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  1. GM certified front camera

    do you have the part # to the module ???
  2. I remember reading you were going to try the Cadillac Escalade arm rest in your truck , Did you ever get around to fitting it in ?
  3. Awww to bad your in Texas ...
  4. they do custom laser cutting , I had some emblems made by them awhile back for a car ... They are exact duplicates of the original emblems that are no longer available for the car . https://www.instagram.com/joel213la/
  5. That would be what you had me look for , Unfortunately the screen I purchased did not have it . So I'm on the lookout for a front screen , keep me in mind if you come a cross one I would highly appreciate it ...
  6. I have the Infotainment screen , although I'm starting to think its the wrong unit . As ( P gamboa) had me check he board for something & it does not have it . I purchased my parts from a couple salvage yards , & the dealer for the center console harness & HDMI section
  7. I have a 2018 . I already have the rear drop down screen , Blu-ray player , factory center console harness & rear HDMI section . W.A.M.S has already programmed my HMI . As far as I know I still need the CD Player to DVD Player harness , & harness for overhead display .
  8. Do you know of any other topics on this forum or maybe other forums on the subject that you might recommend looking at ?
  9. I purchased the factory center console harness & rear HDMI part , Hopefully that will help make things a little easier
  10. You mind sharing the BOO BOO You made ? I am waiting on he harness to get started on my install ...
  11. What other different ways did they do ? I was wondering if anyone was able to get the factory HDMI in the rear of the center console working ???
  12. was wondering if you were thinking of doing the 2019 tailgate swap ???

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