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  1. What you want to know? Its an rst, 2.5 front 2 rear with trailboss wheels and tires
  2. Are the ones for the trailboss backordered? If they arent you could get them and put them at stock clip for 2" level, because trailboss is 2" lift from factory
  3. There is a valve spring issue on these engines
  4. Either should be fine, neither of those is much bigger than the stock tires. The 285 will be slightly wider.
  5. I like my T1 alot, but the interior on my 2014 ltz z71 was alot nicer, i liked the deep center console.
  6. Should cost roughly the same, depending on oil used, the 3.0 uses 7 quarts vs 8 on the 5.3. Depending on oil used, Dexos D is slightly more expensive. I use mobil 1 in my vehicles and do my own oil changes. Mobil 1 exp2 is Dexos D approved. And i think is $1-2 more per quart than normal mobil 1. So cost is roughly the same for me
  7. If you enjoy the higher rpm pull of the 6.2 then i would stick with it, if you want something that has some good bottom end grunt for towing gets good mileage then the 3.0 might be good? You will lose some passing power with the 3.0, but thats really the only time i am disappointed in the 3.0
  8. Your right, it was 1500 that they cut from the price back in September
  9. 3.0 is only about $1500 over the 5.3. And it has much better response than the lly you had. Its the lack of top end HP that he is talking about
  10. I hear what you are saying, but, i dont know what you are comparing to but mpg for me it is far better than my 14 5.3. The 3.0 really shines on highway at 60-65 mph. I agree the passing power isnt there but the 270hp told me that. I tow a small trailer pretty often and that is where it shines for me, gear searching is greatly reduced and the powertrain is far smoother imo than the gassers. Would i be happy with more top end power yes, but i knew what i was getting with the diesel. Im happy with it.
  11. All Hp and Tq numbers given by any manufacturer is engine numbers not rear wheel
  12. Well, legally you cannot change what is listed on your sticker. Heavier 8 or 10 ply tires help, air bags or some sort of overload help.
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