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  1. Are you saying your ride went to crap with only the 3/4” of height you’d added to your front end, or am I misunderstanding?
  2. No, you’re not reading it right. It’s a new to him truck at 25,000 miles. It’s his first oil change with it; highly likely not the first oil change for the truck.
  3. Thank you. I’m not going to drop my rear end, though. If I’m understanding you correctly, a +1” change in front doesn’t necessitate spacers- that’s the kind of info I’m after.
  4. What’s a “two grade?“ Assume that stock or stock length shocks are used. I understand excessive CV joint angles. My question was at what point spacers became necessary. To put it differently & more directly; would differential drop spacers be needed after 1”-1.5”?
  5. At what point do differential drop spacers & shock extenders become a must when adding front end height? I want to add an inch to both ends of my truck; the max I want to add to the front would be 1-1/2”. I like the rake, and have garage door clearance issues.
  6. A Denali doesn’t have hill decent control??
  7. I think you answered your own question; it doesn’t work on gravel, but it does on pavement. Well; it works on both surfaces...you just don’t feel it on gravel, because there’s less grip. That sounds like it might be a better application for hill decent control, if your truck has it.
  8. Or “body odor,” like the OP said. To the OP- have you changed your cabin air filter yet?
  9. Does nobody read their owner’s manual or what? Press the “squiggly line” button to disable Stabilitrak (will allow the rear end to come around, but not excessive tire spin). Hold the button down to turn off both Stabilitrack and traction control- you’ll see a message appear on your DIC.
  10. Maybe I’m missing something here; why didn’t you just shut the traction control off?
  11. A lot of rental trailers are equipped with surge brakes; if they didn’t, it would really limit the amount of people they could rent to. Some people aren’t even aware that trailer brakes are a thing, or how to properly use them, or if their trucks have a controller.
  12. I liked your 1-3/8” look the best, personally. I’m going to do 1” at both ends with mine. How are you liking the Grabber ATX’s?
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