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  1. I have mine setup 2.5” above my leveled trailers ball mount. I set mine up with 6 links between my bars and brackets. With that setup I get about a 3/4” of sag in the rear. Truck rides great, I have about a 5k trailer. when I was setting mine up it was suggested to have the ball 1.5-3” above the top of the trailers ball mount ( trailer sitting level) this is the video I used to help me get mine right:
  2. With you truck and trailer on level ground, how much taller is the ball than the top of the trailer ball mount? These truck do have to squat some to engage the overload spring.
  3. Tool box and winch are in the front of the bed secured. Bed mat and bed cover spread their weight accross the bed.
  4. I just don't want anything that's serviceable on my truck, which is why I was looking for a beefier spring pack to swap in. But I may just add some Sumosprings and be done with it, doesn't seem like the leaf springs will make much of a difference I guess.
  5. Yes I have already added a 2" block to help with towing, but I was getting 1.5" at the wheelwell, I measured it against another stock silverado at the dealer. You put 500 lbs in a 2019+ truck and it doesn't sag? If your signature is correct, you have a 2015 truck, and I did mention that my previous 2017 did not sag like this truck.
  6. Could you post a picture of your trailering information sticker? I'd like to see what the payload/gvwr is on a NHT.
  7. Can you post a picture of your Trailering information sticker? My max payload is 1760 lbs and max tongue weight 930 lbs.
  8. Adding Bilstein 5100 shocks to the rear helps a ton, my rear end doesn't bottom out on the bumpstop anymore when I go over highway whoops/dips.
  9. My truck on a daily basis probably has about 500lb in the bed (winch, toolbox, tools, bedmat, and bed cover). My truck was sitting perfectly level with just the bed loaded, which is probably 1.5" of squat without a trailer. I added the 2" block to get me somewhere close to factory specs, and I also tow a 5,000lb travel trailer (with a weight distribution hitch) around during the summer. My axle isn't overloaded, it's just that these factory springs seem a lot softer than previous gen trucks. No one makes a Add-a-leaf for our model trucks yet, I looked into it. Which led me to my current adventure, trying to find NHT rear leaf packs. I'm okay with some squat while towing, but I wasn't okay sitting level unloaded.
  10. I already have Bilstein 5100s in the rear and I added a 2" Trail Boss lift block to compensate for the sag. No my truck doesn't have the composite spring, I believe that was only on LT trucks. I'm not a fan of airbags honestly, I found part number 847540250 on a Max Trailering truck, and they're only $145 per side.
  11. Look into Sumosprings they offer the best of both worlds. Or you can always add a block to the rear suspension to make it higher, that’s what I did
  12. These would be handy for my travel trailer, if anyone isn't going to use their sensors, I will gladly buy them off of you.
  13. The rear sag on my truck is pretty drastic compared to my 2017, so I would like to get a beefier spring pack for the rear. Can someone help locate part numbers for the leaf springs and front coil springs from the Max Trailering Package? Thanks! EDIT: My truck sags 1.5" with just my daily bed load of toolbox/tools and bed cover. Total is ~500lbs
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