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  1. Big Betty White doing truck stuff.
  2. My son-in-law got me the GM accessories extended mud Guards fo Christmas. Installed them today.
  3. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/performance/66l-gas-cat-back-exhaust-upgrade-system-with-single-chrome-tip-for-short-wheel-base-models-by-borla-associated-accessories-19420406?model=Sierra 2500 HD&modelId=551&bodyId=22&body=Crew Cab Pickup&wheelId=349&wheel=Standard Box&trimId=296&trim=SLT&driveId=8&drive=4WD&engineId=17733&engine=6.6L V8 GAS&bodyNumDoors=5&year=2021&make=GMC&categoryId=12009
  4. Got mine installed today. In my opinion it is perfect. Mellow throaty tone and no drone. Drove it home 50 miles, it sounded great, actually better tone after warming up and getting some miles on it.
  5. Added the Rear Splash Guards in Black with GMC Logo today. They are a little longer and wider. Love the oem look, we'll see how well they do at keeping road grime off.
  6. This is the second one I have ordered from @filipiak1. Since I have a sierra which is badged on the fenders I want something for under the hood. Originally had the black on chrome, and had been waiting for red on chrome, that is until I saw the white on black. These look great in my opinion. Order, you won't be disappointed.
  7. I ordered mine on 11/12/21. Within 2 days I got the backordered email. Got word from my dealer it had arrived on 12/03/21. Picking it up Monday the 13th. Hang in there it should be to long.
  8. With the 6 vs 10 speed argument a trend I see especially with GM is the more transmission gears the higher the rear gear ratio. I have had several gas 1500 trucks. A 5.3L 4 speed with 3.73 rear end, pulled really well, not the best mileage but acceptable. A 5.3L 6 speed with 3.42 rear end. Pulled acceptable and mileage was decent. 6.2L 8 speed with 3.23 rear end. Pulled somewhat lack luster, but 6.2 made it tolerable and milage was great. I understand my 2500 is a different platform made for pulling /towing. I find the 6.6 gas with 6 speed and 3.73 to be the best combination for pulling/towing for me with acceptable mileage. The diesel vs gas debate gets plenty of fan far, but for me the up front cost difference, maintenance cost and the cost at the pump means I can drive a lot of miles before, if ever making up the cost differences.
  9. As much as I have been waiting for the red letters the white on black looks great. Message inbound.
  10. Added running board lights tied into the puddle lamps.
  11. Yes. This thread explains it and shows it well. https://www.silveradosierra.com/threads/bilstein-clunk.649257/
  12. If you or whoever did your install did not use the factory Top Nut on the shock this could be where you're at noises coming from. The ones supplied by Bilstein do not have the built-in washer flare that the factory nuts do. Search this thread and you will see it mentioned.
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