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  1. Oh it’s not bad at all! As long as you don’t mind stopping at the gas station and tire store a lot more often. I would save a lil more for the PI and just run the stock HPFP pump & injectors. That’ll give you a lot more room to grow down the road. LT4 max out really fast when you’re on E.
  2. Why did you ditch the factory fans? I would put those back. If the aftermarket radiator (some legit upgrades like Mishimoto) is not enough to keep the truck cool, something is wrong. what kind of radiator did you get?
  3. The trans fluid is not getting “cooled” by engine’s coolant. It looks like it but nope. If you look carefully, the radiator and the trans cooler is together in one piece but there is a separation between the two. So the trans fluid is being air cooled. Yes some heat will transfer between the two since it’s somewhat connected. So by having a lower temp thermostat or being bypass, that will dictate where you trans temp will usually be.
  4. sorry I thought I replied to this way back… Idk what the psi different it would be to make the same power. Boost is just a measurement of restriction so it might even be the same but you’ll need to spin the 2300 faster to make the same number. Did you ever got around to boosting the truck?
  5. If you are already going up upgrade the injectors mind as well do LT4 injectors and HPFP. You’ll also need an intank pump. 535 from TI automotive/walbro is a good choice to go with. Easy drop in to the factory hanger. It is slightly longer than stock. Just need couple of self tap screws to hold the bucket in place and you’re set! That 3.0 can easily handle 4 digits. So let it eat!!!!!!
  6. Got the tires mounted and the real test fit. The wheels were supposed to get custom beadlocks added on but they never got back to me and I totally forgot about it. Hoping to hit the track within a month or so while the air is still nice.
  7. Finished the rear 15” brake conversion for the “drag pack”.
  8. Washed it after it’s been raining for like 2 weeks straight. Ignore the stock wheels/tires in the rear…. My NT555R2 are pretty much bald… Also tested out the FilterWear in these hard rain. They work awesome. Picked up a pair of wheels and tires for the track for the event couple weeks from now. Will be doing the rear 15” conversion to fit it of course.
  9. If you won’t be climbing big long hills in hot weather, you should be okay. I was pulling about 4500-5000 in 110+degrees with 6% incline soooo yeah.
  10. Like the guys above stated with the trans thermostat. You can even just flip the “pill” on the inside (How to ). It’s free and super easy. I also upgraded my radiator to Mishimoto. I started having over heating climbing hills while towing in the SoCal summer (can get up to about 110-115). It never hurt to have more cooling capability!
  11. Sorry I just saw this. Fit 2014-2018 5.3 and 6.2.
  12. Sorry I just saw this. Fit 2014-2018 5.3 and 6.2.
  13. Speed engineering have a twin turbo kit for fairing cheap for what it comes with… should add another 150-200hp without issue. It’ll love those 3.08.
  14. I havnt seen the 3.0 in person or look into but I’m sure you can just run the LT5 TB (it’s like $200 new on Amazon. It’s a 95mm tb) like the 2.9 can. No need to pay for porting and you’ll have a bigger opening.
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