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  1. I installed the Bilstein 5100's a couple weeks ago on my 2020 LT 3.0L and used the 2nd hole and I'm exactly 2" higher, looked like I could of done 2 1/2" but 2" made it level.
  2. You can order just about anything you want, I ordered all kinds of LTZ parts for my LT, all I did was get a VIN from an LTZ and take that number to the dealer parts counter, in your case it might be a little harder finding a Harley GMC to get the VIN.
  3. One of the first mods I did just can't see having it on a diesel. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/
  4. That's the one I installed in my truck, the remote just clips into the back of the mirror, supposed to have a ten year battery life.
  5. You're going to love the diesel. Went on a short ride on Sunday (300 miles) 60% secondary roads and 40% freeway 27.9 mpg
  6. New wheels from a 2020 GMC, Sierra, side window trim from a 2019 Silverado LTZ
  7. Didn't notice any loss in mpg, but with the mod you can turn it back on, the default setting is off.
  8. I have this one on my 2020 3.0L diesel, Autostop Eliminator I've had it on since Feb 2020 never had any problems and the truck has been back to the dealer for warranty work, the tech. never knew it was there.
  9. Just got my truck back from the shop after they installed the 501's and aligned the front. Looks like I could have done the install, but it would still need to be aligned, the toe was out on both sides and the camber on one side. I set the 501's at 2" and right now I'm at LF 38 1/2 RF 38 1/2 LR 38 3/4 RR 38 1/2 don't know how I came up 1 /4" more in the LR as the garage floor is level. The ride is firm not harsh, I also have Fox shocks in the rear. I'm just hoping the front settles about a 1/4" lower as I only have 20 miles on the install.
  10. https://shockwarehouse.com/index.cfm?selected_make=Chevrolet&selected_model=3820&selected_year=2020&mode=results
  11. Just ordered the Bilstien 5100 #24-293297 front adjustable shocks for my LT I'm 2 1/4" lower in the front than the rear and I will set the shock at 2" with Fox in the rear I should be good.
  12. Mine started a re-gen today couple miles before I pulled up to the drive up window at the CU, when idling the exhaust is louder and the RPM's increase a couple hundred
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