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  1. I have a new 3.0 1500, traded in the 2.8 Colorado on it. So far I'm happy with it. MPG are about the same as a daily driver and have yet to tow so I can't say anything on that issue. I am getting use to not having as much on the truck, my LT Colorado had brake controller, safety stuff like the lane departure, following to close and the BT phone stuff seems to have been cut back on options. But I have a heated steering wheel?????? I'm still finding stuff that is different.
  2. I just picked mine up 2 weeks ago, I did have the 2.8 duramax but wanted more.
  3. for what its worth--------- and this is just my .02 worth I have the new diesel and the big selling point for me was MPG- do the math from your cost. Yes it will take you time to get your money back (40k miles covers the extra cost) I save .03 cents per mile Diesel fuel- where I live on the east coast, when storms hit all the gas stations dry up but diesel never does Diesels last longer. If your someone that keeps them a long time (trucks) Towing-- I have not pulled with it yet but plan to, the mpg will always be better than gas mpg Maint---- I find that the new diesels cost close to the same for upkeep. I have only put on 750 miles on my but the one tank that I have put in has given me 28.9 mpg (city driving only) PLUS it just sounds cool, old diesels are load, this new one has a bit of sound but nothing like the old.
  4. everything I have read on this subject--------- NO! I was told that my radio couldn't be swapped out for a better (upgraded model) unit. NAV can be updated but will cost you. I can get xm added but they use your usb port that you hook up your phone to(for the auto apps). Then the trailer brake has many other connections if you don't have it already, it can't be added. It makes no sense.
  5. I see there is a few jumper cables out that you just plug into the back of the radio( I think that is where the connection is). I want to find out more about them.
  6. yep, same here. The dealer wants to plug in this modual to get me xm. I have to guess that its the same as everyone else is getting. This really chaps my butt. I asked my sales person how much time I got for both xm onstar and he said a month of each. I went back to the dealer and parked the truck out front and went inside and asked the sales team to go out and set it up, well they couldn't figure it out. Sorry for all the AND's. How much is this modual? How long will it take to put in. How much is the radio upgrade radio
  7. So I have to dig this up and bring it back to the living, anyone here??????
  8. The issue I have is----- inspectors all say that if you have lights on your truck they have to work. The lights have to go out when high beams are on as well, if they are used as driving light.
  9. W/T, yes that is right and they sell the lights to put back in the chrome bumper that I got from someone. I was given a price on the parts to put back in the bumper that doesn't have them at this time. The programming needed to have the lights work as the others that were factory installed isn't being released from GM to the dealers to get them working as the factory units do. I just want to put the chrome bumpers on without the holes. I really don't care if the lights work, but if they don't VA will fail me on the inspection.
  10. The only thing I want is what comes from the factory on other trucks, nothing more/less. I only want what comes on other models so that 1. it fills the hole in the bumper. 2. I can see a bit better in the area I live in so I don't hit the deer on the way out of my neighborhood. I don't need extra lights, I could drive all the way to work without lights if I had to (city life).
  11. I have a 2014 1500 w/t, I picked up a set of chrome bumpers that will really dress up the truck but they have big holes where the lights should go. I was told by a dealer that they can not reprogram the truck for the lights to work like they should. I have to have them go out when the high beams come on, VA state law. Is it true that it can not be done? I would like to use the new bumpers
  12. bring back the thread, Newport News here, how many people still here? Does anyone do GTG's or is it just posts?
  13. sure it works on my truck. I didn't have any of the rpo codes but the truck has power locks. Bam it now works
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