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  1. It is the Wrangler Duratrac MT tire that comes standard on AT4 and TB that people complain about. The Duratrac looks good and performs well, but is noisy and people say they wear quickly.
  2. Looks good! Any rubbing with the 295/70r18s? Full lock ok? Looks really close to the back of the front wheel well.
  3. Looks good! I am thinking of going this route. Do you think the size difference is too much to use the stock spare tire, if needed?
  4. I'm guessing we will see 300hp and 500ft-lbs torque from the new LZ0 3.0. Also thinking it may come with cylinder deactivation for some improved MPG. Hopefully we get some firm specs soon, maybe in August. What do you think we will see from the updated LZ0?
  5. Turns out my ventilated seats do work, even though the window sticker says they are not installed. Now I only need the park assist chip!
  6. To make it more confusing, the 20 inch option on AT4 now comes with Territory MT tires as standard. You can option a 20 inch AT tire, but the standard 20 inch has a MT now too. Honestly I don't care about the sport mode. I used it once on my 20 AT4 just to see what it did. As far as I could tell it altered shift points and that was about it. Maybe on a 6.2 RST it might make more sense, but the diesel AT4 seemed kinda pointless.
  7. I see the Falken Wildpeak AT3W have really good reviews. I'm looking at those or the Cooper Discoverer AT, which also are highly rated. I've never had either brand and always thought they were cheap tires, but maybe not!
  8. That's strange! My sticker says no ventilated seats - the buttons light up like they are working but they are not (at least I'm pretty sure they are not).
  9. MSRP only in my area. My local dealers won't accept GM supplier pricing (they are not required to). GM has been offering 0% for 36 months on Sierra 1500 but I expect that will change with rates rising.
  10. Didn't notice the rear wheel well liner - my 2020 AT4 was the same though. Maybe that has something to do with the carbon bed? Color matched arch moldings would look good, will check that out.
  11. I took the 22 on a 300+ mile trip this weekend and noticed these differences. 1. The trans programming is definitely different on the 22 versus the 20. The 22 will hold gears longer before downshifting. It seems much better tuned to the low-rpm torque of the diesel engine versus the 20, which I always felt like was tuned for a gas engine where it would rev higher. When using adaptive cruise and traffic clears in front, the 22 will downshift maybe 1 gear and moderately accelerate where the 20 would drop the hammer and go to the lowest gear possible and rev it out. The 22 is much better suited to the diesel engine. 2. The cup holders are shallower and grip tighter. Not sure I like them as well, but not a big deal. 3. The Duratrac tires are much noisier than I like. 40-55mph they are really noisy. Not sure how long I'll keep them but will be looking for a good AT (not MT) tire to replace them. I like the 18" wheel though - seems to ride OK and already saved me from possible curb rash. 4. The electronic console shift lever is nice but also feels like a bit of a gimmick. It takes up a lot of center console space. There is a slight delay when selecting D or R for the gear to engage that isn't there with the column shifter. It looks better and I prefer the new shifter vs the old one but you also lose some space and give up the simplicity of the column shifter. It's what all the cool kids are doing though so GM has to keep up! 5. The new electronics are GREAT. Having Google integrated into the truck makes it super simple, don't even have to connect Android Auto. The built in Google map worked flawlessly.
  12. Makes sense. A diesel AT4 is probably the last vehicle that needs a sport mode... ha!
  13. Mine had about 16k miles. The new one does seem quieter, not sure if that is due to more sound insulation in the cab or something different with the engine.
  14. That's cool! They must have changed the software somewhere along the way. My 22 refresh was built in May and does not have sport mode. I admit, other than checking to see if it was there, I didn't use sport mode on my 2020, but hey I'd rather have it than not have it!
  15. I've had my new 22 refresh AT4 diesel for a couple hundred miles and thought I'd post the few things I've noticed different about it versus my previous 2020 AT4 diesel. These are things I've noticed different before I get too used to them and forget what the old truck was like! The two trucks are optioned nearly the same (CarbonPro, 3.0, same options) except the wheels/tires. The 22 has 18" Duratrac MT and the 2020 had 20" GY Trailrunner AT. 1. The 22 is missing the passive door lock/unlock buttons on the exterior rear door handles. I assume this is due to the chip/parts shortage but still find it odd. Wish they had them - I find it useful in parking lots when I want to put something in the back seat first. 2. The 22 has chrome exhaust outlet trim surround where the 2020 AT4 CarbonPro had matte black trim. I prefer the matte black. 3. The 22 seems to have less noise in the cab, like it has more sound insulation. 4. The 22 Bose stereo sounds a little better than the 2020 Bose 5. I am getting better MPG in the same drive cycle in the 22 than the 2020. It is still new so not enough miles to really know if there is a difference yet. 6. The transmission seems to shift slightly smoother in the 22 and seems to hold gears more before downshifting versus the 2020. Small but noticeable difference. Might be the trans still learning since it is still new, but I like the 22 better so far. 7. The 2020 AT4 had a sport mode, the 22 does not. 8. The 2020 AT4 temp gauge would move up above 210 sometimes as the computer was controlling water temp to various parts of the engine. This freaked some people out when the 3.0 diesel came out but it is normal operation. I have not seen the 22 temp gauge fluctuate the same way. I bet GM masked that so not to worry people that it is overheating. 9. The 22 diesel has a slightly longer crank time than my 2020 diesel. My 2020 never suffered from the crank but no start issue, so I never had it flashed. I understand the revised programming lengthened the crank time slightly. Small but noticeable. I prefer the 2020. 10. The 22 auto-start/stop is less aggressive than the 2020. The 20 would stop the engine much more often. 11. The center console in the 22 seems smaller than the 20 even though they look like they are the same size. Maybe I just don't have my stuff organized yet! 12. The 22 has the button for all 4 windows down at the same time, the 2020 did not. I like that, but wish I could push it up to roll them all up too. Of course, the 22 interior and tech is vastly improved. That makes it feel like an entirely different truck to me. My old 2020 was the best truck I've ever owned and so far I like the 22 even more. The only thing I might do different is skip the 18" Duratracs - they are already noisier than I like and I don't need the aggressive off-road tire. That's a relatively easy fix with some different tires though.
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