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  1. I've been thinking about this, but it looks like you have to take the dash apart to install it? How bad is the install? I'm getting better at remembering to hit the button but still forget sometimes, and then it shuts off at a stop and I think I should get the disabler!
  2. Put a couple hundred miles on the 3.0 today. Best MPG over 50 miles was 30.9 according to the computer. I noticed MPG goes down a lot when you get above 75. 80mph is 20-22mpg on the display. Really happy with this truck and engine. Truck is an AT4 with 20" wheels.
  3. Mine seems to regen about once every 10 hours of engine time. Engine time seems to be more accurate estimate of when it might regen than miles, since it depends on how it is driven. I wonder if driven a lot at highway speeds or under load towing that it might get hot enough to do some passive regen? Also I wonder if cold starts produce a lot of soot that might cause the filter to fill sooner.
  4. Thanks, the wheels are the 20" carbon gray that are available with the CarbonPro package. I think the black chrome and black trim looks good with the color. The only thing that doesn't seem to match are the chrome side mirror caps. The technology package actually comes with the chrome mirror caps for some reason. I'm going to look into if they can be easily removed or replaced with the plain black caps. Not a big deal but I'd prefer just plain black mirrors.
  5. Here's a pic of Satin Steel while dirty. Really hides the dirt pretty well. This has a coat of mud/dirt on it (look at the running boards). It is an AT4 CarbonPro so only 3 colors - white, black, or this gray. Really happy with the color so far. When clean it sorta changes color in the sunlight.
  6. I had an 07 Avalanche with 6.0. It was a thirsty dog, not much benefit.
  7. Pretty sure it is the DEF sloshing in the tank. I once noticed something like you described after I topped off the DEF tank and moved the truck.
  8. I think all the CarbonPros are built in Ft Wayne. The carbon bed supplier is located right outside Ft Wayne in Huntington, Indiana. This C&D article says a little more about it. My truck has been great so far - no quality issues yet. I like the idea that the truck is built in my home state.
  9. The LM2 seems to be setup to warmup up relatively quickly for a diesel. I've been monitoring various temps with Torque app and it shows the exhaust temps inc DPF get to 400+F pretty fast (5 min maybe). Oil temp seems to get to 180-190 about the same time as the LT1 in my Camaro. Coolant temp takes longer to get hot though but I think that is by design in the active cooling system. It seems LM2 is setup to get emissions equipment up to temp quickly. Agreed that a lot of short trips are prob not ideal for any diesel though. If you have a lot of short trips I'd make a point to get it out on the highway occasionally to let everything get hot. I had a 2013 VW Passat TDI 2.0 when I had a 100+ mile daily round trip. That TDI was known to have frequent turbo failures, but my car never did and I think it was because everything got fully up to temp with almost no short trips.
  10. Personal preference, but I found the black chrome trim to look a little off on a black truck. Like it was trying to match but didn't. Not enough contrast for my taste. White paint seemed like too much contrast so I chose the only other color available - satin steel. I think it looks pretty good with the 20" gray wheels. One thing I don't like is the chrome side mirror caps that I think comes with the tech package. It's the only real chrome trim on the whole truck. I think it's just a part of the Tech package that wouldn't matter on the other trucks but on the black chrome CarbonPro it looks off. I might look around for black caps or see if I can remove the chrome caps. Not a huge thing but something I notice.
  11. I don't think any have been made in Carbon Metallic yet - supposed to be available in Spring sometime. I assume it is a metallic black.
  12. Mine is still new but like it so far. I added the rubber bed mat to keep things from sliding around and better for my dog to walk on. I haven't noticed any noise difference. I had read somewhere on here that you lose the bed lights with the carbon bed, but that's not true. Mine has two lights, one on each side. I don't see much downside to the carbon bed other than cost.
  13. I'm also a big fan of the 2020 3.0L diesel, but not the start/stop, I did this the first week of ownership, works just like OEM except default is off.


  14. FYI, I ordered the rubber bed mat for the CarbonPro to keep things sliding from sliding around. There is a different part for the CarbonPro mat. Bed Mat in Black with GMC Logo for Short Bed (for models with CarbonPro Bed) Part No. 84635351 MSRP: $155.00*
  15. Got mine a few days ago and put a couple hundred miles on it over the weekend. Absolutely love the motor! Great power, quiet, smooth and great MPG. It pairs really well with the 10-speed. Reminds me a lot of a Duramax Allison combo in how it shifts. I've noticed a lot of computer control going on. You can hear clicks and servos starting whenever you open a door. I'm used to this with DI gas engines where opening the door will prime the high pressure fuel system. I assume the same thing here and also probably the DEF system. I think this has some wicked ECU management going on. The coolant temp seems to be tightly managed. I noticed at times the temp staying well under 210, then going up to 210, then over 210 (maybe 220 or 230 according to the gauge) then back down again. It seems to be monitoring engine load and probably lots of other things to keep engine temp optimal for efficiency. Very different than a simple thermostat opening at set temp. Also, the active grill shutters are probably being used to help regulate coolant temp for max engine efficiency and aero drag. This is not an engine I would dare tamper with (tune, etc) for a long long time. I'm not sure it has done a DPF regen yet. If it did, it was less than 10 minutes. The only weird thing I've noticed is the DEF gauge showed one bar under full when I took delivery, then showed about half a tank after 50 miles or so, then popped up a notice that DEF range was 986 miles or something close to that. I added 2.5 gallons DEF today and it took all of it. I bet the dealer didn't fill the DEF tank and it prob had whatever it came out of the factory in it, and prob not enough run time for the DEF gauge to measure the actual amount (hence it showing nearly full). The truck had like 9 miles on it when I took delivery. No harm, I'll add DEF until it's full and go from there. My fuel gauge shows about 3/4 full now and I've gone 220 miles - no complaints there! My only real complaint so far is the auto-stop system. I just haven't created the habit of hitting the disable button yet, so it will shut off and then I'll remember to hit the button. I love the truck so far, very very happy with the 3.0.
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