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  1. You should be using the tow/haul button whenever you’re towing, and not consider it for use only at low speed. It will adjust things like shift points, shift firmness, torque converter lock up, and other things I’m sure. Don’t get your hopes up about a tuner for a naturally aspirated gas engine. You’ve got a large vehicle with a small engine, and I’d bet gearing that isn’t very towing friendly. You should be prepared to run premium fuel with that tuner as well.
  2. Where is this harness located? Does the door panel have to come off?
  3. Face palm on my part... This is usually the stuff I notice immediately, too. Makes perfect sense and I’m sure you’re right and that is the case with the readout being in degrees. Duh....
  4. How accurate do you suppose the inclinometer is that’s found in our off-road screen? I noticed on a few occasions during my trip out west last year from Ohio to West Yellowstone that when going up grades, it would only read 4% or so when going up a 6% grade. On the way down, sometimes it wouldn’t budge below 0%, unless it was something more drastic. Not a huge deal, but I have a feeling mine is 2-3% off. Has anybody else seen the same or similar?
  5. Towing Maximum

    Did your numbers for the DMax Denali 2500 come off of a door tag? What cab/bed configuration? My 2018 2500 AllTerrain HD crew cab, regular bed diesel has a payload of only 1,984lb. I can’t imagine a Denali being any higher; the 2017 I looked at sure wasn’t.
  6. Fastway Adjustable Hitch

    Ended up ordering a WeighSafe LTB6-2.5 with stainless balls. Played the reduced sleeve game for the last time yesterday towing a steel U-Haul trailer thru my neighborhood clanging louder than a church bell.
  7. Does anybody have experience with the hitch below? I’m considering this one for my 2500HD in the 6” drop configuration. I’m wondering how loose the adjustable ball mount portion is on it’s vertical portion of the shank. It appears from a video I saw that only the fit of the pins hold it in place front/back, versus riding in a channel like some of the aluminum hitches I’ve been looking at. https://www.fastwaytrailer.com/flash-solid-steel-hd-ball-mount-ssbm
  8. New shocks for lifted truck

    Could the reason your truck rides like dump now be due to poor front end geometry more so than your shocks? Is that lift kit a true lift or a key kit?
  9. Bye-bye "sport bar"

    You have the AllTerrain X package with the sport bar and Duratrac tires. I have a 2018 without the “X” crap. I agree with the sport bar looking ridiculous; I don’t see what purpose it serves, but that’s simply one more opinion. I’m not sure why you’d have to have chrome mirror caps and door handles to get a trailering prep package or what that package even consists of; mine doesn’t have those.
  10. Backup camera splitter

    Very nice; has to be cheaper than the dealer installed option, too.
  11. I would not want it on all the time; in winter on sloppy, slick roads- no way. I do think it would be nice for it to be a toggle switch versus a momentary, so it didn’t have to be turned back on each time the truck is restarted.
  12. Oh my. I’d be very displeased as well to say the least, but somebody’s got their poopy pants on here for sure.

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