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  1. I didn't take any pictures of the wire routing. I ran the wires through a frame cross member near the back of the cab. Then up the frame rail toward the front. I picked up ground from the frame under the front of the cab. I ran the power wire into the cab via the E brake cable grommet, under the carpet and up to the left kick panel to the BCM. I used a posi tap to tap the puddle lamp circuit which is on BC module X7 pin #8.
  2. This is a mod I did on my last two 1500's. It puts nice light on the running boards. I used MICTUNING 60" LED light strips and tied into the puddle lamp circuit in the BCM. This way when the puddle lamps come on such as when unlocking the doors these come on.
  3. No sure why this works, but it made a HUGE difference.
  4. I don't feel it's a rotor/pad issue rather a boost issue. The pedal travel is so far down, but it will stop. A few pumps of the brake pedal will firm my pedal pressure greatly while also allowing for the brakes to activate at the top of the stroke rather than nearly at the bottom.
  5. No you tube videos for me. As for the USA you have look at the tread sideways to see it. If you look from the wheel looking into the wheel well after the shoulder blocks the first tread red block resembles a u, they center one resembles an S, and the next one resembles an A. I currently don't have any worries about them being lightweight, that was one of the big selling points for me. 3750# carrying capacity and fifty thousand mile tread warranty which is the same or better rating and some tires weighing 14 lb more a piece. Time will tell I guess, only have a thousand miles on the
  6. @03 Cobranever bad question, can't learn if you don't ask. This article does a good job explaining catch can use and benefits. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a27182434/how-oil-catch-can-works/
  7. I repurposed the UPR catch can that I previously had on my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500. The Kit UPR sells for the 6.6 liter gas has longer hoses and installs on the battery bracket. I found the bracket for the auxiliary battery tray work perfectly. My current hoses or a little longer than necessary but nothing too bad, overall easy to install and I'm happy with it.
  8. There is an alternate method that you sometime I have to use which involves pressing the learn button on the opener itself. Several videos on you tube
  9. For you guys I have installed this does your truck have the progressive steering? Also, would it be that much of a benefit of for an unlifted, stock tire size truck?
  10. @newdudeis correct. I use L often during my daily driving just see if it makes any difference in milage. Such as allowing the truck to coast rather than downshifting. At normal speeds 50-60 mine always shifts to 4th. Lower speeds it usually drop 1 gear below the current gear in use.
  11. No because you have not factored your weight as the driver and any other passengers and gear/cargo.
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