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  1. Bilstein 5100 shocks for 3"-3.5" rear block!

    Do you have a link for the extensions you bought?
  2. I'm currently running a 2.5" rear block in place of the factory 1.25" to keep some rake with my leveling kit. I will be installing the Superlift 3.5" kit in the coming weeks, and want to install a 3" or 3.5" rear block to maintain some rake; also planning to install a set of 5100's at the same time. I know bilstein offers the 5160 shock that will work with 0-2" rear lift, but I personally don't have the need for a remote reservoir. So I went searching for a shock that had similar dimensions to the 5160, and I found the 2012 Dodge Ram shock, part# 24-187374. Silverado 5100 #33-238319 Collapsed Length (IN) - 16.18 Extended Length (IN) - 25.79 Silverado 5160 #25-242515 Collapsed Length (IN) - 16.14 Extended Length (IN) - 26.81 Dodge 5100 #24-187374 Collapsed Length (IN): 16.75 Extended Length (IN): 26.73 I'm probably going to order a pair to try it out.
  3. What is your current setup, and which mirrors did you order. Not alot of these tow mirror upgrades are plug and play, unless you ordered the ones that have no lighting or power folding.
  4. Biggest tires on stock lift?

    With no lift at all and factory wheels, biggest without rubbing would be a 285/55r20. Now if you're asking about a leveling kit, there are a variety of sizes.
  5. I love having tow mirrors, the visibility is awesome even when you don't have a trailer. I installed these on my dad's truck since he owns a pretty big travel trailer that the factory mirrors won't let you see around. I want them for my Sierra, but can't justify the cost right now, since the only thing I've towed lately is my car hauler. I bought Phil's DIY wiring kit, and did the wiring myself. It's not hard to do at all, just time consuming, but Phil does send all the instructions.
  6. I went with the AM auto with chrome caps that have every function, including power fold and memory. i only paid $399 for mine since they were on sale for $499 and I had a 20% off eBay coupon.
  7. Got my dads mirrors installed yesterday on his truck, and now I’m officially jealous! Man they looks so good, and thanks for the DIY kit Phil, worked like a charm! If anyone in the Houston area needs a hand upgrading mirrors, let me know!
  8. 2018 Sierra SLT or wait for 2019

    Beautiful truck man, I love my 17' All Terrain! Enjoy it.
  9. Any tube bumper options for the 2016+ Silverado?

    Exactly what you're looking for https://www.addictivedesertdesigns.com/chevy-silverado-1500-front-bumper-F363832940103
  10. Any tube bumper options for the 2016+ Silverado?

    Nfab is close https://n-fab.com/m-rds-prerunner-front-bumper/2017/chevrolet/silverado-1500
  11. Volant Cold Air Intake

    Ya I have the Volant intake too, it is definitely louder under the hood. I love it.
  12. For anyone on the fence about buying these mirrors, EBAY has a 20% off coupon good for today only (code is PICKDADSGIFT ). I just bought the power everything set from AM for $399

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