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  1. This is the setup I've got on my truck. U bolt kit https://www.4wheelparts.com/Suspension/Pro-Comp-U-Bolt-Kit-50126.aspx?t_c=1&t_s=101&t_pt=5504&t_pn=EXP50126 2.5" blocks https://www.4wheelparts.com/Suspension/Pro-Comp-2-5-Inch-Rear-Lift-Block-95-250B.aspx?t_c=1&t_s=101&t_pt=5539&t_pn=EXP95-250B
  2. I would go 1.5" at least. But really if I was looking for a mild leveling kit like that, I'd be grabbing a set of bilstein 5100 adjustable front shocks and setting them on the 3rd level (which is about 1.25").
  3. Go with a 2" rear block and a set of shocks for a 2500hd. The shocks are about 1" longer than stock, and fit perfectly with a 2-3" block. FYI the factory block is 1.25" tall, so check to make sure that's what's under there right now. I personally run a 2.5" rear block kit from pro comp on my truck, I also like some rake.
  4. "up to +45 ft-lbs torque, +22 horsepower" is some where in the power band, not at the peak. "peak gains of up to 31 ft-lbs torque, +16 horsepower" is at the highest point in the graph.
  5. black bear tune on a 17

    Subscribed as well. I want to tune my 17' 6.2/8 speed Sierra, but it's my understanding that they can not tune the 8 speed and engine in the same tune. Something about having to pay for double credits. IDK, let us know.
  6. There is no way that you aren't rubbing on the sway bar and control arm, unless you're running some sort of spacers. But then you would be rubbing the inner fender. I ran 305/55r20 on factory wheels, and it rubbed the sway bar and control arm bad.
  7. Bumping this post up. My truck was left on blocks a few weeks ago too, big surprise, I'm also from Houston. OP did you have the insurance replace your ball joints and rotors/rear shields? My truck was left on the front lower ball joints and the rear rotors/shields. The idiots put a couple of dents on the truck also, so it's at the body shop getting taken care of right now. Once they are done with the body work, I will be taking it over to GMC to have the mechanical stuff looked at.
  8. Ya, shit happens. Hope I don't have any further issues.
  9. @MRT Motorsports is it possible for you all to have the 2.0's adjusted for approximately 2.5" of lift?
  10. Took my Sierra into the dealership last week due to a puddle of coolant sitting under the truck. Got underneath and realized that it was coming from the driver side head, and it was audibly leaking after the short drive to the dealer. The dealer determined that it was leaking from one of the cylinder head bolts. Resolution: The dealer installed a new driver side cylinder head, and the necessary gaskets/seals/bolts. Sucks that my new truck had to have the engine dug into at only 13k miles, but at least warranty took care of me and got it knocked out. Who knows what caused this issue. The only mods on the truck are a Volant intake and Dynomax cat back.
  11. yup it's a simple clamp job, I just chose to get it welded for my own preference.
  12. I'm still loving my Dynomax hybrid exhaust, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  13. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    Ya it is a direct fit for the catback, you use the muffler and the supplied extension pipe from the kit.
  14. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    Yah it sounds great, I love it. It might be a little too much when I get headers and high flow cats, but I'll just go to a 22" magnaflow or something if I need to.
  15. 6.2 exhaust (sub 600)

    Yah, go to youtube and search jnsaldana25 There are 3 videos up on there.

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