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  1. Thank You the trucks I'm trying to put together all had the X31 package.
  2. I have been building and searching on the GMC.com website. I check the box for 4wd. After I finish building I go to locate a vehicle I come up with trucks listed as AWD and others 4wd. Everytime I find a good match for what I'm looking for AWD screws things up. I want 4wd.
  3. I was poking around dealers. I think i'll wait to see how the new technology pans out. No double cabs to be had until next spring I was told. I was ready for a change and that I did. I traded my 16 Sierra SLT on a Traverse Premier. Something different That should hold me over until I can get what I want. So far I have zero complaints with the Traverse.
  4. One of the employees at the car manually folded my passenger side mirror and I was pissed. When I got out of the wash I cycled it with the power button and all was good.
  5. Agreed, I'll stick my Garmin with the free lifetime maps on the window. I believe GM is using a Tom Tom system and it sucks. I was happy to see the nav in my truck, but now that I used it I'll never put out the money for another GM Navigation system
  6. Totally useless in my '16 teamed up with my Droid Turbo II in an Otterbox case. Even if I take the case off its very unreliable. My solution is a Verizon 12v coiled charging cable plugged into a 12v outlet inside the console. pluggged into the phone sitting into the charging cradle. Works like a charm and no real clutter .
  7. Final thoughts on the Navigation System. It works very well for a specific address, intersection or preloaded poi's. The lack of easy imput of coordinates on the destination page is kind of a dissappointment. I know you can and have figured it out. but honestly not worth all the hassle. Thankfully they put a spacious console in these trucks. The Garmin is always there for the special occurrences when I need it.
  8. Same in my Infotainment. I was just looking for a direct imput without creating the file. Thanks
  9. I have a 2016 Sierra SLT with navigation. I've gone all over that infotainment center trying to find a way to enter lattitude and longitude coordinates to set for destination. I see it was available on some of the 2015 models. Has this been discontinued for 2016?
  10. Let me rephrase that.The liquid didn't look like it was boiling in the bottle like some of the videos I have seen.
  11. Last month we took the 2016 Sierra to Tennessee. Along the way we picked up something to drink. Put a couple bottles of Snapple in the cup holders. No ripples in the snapple at speeds between 50-85 mph.
  12. The factory wireless charging pad sounds like a nice option. Actually it only works well under optimum conditions. I have a Motorola turbo 2 very finicky to get it to charge and with any type of case renders it worthless. My alternative is a Verizon 12volt cigarette lighter charging cord. Plugs in and just a small section of the coiled cord visible plugged into the phone lying in the charging cradle. Works perfectly. I just leave it plugged in as the power shuts down with the ignition turned off.
  13. Yeah that's kind of a joke. Good thing there's not a NY edition An emblem and more emission controls and restrictions.
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