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  1. Exhaust manifold gasket? I had to replace one of mine. It was prevalent when the engine was cold and often went away after being driven for a while. Sounded like a fluttering inside the truck.
  2. It tells you when to back up when parking in an area with sorta tall rocks.
  3. Oh yeah, it was the low and high fuel pumps too. Thanks for reminding me. Yeah, still don't want to do it, too much $$$. The 6.2L with the Maggie, smaller pulley, meth, and tune is good enough. Gotta avoid the rabbit hole.
  4. I briefly looked into E85 on my 2017 6.2L Crew Cab with a Magnuson TVS1900 supercharger, but found out that it wasn't doable. That was a few years ago, so I don't remember why I couldn't do it. Was it because my stock injectors wouldn't flow enough fuel? Anybody know? I ended up running methanol to kick up the octane and add some timing.
  5. Was that the Agoura Hills location? I've been thinking about using them to see if they can better the BlackBear tune that I have on my 2017 6.2L TVS1900 Maggie with meth. I've asked you this before, but where do you live again? I think you said somewhere near Riverside...? I live near the 101 and 405. We should test drive each others' trucks someday.
  6. Cool man. I've been thinking of getting some CalTracs, but this might be a huge money saver. I have a 6.2L, supercharger, smaller pulley, and meth, so my rear end likes to hop.
  7. My 2017 went bad about one month ago (just about 3 years of use and only 22,000 miles). Got it towed and had the battery replaced, both for free under warranty. The battery was 100% dead though, not just weak.
  8. I learned long ago to never modify the wife's ride. "It's too loud. Just put it back to the way it was. Why do you always have to change things? I don't need to go faster, why would I need to drive fast?" ?
  9. There was a thread about this a while back. Lots of people have a white or completely bare metal passenger side hinge. Mine is bare metal. The driver's side bolts is new to me. Weird, isn't it?!?!
  10. One week ago, my 2017 Sierra Crew Cab (only about 22,000 miles) was fine one day and then dead battery the next. Completely out of nowhere. The dealership replaced it for free under warranty, but I'm not sure which battery they used. All I can see on it is "ACDelco Professional 42 months free replacement."
  11. Dude, you made the front page!!! You're on the front page of gm-trucks.com when you go to it, and they did a special article on you: https://www.gm-trucks.com/someone-just-shared-a-free-fix-for-one-of-the-2014-2019-silverados-worst-flaws/ Congrats!!! I still find it insane that my 2006 Sierra Crew Cab had rear vents in the middle console thing that my kids could use, and now my 2017 has these crappy under the seat vents.
  12. Very nice of you. Thank you for your contribution! My two boys that sit in the back and complain about how our 'ol 2006 had better read AC thank you too ?
  13. Aha, that explains it. My wife is from New Hampshire and we spend a lot of time there, so I know Taxachusetts all too well. Good luck with the washer pump.
  14. Where do you live? Even shitty California isn't nanny enough to check your washer fluid pump. Good God!!!
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