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  1. Thanks to Phil ( pgamboa ) & all the wonderful harnesses he provides . I installed the constant power Harness he makes for reverse Camera functioning with the W.A.M.S programming Camera option . THANKS AGAIN PHIL ( pgamboa ) ...
  2. what was the price ???
  3. Center console swap?

    This is phils profile , send him a private message & he will get back to you . https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/159655-pgamboa/
  4. Thank You , I received the plug & plan on putting it in this weekend
  5. I'm sure I am not the only who will purchase it from you ...
  6. These guys sell a Plug & Play harness for the camera . I think there price of $50. is a bit high , but that's just My 2 pennies . Im sure you could make a similar harness & possibly beat there price ???
  7. didn't even think about that ... was just thinking about the convenience . Enjoy having the key fob for our Terrain ,,,
  8. Has anyone tried programming 1 of these for there truck ? Having the key & remote together is so much more convenient then the both separate .
  9. thank you , very much appreciate your help ... Also need to order those harnesses from you .
  10. Quick question about your Camera . I also had W.A.M.S Unlock My HMI , Is there something else that needs to be done to the camera ? When I hit the camera icon on the touch screen it switches to a blue screen & says camera error , Unless I put it in Reverse first , than the camera stays on for about 20 seconds countdown in the upper right corner & then goes Blue screen ...
  11. Yes I'm in Cali ... Truck was very nice ! only thing that look funny was He left the drop down screen in & it didn't look right with the headrest Tv's . He did say it was all stock except for a custom harness made for headrest Tv's tapping into the drop down & under rear seat subs & amp to run them . Quick question ? are you able to split the video signal into 2 lines ? to send video to maybe some headrest TV's instead of the drop down ? Also haven't heard from you regarding PM'S I sent regarding door handle harness & harness for this Mod . I have my HMI back from WAMS & am ready
  12. Very lucky Member to have you so close . Wish you lived out here in Southern California PS: Beautiful truck he has ...
  13. I am very very interested in your harness , I have even already shipped My HMI to WAMS yesterday for programming . Quick question ? are you able to split the video signal into 2 lines ? to send video to maybe some headrest TV's instead of the drop down ? Also is your screen the 7 inch or 8 inch screen ? I went to a little truck meet this weekend & saw a Denali with a very large screen in place of the small stock screen , unfortunately the owner wasn't around to ask any questions about the size or install process about the large screen . Happen to be another 2017 there with headrest monitors & stock front radio , He said he had Al & Ed's do the install of headrest , subs , & amp for subs .

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