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  1. Just received my new shocks in from Summit, and I see that the setting are different than the Bilstein’s I had. What setting are you using, and how much lift did you achieve?
  2. Yes, but I just moved, and I have no idea where they are. It will be next month before I even start unpacking my garage. Sorry
  3. This is the exact same tire size and wheel spacer size I was planning. I’ve even got the same wheels, looks awesome. I’ll probably do it this coming Fall ??
  4. I doubt GM will help you, you're going to need to do an insurance claim
  5. You're going to be way over payload on that truck with a toy hauler. I have a 26' travel trailer with 550lb of tongue weight and I'm almost over weight while traveling with my family to state parks. I have almost 1800lb of payload on my truck.
  6. Selling my oem light switch, works great, just sold my 17'. Part number 23458492 which is not 84168423. $100 shipped. Must pay with paypal.
  7. I’ve got a blue backlight version for sale if anyone is interested SOLD
  8. Selling the mirrors off my 2020 Silverado they have power folding and blind spot features; I'm also including the original door harnesses. These mirrors do have Summit White mirror caps added. They are working perfectly, I upgraded to tow mirrors. *Disclaimer: I do not know how to make these work on your truck* I'm asking $550 shipped and paid with PayPal.
  9. Yes, I had a small leak on the passenger side coming from a hose. The dealer ordered the parts and fixed it in 1 day.
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