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  1. I got out to my truck today and noticed No Speed Limit Sign showing up on my DIC. I pushed the Navigation arrow and the screen was stuck on my home location where the truck was last shut off. Then looking at the screen I noticed the GPS had a red circle with a line through it. I checked the SD card thats intact.
  2. I'd be much happier to be greeted by the The Bowtie or in my case the GMC logo
  3. Looked there and my was unchecked too.
  4. I've been through the owners manual, Through all the settings on the DIC setup. I'm trying to eliminate the engine hours screen thats the first thing that pops up when I get into my truck. I'd be happy with the GMC logo greeting me ,or even a blank page with the mileage. Has anyone figured out how to change this.
  5. My 2020 SLT has rear door buttons.
  6. Looks like the SD card was popped up pushed it back down in place and all seems good again.
  7. Today I tried using the Navigation on the truck and got the error SD card not found. How much of an ordeal is it to get to the SD card? If its a simple fix I'll give it a shot. If its a pain in the ass I have an appointment for Tuesday I'll let the dealer fix it.
  8. I've had a sunroof in the last few vehicles I've owned . It was a must for me.
  9. Yes i read it just havent found the solution yet
  10. I just bought a Sierra SLT a couple weeks ago. Since day one my DIC would read out the posted speed limit on the road I was traveling . Yesterday it seems like this feature quit working. I don't know if I accidentally turned it off in settings.. Anyone have any idea what could have gone wrong.
  11. I've had my truck for week now and it has been hot and the A/C has been cranking constantly and I find it hardly shut off at all. The 2018 Traverse I traded on the truck used to shut off at just about every stoplight A/C running or not. The 2018 Malibu is the worse of the bunch.
  12. The seal on the cover bears down on the top rail of the tailgate. The auto drop feature is hindered by this. It unlocks then you have to give it a little help then it come down on its own.. I'm assuming just about any cover will do that to make a good seal. I've only had it on a couple days maybe the seals will soften up over time. As far as the Multipro everything seems to be functional, but once again it may need a little tug to get top to open with the tailgate up. Other than that I really like the cover. I had Extang Trifecta Soft Folds on my 14 and 16 The Solid Fold is a definite upgrade.
  13. As much as I like the design and the sleek look of these track mounted tonneaus, They weren't going to work out for me. I haul a couple 30.5 inch wide kayaks in the bed and the tracks encroached on the width. So I choose to go old school top rail Extang Solid Fold 2.0. Not as pretty but does the job.
  14. Traded my 2018 Traverse Premier for a Sierra SLT this morning.
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