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  1. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    No easy options right now, if you remove the shutters you will get a check engine light.
  2. I run that switch on my truck with a couple of rigid cubes A pillar mounted. It works awesome, and such a clean install.
  3. IMO 6.2 half ton is the way to go. I've driven and owned both (well the 2500 was my dads, but I towed with it often when I had my mustang), and the 2500 just rides too horribly to daily drive. As a matter of fact my dad traded in his 2500 gas Denali for a 6.2 2016 Silverado because it got horrible mileage (12 mpg avg on road trips) and rode like a mule unloaded. I personally own a 2017 6.2 Sierra, and I absolutely love it. It has plenty of power to tow our 9500 lb toy hauler confidently with a weight distribution hitch, and rides great in stock form. Fuel mileage is really good in stock form as well, if you can keep your foot out of it. The 1 thing you should upgrade immediately is go to a E load tire if you will be towing with it. Good Luck
  4. will 305/55/r20s fit?

    If you have stamped steel control arms, you will rub with a 305 and factory wheels. I ran that setup, it rubbed on the sway bar and upper control arm quite a bit.
  5. Just use a relay, and run the switched wire to the positive wire on the back of the fog lights. Easy.
  6. 2.5” Rough Country Level Lift 2014+ (stamped steel)

    Nothing rubbed with the factory wheels and tires, but when I put the 305s I did rub a lot. I added the spacer to stop rubbing the control arm, but I did still rub a little on the sway bar. I have no no use for the rear blocks, so I’d like to keep the kit together
  7. No I haven't, realistically it'll be spring before I mess with it.
  8. That cam should make great power, and with the 6l80e I don't think a torque converter will be necessary, it's a pretty mild cam for the 6.2. What's your rear gear? 3.42? The hardest thing about cam swapping a gen V engine versus previous years, is that you HAVE to drop the oil pan. Other than that, it's really the same as installing a cam on any DOD/AFM GMT900 truck, meaning that the heads need to come off. If you have E85 available in your area, now would be the time to swap to that too. Good luck man, it will be a completely different animal when you're done. I'm planning to do the same mods to my 17' in a few year, just a nice simple NA build of cam and headers.
  9. ZROADZ Offers LED Light Mount Kits For 2019 GM Trucks

    Nothing you can do about the shutters man, if you delete them you will get a check engine light. If you get a custom tune it won't be a problem, they can disable that code. I'm going to be running the SDHQ A pillar brackets with Rigid spot cubes.

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