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  1. Biggest selling point for me on the Z71 package was the 2 speed transfer case. The soft shocks were changed out for Eibach and Bilstiens
  2. Cool thanks, the button for the rear facing lights is the cargo lamp that turns on the bed lights.
  3. Hey man did you ever get your mirrors and harness swapped? My door harness’ should be here Saturday from GMpartdirect
  4. I have this kit sitting in my garage waiting to install all my lighting. Gives me way more lighting options, and the switch panel is a nice aluminum piece. It will be installed on front of my center console, and the relay box will be under the hood mounted to the fuse box
  5. Depending on length of trailer and how the trailer is loaded, you’ll be over on tongue weight with a 7,500lb gooseneck. If it’s more than just you and a full tank of diesel, you’ll probably exceed the trucks GVWR and rear axle too. The max Goose tongue weight is 1080lb on my truck
  6. Ordered from Chevroletpartsdirect.com on 9/10, and it arrived today.
  7. I bought these mounts for my previous Sierra and just bought them for my new silverado. They are built very robust. https://sdhqoffroad.com/collections/19-current-chevy-gmc-1500-sdhq-built-products/products/19-current-gmc-1500-sdhq-built-a-pillar-light-mounts
  8. That is because you most likely have composite leaf springs, the rear lift blocks are not designed to work with them. You would have to swap leaf springs to use the blocks correctly.
  9. Not sure on the code, I just gave the paint guy my VIN. I was charged $100 to paint the handles and parking sensors. I did all the install myself.
  10. No the plug wasn't there on my 2020 rear doors, I was hoping it would be. Swapping handles was very easy, maybe 1 hours worth of work. You will need: 2 of 13526767 front handle 2 of 13526766 rear handle 1 of 84496227 bezel 3 of 84496193 cover
  11. So you still have to have the high beams on to use the switch?
  12. I ordered primed ones from the dealer and had them painted.
  13. Eibach springs are STIFF, I had them on my 2017, and the benefit is additional lift. Just talking shock adjustment, Eibach 2" lift max and Bilstein 2.5" lift max. Bilstein does make a 5100 shock for the TB/AT4 that would be 3.1" over stock on a standard truck, I wouldn't recommend going over 2" without upgrading control arms. Ride is the same between the shocks, I have Eibach on this truck, and Bilstein 5100s on my previous 2 trucks.
  14. No, it's just the metal bumper, if it was all the parts it would have a box around everything.
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