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  1. Well I had to Bite the Bullet & buy the whole harness . should be here this week ... Quick question , am I reading it wrong or do you want $70 shipped for the cable ?
  2. how much you want for this cable ? Also was wondering if you would be willing to share the wire schematics you mentioned having a few post back . Quick question ? The back of the DVD player has 3 USB inputs , Did you plug something into all of them ?
  3. I have a 2018 SLT CREWCAB I'll be waiting for those pics & info... THANK YOU ...
  4. I might have to buy the whole harness like you did LoL . You care to share that part # ? So far I have tried 3 Dealers & none of them could help get the cable , All of them insist I must Buy the Complete harness . I have the center console wire harness , but I might be interested in USB cable that splits off from rear inputs . Are those the BLU-RAY DVD inputs your referring to ? Could you post up some pic's of the cables ?
  5. Getting that cable is NO JOKE . Local dealer was no help at all , & finding it online seems impossible GRRRR...
  6. I need the cable section that connects to this plug coming from the rear of the center console with the HDMI connection . Does anyone have it or know the part # ??? the double USB plug ...
  7. Well it says BANNED on his profile & under his name ...
  8. I think he was Banned not to long ago ? I could be mistaken though ...
  9. If your asking about the headrest set ??? as far as I know is they are 2 separate screens capable of doing separate task ...
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