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  1. New truck grill question

    Found your post while searching the keyword "firewall" to see how guys have been running wires from the engine bay into the cab. To answer your question, the silver square is most likely from the "updated" AC condenser. LOTS of the older AC condensers have failed. Hopefully you have an updated condenser and will be fine.
  2. 2017 Sierra Washer Fluid Capacity

    Thank you for the responses. Now it looks like I might have to use the washer fluid tank after all. My new question is, "Does a 2017 Sierra SLT have a low level sensor already built in?" My guess is of course, yes.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    See what you think about this kit. https://www.halolifts.com/GMC_c_149.html
  4. 2017 Sierra Washer Fluid Capacity

    Thank you. I thought it would be well over a gallon. Good thing I asked. Working on a methanol injection system and wanted to know what the stock reservoir would hold. Seems like an external tank placed in the spare battery area would be better because a 2 gallon gas can EASILY fits there.
  5. I'd rather not drain my windshield washer fluid to find out the answer. Does any already know how much a 2017 Sierra SLT 6.2L can hold in the washer reservoir? Thank you in advance.
  6. 50/50 water and vinegar makes your chrome look like new, as well. Particularly helpful when cleaning old dirty wheels that you want to bring back to life. I had a set of chrome wheels that I neglected for at least 5 years and they came out looking almost brand new...not bad for the way I treated them in the mud and 115 degree southern CA summers for years on end.
  7. I often want to lock my key fob inside the truck and just have my key with me (like if I'm going for a run or something). It took me a while to figure out how to get around this horn issue and be able to just use the key without the key fob. You have to be in the truck with the doors closed, turn off the engine, press the door lock button on the door panel (left arm rest), open the door, get out and close the door, and then manually lock the door with the key from the outside. The horn will not go off when you return and open the door with the key.
  8. WTB supercharger 2016 Silverado 5.3

    Yeah, www.superchargersonline.com sometimes has a used one. Ask for Brian. You can post a "wanted to buy" ad on www.performancetrucks.com. I got my TVS1900 from Black Bear during the Black Friday sales for $5125 (including the Magnuson Calibration, so subtract $200 if you don't want their tune). You'll need HP Tuners with a minimum of 4 credits to install the Magnuson tune. Magnuson does not include the handheld. I've used the Magnuson tune and the Black Bear tune. PM me if you have any questions.
  9. This is probably true to some extent, but I've also noticed that my wife's Audi gets reception where my truck does not.
  10. 2017 Sierra Denali (salvage, roller)

    Seconded. All in favor, say aye.
  11. Which fixed your problem, the vacuum pump or the high pressure fuel pump? I read your HPFP thread too.
  12. I try to buy the trim level and options that I want, rather than mod the truck later to get them. Don't get me wrong, I love to mod my truck (Supercharger, water/meth, etc.), but you gotta think about how much your time is worth. Each mod requires LOTS of research and time (reading forums, watching videos, asking questions, comparing prices, etc.). Each mod also has some sort of hiccup to deal with (which usually costs more money and time). Finally, you won't get to all of the mods you actually want to do...just like that thing in your house you promised to fix or paint =)
  13. Massaging seats like the fully loaded Audi Q7 I had as a loaner. Those seats were so nice I just sat in the driveway for 30 minutes to get a massage before I had to return it.
  14. Custom carbon fiber gauge faces

    No need to post a teaser, just PM the pics directly to me.
  15. Alexa skill

    Alexa knows that you said that...

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