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  1. Just for reference I paid $20 when I brought the coilovers already removed from the truck, or $80 per side if they did the complete install. Alignment was $60. I didn't ask how much to do the rears since I knocked them out at home in 30 minutes.
  2. I would get a stiff pedal when I would first start up the truck, and a audible high pitched sound at the same time. I think it was my truck warning me about low vacuum. It was rare though, but I did have a constant tick coming from the engine bay. The tick is gone now that the pump has been changed.
  3. There are already 4 or 5 threads about this topic, I just got mine changed out this week. I just went in and told them the brake pedal feels hard sometimes, and they changed the pump no questions asked. I am still under factory warranty on my 17'
  4. In the 4l60e days that would have been the gear of choice for that size tire, but with today's lower ratio 1st gear transmissions, 4.56 should be fine.
  5. 6L80e to 8L90e Swap

    It's pointless, either build the 6 speed or buy a 8 speed truck to swap your power plant into.
  6. The only way to get the 6.2 with 3.42s is with the Max Tow, which isn't compatible with the All Terrain package.
  7. IMO 4.56s are a better idea for that big of a tire, and since you have 3.42s already, I'm going to assume you have a 5.3. A 4.10 ratio would put you equivalent to stock tire height, but will not account for the extra rotational mass you're carrying now. Is your truck tuned, or do you have a programmer to recalibrate your speedometer? Also your 8th gear ratio is 0.67 and a 6L80e 6th gear ratio is 0.65, so your cruising highway RPMS would be the same with either trans.
  8. Gear change?

    4.10s with the 6 speed and a 5.3 would be pretty great, and make your truck feel alot lighter on it's feet. Your fuel mileage will drastically improve too, and you will actually be able to stay in 6th gear on the highway. On my 07' 5.3 I went from 3.73 to 4.56 gears with 33s, but that was a 4l65e trans, and it was a night and day difference.
  9. Gear change?

    You're probably looking at $2000 - $2500 to gear swap a 4wd truck. What increases your price is that you have to change the front carrier and rear G80 due to the new gears not fitting. You could probably do it cheaper if you shopped around and found deals on parts. How tall do you 295s measure? Which trans do you have, 6 or 8 speed?
  10. I'm wondering what exhaust sounds good too, I'm almost thinking of putting my factory 6.2 exhaust back on when I do headers. I like loud, but the rasp and drone with some free flowing exhausts will not cut it for me.
  11. '15 1500 Gear swap

    No, you will have to swap carriers.
  12. They are Standard Load tires, same as factory tires. They do not increase weight rating, so not the best tire if you do much towing
  13. Volant intake

    correct, they do not require any cleaning or oiling. https://volant.com/pages/powercore
  14. '15 1500 Gear swap

    I've had various truck with different tran/rear gear combos from 4l65e with 4.56s to 8L90 with 3.23s, and a bunch in between. I will say that that lack of torque of 5.3 combined with big tires and 3.08s will suck in town, highway will be fine cruising.
  15. '15 1500 Gear swap

    The 3.08 ratio sucks with any tire larger that stock, but it's pricey to do a gear swap (especially if you're 4wd). If you're 2wd I would highly consider jumping up to a 3.73 gear ratio with a 33x12.5 tire, your truck will be pretty gutless and hunt for gears under light acceleration with the 3.08s. You can get a tune or mods to gain HP, but you will always be at a mechanical disadvantage with such a numerically low gear ratio. 3.08s should have never been offered in a full size truck IMO, 3.42 should be the minimum.

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