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  1. The Federal Reserve on Monday went to near zero on the interest rate. This should get interesting.
  2. Find a good local locksmith he/she should be able to program any remote.
  3. Did the last three vehicles with CarPro Quartz, patiently waiting for it to warm up so I can do the 2020 Silverado. I also use CarPro Reload and it does make a difference.
  4. I went from terminal 10 in the BCM X5 to terminal 22 in BCM X5. The fogs come on any time the parking lights come on (you do not have to push the fog light switch) and stay on with high beam
  5. I've got 1550 miles and a full DEF. 70% city 30% highway, best of 26.4 mpg
  6. Here is another option fleceperformance.com/all-lights-on.html small circuit board with a diode. I used pin 10 and 22 referred to boost for which pins to use for different functions.
  7. I bought the GM fog lights from the dealer and installed everything except the jumper wire into the underhood fuse box, took it in today to have it programed and finish the wiring, I lost the sheet with the code, but still had the box they came in (serial number is on the side of the box) the tech was able to call GM help line with the serial number and the help line gave him the code. $131.00
  8. This is one of my first mods: https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/most-popular/products/2019-silverado-sierra-autostop-eliminator took about half an hour to do plug and play, now my default is off and by pushing the Auto Stop button it turns on, which I have only done once. Also works on 2020's
  9. I originally had a 2009 2500 6.6 Duramax and liked the power of the diesel drove it for 80,000 miles, but wasn't towing much traded it on a 2014 GMC SLT 1500 then on a 2016 Silverado LTZ 1500. When GM started talking about a six cylinder diesel I thought that would be right up my alley good fuel mileage and the power I was missing with the 5.3L. Picked up a 2020 Silverado 4x4 LT 3.0L with just some basic options end of January. The sticker was $52800 and I paid $41300 before tax and license, couldn't pass on the price. I also did the fog lights going in on Thursday to have them programed.
  10. I received an email from my dealer today. Recall - brake system control module interaction with the mybrand app remote start feature. 2020 Chevy Silverado LT 1500 3.0L diesel
  11. I'm also a big fan of the 2020 3.0L diesel, but not the start/stop, I did this the first week of ownership, works just like OEM except default is off.


  12. I plan on doing this also but I have the passive entry buttons on the two front doors which will require taking the door panels off to disconnect the wiring harness, to anyone that has done this is there a work around for not taking the panels off.
  13. The only one I know of is this one https://www.lundinternational.com/avs-377168-aeroskin-hood-protector but it's a flush mount (uses 3M tape).
  14. That's pretty much what I had to do when I installed the Du-Ha storage box so that it would sit down on the mat.
  15. I have a 2020 LT CC 3.0L diesel with the 10 speed and am really impressed with this transmission always seems to be in the right gear and it's hard to tell when it down shifts. I think this should one of the best features of this truck.
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