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  1. Just saw these pop up today in an ad, and thought they look pretty awesome. Three ply sidewall, mileage warranty, & a 3PMS rating. My mall-terrain SR-A’s are wearing too damn slow... https://www.moderntiredealer.com/articles/31650-mickey-thompson-baja-boss-at-is-a-hybrid-all-terrain-tire
  2. Good luck finding tires; or anything for that matter, that have never given anyone any issues.
  3. I came across this recently that praises them for performing very well in snow. https://www.fourwheeler.com/how-to/wheels-tires/1612-diggin-snow-we-test-the-best-tread-design-for-driving-in/
  4. I agree with others; has to be an operator malfunction.
  5. Not sure there’s anything TO fix. My 2018 does it as well; every piece of info I’ve read online, including the TSB already posted above, suggests it’s normal. I’ve never owned or been in a truck with a gear whine like ours in 4WD; but then again, I’ve never owned a truck with as quiet of a ride either, so...
  6. No need to be hostile; just having a hard time figuring out how your post is relevant to someone asking about a stock height truck.
  7. Does anybody have any intel on the release date for Goodyear’s new Workhorse RT’s? I see there are two others included in the new “Workhorse” line, but they appear to be rebadged/re-named versions of existing products.
  8. Since when have electric brakes become commonplace or the standard “economy choice” for boat trailers? Surge or EOH; you’re out to lunch with straight electric.
  9. I was asking a rhetorical question, since the title of this thread is “Largest BFG tires at stock height.”
  10. So it’s not at stock height, then? The 275/65R20 is roughly 1/2” taller; but a bit narrower than a 285/60R20, and both seem to have been installed on plenty of stock height trucks.
  11. Trailer sway control manages sway once it happens; an anti-sway hitch prevents it from happening to begin with. I can think of no reason why you’d turn Stabilitrak off no matter what hitch you were using.
  12. Don’t you mean 275/65R20? The 275/60’s have even less of a load rating than the factory 20’s.
  13. Thanks. I thought about turning my own; but at $15-$20, why bother?
  14. I see two main types of front shock extenders available for our trucks; thick washers that go over the top mounting studs, and fabricated spacers that mount on the bottom of the shock. Is there an advantage to one over the other? Regarding the stud spacers for the top, how thick are they, and is there enough stud thread length left afterwards for the nuts to fully engage with?
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