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  1. Which fixed your problem, the vacuum pump or the high pressure fuel pump? I read your HPFP thread too.
  2. I try to buy the trim level and options that I want, rather than mod the truck later to get them. Don't get me wrong, I love to mod my truck (Supercharger, water/meth, etc.), but you gotta think about how much your time is worth. Each mod requires LOTS of research and time (reading forums, watching videos, asking questions, comparing prices, etc.). Each mod also has some sort of hiccup to deal with (which usually costs more money and time). Finally, you won't get to all of the mods you actually want to do...just like that thing in your house you promised to fix or paint =)
  3. Massaging seats like the fully loaded Audi Q7 I had as a loaner. Those seats were so nice I just sat in the driveway for 30 minutes to get a massage before I had to return it.
  4. Custom carbon fiber gauge faces

    No need to post a teaser, just PM the pics directly to me.
  5. Alexa skill

    Alexa knows that you said that...
  6. I live in Southern CA and have a 2017 6.2L. I hear some of these sounds on cold starts and have learned that many of them are normal. Sometimes I'll hear something that seems off to me, but I don't have the time to go chasing every single noise I hear on this truck. I definitely have never heard anything like that loud, rhythmic ticking noise on the second video posted in this thread though. Way old post to be quoting, but it got me laughing when I thought about this: With all of the technology to improve gas mileage, they have actually used more oil/fuel in having TONS of customers taking their trucks to the dealership to have this noise looked at, or this lifter repaired, etc.
  7. RTP Black Exhaust Tip

    The wad of cash is included?
  8. Idiot scratch

    After all the grief I've given my wife about her driving and curbing her wheels over the years, I did it to her BRAND NEW Audi Q7 just weeks after we bought it. She was in the car and boy did she let me have it!!!
  9. Most of the hard-core guys insist on dyno tunes. The guys that do basic mods like you listed use Black Bear or Lew (Diablew).
  10. Just Bought a New Truck

    I have an Elite Engineering E2-X, but there are other brands out there that are used just as often.
  11. Just Bought a New Truck

    These are Direct Injection motors now, so you have to trap as much of the oil in the PCV system as possible to prevent coking on the valves and below. Another must do (for most, as it depends on how much play you have in your gas pedal) is the paint stick shim.
  12. Features I never touch

    "At times you even sound overheated. ;-)" That was a GREAT pun! I've always enjoyed your humor and candor on this forum! Aseibel, you beat me to the punch when it came to quoting Donstar's post and saying that you agree with him. I DO agree with him, and I DO agree with you, but when it's 115 degrees here (the San Fernando Valley in Southern CA), it takes a lot longer than 5 minutes of AC in your face to feel better. And you're actually 100% percent correct about the fact that I take mostly short trips. Because I live in such a city environment, nothing like the farmland of Salinas where I grew up, nearly all of my trips are 30 minutes or less...hence the need for full frontal AC to cool down the 150+ degree truck (after it's been sitting in the sun). I do the exact same thing as you, too: roll down the windows, blast the face AC, then tone it down when I can. I also remote start it and let it sit when that's a possibility. Once you're comfortable, the face AC on the lowest blower setting is actually too much wind, I agree. The only problem is the fact that the kids in the back don't get the same relief in the same amount of time as the people in the front seat without having a face vent. THAT'S THE POINT I'M MAKING. It has nothing to do with the fact that the truck CANNOT cool down, because it CAN. Like you said, "the truck moves air around quite well even to and around the back seat." Look at it this way, if you were sitting in the back seat of a scorching hot truck, would you rather have face vents or not? That's all I'm saying. The last two of my three previous Sierra's had the rear face vents, so it's a bummer that my newest one does not. And to go back to both of your posts, this truck DOES cool down rather fast. It's actually better than my wife's 2017 Audi Q7, so no complaint there. Aseibel and Donstar, you guys are great. Good talk, thanks! Ryan
  13. TJay74 and I weren't saying that the dealer had a "tuner" on site altering the tune. We were just saying that the semantics of the word "tune" does allow one to say that loading a new GM canned tune to a TCM means that they are technically "tuning" the transmission. But no, no one at a dealership is altering shift points and pressures or anything.
  14. Just Bought a New Truck

    My supercharger and tune cleared that right up on my 2017 6.2L! Don't forget that you need to install a catch can ASAP.
  15. Features I never touch

    "It's a 100 degrees out here. Quick, start the truck and blast the AC on my toes!" --- Said no one ever. You know as well as I do that it feels much better to have the cooling effect directed at our faces, not our feet. This is why the "rear AC" is a "Feature I Never Touch." Here's how it goes in real life....AT LEAST 80% of the passengers that ride in the rear seats of crew cab trucks are children whose feet don't even reach the floor. Putting the AC on face and feet combo to get that trickle of air to come out of the rear under-seat vents only robs the face vents of an easy 50% of their power. Since the rear passengers are already leaning towards the middle to gasp for the remnants of cool air that make it to the rear of the cabin, this severely decreased airflow eradicates all hope they would have of feeling anything hit them. Therefor, we are forced to use face only, crank it up, and aim it to the rear. Flat out, GM screwed this one up and needed to have vents that could be directed to the face, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT'S KIDS THAT MOSTLY RIDE IN THE BACK SEAT.

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