noticed on long road trips my back will start to get tight, from which I believe is from keeping my wallet in my back left pocket.
  5. Where did you get your truck tuned? And how much did it run ya if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. It’s only my opinion, but I think if the 19 had black / black and chrome wheels it would look a lot better. The red looks out of place to me. Both very nice trucks though!
  7. Got my Range DFM Deactivator along with my Rough Country roll up tonneau put on today!
  8. I just did the same thing with the goo gone. It got real messy and I didn’t think I’d see the light on the other side of the tunnel. But after going through a few micro fiber towels and half a bottle of goo gone it came out good
  9. 3.5” front 2.5” rear it’s the rough country lift
  10. 35x11.50 on 3.5” lift +1 offset wheel. Had to remove the mud flap bracket and do some manipulating of the wheel well liners.
  11. It’s pouring out right now otherwise I’d grab a picture for you, but it’s holding up good. I pressure washed it last weekend and held on fine! I did 6 coats and then the glossifier.
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