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  1. Finally got around to installing the Baja Design fog light kit. Went with just the squadron sport instead of the SAE.
  2. Have no idea. Do it once, do it right. I basicly own a BOAT now…. Every time I wanna upgrade something, Bust Out Another Thousand!
  3. A lil over 900 with the katech thermostat. The radiator is a Mishimoto. The only performance upgrade for our truck that I know of.
  4. hahaha yup! I go thru a 5gallons jug every 2-3 weeks of M1 so I just take the whole thing and dump it at work. Easy!
  5. Changed out my stock radiator for a Mishimoto one. Along with a Katech thermostat.
  6. Ill get some launch video of it someday when it’s not 95+ out. Anything above 90 degrees I can tell I’m down at least 30-50hp…. IAT is usually in the 110-115 cruising around. By the time I do a quick pull it’s already at 135-145….. that’s no bueno.
  7. 6000lbs…. Somewhere in the high 600 to low 600ft-lbs of Tq and I like to beat the living hell out of my truck haha
  8. Getting rid of my rear hellwig sway bar. Can’t run it anymore with my shock relocation (Viking shocks). Will come with all nuts and bolts. Everything works as it should. location: Ontario, California price: $300
  9. Swapped out the G80 for a truetrac. The G80 had a rough life but it will now rest in pieces…..
  10. Oh sorry. I thought I added the picture of the hood before I started. But it’s now mirrored like on any surface. It was really bad before. CAKED on with concrete powder and dust. It felt like a 200 grit sandpaper. Haha yeahhhhhh all of my vehicles are….. farrrrrr from being green. 5 dedicated track motorcycles and this E85/meth fed boosted 5.3.
  11. Spent 9 hours cleaning the truck and getting it ceramic coated today. It haven’t been properly washed in MONTHS…. I’ve been just rinsing it off in the morning after I get off work and the dust and concrete powder mix was just CAKED on. Got couple more hours left for tomorrow to finish the passenger side. FullSizeRender.mov
  12. If you have a K2, it’s a 2 pistons floating calipers in the front and single floating rear. Only the 19+ have 4 pistons fixed front calipers. you’ll know if you have a BBK… they are BIG. It will fill up 20” wheels pretty much all the way. If you’re already gonna change the front calipers, swap them to the 19+ Cheap and easy upgrade.
  13. Finally got some time to go get my new rear wheels and tires put on. Making my front looks like doo doo with the crazy amount of brake dust. https://youtube.com/shorts/mFcx64uSCHI?feature=share next up, swapping out the front pads from HAWKS 5.0 to HAWKS yellow pads. SHOULD be a lot less dust. The 5.0 was nice when I realllllly put some heat in it. But as my DD…. I need more bite with less temp. So these Yellow pads should do. p.s. …. These pads are 12lbs…… CRAZY!
  14. When I was on stock tune, it doesn’t matter if my T-stat was a 160… fan doesn’t kick on until wherever stock is set at anyway. All it’s doing is opening sooner. On my Trinity T2, the temp can be about 15 degrees off.
  15. I see people ask “what’s the BEST…?” All the time. Like what’s the best tire or cam or brake pads….. well “best” for 1 person isn’t gonna fit “best” for another…. smh.
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