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  1. What's this mod ??? = KEY REMOVED FROM IGNITION ...
  2. I wouldn't mind paying that , but I cant find anyone selling it under 2k . Even Amazon has it for $2,101.57 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0761S2K5R/?coliid=IVPIL4OYW82IA&colid=302GJDWVJ4O03&psc=0
  3. Thanks to Phil ( pgamboa ) & all the wonderful harnesses he provides . I installed the constant power Harness he makes for reverse Camera functioning with the W.A.M.S programming Camera option . THANKS AGAIN PHIL ( pgamboa ) ...
  4. what was the price ???
  5. Center console swap?

    This is phils profile , send him a private message & he will get back to you . https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/159655-pgamboa/
  6. Thank You , I received the plug & plan on putting it in this weekend
  7. I'm sure I am not the only who will purchase it from you ...
  8. These guys sell a Plug & Play harness for the camera . I think there price of $50. is a bit high , but that's just My 2 pennies . Im sure you could make a similar harness & possibly beat there price ???
  9. didn't even think about that ... was just thinking about the convenience . Enjoy having the key fob for our Terrain ,,,
  10. Has anyone tried programming 1 of these for there truck ? Having the key & remote together is so much more convenient then the both separate .

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