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  1. I have a 2017 6.2L Crew Cab 8-speed with a Magnuson TVS1900, Blackbear tune, and Methanol Injection if you want to contact me and ask any questions. Yes, you need to run 91 octane or better. At worst, my MPG is 11.5 (and that's with ZERO freeway driving in stop and go Los Angeles traffic...and getting into boost quite a bit for fun). The 1900 alone at 6psi is plenty to put a huge smile on your face - although your truck won't feel quite as peppy as mine because of the lift and tires (I'm stock everything with 20"). Lastly, the stock Magnuson tune is a great tune to start with. If you do feel you want more, you can get someone else to tune it, but there's no real need. I've had a Magnuson on my trucks for 15 years now. The only problem I had was a blown transmission after 10 years. The $2500 to replace it was worth the "pay to play" fun I had with it for a decade. Price-wise, I paid $38500 for the SLT, Bose, heated/vented seats and 2wd. That's all the options I wanted, so I drove the price down. I didn't need 4wd anymore, so I cut it out for the first time in my life. Blower was about $5100 + $800 install.
  2. I'll add $500 to the pot if he can do it.
  3. Some people might be passing over your listing because you didn't say where you're located.
  4. Blackbear worth another tuner

    Very strange. BB never said anything of the sort to me. The only reason I can see him not wanting to tune a TCM that is unlocked by HPT is because some tuners don't agree with HPT's business practices. That's politics though, not physical/mechanical ability. An unlocked TCM is an unlocked TCM. Once it's unlocked, it can be tuned. Even HPT themselves told me that the unlocked T87A should be able to be tuned by EFI Live (but they don't guarantee it of course, since it's not their tuning platform). Or maybe the difference is in your 2018 versus my 2017, but I doubt that too.
  5. Blackbear worth another tuner

    I did the TCM swap with Blackbear. Didn't work. I have not read about a confirmed case of it working on this forum or performancetrucks.net BlackBear's ECM tune is rockin' though. If I ever unlock my TCM, I'll have BlackBear tune it. Just to clear some things up here, the 8-speed T87A TCM is tunable on a 2017+ ONLY after HPTuners unlocks it ($200 and you have to mail it to them, so add shipping and undrivable downtime). You can also just buy an extra unlocked TCM from HPT for $400. Once you have an unlocked TCM, you can tune it with HPT (it'll take a one-time 4 credits off of your HPT handheld to do so) OR you can tune it with Blackbear's EFI LIve handheld. Once you buy an EFI Live handheld from Blackbear, he will tune your ECM and TCM as many times as you want for free if you need to dial in your initial tune or do an additional mod. If you buy HPT and use a shop to tune your ECM and/or TCM, they will charge you for every new tune. Or you can just not buy any handheld and have a shop tune it, but then you're most likely always going to pay for a retune. So if you know how to tune yourself, then buy HPT. If you need someone to tune for you, go to a local shop and pay their price, but know that any change will require a new payment OR buy a BlackBear tune and know that retunes after mods are free. Some people say getting an in-person tune is way better than an internet tune like BlackBear, but people that are just tuning a stock truck will be totally fine using BlackBear. If anything didn't make sense or you have additional questions, feel free to ask. I've beed through it all with BlackBear and with HPT. I own both and use both.
  6. I haven't ever needed to add coolant, but I'll keep an eye on it. Weird that you had to do it frequently.
  7. FS - Dash Cam / Mount / Memory card

    I'll pass, thanks. I'm going to do a dual setup.
  8. This one is worse than the 1st.
  9. FS - Dash Cam / Mount / Memory card

    So you don't have any prices posted. $35 shipped for the items and the 64gig card?
  10. And don't get stuck on having to have a Whipple. Yes, they are amazing, but there are cheaper superchargers out there that are just fine. My Magnuson TVS1900 was much cheaper and is AMAZING on my 6.2L. BUT, the Whipple does come with an HPT handheld and credits, so that's about $400-$500 right there. You're going to need to understand the tune aspect of this install as well.
  11. Your TCM is already tunable. Only 2017+ need to be unlocked in order to tune them. Like 1SLOW1500 said, 5lbs is on the low side. I'm at 6lbs with my Magnuson, and that's really the lowest they'll set you up with. I'm very happy with the 6lbs and don't NEED more, but need vs. want is another story. Adding the SC and keeping the boost between 6 and 8 lbs should not change the longevity all that much. But, since you're already at 80K KM, I'd plan on something major breaking by the end of another 80K KM because that often happens with stock trucks. I had a 2006 5.3L Sierra that had the beefy 4-speed transmission, and even that thing only lasted 137K KM with my SC charger on it since month one. To me, the EVERY SINGLE DAY of enjoyment is worth a $2000 transmission after 8-10 years of driving. I drive less than 10,000 miles per year.
  12. Good eye, thanks. The picture makes it look worse than it is, but I'll top it off this weekend. I only about half an inch below the "fill cold" line.
  13. Finished my Alky Control Methanol Injection System. The supercharger LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEESSSSSSS it and runs like a dream now. You don't see any wires under the dash. This is just a deceivingly low angle.
  14. I see people taking pictures of mine in traffic all the time. Makes it worth the $40/year to see people smile in our sh!tty Los Angeles traffic.
  15. I'm getting the same numbers with a 6.2L 2wd 1500 and only 6psi, so you're doing good.

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