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  1. Depends on offset and tires. I’m running 20x10+10 with 305/50/20 420S and it only rubs IF you have mud flaps.
  2. For the price of the Range, I would rather spend that on a handheld tuner. You can do way more than the range.
  3. I don’t know toooo much about handheld tuners. I had a Diablo Trinity T2 and it did let me raise the idle. But I think that is just a bandage to your problem. I never had any shake at idle in gear. Intake manifold is fairly easy to remove. Let it soak overnight in something like seafoam and use some kind of brush to loosen all the particles and suck the fluid out with a vacuum or use paper towels. Or pay someone to have them clean it with walnut blasting. You’ll probably see some gains in power, responds, MPG…. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Any handheld tuner can disable the DOD. my recommendation if you’re going to tow quite often is to at least do the trans thermostat mod. (LINK: T stat flip mod) and if your trans temp is still kind of high while pulling in the summer, you can add a Trucool 40k cooler to that. In-line with the factory trans cooler. If you have the 6 speed trans, I would suggest you swap the torque converter out with one from a CTSV. It is not too expensive and it will prevent the stock converter from taking a dump and ruining the whole trans. Also with that many miles, you can look into walnut blasting the intake valves. It’s got a rough idle probably from all the build ups. GL!
  5. Sent the trans out for a Circle D level 4 rebuilt along with the triple disk converter for a refresh (clutches are starting to slip). The driveshaft was also missing a weight so that got sent back to performance driveline for a rebalance.
  6. this is free and easy to do. My trans temp went from 190 to about 160. If you wanna run cooler than that, add trucool 40K. Real easy to do and you’ll never have trans temp problem again. My trans temp are usually around 125-135 after the trucool, but in also boosted and beat on it often… as of tuning, I would look into HP tuner and find someone reputable do tune. Someone that does a lot of these Gen V trucks. There aren’t as easy to tune like LS base stuff. GL.
  7. Thank you thank you. Sadly engine and trans is coming back out. The stock 6L80 couldn’t hold the power. It’s now slipping all gears. The trans and converter is gonna take a visit to circle D for level 4 built. And the engine is coming back out for a Katech oil pump since the OEM one is acting up. Good times…. Hopefully next year or so it’ll get some more fuel and get to see 4 digits!
  8. finally got everything button up and hit the dyno on Thursday. VIDEO below. Final dyno run
  9. Finally finished putting the engine back together. Will be shoving it back into the truck this weekend. GPI drop-in pistons / rods combo L86 crank ARP main and head studs BTR .660 dual springs CHE trunnions Cam Motion custom LT turbo cam AFP engine mounts
  10. Cam, springs, lifters, ported heads, LT2 intake and LT5 TB, long tubes, y pipes true duals. But the most important part…. Find you a tuner that knows how to tune these trucks.
  11. It made 560hp and 570tq dyno in 3rd gear with ambient temp of like 90+. It’s currently down for a built engine and a turbo. Hopefully it’ll make north of 700 low 800 once it’s all done…. Or whatever the LT4 injectors and 2000cc nozzles of meth will give me.
  12. Yes custom tune. And yes straight meth 20GPH nozzles.
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