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  1. Just Premium. All I wanted was an SLT with a 6.2L, Bose stereo, and heated and cooled seats. All the other included accoutrements of the SLT trim were fine, but I didn't want to pay for the BS that I didn't want/need, so I went with SLT Premium and these three upgrades. Oh, and mine was a little cheaper because it is a 2WD. All I needed was 2WD because when I moved from my farm town to the Los Angeles area, my old truck never saw 4WD again. My plan the whole time was to supercharge it, so the weight reduction was on my mind. Regardless, Hiley had SLTs with Premium Plus and 4WD under 40K. My sticker was $51,385 and I paid $38,850.
  2. I admit that I didn't read anyone else's replies, so I'm sorry if any of this has been said. 1) That seems like a high price to be paying for either truck. I bought my 2017 SLT with 6.2L new for $38,500 from Hiley GMC in Texas. I live in Southern California, so I just had it shipped over here for $700. 2) The 5.3 is plenty for just normal driving and light towing. 3) Are you planning on racing this thing? What are your goals? I got the 6.2L and added a supercharger because I was at the right point in my life to be able to do that. Previously, I had a 2006 5.3L with a supercharger and to be honest, I don't know if this 6.2L with SC feels any better. 4) If I had gotten a 5.3 and added the SC, I bet I would have been just as happy as I am with the 6.2L SC.
  3. You absolutely did the right thing on so many levels. You saved yourself TONS of hassle in the future (although you're still not out of the woods on that front because who knows how the "straightening out" of this reversal is going to go), you saved some other guy a huge hassle (think of the misery of identity theft...that's almost what he would have gone through), AND you were an honest MAN. It's nice to have free money, but if you know it's not really something you earned, is it worth your integrity and conscience? Some might say yes, and to that I say they are either low-lifes, highly unintelligent and not a valuable member of the human race, or just all talk since they aren't the one in this situation. I say congratulations for doing what you did. I mean nothing to you, you don't know who I am, you don't care a thing about me, but I'd still like to say that I'm proud of you.
  4. 2018 Denali or SLT

    I got a 2017 (when it was new) SLT with the 6.2L, heated/vented seats, and bose stereo for $38,500. My plan was to not pay for the crap I didn't need in a Denali and put the savings into a new supercharger. One of the best moves I could have ever made.
  5. Some truth and some mistruth in this thread regarding tuning the 17+ 8-speed TCM. Yes, Vector can tune it "in-car." Yes, you can send yours off to HPT to have it unlocked ($200 for the unlock, then 4 credits to tune using HPT software, or just tune via another software). No, HPT cannot do anything via the internet or via software while you keep your TCM in-car. NOT MENTIONED, you can buy a new, unlocked TCM from HPT for $400 and just swap it in place of your current TCM and tune it (still gonna require 4 credits if you tune via HPT software). If you don't tune via HPT, then you can still tune it because it's fully unlocked.
  6. I'm basing this question off of your info under your name... Did you do the E85 conversion on a 2017 6.2L? What did that involve?
  7. I haven't done any work with the fuses, so I can't answer this, but I'm highly surprised that no one else has. I'm certain that if you moved this question to the "2014-2019 Silverado & Sierra Mods" section, you'd get it answered though.
  8. Cat piss smell

    I used to tell people that I didn't like that human pee canceled out the cat pee smell to see if they were stupid enough to then go piss on their own items!
  9. One more common leak area is the top corner of the windshield. I don't personally have experience with this, but from what I've read, it's aways the top of the windshield, the shark fin, or the third brake light.
  10. Correct, you can't run e85 because you'd have to upgrade the fueling delivery. BUUUUT, there's always methanol injection on top of regular gas. You'll then easily handle a smaller pulley like the 2.8".
  11. Cool, thanks. Hey, did I see a recent post of your lowered white regular cab with a splitter? Was that you? I liked how it came out.
  12. Hahahah qwank, you're already pulleying down and the kit hasn't even shipped yet! =) I have a 2.8" grip tech that I haven't installed yet. Have to ensure proper fueling and combat the extra heat too. The 78mm pulley makes 6psi on my 6.2L fyi..
  13. Exactly. And smog checks just look to see if the components (sensors, cats, etc.) are working properly, and not actually measuring what comes out of the tailpipe anymore.
  14. Typically, to be CARB legal and get the EO sticker, you have to purchase the tune that the company sells. Whether or not you install this tune and run it is up to you. You can always pay a tuner for another tune.

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