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  1. I’m assuming this is a 5.3 TB with the 9.75” rear end, I think the only gear option is 3.42. If you move up to a 9.76 axle, those had 3.73 gears with the diesel off road package, or the new diesel max trailering package. Even the 6.2 max trailering package only received 3.42 gears, only way to get 3.73 is with the diesel.
  2. There’s another thread on this. You’ll need to change seats to LTZ or higher, the driver seat has the memory module in the seat bottom. Then you’ll need the driver side door panel and door harness
  3. I run 275/70 on my Trail Boss, fits fine with no issues. The dealer will not likely recalibrate, you’ll have to use a device like the Pulsar LT, that’s what I did.
  4. @Rally6.2RST any updates on this, did you ever try to program the BCM to make the passenger window motor work normally? How about cooled seats? Rear heated seats? I’m looking for a set of seats right now to do this on my 21 Trail Boss that has blind spot and heated leather seats.
  5. Selling these since I'm trading in my truck. Pedal Commander PC77 ($299 new) and Autostop Eliminator AE004 (new) in like new condition. SOLD
  6. Just received my new shocks in from Summit, and I see that the setting are different than the Bilstein’s I had. What setting are you using, and how much lift did you achieve?
  7. Yes, but I just moved, and I have no idea where they are. It will be next month before I even start unpacking my garage. Sorry
  8. This is the exact same tire size and wheel spacer size I was planning. I’ve even got the same wheels, looks awesome. I’ll probably do it this coming Fall ??
  9. I doubt GM will help you, you're going to need to do an insurance claim
  10. You're going to be way over payload on that truck with a toy hauler. I have a 26' travel trailer with 550lb of tongue weight and I'm almost over weight while traveling with my family to state parks. I have almost 1800lb of payload on my truck.
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