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  1. I tried pulling my fuse many months ago to disable Stabilitrak and ABS, but my steering was negatively affected. Your description is exactly what I experienced. The messages I got were "Service Stabilitrak" and "Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care." Even after replacing the fuse, I still had messed up steering. It was fixed after I cleared all of the codes (and there were lots of them). I'm wondering if removing the steering position sensor messes up the steering like pulling the fuse did. And what happens when you plug it back in? Does everything go back to normal? Are there codes to clear? Are the reverse lines in your back-up camera misaligned now?
  2. So I just read the thread the OP referenced and it seems like some people that pull the steering position sensor have the "Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care" message. When I pulled my fuse I got this same message and my steering was pretty jacked up. Although, I also got a bunch of codes, so maybe it was something else that got triggered that messed up my steering (but I doubt it). There is a post in the OP referenced thread (by boilers on February 28, 2019) that exactly describes what my steering felt like. See below: "This is interesting. I had an old 1999 K1500 with this exact same steering position sensor. Basically, the ECU used the sensor, and RPM value to vary your power steering pressure and make turning easier, mainly in low speed applications. At one point, my sensor failed and starting producing erratic signals, and it caused my truck steering to intermittently get super light. In turns it would cause you to "over turn". It really freaked me out the first time it happened. Some people would completely disconnect this sensor when it failed. However this would cause harder steering in low speed turning applications, because obviously, the power steering pump never knew if you where turning, therefore it would never increase pressure at low RPM, making it harder to turn. Most folks said it didn't make much of a difference. Anyway, Id assume this sensor is used to lighten up your steering when turning at low speeds. Disconnecting it will disable this feature. Thankfully though, you will not get odd functionality like I did when my sensor was going out. "
  3. This is awesome and I'm happy to hear that you figured out a way to do it. Keeping ABS on has always been the concern of everyone when they try to disable Stabilitrak. A similar switch as yours exists ($80 http://www.tuningbyshanehinds.com/2014-12-gm-truck-stabilitrak-disabler), but it also disables ABS. I tried pulling the fuse, but it threw tons of codes and screwed up the steering (I can't remember the message it said on the dash, something like Steering Assist is Reduced). Once I replaced the fuse and cleared the codes, everything was fine though.
  4. I'm surprised at how many people don't know about Woot and think it's a scam of a website or something. It used to be it's own company, but is now owned by Amazon. In fact, your Woot purchase goes through your Amazon account. Oh well, they're sold out anyways. I have no need for one of these, but I see a lot of guys asking about them and buying them, so I tried to be helpful and post up the sale because I know it's a low price.
  5. Woot has them for sale again. New, not refurbished. https://tools.woot.com/offers/range-technology-afm-disable-device?utm_campaign=Daily+Digest+08+11+19&ref=eml&utm_source=Daily+Digest&utm_medium=email&utm_term=p_1&utm_content=Subheader-B&ref_=pe_3185080_450495500
  6. 100% yes. Just get a band clamp of some sort and clamp it in the open position. When the truck is revved, it moves to the open position, so crawl under and have someone rev it. Then twist it fully in that direction and clamp it open. This will do nothing with switching between V8 and V4 by the way. All it's going to do is give you a little more exhaust note and give you a fluttering/helicopter noise when in V4. Totally reversible and will not do anything to the warranty.
  7. I don't remember if I got this recall notice or not, but suppose I did. What should I do in my modified truck situation? Magnuson TVS 1900 Supercharger, methanol, and a tune. Should I flash back to stock while at the dealer, have them do the part and tune, then reflash my supercharger tune back onto the truck? I ask because it is possible to have a dealership update your tune and then you can reinstall your old supercharger tune through HP Tuners or an AutoCal.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the tune that is on it should not work on any other vehicle because it's VIN specific. To see what other's have sold theirs for, look at the For Sale section: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/14-for-salewanted/
  9. Have you read any of the catch can threads? The answer to your question is there is no answer. If you can afford it and it makes you happy, buy it. I could afford it and it made me happy, so I bought it.
  10. I was expecting to see you bombing down an empty straight road in your video, but instead saw tons of cars (both oncoming and same side as you) pulling off to the side of the road. That was so cool how you put those dozens of lives in danger, especially the innocent little 4-yr olds that were probably in a car or two. There's no issue with you doing this speed test, just make sure the road is empty because no one deserves to die while you're making a cool speed video. Your truck sounds great by the way.
  11. I posted this earlier this morning, but not in the For Sale section, so here you go. Woot (a daily deal site owned and operated by Amazon) has them on sale for $129.99. They are new, not refurbished. If you have an Amazon account, you get free two-day shipping. Only 5 hours left as of this email. https://tools.woot.com/offers/range-technology-afm-disable-device?ref=w_cnt_cdet_tool_dly_wobtn
  12. I've heard of guys having ABS, Stabilitrak, and Traction Control all disabled when a speed sensor goes bad in the wheel. I think the switch I posted a link to earlier <http://www.tuningbyshanehinds.com/2014-12-gm-truck-stabilitrak-disabler> just toggles the speed sensor on and off. Do you know where the steering position sensor is located on the steering column so I can try it out? I haven't looked it up yet. I wonder if a toggle switch could be spliced in line with that.
  13. Very often refurbished, but sometimes new as well. Read the descriptions and it'll say. This range device is new, not refurbished.
  14. Yeah, 100% trustworthy. If you have an Amazon account, you have a woot account...you just need to sign in.
  15. SOLD OUT Woot/Amazon has the range device on sale for $130 today 10/11/19 (and maybe for a few days later, who knows). I don't use/need this for my truck, so I don't know if this is the most current model/software, etc., but still wanted to give everyone the heads up. https://tools.woot.com/offers/range-technology-afm-disable-device?utm_campaign=Daily+Digest+11+10+19&ref=eml&utm_source=Daily+Digest&utm_medium=email&utm_term=p_3&utm_content=Subheader-B&ref_=pe_3185080_442578110
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