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  1. this guy makes some very nice boxes , take a look at his IG page . https://www.instagram.com/automotive_entertainment_hb/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/mobilesolutionsfabrication/
  3. do you know if he made a YouTube video or took pics for a DIY ? Just asking cause I still haven't installed the center console harness yet . I need to find the time for it .
  4. You guys can always upgrade to a after market fast charger that replaces the existing 1 in your armrest . Here is a link to 1 on ebay , It doesn't seem to be to hard to switch them out . & I have seen them as low as $50. but I found this 1 with a quick search . https://www.ebay.com/itm/313920601192?hash=item4917203c68:g:iX0AAOSwhDdiNyoo
  5. Was the truck the unit was removed from the same Year & Model as yours ? When installing the Alpine unit , the interface Module has to be Flashed with your Truck info . Look at video link at 7:05 . A friend of mine bought a used unit & had the same problem Until he had the unit flashed again with the right truck info . LINK TO VIDEO =
  6. remove speed limiter , video in motion , & a few other things that don't come straight to mind . ( this was all done when I bought the truck in late 2017 early 2018 ) So it's been awhile ...
  7. I didn't replace any modules , just mailed him the existing BCM & HMI Module from my truck to program . I'll contact him on his site .
  8. Thank You I will . I did have WAMS do some programming for my truck , You think that might have something to do with it not being there ?
  9. I have the seat memory package . I Bought my truck new 2018 SLT Seat memory package , heated & cooled seats , park assist , driving assist , lane change assist fully loaded .
  10. wouldn't he loose all the trucks features if he went with Alpine or other brands ? OnStar , internet , SAt Radio / HD Radio & everything else ? Not to mention Rear TV functions if he has the R.S.E / Rear Entertainment TV & Blu-ray player , Along with the HDMI connection on the rear of the center console .
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