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  1. Sorry I don't own the unit . I saw it recently in someones truck @ a car function . I noticed they were watching YouTube So I asked what he was using to stream . He showed me the little black box plugged in & went through a few features YouTube , Netflix , Google Play store . I asked him were he purchased it & he gave me the link & he also said it was the same unit MVI uses & is selling for $600 . But he got it for half that at the Link . Sorry forgot to mention his truck is a 2018 with Bose all stock besides rims . Not sure why you mention your steering wheel buttons ??? This wont help you getting them to function ...
  2. If you decide you want to go wireless Android Auto or Apple carplay . here is the link to a plug & play item . I was told this is the Unit MVI use's without the $600 high mark up . https://phoenixautomotiveinc.com/products/touch-portable-apple-carplay-android-auto-plc-h6?variant=32634064961582
  3. $14.99 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Spigen-Designed-MagSafe-Charger-Included/dp/B08LP8PSX7/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=magsafe+mag+fit&qid=1610334561&sr=8-1
  4. LoL No . Maybe I worded my comment wrong ? I was referring to the clear plastic wrapper on the box . Beside if I was going to reverse engineer it , I would need an actual unit to work with .
  5. I understood that the black box in the video was the unit , I was hoping for some better pics ( Top , Bottom , Both sides , plugs )without the plastic . Also went to the link & could not find the unit there for purchase .
  6. Does this also work with Android ? Also any pics of the unit itself ?
  7. Thank You for the link , unfortunately I don't know anyone with a printer ?
  8. Are those pointing up ??? ****** I need me a set , How much ??? ?
  9. is this unit still vehicle specific (married to 1 vehicle ) per unit , or can I use it on all my GMC's ( I have 3 )
  10. Thanks for the reply , I'll check the site when I have a minute ...
  11. Do these box's fit with the rubber All-Weather Floor Liners SOME OF US HAVE IN ARE TRUCKS ???
  12. Hate to bother you , but could you check your site for Password reset problems . I've been trying to reset my Password for a couple months & I never get the reset Email . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ...
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