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  1. Guinea pig this for all of us and report back. http://www.tuningbyshanehinds.com/2014-12-gm-truck-stabilitrak-disabler
  2. I see a jacket, or is that a drop cloth? Either way, that's a pretty neat find...not too many find one of those when they check after 35K miles.
  3. Is this the driver's side or the passenger's side?
  4. Agree with E85 and also tune for it. Probably your easiest and cheapest route. Could also go with long tube headers, but you'd still need get a tune. I personally supercharge my trucks and call it a day. Yes, very expensive, but I want to get all the power with one mod and enjoy it instead of spending 100's and low 1000's of dollars for small gains. One and done.
  5. The newbs don't know that it's $299.99 PLUS the price of credits though. To use HPT (HP Tuners) on a 2016 Sierra, you're looking at $299.99 for the MPVI2 handheld (or you can buy it cheaper used or even get the old MPVI1) + $200 in credits (takes 4 credits at $50 each to be able to connect to and then tune your ENGINE) + $??? for the dyno tune (probably around $300-$400 since you are using your own credits...this is where you'll find the only variation in price in this whole hypothetical situation, so don't quote that price). So you're looking at $800 to buy your own HPT and then have a shop use it to dyno tune for you. Then comes tuning the trans. You're lucky in that you don't have to pay $200 to unlock the TCM (transmission control module). 2017+ and you have to pay an extra $200. I'm pretty sure you still have to pay $200 in credits to connect to and tune the TRANS with HPT though. So now you're at $1000 total to tune a truck with no significant mods like a turbo or supercharger. With no mods, even Black Bear is pretty much just a canned tune. Yes, he'll have you data log it first and build a tune off of that, but it's pretty much going to be the same tune all stock trucks will get from him.Same with Diablew. I'm not sure how much the F5 costs, but I'd still probably still go with Diablew or Black Bear because you'll get more out of them in the long run when you inevitably add something to your truck. Their initial stock truck tunes are probably better as well. Still though, the most gains and performance are going to come from a dyno tune using HPT. It's all a cost analysis game though.
  6. Exactly. OP should read the multitude of threads on here about this question. One very common route is to remove the muffler and flapper and weld in a Magnaflow 12909.
  7. I love how you and I get bothered by the same little things! You just call them out more often than I do and then I get to have a good laugh at your hilarious posts.
  8. Glad you're going to be able to pop that piece off and clean it. I remember doing something like this when I was a kid in the early 80s. I wedged a bunch of crayons into the drain rail between the roof and the top of the door. PERFECT FIT! A few days later my mom was wondering where the hell the psychedelic lava lamp melt onto the back side window was coming from. I didn't know any better, I thought I'd just store them there until I needed them on our next long drive
  9. BTW, 1SLOW1500 meant CalTracs if you have a hard time looking it up. https://www.calvertracing.com/index.php CalTracs is what I've always heard to go with. I might get some someday, what with the supercharger and meth and all
  10. Good deal on one over at performancetrucks.net Get it for under $400 and you're set. Make sure it still has 8 credits on it. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-parts-classifieds-23/hptuners-555728/
  11. So has the rubber bike inner tube proven to be the best fix?
  12. I see you edited your post from "reacher" to "teacher." Should have left it alone, would have been funny.
  13. Lgetz said it perfectly. I have the same set-up, 2017 6.2L Sierra with the 12909, no flapper, kept the resonator, disabled V4.
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