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  1. 2.5” Rough Country Level Lift 2014+ (stamped steel)

    Wheel spacers sold.
  2. With a 5.3? I think his concern is traveling through hilly terrain. Does yours have the 8 speed or 6 speed out of curiosity?
  3. Look in your glove box and see if you have RPO code GU6 (3.42) or GU5 (3.23). I'm pretty sure that you have a 3.23 gear set in your truck, because that was the only gear available to 6.2 Denali's.
  4. You will not gain any advantage going with such a small gear change, you're better off just staying out of 6th gear with the manual mode at highway speeds. Now if you step up to 4.10, you will see a great improvement in torque multiplication. With AFM still active in your truck, you will see a lot more 4 cyl mode while cruising around unloaded, and will still get decent mileage. Do not fear the gear, I ran 4.56s on my 07 5.3 truck with 33" tires, and it completely changed my driving experience.
  5. I believe they are -44. Truck looks great man, did you do the Norcal mod?
  6. 2" level vs 2.5" level

    I've run both size kits on a couple of trucks, I like the way a 2.5" kit looks better. I have a 2.5" Rough Country kit for sale that will work on your 18', I ran it on my 17' with no issues. Let me know if you're interested. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/214884-25”-rough-country-level-lift-2014-stamped-steel/?tab=comments#comment-2167021
  7. WTB - 1" lift tblocks

    Buy my level lift kit and it comes with the 2" blocks/u-bolts too haha.
  8. 2.5” Rough Country Level Lift 2014+ (stamped steel)

    Like mentioned above, a 2018 has stamped steel. The crossover year is 2016 when it gets confusing.
  9. Do the install instructions specify lift height at the different settings? Or better yet does anyone have the install instructions?
  10. Went out to measure mine today, and it looks to be 5". I think I'm going to order the Eibach spings in a couple of months, and try them out on the 5100 shocks. My end goal would be to delete my lift spacer, and run just the spring and 5100 combo.
  11. Wheel Spacer?

    That looks great man, perfect stance.
  12. My ‘17 Sierra 8-Speed experience

    Took my truck in to have the TSB done, and the shudder is all gone!

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