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  1. Rear diff cover

    The 6.2 get the 9.76 rear diff no matter what gears.
  2. I had remembered people complaining about having to cut the one tow hook out, then I remembered I'd watch this video before. Thought it look like a viable option.
  3. Why? Did your Elite not come with all the connections for clean side separator / catch can?
  4. Part # 436075 AVS Aeroskin Il
  5. According to Bilstein, because I asked recently. Neither the 4600 or 5100 is better or heavier duty than the other. I had the 5100's before and yes they are firm, but in a good way. They settle out quicker over bumps. I will be upgrading shocks in the near future and do not need the 1" over capability of the 5100'S so that is why I contacted Bilstein. As for ride softness or hardness, suspension plays a way bigger part than shocks.
  6. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    This was my 2015 Sierra 1500 5.3. I had 1"over blocks in the rear and bilstein 5100's. Trailer is a 13 Keystone Bullet. 24 foot, 4500# dry weight.
  7. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    Back on topic.
  8. Very happy with my Aeroskin ii.
  9. I traded it in for a 2018 6.2 couple months ago.
  10. Really need to report these vacuum pump failures. https://www.nhtsa.gov
  11. 6.2L Yes or No

    I use to in the 5.3 camp. Last 2 trucks were 4wd 5.3. Just recently moved to an 18 SLT 6.2 8speed and I will not go back as long as they keep making the 6.2. I am getting better mileage 19.4 in the 5.3 vs 22.4 from the 6.2, same load same 900+ mile trip. Also if you tow, you will appreciate the extra torque of the 6.2.
  12. Gave Betty a much needed bath the other day.

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