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  1. Since I have own my truck I recall a couple instances where I started the truck up put in drive and the parking brake was set. Yesterday I headed out Started it up put it in gear and the parking brake was set . After bowling yesterday same thing only this time it was followed by a check engine light. Took it to the dealer this morning. They read the codes, it was a Brake Controller issue. Looks like they reprogrammed the Brake Control Module per bulletin 2886978.
  2. If you want the 2 speed transfer case opt for the Z71or the X31 option package.
  3. The multi pro tailgate works great in warm weather. We have had some pretty cold temps, a carwash and a bout of light freezing rain. Binding up pretty good afterwards. Today it was in the low 40' s still binding up.
  4. Well started the truck this morning and the install screen popped up again. This morning it updated with out a problem. All is good . Now I hope my XM radio quits crapping out on me when it feels like it.
  5. Mine was hooked to my WIFI also. It downloaded fine . It failed during the installation.
  6. Has anyone else had trouble installing the OTA update. Downloaded it today. started the install, followed the instructions. Gear shift in park: green check. Ignition off: green check. It started installation then after about 2 minutes the screen lit up with a red X and an installation failed notice. I went back to the update section, it read out no update available. I'll try a search tomorrow hopefully it will be available again.
  7. Well my 2020 Sierra SLT, X31 20" wheels. Looking at the overall height at the Shark Fin which looks to be the tallest point on the truck. My garage door opening is 84" tall measuring down from the opening to the top of the Shark Fin is 8.5" 84" minus 8.5 " = 75.5" Sometimes the dealers aren't always right.
  8. I believe the Z71/X31 are the same height as the standard 4x4's Its only an upgrade of shocks, skid plates , air cleaner and the 2 speed gearbox. No lift involved.
  9. 75.5 " for a non Trailboss. I have a 2020 SLT X31 and have plenty of clearance on a standard 7' garage door.
  10. Has anyone had it pushed to them yet. I seen one thing the update fixes is XM signal problems. Mine sucks right now. Slow to load, a few station are there then lost. A few times it wouldn't connect just says searching. Get back in the truck later then it hooks up. Sucks pay for a service then have to listen to one or two commercial loaded stations.
  11. I got out to my truck today and noticed No Speed Limit Sign showing up on my DIC. I pushed the Navigation arrow and the screen was stuck on my home location where the truck was last shut off. Then looking at the screen I noticed the GPS had a red circle with a line through it. I checked the SD card thats intact.
  12. I'd be much happier to be greeted by the The Bowtie or in my case the GMC logo
  13. I've been through the owners manual, Through all the settings on the DIC setup. I'm trying to eliminate the engine hours screen thats the first thing that pops up when I get into my truck. I'd be happy with the GMC logo greeting me ,or even a blank page with the mileage. Has anyone figured out how to change this.
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