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  1. I had a similar issue with My custom 500gb Ipod classic . I thought it was cause I modified my ipod classic to 500gb . tried a bunch of stuff even restarting the truck , It ended up being the Ipod cable . Now the weird part is the cable worked fine in my BMW & Cadillac , also my home computer . Anyway I purchased an OEM Authentic Apple cable & it's working fine . The other cable was a knockoff I purchased from Amazon ... Hope this helps ...
  2. I have a 2018 GMC SLT will this cluster work for my truck ??? 2018 Denali cluster part # 84505077
  3. ZIP IS 90744 , SORRY I don't know what the seller put as weight . I just know I can't find any in Cali for sale .
  4. I don't mind paying shipping when its reasonable . Last set I tried to buy shipping was more than I was paying for the steps LoL hahahaha
  5. Damn , why is everyone who is selling these is so far from California ... GRRR
  6. I'd be interested in your BluRay compatible screen ( LoL ) also maybe a few other parts
  7. I remember reading you were going to try the Cadillac Escalade arm rest in your truck , Did you ever get around to fitting it in ?
  8. they do custom laser cutting , I had some emblems made by them awhile back for a car ... They are exact duplicates of the original emblems that are no longer available for the car . https://www.instagram.com/joel213la/
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