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  1. which cats did you install?
  2. 2016 - Trans Temp Sensor

    I'm not sure what temp it is command for in the TCM, I just know that my truck wouldn't go into lockup on the highway sometimes. Just got my truck back yesterday, wiring harness was replaced under warranty.
  3. Afm/dod delete

    The beauty of a flex fuel tune is that if there is no e85 around, just run whatever you want instead.
  4. Afm/dod delete

    Who did you get a tune from? Is it a e85 flex tune?
  5. Afm/dod delete

    Yah I saw that, wish I had noticed it earlier to save you some cash. I'm just trying to do my research for parts.
  6. Afm/dod delete

    Just for future people catching this thread, I just noticed that Texas Speed sells a complete 5.3 DOD delete with a factory spec non-DOD cam and 16 lifters for $596. https://www.texas-speed.com/p-5443-texas-speed-performance-gen-5-lt1-lt4-l83-l86-dod-delete-kit.aspx
  7. 2016 - Trans Temp Sensor

    Could be, I've got 37k on mine now. I did have it flushed due to the torque converter shudder I was having, and now the temp gauge is bouncing around. Hopefully this is the last of my issues, normally I wouldn't care about a gauge that much, but when the temp is low the TCM won't let the TC go into lockup.
  8. 2016 - Trans Temp Sensor

    Okay thanks man!
  9. CAI for 6.2L Silverado 1500

    I have a Volant on my 17' 6.2 and my dads 16' 6.2. Both run great, we've never had any issues.
  10. 2016 - Trans Temp Sensor

    Bumping this up. I got a check engine light due to a transmission code. Does anyone have a part number for the sensor, in case powertrain warranty doesn't cover it. Thanks. @newdude
  11. will 305/55/r20s fit?

    I'm really not sure how he's getting away with zero rubbing. Like I mentioned, my 305s with a leveling kit rubbed alot on the control arms and sway bar.
  12. will 305/55/r20s fit?

    With factory wheels? You will probably still rub on the sway bar with factory wheels at full lock. It won't be terrible though, I lived with it on my truck. I was able to reduce the rubbing a little by running a small 1/4" spacer on the front wheels.
  13. I wouldn't do it, it will just chip and flake off. Your best bet is to get the powdercoated
  14. 15' Silverado Lifter Collapse

    Any performance shop that work on LS/LT engines in your area? Cam swaps are very common on these engines, and any performance shop should be able to handle it for way less money. Then just call up Blackbear and get a custom tune ordered.
  15. New Parts installed

    Awesome build and numbers man, are you still running the factory 3.23 gear ratio?

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