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  1. Yeah a lot of things are so hard to get these days. I ordered my RK CF hood back in September and the estimate ship date is May…. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they move it AGAIN! My treadstone intercooler is also back ordered for…. Forever sooo my turbo builder just custom made me one with Garrett core so I’m not waiting forever for it. Along with a bunch of other parts. at this point, I can easily say I got 15-18k into my truck…. And I do 80% of the labor work. The tune and any cutting/welding is out sourced. it ain’t cheap but it’s definitely fun and different.
  2. Same thing happened to me and my co worker. Three times for me and once for my co worker. The last time for me I got me an ACdelco instead of VATOzone and it’s going on almost a year now.
  3. Why not just adjust the fan to come on at a lower temp? You have HPtuner right?
  4. NewEraPerformance is where I recommend. He is a straight up guy. He’ll tell you how it is not just want you wanna hear. His dyno also read really low so don’t get discouraged by that. I’m pumping out “560” on E60 for almost 2 years now and I beat the living snot out of my truck daily and it’s still holding strong. Engine and trans. Lmk if you have any other questions.
  5. What muffler are you running? The turbo sizing doesn’t sound tooo bad but with a baffled or chambered muffler, it’ll act like the turbine side is too small and choke up the exhaust. what brand intercooler are you running?
  6. There are plenty of options for boosting these trucks. If you off-road a lot, having a PD blower (something like a magnuson TVS2300) would fit nicely.
  7. If anyone is looking for an amazing locker …. Eaton Detroit Truetrac is the way to go…. It WORKS! P.S…. Your rear tires might not last….
  8. Thanks! The 420V are really nice. Havnt had them in the back yet just the front. But so far, it handles pretty much everything I throw at it. It’s really predictable of where the limits are. Does really good in the rain also.
  9. Lol you’re not the only one!!! I have a pair of Baja Design s2 pro sitting in my tool box…. REALLLLLY temping. But nah. I just get behind them and blast them with the BD S2 pros from my A pillar haha just a quick flash. they are hooked up to my high beam. Quick and easy
  10. Got some nighttime shot of how bright the reverse lights are.
  11. I think only Sierra can do the diesel hood without changing anything else. For Silverado you have to swap the whole front end for the Diesel hood
  12. I think only Sierra can do the diesel hood without changing anything else. For Silverado you have to swap the whole front end for the Diesel hood
  13. That would be nice actually! And now that I had this one for couple of days….. I’m not a fan of it. It’s too much in one spot and it just white out the middle of the screen…. Would be nice to have a red cover to swap it over to.
  14. https://mesocustoms.com/products/hitchpod-baja-s1-light-hitch-mount with Baja design S1. if anyone is interested.
  15. Added a Baja Design S1 pod to the hitch receiver hole. Wired it up to the reverse light. Forgot to take a picture in the day light. I’ll grab 1 tomorrow morning. It’s got a slight yellow hue to it compare to the other LEDs on the truck.
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