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  1. There was a thread about this a while back. Lots of people have a white or completely bare metal passenger side hinge. Mine is bare metal. The driver's side bolts is new to me. Weird, isn't it?!?!
  2. One week ago, my 2017 Sierra Crew Cab (only about 22,000 miles) was fine one day and then dead battery the next. Completely out of nowhere. The dealership replaced it for free under warranty, but I'm not sure which battery they used. All I can see on it is "ACDelco Professional 42 months free replacement."
  3. Dude, you made the front page!!! You're on the front page of gm-trucks.com when you go to it, and they did a special article on you: https://www.gm-trucks.com/someone-just-shared-a-free-fix-for-one-of-the-2014-2019-silverados-worst-flaws/ Congrats!!! I still find it insane that my 2006 Sierra Crew Cab had rear vents in the middle console thing that my kids could use, and now my 2017 has these crappy under the seat vents.
  4. Very nice of you. Thank you for your contribution! My two boys that sit in the back and complain about how our 'ol 2006 had better read AC thank you too
  5. Aha, that explains it. My wife is from New Hampshire and we spend a lot of time there, so I know Taxachusetts all too well. Good luck with the washer pump.
  6. Where do you live? Even shitty California isn't nanny enough to check your washer fluid pump. Good God!!!
  7. To clean out something that fell, try a vacuum hack along the lines of this (duct tape helps seal it better): To prevent stuff from falling when you're taking the filter out, get one of those card stock manila file folders, trace the new filter on it, and cut out a piece you can slide underneath the old filter. Ideally, you should have excess file folder coming out of the vent towards you so you can hold it still and catch as much of the dirt falling down as possible.
  8. Everything the above posts have said is SPOT ON. Realistically, you can just install the Whipple, tune it, stay at 6-8psi and be done. That'll be plenty to put a smile on your face every single time you start the truck and drive it. And on the flip side, you can choose to do additional mods to make and handle more power, but you don't HAVE to do those mods to handle the Whipple at 6-8psi. Regarding boost, I seem to remember that the psi number is higher for the 5.3L than the 6.2L. I run my 6.2L at 7psi to stay safe. I also installed an Alky Methanol Kit (got an amazing price on a brand new kit off of Craigslist, so I couldn't pass it up) referenced off of the MAF sensor for added insurance. Now we can have the "100% meth versus 50-50 meth-water, and the meth ruins the rotors versus water ruins the rotors" debates.
  9. My truck was experiencing pain, itching, and small sores one it's fuel line, so I contacted DR. OSO. CURED! Truck runs like new again.
  10. My sputtering sound issue turned out to be a broken exhaust manifold gasket. Replaced under warranty and it's all good now. Torque is back where it used to be. And the rumble strip feeling has gone away with the new 8 speed fluid. It's only been 200-300 miles, but the clunks are very rare now, it shifts better, and the trans temps are way lower.
  11. Follow up. The new fluid in the 8 speed has helped a lot. It's only been about 200-300 miles, but the clunks are very rare, the shifting is smoother, and the trans temp is WAY lower now. And the exhaust issue I was having turned out to be a broken exhaust manifold gasket.
  12. My issue turned out to be the gasket for the exhaust manifold. Dealership replaced it under warranty. No more noise and the torque is back to where it used to be.
  13. Which rocker toggle switch did you pick up? Was it also from amazon? It fits perfectly in the cig lighter. Is there a certain Amp and Voltage capacity necessary? I'm looking at these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071DNCS51/ref=crt_ewc_title_huc_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1THAZDOWP300U https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SPVPQPL/ref=crt_ewc_img_huc_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AGOSLUO29ZUJ2
  14. I wouldn't spend $50 either for something that can be made this easily. They are actually charging $90 for this now (it used to be $70 or $80 if I recall). Great job on piecing this together!!! I totally get your drawing now. Thank you for that! I was getting lost because I though I had to use BOTH of the small black pigtails. Great post. I hope a lot of people see this and benefit from it because there used to be a lot of questions about how to fully disable Stabilitrak.
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