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  1. Transformation Tuesday! Had the bumpers wrapped, GM black grille kit, white mirror caps, chrome window trim wrapped in gloss black, removed Texas edition badges, and installed black “Duramax” hood emblems. included a pic from the day I bought it 1 month ago.
  2. In my experience it does stiffen the ride a little, but not much. Next would be that those spacers are not intended to be used on the AT4/TB, they make a kit specifically for your truck.
  3. Nice, I would love to put a set of the power folding/extending with blind spot version that you can get on the LTZ 2500HD.
  4. Bought a full set of black emblems from the parts department, but I don’t need the Silverado fender or 6.2L hood emblems. Selling them as a set for $45 shipped OBO paypal preferred
  5. Installed the black grille and bow tie onto my LTZ grille today. White bumpers coming soon
  6. Got my new grille today, and installed the black bar along with the bow tie. Picked it up from the local dealer. i decided that I didn’t want the black portion in the back, decided to keep the LTZ rear portion. Now to get the bumpers wrapped in white soon.
  7. They seem to fit fine on my 20s, they look way better than the factory locks too
  8. I had the factory locks that come on these trucks, the long skinny ones with a keyed end. They just slammed a socket onto the end and took them off. I found them sitting on the ground with the other lug nuts
  9. Just go to the hardware store and buy a bunch of washers, when you find the ideal thickness measure with a caliper and order some. That's what I did with my Hostile wheels.
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