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  1. Yes, but I just moved, and I have no idea where they are. It will be next month before I even start unpacking my garage. Sorry
  2. This is the exact same tire size and wheel spacer size I was planning. I’ve even got the same wheels, looks awesome. I’ll probably do it this coming Fall ??
  3. I doubt GM will help you, you're going to need to do an insurance claim
  4. You're going to be way over payload on that truck with a toy hauler. I have a 26' travel trailer with 550lb of tongue weight and I'm almost over weight while traveling with my family to state parks. I have almost 1800lb of payload on my truck.
  5. Selling my oem light switch, works great, just sold my 17'. Part number 23458492 which is not 84168423. $100 shipped. Must pay with paypal.
  6. I’ve got a blue backlight version for sale if anyone is interested SOLD
  7. Selling the mirrors off my 2020 Silverado they have power folding and blind spot features; I'm also including the original door harnesses. These mirrors do have Summit White mirror caps added. They are working perfectly, I upgraded to tow mirrors. *Disclaimer: I do not know how to make these work on your truck* I'm asking $550 shipped and paid with PayPal.
  8. Yes, I had a small leak on the passenger side coming from a hose. The dealer ordered the parts and fixed it in 1 day.
  9. Selling my SDHQ A pillar brackets off my 2017 Sierra $80 shipped https://sdhqoffroad.com/products/08-current-gm-chevy-sdhq-built-a-pillar-light-mounts?variant=31409663148132 Rigid Amber LED SR-Q lights - Brand new $150 shipped
  10. I think it depends on the look you want, and which one you can get a better deal on, I wouldn't hesitate to get a RST 5.3/8 speed personally.
  11. Hey man I installed that black grille on my LTZ no problem. I see you're in Houston, so am I, I order my larger items from https://www.chevroletpartsdirect.com/ . That's actually the online parts for Parkway Chevrolet in Tomball, I just put in the comments that I want to pickup in store, and they don't charge me any shipping. Usually in the shipping address I will put their dealership address, that way they don't accidently ship it to me, and I will give them a follow up call once I've ordered. They are really friendly, and their prices are pretty good. They will not give you the online price if you walk in to the counter, you have to buy online.
  12. Ok, then you should be good to go. The dealer service center must be idiots, and not mess with accessories much. Call GM directly and file a complaint, they will get you sorted out. Do not start repinning stuff, do you have the harness part numbers? Do they match up with this chart? https://www.shopchevyparts.com/images/84731241_Mirror_Retrofit_Chart.pdf
  13. 2019 trucks do not have the proper software or wiring to be plug and play, you will have to custom wire them. If you look on the website it specifically says exclusively for 2020+. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/trailering/2020-silverado-1500-extended-view-tow-mirrors-black-manual-fold-and-extension-set/84731241-p-92306126.html
  14. What functions did your original mirrors have? Did they have blind spot and Task lamps? Also did you purchase the mirror kit from GM and the door harness'? If you purchased the kit, it should have come with the code for the Tech to call GM. The website has all the criteria needed to install: https://www.shopchevyparts.com/trailering/2020-silverado-1500-extended-view-tow-mirrors-black-manual-fold-and-extension-set/84731241-p-92306126.html
  15. Yah I actually still have the metal skid plates that I added to my 17’, I’m going to test fit on my 2020 and see if I can make the front work
  16. Nobody makes a full metal replacement set right now
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