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  1. Weight is your biggest enemy when it comes to mpg's. If you don't need the extra load carrying capacity go with the lighter tire.
  2. Puddle light wire?

    That may be the issue. They my not be enabled in the BCM. @pgamboa on that.
  3. Puddle light wire?

    Are your puddle lights working?
  4. Puddle light wire?

    I used the same grey with green stripe wire. For ground I used one underneath on the frame. It is pretty much inline with the parking brake grommet. Are you sure your lights worked in the first place?
  5. Puddle light wire?

    That is correct. As long as it is dark enough to trigger the light sensor
  6. Puddle light wire?

    @EpicLT I wish they would also.
  7. Puddle light wire?

    I ment to update this. I forgot I had turned the locator function on. So after turning it off, no lights come on till I open the door. Then it's only the dome, puddle, and my running board lights.
  8. If you haven't already reported it please do so. https://www.nhtsa.gov
  9. Climate and Air Quality Select and the following may display: . Auto Fan Speed . Auto Rear Defog Auto Fan Speed This feature will set the auto fan speed. Select Low, Medium, or High. Auto Rear Defog This feature will automatically turn on the rear defogger when it is cold outside. Select Off or On. Just know, there are no settings to disable the rear window defroster with remote start, it will come on and stay on until the manually disable it.
  10. Awesome! People will go on an open forum and complain, but won't take the time report potential safety risks. I have yet to have issues with mine, but if I ever do you can bet I'll report it just as I did my vacuum pump failure. My 08 Silverado had the heated washer fluid. Never knew there was a problem till I got the first recall notice. GM eventually disabled the system, and issued owners a $100 check. I would think an in cab wire connection and window exploding would raise as much or more concern than the heated washer bottle over heating.
  11. Report it please. https://www.nhtsa.gov
  12. Can is completely out of the way. The lines do run over it, but are flexible enough to not be an issue.
  13. May be try contacting the EPA. See if they will Levy a fine against them for trying to blow smoke up your butt.

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