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  1. I picked up my check today. I had an independent shop do the work with me supplying the part. (Pump, brake booster, line, and master cylinder). Total cost and reimbursement was $823 and some change. Because I used and independent shop there were a few hoops to jump through, but they did reimburse me.
  2. Crazy this isn't carrying over to US based trucks.
  3. If have not already done so, report it. https://www.nhtsa.gov/
  4. Looks good, and yes the back doors are tight, but doable. I used a plastic putty knife to assist. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  5. Started the paperwork process today. Dealer has been very helpful so far. To anyone looking to get reimbursed you will need your receipt and your form of payment (check, credit card)
  6. Call my dealer today, to inquire about the extended service period. They referred me to GM. I called GM and they referred me back to the dealer. I hope this isn't a series of run around.
  7. It's called piping or welting, I got it from an eBay seller hattrick15. After that it's just a press-fit into the saem between the pieces. Very simple, quick and easy.
  8. Weight is your biggest enemy when it comes to mpg's. If you don't need the extra load carrying capacity go with the lighter tire.
  9. That may be the issue. They my not be enabled in the BCM. @pgamboa on that.
  10. I used the same grey with green stripe wire. For ground I used one underneath on the frame. It is pretty much inline with the parking brake grommet. Are you sure your lights worked in the first place?
  11. That is correct. As long as it is dark enough to trigger the light sensor
  12. I ment to update this. I forgot I had turned the locator function on. So after turning it off, no lights come on till I open the door. Then it's only the dome, puddle, and my running board lights.
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